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  1. If his defense does what it should, this team should always win more than 6-7 games with the roster that has been built. Defense was a major upgrade over 2019 season, and they won 7 games with Brissett. I trust any qb Ballard brings in to put a winning season together...
  2. In regard to Rivers, the GM in Ballard saw a leader that elevated his roster and won games and put them in an opportunity to compete for a super bowl. He did. The evaluator in Ballard saw an aging qb that doesn’t have the arm strength to take this offense to another dimension, and that was the idea when they brought Frank in with #12 still here. In regard to Eason, the GM in Ballard sees the opposite of Rivers. Unpolished, raw, not close to being ready to lead a team. The evaluator Ballard sees a huge arm that could be an incredible asset to this offense under Frank. He’s not going to force th
  3. he’ll also say he likes them picks and that the roster is in the right direction and point to players being picked up off the waiver when they release them, and point to coaches and executives on staff getting HC and GM interviews. He’s pointed to that as a goal of where to get to in order to show the success they are having internally since he came here 4 years ago. He will undoubtedly tout that as it truly is an accomplishment for him. He’s organized and runs a great organization, and it will show with the coaches climbing the ranks and his staff getting promotions elsewhere.
  4. He’ll say “look” and refer to “o-line/d-line” at least a thousand times...
  5. Or plan(a,b,c,d, so on and so on)
  6. I should have clarified... I’m agreeing with you. Throwing it through the back of the end zone is 0% chance of completing. I thought Rivers was the right choice. It would have taken a miracle regardless. And shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with.
  7. We put JB in to throw a Hail Mary back in 2018 early in the season due to Luck’s shoulder... He basically threw it through the back of the end zone.
  8. thats the one player that would be worth spending money on. Focus on the draft and developing the strong drafts already put together. Let Eason come in and develop on the field next season. I think he can win games just being a game manager and getting the experience. Letting Reich work with him and draw up plays to get guys open for his big arm. He could even be special, but we wouldn’t know until he played... my money says Rivers is back next year though.
  9. While I haven’t cared for Frank’s playcalling at times this year... he’s a man of conviction and has full trust of this organization, especially the players. The players lost Yesterday, not Frank. Quite honestly, our game plan was spectacular and well executed in large part. In our current situation of having an aging vet qb and no idea what the future holds for that position, there is NO one that I would rather be leading this team than Frank. He will develop our next franchise qb. He will win games with whoever is under center. And I believe he will bring a championship to this team as a HC.
  10. You can drop that mentality with this pandemic. I consider players that took this year off because of concerns of family health quite respectable. I would have for mother and father’s health, who is at serious risk. Millions of people with preexisting conditions at high risk of covid. Sitting out of a game that will still be here when this is settled down, is not a lack of commitment. It’s a commitment to family and health.
  11. True. And I have held the belief that this team, with Rivers coming in and leading a team he hadn’t played a minute with, during a pandemic with tons of restrictions, turned out pretty dang good. He was a huge upgrade, and the wins came. We are getting there. Cannot wait to watch Ballard and company work this offseason.
  12. I was surprised they didn’t put JB in. i was not surprised when Rivers couldn’t get it to the end zone. His arm strength was a problem at times today and has been all year. I thought he played well this season and was a major upgrade from last season. But Rivers isn’t getting us a championship. It’s time to move on.
  13. We are about to find out what impact he has... He just publicly vouched for Rivers and wants him back. my bet is they move on.
  14. https://www.nfl.com/news/colts-head-coach-frank-reich-analytics-supported-decision-to-go-for-it he consistently goes with what the data shows is the best move. I mean, at some point we need to blame the execution, no? He puts all the confidence in his offense; and that’s what the players want. They have to deliver, IMO.
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