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  1. I just thought of it. It was not coming online. I was referring to Danny Tartabull (spelling?). The mind is a funny thing. It stores tons of info yet I cannot remember what I had for lunch two days ago. Lol
  2. I thought he played only 2B. I also thought he was homegrown. (He was already with the Yankees by the time I started following baseball so I did not know that.) That is not who I was referring to but when I looked online Johnny Damon came up. The guy I was referring to came before Johnny Damon. I think he came via a trade
  3. Yeah, I know. Some of their announcers are such homers. I have to say that the Mets announcers do a great job trying to call a game the way it should. Since the days of Bob Murphy (radio) and Ralph Kiner (tv), I have always thought they did a good job of giving the other team credit.
  4. How could I forget that one! There was a guy that they got from Kansas City. He was a center fielder. I just can't recall his name. I think they also had Flash Gordon.
  5. I don't see what you're seeing. Can you describe it?
  6. Lol. You're describing the same types of fans as those Yankees fans. They complain about their teams and managers because of record, rather than criticize bad play. Sometimes teams play fundamental baseball and lose. I am ok with that. I complain when I see bad play. I like good pitching, good defense, and timely hitting. The Mets are deficient in those areas except starting pitching. Yet they continue to prioritize pitching.
  7. I actually think they get a bad rap. Think about the Yankees fans who are Colts fans on this forum. They are not among the complainers and negative folks. RustonRifle, Coltafansince65, Bababooey... As for them buying championships, I used to say that too in the 90s and early 2000s. Many of their stars were homegrown just as the guys they are assembling now. Jeter, Posada, Bernie, Pettite, Mariano, and others. But yeah, as I think more about it, they got Tino Martinez, Boggs, Clemens, Knoblach, Sheffield, Cone, Gooden, David Wells, Paul O'Neill,... Who am I forgeting??? Yeah, lots of those guys they bought and traded for.
  8. That's nuts. I just don't get what fans see in bringing in a new manager/coach when the current one is successful. Do you fire the coach/manager every time something goes wrong? I like organizations that value continuity. I think the Cards do. Matheny was there for many years. They stuck by him after last year when many thought he would be fired.
  9. deGrom is signed through 2020. So you would have him for two more years past this one. You could also extend him. I think the Mets should offer an extension now, not wait until he becomes a free agent. He can then make more money now, but the Mets would pay less than what he would get on the open market after the 2020 season.
  10. You did mention that earlier. I wondered who you thought the Mets could get back. The Cubs don't have many prospects to give. (However, they have some guys in the majors like Almora that I like.) I wondered if the Cards had some top prospects. Any team vying for deGrom will have to give up a lot. If he is really being shopped, there will be a lot of competition for him, which will drive up his value. Of all the NL Central teams, Milwaukee has the most prospects in the top 100. The Braves in the NL East have many top prospects, including the top one. But I doubt the Mets would make that kind of deal with the Braves.
  11. Yankees fans complained about Girardi the same way that you complained about Matheny. Many non-Yankees fans thought they were nuts to want Girardi gone. Like Girardi, Matheny is well regarded outside the fan base. I agree that Girardi would be a good hire.
  12. Has Oquendo shown that he could be the manager? I remember Oquendo when he was the Cards' second baseman 25 or more years ago. I never thought he was head coach material. @Jay Kirk Your thoughts?