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  1. I don't think they view him as an end. And I'm not sure he's better than Muhammad at the end position. I need to see more of him inside before making much judgment.
  2. Yeah... go watch the Zeke and security officer in Vegas and come back on here and tell us he doesn't have character issues. I don't blame him for wanting to get paid, but he doesn't have much leverage like Bell did. He's had negotiations and they aren't good enough for him. That's a Zeke problem...
  3. I don't share the same opinion. Haha. I want Andrew to be healthy and to pick on James backup all day to a career day blowout win to start this season off with a bang.
  4. Haha... ok. I don't believe everything I read. But he didn't say anything we all haven't seen already. There is no punt returners on this team outside of Chester, and it is an important role. You can't afford mistakes on special teams, particularly the punt game.
  5. I agree to an extent, because there is a lot of uncertainty with cain/campbell, fountain now on IR, etc. And I think he has played well this preseason. But we are paying attention to his punt returning and everyone else and it isn't close. And we also pay attention to Reich, and his comments literally point to him having a job because of his returning. “I mean Chester (Rogers) is our number one returner right now. Chester is our number one returner and we feel good about Chester being back there,” Reich said. “So, you can do the math on that. Chester has earned that. Chester has earned that spot and that’s a very important role.”
  6. Of course. You don't release receivers who your franchise qb who hasnt practiced (in the public eye) very much this training camp is comfortable with from a timing and playbook standpoint.
  7. I know that diet crap has to burn like a mother... Aspartame forcefully spewing through your nostrils? Ouch...
  8. We don't know, seeing as we aren't the ones putting guys in spots to evaluate this preseason. Perhaps there is a good reason??
  9. I guess we differ on our opinions on that. I'm 100% certain Funchess is better than Inman and it isn't close or Inman wouldn't be getting released right now...
  10. Rogers is locked in. He's a capable receiver that knows the offense and is the only damn one that can return kicks... Reich's comments makes it interesting though that they are looking to possibly keep 6. I can't make heads or tails of it. Hilton, funchess, campbell, cain and rogers are locks IMO.
  11. He has. And he had a great game 1 against the Bills. GREAT game. Perfect man coverage. Collapsed on the ball in zone fast. He had a miscommunication and thought they were playing zone and let a big play get behind him, but who knows where they breakdown actually occurred. Wilson is not going anywhere.
  12. And the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow in the 1st. What's your point? It means jack who and where they drafted somebody if they like what they see. Josh Rosen was a 1st round draft pick and they turned around and got rid of him for another 1st round qb a year later.
  13. Agreed. Rock's man coverage is good. He has a lot of work to do in zone, but he'll get there. I don't see it. Wilson looked really good the first preseason game. I think Ballard is getting different looks. The only way this is plausible is if he just isn't taking his role seriously and isn't being a pro (which all indicators show he is passed that)... I don't think there is any way we cut a capable 2nd rounder with 2 years left on his contract.
  14. I also understand this is a gamble that Ballard just might not be comfortable making seeing that we could still win in the postseason with Brissett, IMO... He might not be as good as Foles, but he is damn close...
  15. I'm not advocating it either, and I think that it is highly unlikely. But I would be more upset to find out that we turned down a hell of a pick (especially a 2nd that turns out to be top 40- and ESPECIALLY if washington's pick turns out to be top 40) than everyone here saying they would be upset if we traded him. We are still building a football team and building it through the draft, particularly with emphasis on 1st and 2nd round players... If he commands a 3rd (he should)
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