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  1. Congrats, Cubs fans. Your team looks great. Have the Mets won 5 games yet? Lol. I believe they won today. This young pitcher Peterson should have a 4-0 record. He has pitched well. He is 3-1.
  2. Congratulations. That was fast! It seemed like it was yesterday you told me that you were a senior in high school. Now you already have your Masters. I waited more than 10 years to pursue my Masters. All the best in your new job and career.
  3. Besides Jacob deGrom, the 2020 Mets are awful. I do like the new manager. He thinks outside the box and does not kowtow to players like Cespedes. Time to get ready for work. Have a great day, folks. Hope all is going well with the school, @RollerColt. Stay safe.
  4. Besides Gooden, Strawberry, Carter, and Hernandez, the Mets did not have star players. Dykstra, Backman, McReynolds, Sid, Mookie, Knight, etc were all average to above average players. Bobby Ojeda actually won the most games and had the best ERA that year. Loved Bobby O. I recall when he and two Indians teammates went on that boat trip. The two teammates died and he survived. I think one was called Tim Crews. I forgot the other.
  5. There are some Yankees fans here but they don't post comments in this thread. You should become friendly with Coltsfansince65. He is a loyal Yankees fan. How did you become a Yankees fan? I became a Mets fan as a teen around the time that they won their last World Series. I have been a fan since. I recall my young nephew in October or November of 2000 telling me that I should become a Yankees fan because the Mets lost to the Yankees in the World Series. I replied, "No way. I'm a Mets fan!" I taught him a lesson in loyalty.
  6. You have been a fan since you were a kid? I recall when you were posting here and you said you were in high school. I believe you were going to go to college. Did you finish? Time flies by. Enjoy your youth. I remember you're saying that you were from Indiana but would be moving (or had already moved) to Illinois. Now that you are moving to St. Louis, are you going to continue as a Cubs fan? All the best in your move.
  7. This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. You must be around my age or maybe older. I don't believe I know Durham and Jodie Davis, but Van Slyke, McGee, Ziele, Benes, Coleman, etc are all guys I am very familiar with. The person who got me interested in baseball was a Cardinals fan. That was in the days of Ozzie Smith, Worrell, Daley, Jose DeLeon, Oquendo, Peña, Guerrero, McGee, etc. (Late 1980's) You mentioned Lankford. He played with Bernard Gilkey. I met Gilkey when he was a Met. This was at Spring Training in Florida. Back then, it was a lot easier to engage with players. I met many Mets players from 1996 through 1999 at Spring Training. I also met players on teams that the Mets played in Spring Training like Cal Ripken and Brady Anderson. It was great.
  8. Lol. They need the money for a lot more. They are still paying Bobby Bonilla. I hear that will end in 2035 or so. What a smart move by him. He has money coming to him well into his 60s. The Mets need to learn that free agency is not always the way to go. The Mets have been burned by almost every older high-priced free agent they have acquired. (Mo Vaugn, Jason Bay, Michael Cuddyer, so many more.)
  9. Did the extra innings start with a guy on second base? As I wrote before, I am not crazy about it.
  10. I know. I was joking. I did not realize basketball was still taking place. The Cubs are doing well. I hope the season will continue but Rob Manfred seemed to indicate that they may have to terminate the season. That would be terrible.
  11. Yes, I hear you but playing football has not killed them nor is there anything contagious about playing football that can directly harm the health of their families.
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