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  1. The last couple? You mean during the Pagano years? We've seen the Colts have strong game plans coming in and make proper halftime adjustments under Reich's time here.
  2. Have you ever heard of the phrase "tale of two halves"? This team has played 5 football games and now we want to entertain the idea of moving on from players who haven't produced? Hunt more than earned the right to be part of this defensive line rotation. What happens if he plays exceptional through week 10-17 and rolls into the playoffs with a chip on his shoulder? This is like saying we are ready to move on from our rookie-third year players because they haven't quite produced like we want or need... Darius Leonard hasn't done squat this season, you ready to move on from him too? Let's pump the brakes.
  3. QB, Well rounded DE, LT, stud possession WR, Lockdown CB, DT (preferably Aaron Donald), LB that can play all positions, can pass rush and cover sideline to sideline.
  4. Again, we all need to realize Wilson is young. Younger than Rock Ya-Sin. Put that into perspective.
  5. We all do it. Agreed. And when you decide to be stupid at the end of a good first half, you lose...
  6. KC... dumbest football team in the league.
  7. I don't see us getting down 38-10 with JB under center and the way this offense manages the game. But I could be wrong.
  8. Washington's trying to get their 2nd back... Think they are pulling a fast one on us. I liked hengtes but he wasn't playing for us, he was more a luxury spot on the active roster... and this team is too banged up for that right now. Ballard has continued to say you know you are getting there when other teams are picking up the ones you are releasing, and that is happening consistently now. Our roster is getting there. It's just young, and that takes time. But there is a plethora of talent with sky high potential across the depth chart here.
  9. Bobby is going to be starting in Walker's place by years end. I love Walker, but he has no business being in coverage over Bobby Okereke.
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