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  1. Lol. You actually agree with the other Vikings fans. I'm the one who believed they should press charges. You have a point. If someone robs me, if I don't want to press charges, then I should not be forced to cooperate in the prosecution. That I get. However, with this guy, I don't know. He punched that Rockies fan so hard and could have killed him. How do you deter someone like this from doing it again? I guess the Rockies can ban him from the stadium; however, somebody else can buy him a ticket and let him in.
  2. Many have said it is up to the victim whether the prosecutor will press charges. I don't get that.
  3. My thought exactly. I cannot understand why so many of my fellow Vikings fans were defending the Padres fan. The Rockies fan who was punched chose not to press charges. I feel that the Padres fan should have been arrested. That was awful.
  4. Did anyone see that video showing a Padres fan punching another fan in the stands? What did you all think?
  5. One of the worst draft picks in the career of Rick Spielman. Do you recall the reaction from Colts fans when Grigson drafted Dorsett? We had a similar reaction but not as angry as Colts fans had been. We had drafted yet another CB when we all wanted one of many offensive linemen that were still on the board. A major bust.
  6. Thanks for that. I'll visit one time. I did attend a football game in Maryland where the Washington team plays. It was in 2016, Vikes were playing against Washington. There seemed to be a sea of purple there. Lol. The folks there were very nice.
  7. How are the Vikings playing the Chargers? I thought we (Vikes) were playing the AFC North. We start the year at Cincy, I believe. It must be that 17th game on the schedule that has us playing a team I was not expecting us to play. Now I have to find the Poptart they associate with the Vikes.
  8. @PRnum1 @Girlzarefanstoo What is that all about? Poptarts??
  9. Thank you. I did not see it when it happened but this morning, I saw something about the Mets winning 3-2. I have to check out what happened. Means looks like a keeper. I have never visited Camden Yards. I hear that it is still among the best baseball parks. I wish to visit one day. Have you been there? @PuntersArePeopleToo I know you have been to many. I believe that you wrote that you have been there. Am I remembering correctly?
  10. As @Jay Kirk would say, baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. No need to be too upset about a game or two in May. Now in September, you have more reason to be worried.
  11. I wondered if he was the one who had the no-hitter. (I was too lazy the check on the previous page in this thread. )
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