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  1. Exactly, it's easy to get angry at him for those comments but miss that they're being hypocritical. And, someone who cares for all communities could still dislike everyone not standing up for national anthem. Not saying kneeling is not right, it is, but some might not like it, and that's okay. If Brees doesn't like it, and he should be allowed to speak his mind, whether that's right or wrong. Those who criticize him in social media could try to say their perspective of how kneeling isn't disrespectful to the national flag or country or veterans, without accusing him of not supporting African American community. Like how Malcolm Jenkins reached out to him to talk about that (not sure how their conversation went, but at least he reached out and shared his perspective). It doesn't have to go hand in hand. Social Media has turned out to be a platform for getting triggered and making a mass portrayal of person(s), without letting them speak their mind even if that's not what they wanna hear. There's nothing wrong in one person thinking that kneeling is disrespectful, it doesn't make kneeling disrespectful. There's a difference, a thin line of difference that shows understanding and empathy. if anyone doesn't like it, they should say why he's thinking the wrong way, rather than throwing stones at him. We are quickly turning out to be a society that wouldn't let someone speak up their mind, get them to intelligent conversation if they seem to be unaware and send the message across in constructive manner, rather than forcing everyone to think and say same thing, which is why people, who can't speak up now and clear the mind, boycott games or call NFL league office to complain when a player kneels. Brees seems to be one such fellow who just happens to have a different point of view, not necessarily against the African American community. Rather people quickly shut down what Brees wants to say, while at the same time accusing everyone else of not letting their voices heard in day-to-day life and social concerns. Do people who criticize Brees and be angry on him realize that they're doing the same thing that has been repeated over centuries, which is exactly the cause of all this melting pot?
  2. I'd love Rivers to get one too! He's my most favorite QB in the league now ///after Eli has retired///
  3. Teams need to conduct practices in their own facility, not somewhere miles away because the players will need to be tested periodically and kept out of too much public contact while their job is to go from home to team facilities and train. This is why NFL wants to have no leniency in allowing any outside facilities. So, teams conducting any practices outside their facility will have to change and accommodate this Off-season. Strictly. NFL has given a direction that "teams can get Exception but they will have to prove to the league Medical Task Force that they can't conduct in their own facility" if that's the case. I think that would mean team would've to move their facility to their outside training location so that medical tests and player frequency is limited to that outside facility. Not sure if teams could do that or it would be prudent to just use/upgrade the practice field and training rooms in their own facility to conduct off-season program.
  4. By September, it's more likely that stadiums are allowed to have fans in limited or very limited capacity, a few allotted seats in safe distance in each section. Stadiums will not have 60,000 fans but it's more likely that 5,000-10,000 fans can be accommodated keeping the distance as per state orders. Would that be a boost for the home team? Yes, better than having no one. Would that create a noise that gives trouble to visiting team on the road on important downs? Most likely not. Maybe, no tailgating and things as such or that in limited capacity. Maybe, it will improve throughout the season but I doubt games will be played with no fans. Probably the opponent traveling fans wouldn't be there much as usual, unless teams in proximity to each other play. It will be an interesting season, but it will not be gloomy without any fans at all.
  5. We have Colts Vs Vikings this season. If your pass rush is excellent, you'll see what I'm saying. You've got to see some of the bad losses to understand the point. If Colts can stop the run and be just good enough in pass rush, it will be a long day for us, especially in an away game. Anyway, back to the topic, is there a definite timeline known for Blackmon's recovery this season? I'd let him redshirt as long as he needs to be healthy, hamstring troubles usually follow ACL recovery in next season for most players. I'd hope he is used sparingly when he comes back this season and give another Off-season to achieve his potential. That's my main concern about him, and how the team is gonna handle him.
  6. I don't want to digress from the original topic, so I left at that. But to clarify, Kirk is an above average QB by stats and highlights, but there are too much inconsistency in his game. He can play like an elite QB in spurts - that's in between games - not to a level of stringing together great play through multiple games against tough defenses, that usually qualify for playoffs. And, the big hope I mentioned is winning the Super Bowl in near future, but we will qualify for playoffs - easily if it is expanded to 7 teams - but that's about what we can expect and that just rhymes with the franchise history. Otherwise, we will have some fun games and quality record to feel good and enjoy the season. As the conversation was about winning "the 1", I haven't seen anything really to be hopeful.
  7. That's so true. When it happens, it is meant to happen. When it doesn't, it's not. Even above what players could control... (That's not to be taken as excuse for some teams, but it's true for some great teams).
  8. As a Vikings fan with no big hope for the near future, I can attest you're absolutely right. Yeah, one could always look at how they're team could've won more. But only few have the presence of mind to know how winning that one is such a big feat. If Randy Moss had won one for the Vikings especially '98 season, fans would think he should have got us more. But, now we know even getting there in the big game is not a given for all greats. It's difficult to think from that perspective after you have won 1 or more.
  9. Pathetic division with tough schedule against NFC West and AFC North.. then Eagles and Cowboys have to play top teams of NFC North and NFC South.. WHOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFF Forget about it, this division is going to be even worse! But remember, NFC East never had a repeat champion in a decade or so. Close your eyes, it's not good for viewing. Cowboys 8-8. Eagles 8-8. Giants 4-12 Redskins 1-15 21 wins, 43 losses. Favorite spanked kids of all the NFL. Redskins at least get the #1 overall draft pick, which they missed last draft to finally replace Haskins.
  10. Vikings 8-8 Packers 10-6 Bears 6-10 Lions 8-8 Vikings will continue beating up bad teams like a drum, and offer no fight against better teams. Works well for Cousins, as he still gets elite QB stats that would justify his contract extension.. Rodgers and Packers are still the team to beat in the division but they will struggle against some teams outside unless Rodgers gets back to his prime. Trubisky or Folesky, Matt Nagy will be made either a hero or villain, most probably the latter until he figures out the QB position. Stafford, if healthy, will have a better season and if officials don't cheat against the Lions, they can look much better.
  11. Congrats Dan! You're going places, can't wait to get you in Mock Drafts next off-season.. Browns, under Kevin Stefanski, should have good running game with a rebuilt OL, so I expect them to do well against teams with bad run defense. 9-7, may or may not make playoffs depending on whether we have 7-team playoffs going forward. Cincinnati is getting there, but it all does take time to put it together. Their offense might surprise some teams, it all depends on how their free agents assembled defense and rookie linebackers are going to work out. Joe Burrow Vs Justin Herbert first week matchup! Tough year still, 5-11. Steelers, their season depends on how healthy and in game shape they are going to be on offense. Defense will certainly win few games for them. Their schedule doesn't look bad, 9-7. Ravens, hard to predict anything but success but who knows if they could replicate last year. I hope they do, 12-4. Browns 9-7 Bengals 5-11 Steelers 9-7 Ravens 12-4
  12. Guys, off-topic.. how do you pronounce Eason? Ea-Sean or Ea-Son?
  13. Yeah that looks great, with or without getting rid of conference restrictions. Anyway, if the league decides to move on from some of the established rivalries, it would all make sense. As long as they're sticking to original affiliations, a meaningful realignment, either geographically or any other sensical approach, isn't happening, which should.
  14. Jerruh may not be immortal, so there's a chance. But, as you said, I don't expect that in any near future.
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