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  1. ColtStrong2013

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    On a topic such as this one, they are all must wins... And doable. But they are all must wins.
  2. ColtStrong2013

    Refs blew the call

    I wish on bang bang plays under 2 minutes that result in another team clearly recovering, they would let the play go for once... that was a touchdown return for Hooker.
  3. ColtStrong2013 Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    I see a starting safety in Hooker that is extremely talented and only going to get better. I see a runningback in Mack that could be the next big money maker at the position come 2020. Walker is a great fit for this defense. He is either going to grow into a great starting linebacker, or be tremendous depth piece for this unit going forward. Either way, far from a bust pick. Stewart and Hairston are growing with experience... Part of having a young team and growing pains, is developing your draft picks more quickly.
  4. ColtStrong2013

    Frank Reich on Donte Moncrief (via Kevin Bowen)

    Moncrief was lazy. He ran lazy routes, he quit on passes that he could have showed a true playmaking ability on, he was reportedly a bad locker room influence. There is no question his upside as a player, but with his attitude, we are likely never going to see it. We didn't here, they aren't currently in Jacksonville... I remember an Indy writer (cannot find it or remember who it was exactly) writing on twitter that they had written a negative bit about Donte and his laziness. When they walked through the locker room a day or two later, Donte snarled at him and hit several teammates on the arm, letting them know that was the guy that talked crap about him. It's guys like that that can hurt the best of players in the lockerroom and why Ballard moved fast on him.
  5. ColtStrong2013 Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    The idea of stacking drafts is just that. As you experience more success, picking later in each round, you have to hit on early picks. Early picks become your contributors, with mid to late rounders becoming your depth guys. If you can field a roster of seasoned vets that you have drafted/developed/re-signed, and consistently net good contributors in the early rounds of your draft, those mid to late round gems become the depth that wins championships. Vision is there. Just takes some time.
  6. ColtStrong2013

    Chris Ballard at the Half-way Point (and Beyond)

    I have seen enough to know that CB and Frank are here to stay... They have patience from the ownership, and the wins will come sooner than later (we might be seeing them very soon if we can string together 5 wins at home to finish the season). Andrew Luck should have a good 8-10 years left in his career, and possibly more like 12. Looking beyond? Ballard has the vision. He has the executives around him (Ed Dodds, Rex Hogan, Mike Bluem) to put the vision to practice by drafting well and structuring contracts to leverage the capspace in the organization's favor. He has the coach. The quarterback. The offensive line to push defenses around. A tightend group to exploit mismatches and that others are envious of right now. Very well might have the runningback of the future in Mack. And is focusing on building a defense from the ground up, with key pieces coming together in Turay, Leonard, Hooker, (hopefully Lewis). Next year the draft class is defensive heavy and he has solid capital (and will likely acquire more by then.) When these rookies and sophomore players (and next years draft) get a few years under their belts and we have a seasoned group of strong talent across the depth chart, Ballard can continue focusing on the draft to find key depth and guys to develop instead of plugging them in immediately. That's how championship rosters are built. I realize I am an eternal optimist when it comes to this organization, but I am buying in. I believe we are watching a team being built the right way, with all the right pieces in place to build around.
  7. ColtStrong2013


    A tightend room like this can make a weak receiver group look good... We can win a lot of football games with this makeup of offense. I love where this team is headed. The vision of Ballard and Reich is coming to fruition. Hold on and enjoy the ride.
  8. ColtStrong2013


    While yes, a bit smaller than a standard edge rusher, he is 6'5" with plenty to pack on if necessary in the next year or two. He is fast. His burst is incredible. As long as he doesn't lose any of that, another 10 lbs on his frame, would be a tremendous difference. He should be able to pack some power to his burst/punch off the ball this next offseason. High high ceiling for him. There is essentially 4 players that I can't take my eyes off. Darius Leonard for obvious reasons. Quenton Nelson, for more obvious reasons. Andrew Luck because he amazes me and is getting better by the day. And kemoko turay. I love what this guy brings to this franchise.
  9. ColtStrong2013

