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    • Reich's offense surpassed all expectations year 1 for me. You need to remember, he still needs to add a ton of pieces and has done one heck of a job only after one offseason. I love how everyone is involved and you never know who's going to have a monster game in this offense.
    • The Colts would be smart to trade Jacoby, but I don't see it happening before the Draft.   - Andrew Luck is healthy. - Jacoby is leaving Indy after next season regardless to be a starter. - Chris Ballard has proven he can draft some gems and I trust him to do the same with the pick we get for Brissett.  
    • I was watching some old draft videos regarding the Colts 2018 draft on youtube, and I saw an interesting comment in the comments section.  This is the video first.    In the comments section there is a 3 comment conversation started by Captain Luck. It says:   Captain Luck9 months ago (edited) Harold Landry was red Josh Jackson was red flagged. Derius Guice was red flagged. Those are my guesses. Ballard went for the best player available with the best leadership and character. That's how the Cubs built it and Ballard is taking that same approach. If nothing else, he wants a locker room he can be proud of even if he's not drafting the guys other teams would based on talent. Exactly what the Pacers did too and look how well that worked out.   Jason Spears9 months ago Justin Pelkey if that's the case, it makes much more sense.   Captain Luck9 months ago Jason Spears I'm not sure but Ballard said that 45 prospects were automatically red flagged due to lack of scheme fit, lack of maturity/character, and injury history. I think that's why some of the picks lool like reaches. He was really strict about the type of player he was letting in the organization. I forget the Cubs GM name, but Ballard read his book last summer. The Cubs GM did the exact same thing. He looked at unique traits but more importantly brought in proven leaders. Ballard appears to be taking the same approach. We'll have to wait and see if it works.   I thought this was very interesting as I'm not sure if he purposely is following the Theo Epstein model or if that's out of coincidence. The most telling thing is that he red flagged 45 prospects due to lack of scheme fit, maturity/character, and injury history. I knew GM's did this to an extent, but Ballard is apparently very picky, to the extent that he just wants certain guys even if he isn't getting value. It's not just about BPA or need with him. It's about getting the exact guys he feels comfortable with at certain positions. I can only imagine how few guys that he's willing to take when it's our pick.    I couldn't find an article saying this info was 100% true, but no one said he was wrong either, and it makes sense. Just thought some people here might think this was interesting regarding Ballard, and it might reveal some of his drafting secrets that we can build mocks off of to emulate him.    
    • Great draft, but give some kudos to Frank for the way he bonded the team, created the locker room vibe, and turned them into winners. Great all round job. Hopefully we take the next step next season...
    • Yeah, losing Glenn and Diem really killed us for a long time until we drafted Anthony. We've hadn't had much luck at RT until this past season.
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