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  1. NFLfan


    Thank you. I knew they broke up but I wondered if they each were still on ESPN. I have not seen either in a while. The Mike & Mike Show became "Golic & Wingo". I'm not sure why Golic and Trey Wingo are not together anymore but I liked them. I liked Golic Jr. too. Re Mike and Mike split: I had heard/read that Golic Sr. was upset because Greeny did not tell him that he was looking to leave the Mike & Mike show and do something on TV, which would be on at the same time as the Mike & Mike Show. Golic is a team guy and always said players should not air or leak team-related stuff. He never talked on the air about being upset with Greeny. It was other people from ESPN that said that their relationship was strained. I wished they had stayed together. I probably would still be listening to sports talk radio. I have not listened to sports talk radio for over 3 years. There is this one sports talk show host in NY that I always enjoy. He is a former radio host for a Rock and Roll radio station, WNEW. He is a very good writer too. His name is Richard Neer. He wrote the book "The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio". Maybe tomorrow morning I will listen to Richard, (that is if he still has a show). He will probably talk about this incident.
  2. NFLfan


    Thank you. I have been listening for about an hour but they have not discussed it today. Thank you for the link, @Fluke_33. I will listen. Btw, where is Greeny? Is he still with ESPN? I used to enjoy listening to Mike and Mike with Greeny and Golic. Neither seem to be on the radio anymore.
  3. NFLfan


    @Fluke_33 I would like to listen to Keyshawn Johnson's show. Where can I access it? I'm surprised about what you reported in the other thread. Bruce Allen is awful. Someone wrote that wherever he goes he destroys teams. I wonder why he kept getting rehired.
  4. Hi @Qwiz How's it going? What are your thoughts on this game? How is my Stanford Cardinal Davis Mills looking to you?
  5. Is Xavier out? Edit: disregard. I see he is hurt.
  6. Who plays in the ALCS? I missed the Cardinals series. What happened there? Enjoy the games.
  7. They are not garbage or an embarrassment. They played well. I recall someone here who wrote that the Colts were going to get "trounced" by the Ravens. (I believe that is the word that was used.) Hahaha. The Colts played a very competitive game. Fans around the country were impressed despite the loss. For Colts fans, the loss hurt but saying the Colts were an "embarrassment" is not even close to accurate. My on a rare week day off.
  8. Yes, they were worse, but what I mean is that sending death threats to players has existed for a long time. I sometimes read comments on different forums and wonder if those posting the comments are among those making these threats. Some comments seem so over the top.
  9. These kinds of death threats have been around well before social media/Twitter. Baseball fans have heard of Bill Buckner, Hank Aaron and many others who received death threats. And those threats did not only come when people were drunk. It is shameful.
  10. Very nicely done with the colors and other formatting. For a second there I thought the Vikes were on their bye. They play Carolina. What is your pick there? I can add it to your post. I'm bad at picking games, so I won't try. Good Luck!
  11. To watch that game and come away with this is mind-boggling.
  12. NFLfan


    Gruden is in a position of power. So are Bruce Allen and all those with whom they exchanged these emails and pictures.
  13. NFLfan


    The Bills are not the Buccaneers. This decision was made by the Bucs. Bring this up with the Bills. This thread is not about Simpson or who the Bills choose to honor.
  14. NFLfan


    I did not know about the exchanges of pictures. It is so unprofessional. Exactly. I wrote something similar earlier. They carried on, not giving any thought to perhaps this is inappropriate. It is clearly something they found no problem with even in a work setting. I am interested to hear what that former female Raiders executive has to say. (Ms. Trask) She worked with both Bruce Allen and John Gruden. What do the Glazers have to say? Both John Gruden and Bruce Allen made homophobic comments about one of their employers. It is embarrassing for the league.
  15. NFLfan


    Yep. Just because a lot of people say or write similar comments does not make them acceptable. A Vikings fan once wrote that folks seem to be more outraged by someone being "cancelled" than by the behavior of the person which warranted the firing/suspension/etc. It was spot on.
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