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  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, as I haven't taken the time to read through very many comments on this thread, but in my eyes (which is often wrong) Ballard bringing in Funchess and Geathers back on one year deals is to build depth for whoever he is bringing in the draft. I could see a safety picked high and a 2nd or 3rd round receiver. These are low risk, high reward moves. Both of these guys could perform at a high level and make a compelling case for a multi year contract next offseason. I'm just happy to see Clayton back for another year. He's had poor luck with injuries. He's a good dude that players obviously relate to and love (based on several twitter posts.) I hope for his best and healthiest year this fall...
  2. ColtStrong2013

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    We are kidding ourselves if we think it's for anything other than acquiring more draft picks... He's not spending picks for a random player when right square in the middle of FA. He's looking for a splash like Saint Patty's day last year when he pulled the Jets trade off. Ballard has been so blatantly transparent in his approach, yet no one seems to pay attention. He was never going to spend big money on the top players of FA. He's not going to trade away picks. He's looking to acquire and continue to build through the draft, and rightfully so after the last one he pulled. I'd be so overconfident in my ability to draft if I were him, it wouldn't be funny. Here's to a lopsided draft trade in favor of our Colts and a hell of a finish to the offseason by Ballard and Co.
  3. ColtStrong2013

    Spending Unwisely like the Packers

    And our run game was nonexistent, not because it wasn't there, but because we were down in the count and bailed on the run... That likely won't happen again, ever.
  4. ColtStrong2013

    FA Agency Day 2 and beyond.

    Playing fast is literally the key to this defense and what Leonard was brough in for (and why he was an all-pro his rookie year.) I doubt they will push him to pack on the lbs. Very seriously. Maybe he can add a little on his frame without sacrificing speed. But he'll get better at shedding nfl blocks with experience and a better and more disruptive defensive line will only free him up more. That is what Ballard will continue to focus on, and it'll all be good.
  5. ColtStrong2013

    FA Agency Day 2 and beyond.

    Why? If only for durability, then sure. But he plays fast and incredible the size he is now. Not interested in seeing him jacked up, tbh.
  6. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Something that I have thought of for some time but never expressed and not sure if it's been discussed on here is this: Ballard's slow and methodical approach, building through the draft, rolling over capspace and finding value free agents is obviously his vision for at least the time being, and it looks good early on. But has anyone questioned on here if this is his way of building a roster slowly and using budgeted money that would normally go to contracts to invest in new facility upgrades (nearly $4 million last year in the new training facility and upgrades) and various projects that the organization was lacking. If Ballard can field a winning team, upgrade facilities/ improve the organization overall AND save the Irsay's tens of millions by not dishing out big contracts like his predecessor, what do you think they'll do for him? He mentioned the vision coming into Indy went well beyond the football field and into the entire scope of the organization. It makes sense to me...
  7. ColtStrong2013

    Ballard's master plan for the Funchess deal

    And if he tried a two year option for less money, and we ended up with the counter offer as a done deal?
  8. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    *Says a guy on a fan forum who thinks he knows more than the general manager of the year coming off one of the best offseasons in NFL history... I do agree we have what we have. And it's much better than the scenario you just posed, which is complete fantasy and ludicrous.
  9. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    ....from a 2015 contract. What would TY make today, I wonder?
  10. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    You don't know that it goes against what he preaches... It could be his plan to do EXACTLY that. This could be a one year deal to groom Cain, and whatever draft picks he brings in (Brown perhaps?) from within... That makes more sense to me than bringing a receiver in for 4 years with more guaranteed money that doesn't even have the potential to be our #1... talk about a short term fix with disregard for the longterm future.
  11. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    You're right. But you present your opinion as absolute, which is why I commented in the first place...
  12. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Agreed. If we overpaid, it's for the luxury of a one year deal and, ultimately, not truly overpaying him like the majority of the 4-6 year deals for B players...
  13. ColtStrong2013

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Soo... why are we against a 1 year deal with incentives for Funchess again? We all know it takes receivers a year or two before they produce like true WR1 and WR2 players... Could it be Ballard's plan?
  14. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Which to touch on... tells me he has a plan that you and I cannot comment on quite yet. Possibly a draft pick early on to develop for a year? Perhaps a high belief that Cain is the guy going forward? Maybe he saw something that our ignorant eyes could never see and wants to see what Andrew Luck and Frank Reich can make of Funchess??
  15. ColtStrong2013

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    No we don't. Who cares what they are, as long as they force him to bring his A game every day and perform at a high level... and they most certainly will.