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  1. It seems the Mets are being sold. Mets fans have been waiting for this. I always liked the Mets owner, Frank Wilpon, but the whole Madoff disaster affected the team. Let's see what this new owner brings. Oh well. I liked Zach.
  2. Many of the players that Mets fans want I have never heard of. Lol. I don't follow baseball as much as I used to.
  3. We need deGrom and more. What do you and others here know of David Sanchez? He was not tendered. Mets fans want the team to sign him. He reportedly led one league in ERA in 2016. I don't know him.
  4. What areas of the team do you want the Cubs to address? The Mets need relief pitching and a catcher.
  5. He has had a couple of off-the-field incidents and the Cubs can replace him. What do you think about not retaining Russell?
  6. Like that call last year in the Pittsburgh game, it probably won't stand. Hope the refs prove me wrong.
  7. @buffalo34 Your team's team'against the Steelers has been flexed to the Sunday Night Game in Week 15. The Vikings and Chargers were supposed to play SNF that week but the Chargers are not contending for a playoff spot.
  8. Yeah, that one was a legit penalty. Too bad. I was hoping for the INT to stand.
  9. I did not watch a minute of it. In fact, I stopped listening to sports radio after the Pats won the AFC Championship game this year. I just did not want to hear about how great Brady and the Pats were. I have not listened since then. Tom is not looking good.
  10. That's great. How long have you been a fan of Michigan State? Were you following them when Nick Saban was the head coach? I followed the MSU team that started QB Jeff Smoker, WRs Charles Rogers and Herb Haygood, TE Chris Baker. Rogers was drafted by Detroit. I read recently that Rogers passed away a few weeks ago. In college, he was a great player. RIP
  11. Why not 31? Which is the other team you are rooting against?
  12. Many of the older QBs are not playing up to their standards. Rivers has not played well. Brady's yards per attempt is below 7. Flacco, Cam and Big Ben are on IR. We are seeing young QBs playing well. Brees and Rodgers are still playing well. Brady looks mad. Lol
  13. Another penalty called to favor the Pats . ------ Watson to Duke Johnson for the TD! 7-3 Texans
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