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    He didn't have the important pieces... He had a quarterback, a wide receiver, a center and a left tackle.... The important pieces were neglected every single year in the draft under Grigson. He bought the teams that he failed miserably to draft properly. Look at all the teams that try to buy teams in this league. IT DOESNT WORK. Grigson was like having a 500 piece puzzle and losing several pieces every time you worked on it... When it all comes together, and you only have 300 pieces, it isn't even close to being a finished product. Furthermore, if you try to buy replacement pieces, they don't fit properly and it ends up being a puzzle that needs reworked completely. Ballard has a vision and a process to the vision. Hold off until the end of the season to reserve your feelings on him and this young team. If you can't see the progress we have made already this season, you are blind. I have never been more optimistic after watching us run the ball and absolutely crush the soul of a good Bills defense Sunday. Our schedule is favorable. We CAN string 8 wins of 9 games left. Let's see where this team takes us.
  10. ColtStrong2013

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    Mack practically had a similar game last week in his first full game healthy... and we attribute it to a guard that we picked up? How about crediting Mack for having great vision and for the first consistent offensive line opening up running lanes as a collective unit, instead?
  11. ColtStrong2013

    Positional Value

    This. While i think we would have taken Chubb if he fell to 6, Nelson was at the top of the board in terms of positional talent. A once in a generation lineman, right there dangling for us to snag and bolster what has been a nightmare for Andrew Luck and this Colts franchise. I thought it was a nobrainer then, and until something drastic changes, that won't change. I believe in positional value. But i believe scheme changes things. I believe we looked at Frank Reich's scheme and how he wanted to build an offensive line similar to the Eagles. In this draft, it started with Q and led to Braden Smith. Next draft might lead to a nice right tackle, unless Smith consistently proves it is his... I think regardless of where we are picking next draft, Ballard is going to be searching to acquire more picks, and he's going to be looking to put talent in the trenches. It just happens to be a very deep defensive front draft. Which is great!
  12. ColtStrong2013

    The 3 year plan

    Here's the deal on next year's offseason. We aren't going to go hog wild in FA, but will find some starting caliber players to shore up some of these weak spots. The draft however, has the potential to be Ballard's best... possibly ever going forward, assuming a nice healthy career here. Currently ranked (obviously subject to much debate and great change from now until April), 10 of the top 13 ranked likely draft picks are defensive players. It will be defense heavy. The tackle situation is promising in the draft, but the #1 tackle is ranked 15 currently. Barring the Colts going on a winning streak, i don't forsee us picking outside of 10... and at the moment feel like inside of 3 is more likely. If Ballard can acquire picks between now and then, you can bet he is putting his money there. 10 draft picks this year and we might see a lot more next. Currently projected with 9 (2nd round jets pick and 4th round compensatory). 1st round- defensive lineman. A lot of big names going to be at the top at tackle, end and edge. 2nd round- Tackle and defensive back 3rd round- value receiver (Miles Boykin from Notre Dame could be great value in day 2 next year...)
  13. ColtStrong2013

    The 3 year plan

    And with the 3rd pick of the 2019 draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Nick Bosa... along with a boat load of picks for trading down 2 positions to the QB desperate Giants. 1st round- 3rd 2nd round- 33, 35 (Giants), 39 (jets) 3rd round - 65, 67 (Giants)
  14. ColtStrong2013

    The 3 year plan

    And we will find a #2 this next offseason. Whether that is in FA, the draft, or in Deon Cain, we will find one this next season. Right tackle will be addressed, and next year's draft is going to be loaded with defensive playmakers. At this rate of losing, we will be in prime position to acquire more picks (three top 50 picks- possibly top 40 already) and draft some serious talent on defense. I am seeing all i need to see to be content with the plan going forward. A young defense that is exceeding expectations and being put in bad spots because of the offense. An offensive line that is keeping our qb upright and even untouched. Our franchise qb that is proving everyone wrong. A lot of young talent and speed on offense. A coaching staff that is innovative and hungry. We will obviously address all of this again in 11 weeks, but right now, things aren't even remotely close to being as bad as the media and folks on this forum are making it out to be.
  15. ColtStrong2013

    Amari Cooper

    If we win today, offer them our 2nd round pick. If we lose, offer them the Jets 2nd round pick. Lol