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  1. Why did the security guard give him money? (I need to research "Paying it Forward".)
  2. It is a formality, but no one has to make a case for Peyton Manning. Great post. Manning and Woodson are shoo-ins. I think Jared Allen and Calvin Johnson will also be elected this year. I hope Faneca makes it. The guy played football while having a seizure disorder.
  3. Great story! Leonard is a good guy. I like his commercial with him and Jim Irsay. Hopefully fans feel the same way about Leoanrd if he ever leaves the Colts. Fans were saying they loved Ebron a couple of years ago. I was surprised to read how sentiments had changed after Ebron left.
  4. One of the choices in the poll is trading 3 first round picks and more for Watson. That is more than what it would take to move up for Fields. There is also a choice in the poll to trade 2 first round picks for Wilson. That is about what it would take for Fields. Given those two options in the poll, why is Fields not an option?
  5. @EastStreet Good job with the polls. You have many QB options there but one is a glaring omission. Why not Fields as an option? Did he decide to stay in college?
  6. Lol. He reminds me of Kyle Turley. Remember him? He was an OL for the Saints or Rams (Can't recall which).
  7. Vin Scully was the best announcer ever. I loved listening to him call a game. It was natural, nothing contrived. Very professional.
  8. For a moment I thought you were referring to Matt Campbell from Iowa State. That would have been a good hire by the Lions. Let's see how Dan Campbell works out. He can't be worse than Patricia.
  9. Lots of baseball greats have died in the last 8 months or so. I feel old . All the baseball legends that I used to read about in baseball history have died, except Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax and Vin Scully (broadcaster). Just recently Tommy Lasorda and Don Sutton died. Now Hank Aaron. RIP
  10. I heard the Chargers will hire the Bills' OC (Daboll?).
  11. What did you see about Jacoby's play last year that makes you so confident that he is a starting QB? Is he any different than Matt Moore, Chase Daniels, Tyrod Taylor, etc. Rivers played so much better, yet you are so critical of him but praise Jacoby.
  12. They played well..too bad the Colts were not in the NFC; they would have won multiple playoff games. I love your running game and Mack will be back next year. I think the defense needs some reinforcements. Eventually the Colts will get a QB, but I think Rivers can play another year.
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