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  1. He absolutely did. I said early this offseason that it was apparent that Ballard would spend resources (whether money in free agency or early in the draft) on defensive end and line in general, wouldn’t force the issue on the quarterback situation and would be diligent in replacing castonzo, and bring in veterans o-line for depth. When Kevin Mawae made his comments in March about not moving Quenton Nelson, I knew that wasn’t an option. They would be confident with the 4 in place and would find a suitable replacement somehow without forcing the issue or overspending. Reich has said that the o-line and d-line don’t need 5 guys. They need 8. We’ve seen it time and time again. We saw it in the super bowl last year. This team under Ballard will always look to improve and invest in the trenches and they did that this year. Left tackle is a concern, but it’s not one that was going to be fixed in the draft apparently.
  2. I don’t disagree it’s a risk. So is not having a pass rush. I’m not sure it’s a risk relying on Davenport or Tevi to make a step forward, because they most definitely will under this offense and next to Quenton Nelson/one of the top offensive lines otherwise in the league. As Kevin Mawae said, “ the biggest goal of any organization is to make sure you have the best five guys available that work the best together.” We don’t need a superstar at left tackle. We don’t need Anthony Castonzo. We need a capable player that works well with the other studs on the line and with Wentz/Reich and stays healthy and available.
  3. Upper echelon roster that is going to compete every year... absolutely
  4. came back strong to win the Prima Donna of the Year award (3 time champion).
  5. On a roster that is going to be stacked so tight that we’ll be making serious cuts, a bust by my definition is a player not on the roster.... Malik Hooker and Quincy Wilson was a bust. Kemoko Turay and tyquan Lewis (4 sacks last year) are not busts. They are still contributing, just not as much as you think they should be. Ben Banagou is not a bust (yet), although I think this tells that they believe he will be. ...you just keep living up to that Prima Donna of the Year award (3 time champion)
  6. Ballard’s track record of 2nd round edge rushers is that one had a major injury, one has been a late developer but promising, and one was a major project from day 1 that hasn’t even been on the field. Turay was the highest graded pff pass rusher when he got injured in 2019. This is a big year for him. Lewis has gotten much better over the course of his career. Banagou is nonexistent. Pass rushers take time to develop. By continuing to add young, extremely athletic guys to the mix, indicates this front office understands the need and that looking longterm, D-line is the focal point for this defense. The development of all of these guys, including Turay and Lewis (I’m nearly out on banogou), is important. What happens come September if Paye comes in and plays exceptional as a rookie, Lewis plays like a starting defensive end, Turay proves he can stay healthy and be an effective pass rusher, and Stewart/Buckner dominate the interior? All of a sudden, this defensive line and front 7 with Okereke and All pro Leonard is one of the best in the league. And they are all still very young, meaning we have pieces in place for years to come. Then you throw a 2nd round athlete in the mix that isn’t expected nor needed to come in and perform, just get healthy and develop... and potentially develops into a stud that can move across the line in a versatile role. With development, this defensive line could be set for years. It all comes down to what this coaching staff can do with these guysz
  7. If you can’t get to the qb, just make it impossible for him to throw over the line of scrimmage. Colts d-line is going to look like the Syracuse 2-3 zone out here. Zero passing lanes
  8. And Prima Donna of the Year goes to Jared Cisneros, now 3 time winner of the award. Jared, how does it feel to hold this prestigious honor on the Colts forum yet again this season?
  9. I don’t know that I see it that way. They’ve said from day 1 they want 8 guys on the defensive line. One of those guys is needed for that 8. This guy can slide inside and be a versatile piece like Autry. Cleared to play in September/October... Just read that many had first round grade on him if he were healthy. Front office was clear about their intentions this draft. Continue putting talent at defensive line. Working inside out.
  10. which is why I don’t see how we could have taken him. How would you use them both in this defense?
  11. That feels like a steal for the Browns. Guy could be their Darius Leonard
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