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  1. Both the Colts and the Vikings are on bye. For me, this feels like preseason.
  2. He is probably a Rivers fan who wants the Colts to maximize Philip's chances to succeed. I see that with all these new "Vikings fans" who are only Cousins fans. They blame everyone else for Cousins failures. One Cousins fan said that Cousins' stats make him the second best QB in the history of the NFL. It is funny what one can do with volume stats. Lol.
  3. I don't think anyone is beating out the Jets for the #1 pick. That is the only thing the Jets are winning this year. I recall how excited the fanbase was for Darnold. To give up on him now is terrible but Lawrence seems too good to give up. I would not mind my team trading for Darnold. However, he is injured or sick too often. I hope the Vikes draft a QB. These stopgap QBs are not the answer for us.
  4. If Teddy recovered, Dak should too. Teddy almost lost his leg. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  5. You sound like Jets and Vikings fans. But the Colts have had lots of success since 1967.
  6. I was hoping they would lose. They have been opportunistic this year. I hope the Colts will beat them. Hope you and the family are well.
  7. Thanks. Keep that in mind next time. It is never as bad as you think.
  8. Your Indianapolis Colts (3-2) look to return to winning ways when they face the Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1) at home this Sunday. They will play this one without TE Mo Alie-Cox (Out), T Chaz Green (Out), and LB Darius Leonard (doubtful). Anthony Castonzo is questionable. The Bengals list only two players on their injured list: Auden Tate (Doubtful) and Mackensie Alexander (Questionable). The Bengals pass defense is surprisingly strong but the run defense is among the worst in the league. Expect the Colts to run the ball. The Colts defense will try to stop the #1 overall pick i
  9. You'd rather eat paint than have Andrew as quarterback? I wonder what the poll answers would look like if Chad Kelly was an option? This forum seems crazy about Chad. That Zach Wilson fella looks impressive. I'm hoping the Vikes get Lance. I like Darnold too.
  10. No Thursday night game? It must be one affected by positive COVID tests? Here we go: Texans 27 Titans 31 Ravens 31 Eagles 21 Falcons 24 Vikings 30 Bengals 13 Colts 24 Browns 24 Steelers 27 Lions 20 Jaguars 24 Bears 17 Panthers 20 Washington 10 Giants 21 Jets 9 Dolphins 27 Packers 35 Buccaneers 28 Broncos 17 Patriots 21 Rams 24 49ers 17 Chiefs 30 Bills 28 Cardinals 24 Cowboys 20
  11. I strongly suggest putting him on Ignore, or just not responding to his comments. That will help prevent the back and forth that ensued. I removed all the comments with the personal shots.
  12. Two more MLB Hall of Famers have died. Former Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford died last week; later this month he would have celebrated his 92nd birthday. Former Reds second baseman Joe Morgan died today at age 77. May they both rest in peace.
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