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  1. That would be awful. I hope that does not happen. Do the surveys show that younger folks prefer AL-style baseball (with the DH)?
  2. I have San Diego at San Antonio showing on CBS here. I did see highlights of Orlando. They looked good.
  3. Thank you. I will let you know. We'll communicate via PM.
  4. I'll have to go to a game this year. Let me know when they start play. I'm enjoying this so far. San Antonio looks better.
  5. @coltsfansince65 Will you watching? Have you spoken with your nephew about this league. What does he think? Is he interested in coaching there?
  6. Me too. I'm interested to see what it is like. Let us know what you think.
  7. Thanks for clarifying that. I misunderstood. I had been under the impression that the DH would be an extra player; I did not realize he would replace a reliever. If that is the case, I think I like the DH idea even less. Teams run out of pitchers. I don't like the idea of a position player replacing a reliever.
  8. There are many double standards and when pointed out like you did, most don't want to acknowledge them. (That said, I have no problem with the NFL supporting the military, cancer awareness, and other health-related issues.) Do you mean that folks are too easily offended by the actions of NFL players, on and off the field?
  9. Why would it add only 15 extra players, not 30? I can't see inter-league play with the NL teams having one extra player. If the NL will add a player, the AL should too. I am not against making changes but I just don't like AL-style baseball. I am different because I don't value home runs the way most fans do. I like to see people on base and seeing what strategies are employed to manufacture runs or to create a big inning. I like to see pitchers throwing to catch players trying to steal. I like to see the suicide squeeze. I enjoy seeing the managers play chess rather than wait for the long ball. There is much less managing and less strategy involved in baseball when the pitcher is not hitting. Unfortunately there is not much of what I enjoy in baseball anymore. Most teams are trying to hit home runs. If I had to pay a lot of money for one player, my ideal every day player would hit for average (minimum .320), play great defense, have some speed, hit with people on base, and is clutch. To me that is not asking a lot. I don't like the slow player who hits .240 with 45 home runs and 110 RBI but hits into many double plays because of his lack of speed. Anyway, no DH for me. However, I do like that adding a DH would expand rosters, giving more people jobs.
  10. There is not enough wins to go around. If that happened, that means all the teams in the other divisions are all losing to the Central.
  11. The great Frank Robinson has passed away. He was a great ambassador for baseball. He won the Triple Crown, MVP and World Series. He played and was a manager. Quote: "Robinson took 14 trips to the All-Star Game, helped win two World Series with the O's and played 21 years in Major League Baseball. He's the only player to win the MVP award in both the American and National League. His number, 20, is retired by Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati... Brooks Robinson released a statement, saying: "Frank Robinson was an amazing player and a great friend. When he came to the Orioles in 1966, it put us over the top. He was the best player I ever played with. "More importantly, I am grateful that Frank and I were great friends. I spoke with him as he battled this cancer. He was in good spirits a few days ago and he wanted to be home with his wife, Barbara, and daughter, Nichelle. Connie and I will miss him dearly and we are both deeply saddened by his death." Rest in peace, Mr. Robinson. Link to Article: Frank Robinson passes away
  12. I don't like it at all. I would rather it go the other way -- get rid of the DH altogether but that won't happen. I love NL-style baseball. I like to see pitchers bunt and managers forced to decide whether to keep the pitcher in or take him out. Now it seems like people wait for the home run. @buccolts should remember this. I remember the Pirates when they had Jay Bell, Jose Lind, Andy Van Slyke, Bonds, Bonilla. They used to have the leadoff batter on and Jay Bell sacrifice him to second or third to set up the Bonilla, Bonds and Van Slyke for RBIs. I miss that type of baseball. Speaking of the Pirates, one of the funniest moments in baseball is when Lloyd McClendon walked away with a base after being thrown out of the game. I believe he was with the Pirates.