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  1. NFLfan


    No? If that was not impressive, what is? His stats against New England surely look impressive.
  2. That is more than the Cubs and Mets, but that is expected given that the Rangers used designated hitters instead of pitchers to hit in nearly every game. AL teams should hit more HRs than NL teams.
  3. From afar it seemed like they hit lots. How many did the Mets hit?
  4. Didn't the Cubs hit a lot of HRs? It seems that towards the end of the season the Cubs did not hit in the clutch. But looking at it from an outsider, it seemed like the Cubs had no problem hitting HRs.
  5. Was he the Rangers' hitting coach? It seems that the Rangers underachieved the last several years.
  6. Not watching the playoffs. All I am hoping to read is that Jacob deGrom wins the Cy Young award. Have a good day, all.
  7. NFLfan

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Same here. Rather than avoid her, I would want to meet her. That is good to know. I hope to visit some day.
  8. NFLfan

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Sounds much worse than NYC.
  9. NFLfan

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    Go Chiefs!
  10. NFLfan

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    In Luck Colts fans should trust. Guy is special.
  11. NFLfan

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    Watching this in NY. So many dropped passes. I appreciate that Luck does not chastise teammates like Brady and other QBs. Hope you score a TD here. (Vikes game not showing in NY.)
  12. NFLfan

    Player Name Game - Groups / Singers

    Joan Jets
  13. NFLfan

    Player Name Game - Groups / Singers

    The Eagles! Love the band, not the NFL team.
  14. NFLfan

    Player Name Game - Groups / Singers

    Jackson Brown(e) (Running on Empty; Somebody's Baby)