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  1. 10-15 million contract? Absolutely... He shouldn’t settle for anything less than a 3 or 4 year- $12-16 million deal. He’s a starting runningback, and will undoubtedly come back strong from this. My guess is someone will take him in FA, if not the Colts... and with Taylor on a rookie deal, that type of deal to put the two together is not out of the question, in my opinion.
  2. I like the chances of our offensive line coming together sooner than later, which could very well catapult this offense to where they need to be. I think we all can agree they have not performed to their expectation and I will blame a wonky covid offseason for that start. If they get to clicking, and we get some healthy receivers/tight ends back, we should be fine offensively. I think the defense is built to win football games. We’ve won without Leonard, which is a big thing as we’ve struggled the last two years without him. I like the makeup and I like our chances so long as we stay
  3. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/sin-went-from-wrestler-nfl-cornerback-prospect/8NbWk11P4xzgoNPURK5aiL/ two time state champion at 145 and 152 lb class, which in Indiana has always been two of the more loaded classes in wrestling. Dude has always been tough.
  4. state champion in high school. Can not fault the guy for playing until the whistle. I had a coach that could look past bad penalties if they were made while trying to make a play or play til the whistle. Rock was doing that on this play. I like the intensity and the physicality. I doubt he’ll make that mistake again.
  5. You see what you want to see. Multiple times today, he played very well. You are focused on a few of what was several plays his way today. He got beat a few times, but he had a few very good defended passes. He tackled well (don’t blame a state champion wrestler for taking a guy down like that- it was a great take down, stupid penalty in my opinion... blow the whistle if you don’t want a guy getting hurt on the football field.) They always penalize the defender looking to finish a play. Had he broken away for a touchdown and the refs not called it dead, we would have wished Ya-Sin would have s
  6. Chris Ballard kept Pagano for one year... If you think Irsay and Ballard aren’t red in the face at the moment, you are delusional. And Rivers and Reich are in large part to blame. This offense is brutally bad. This defense has been the bright spot this season, but is getting bullied right now. The team seems defeated. Wonder why? No confidence in this offense.
  7. I think the fact that Ballard has loaded up on 2nd round picks speaks to him looking for “talented” players to fit what the team is looking for scheme/character wise versus trying to consistently find diamonds in the mid to late rounds. He’s hit on some and some are still up in the air. Smith is a talented offensive lineman, I don’t think anyone questioned that. Pittman on a normal receiver draft year is a first round talent. Campbell was a 4.4 speed talent that was considered a great pick at the time. He’s had bad luck with injuries. To say Ballard hasn’t worked to bring in talent is interest
  8. Some people on here are simply put, dramatic.
  9. How long is Ballard’s and Frank Reich’s? Because if they allow him to play like this all season their leash will become very short as it was on both of them to bring him in this season. Teddy Bridgewater sure looked good today.
  10. I hoped O’Brien stayed (lol) but I also did not expect them to start 0-4. They’ve had plenty of issues organizationally in the last few years and made some really bad moves.
  11. He has 40 yards on 10 carries versus Hines 13 on 6 carries. I don’t mind him having just 62% of the carries between the two, but when he’s more efficient, I would agree with you that you continue feeding the hot hand. Frank uses that term a lot, so I don’t know why he won’t practice what he preaches.
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