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  1. Irsay should always get credit for allowing the guys he hires to do their jobs without interfering much. We see what other owners do, and it’s not a great situation. Ballard has a lot (if not practically all) of control of the organization from the football operations side of things. I have said from day 1, a big part of his vision wasn’t just building a team but changing the culture and rebuilding everything from facilities to media and public relations to branding. They have worked fast and furious on all those fronts. His pitch to Irsay on facility upgrades (which were huge) and rebranding (Colts forged and the changes we have seen the past few years with things like the new team entrance on game day, etc) had to have been predicated on the first few years of focusing on the draft and not using a lot of capspace, which saved the organization tens of millions of dollars in player salary. If that was what it took to beef up staffing, upgrade practice facilities, and put a lot of resource into PR and media relations, then it was clearly part of a bigger vision. When Ballard’s career is over, he might not have championships to show, but no one will say he didn’t have a vision and didn’t make serious positive change.
  2. 1-0. only game that matters is the Jacksonville Jaguars on the 13th of September. then the next. I think 12 wins is feasible. Buckner staying healthy is key, as he and Leonard are the centerpieces of this defense now. Really interested in this offense. They have the potential.
  3. kinda, but also kinda not. Andrew Luck is top 5 if he would come back tomorrow. But, I’m not sure why you would list him, because... he ain’t comin back.
  4. Yes yes yes yes
  5. it was low risk high reward. The cap number was nothing with the boat loads we were sitting on. Irsay wants to take care of his guys if possible, and JB was the starting quarterback (and received plenty of criticism.) He was paid for it and his contributions as a leader of this team. Had he performed big, this year would look like a bargain. His cap doesn’t really effect the team right now. And we can walk away whenever we want from now on.
  6. Monday mornings are going to be easy on Colts fans this season.
  7. Haha. I know... some key pieces back on D and started playing some really good defense. Maybe they used how bad they looked in this game as motivation.
  8. https://www.colts.com/video/chris-ballard-discusses-drafting-malik-hooker-18788933 interesting to go back to Ballard’s presser post drafting Hooker. “unique”. He keeps mentioning what a unique talent, playmaker, athlete Hooker is. He admitted he needed work with just a year starting at Ohio. Longterm prognosis of his collegiate injury looked good. Ballard was intrigued in his size and speed, called him the best athlete in the draft and loved his playmaking skills in taking the ball away. Even mentioned during his time in Chicago they never took a defensive player (aside from d-line) that couldn’t catch the football because it was such a priority. Obviously Hooker’s rookie year injury hurt him. If he made a handful more plays over the past few seasons, would this even be a discussion? I doubt it. He’s not made the plays on the ball that he was drafted to make.
  9. Chloe and the Chad Kelly fans on forum...
  10. I’m bad and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad.
  11. Whoa Nelly. Andrew Luck was a leader of men in his own way... Now. Philip Rivers brings FIRE that this team has lacked. I think Justin Houston brought fire last season. You could see it on the field. You could hear it in the pregame. That’s infectious.
  12. I can bet that the entire zoom conference was aware of Taylor’s talent and watching/discussing as the round moved along... Irsay was just a single voice in that conversation, offering validation for the trade up to get him...
  13. Because I was responding to your comment that you quoted me on...
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