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  1. So doing it now to free up some space for a safety… is that what you are saying?
  2. If that is what keeps Chris Ballard in the executive suite on 56th street for 4 more years, then I would move Heaven and Earth if I were him. Throw the principles aside for once. Bringing Peyton and company back to watch their buddies son play, paired with another good receiver across from him and a dynamic backfield, would be worth whatever picks it took... I doubt seriously it would happen, but it would be an insanely neat thing, and I have zero doubt that Jim Irsay would be opposed to it, as long as Chris, Shane, and the rest of the building were convicted in bringing MHJ here.
  3. I know where we can find that $5 million difference this year…
  4. So we can most certainly X him off the big board. Fun fact on Mel Kiper. Between the 2010 and 2014, five total drafts, Mel nailed an entire eight draft picks on his predictions. Two of those were Andrew Luck and Anthony Castonzo. Last year, he got 1.5 picks correct out of every 31. I'm now going to go bet my house that the Indianapolis Colts do not select Arnold this year.
  5. So we can most certainly X him off the big board.
  6. Reading recap of how Dan Hurley turned Iu fans into Purdue fans last night with his sideline antics. 😂 I doubt that he cares, because it’s obviously who he is. But man, how embarrassing for a 51 year old professional.
  7. Good strategy. They have the guards to do it. Take two guys and 9 fouls and limit edey to just under 40 points and keep the guards from matching his 40.
  8. 49 to 14 guard points. Purdue’s guards disappeared on the biggest stage.
  9. That’s on manipulation of the foul sheet later part of the first half. Counted 3 fouls that weren’t called on clingan. not that it would have mattered, because guard play was the difference. But Clingan didn’t hold his weight at all tonight. Neither did the rest of the boilers.
  10. Great guard play by UConn. Experience versus non experience. Purdue needs the talent at guard they are getting in this coming recruiting class, and they need the experience the young guys are getting tonight. Wish edey would have been as effective as he was at the start, but didn’t get much help. uconn made some wild shots, which really put it out of reach.
  11. Worst officiating in a championship game I’ve ever seen. Complete manipulation of the foul sheet.
  12. yeah I don’t like what I see. It’s a manipulation tactic, and it appears to work. But man, I’m never rewarding that as a ref. I’m making a point to shut him up.
  13. He’s still talking to the officials like they didn’t just manipulate this game in his favor… lol. Unreal
  14. they aren’t calling on clingon. At all. When a coach is complaining on the sideline so badly that the commentators are calling him out on it, it’s bad. Hurley has nothing to whine about, his bigs aren’t in foul trouble… they should be
  15. Clingon can’t hold edey’s jockstrap. He’s had multiple non-call hacks and fouls on the offensive board. He’ll have 4 with 8 minutes left in this game if the officials will call it as it is. Purdue still yet to shoot a 3.
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