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  1. I liked Dan Bailey but he missed several easy kicks last year. So, this move does not surprised me. Someone on the Vikings site recommended that the Vikes trade for this guy. Hope he works out.
  2. I'd love that. Sign me up. There are some very nice people here. I am pretty sure the Vikes play the Colts in 2020. If they play in Indy, I may attend. That's true.
  3. When my sister lived in a suburb of Chicago (Oak Park), I visited there and wanted to attend a Cubs game. All games were sold out. I thought Chicago was a great city, very clean. I did not see any of the violence that is reported on the news. I'd like to visit again one day. I'd like to visit Indiana too one day. I'm going to Miami (FL) tomorrow (my uncle's ex-wife/my cousins' mother passed away).
  4. Thanks, Hozer. This is the first I am hearing/reading about this. How was the game?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I know that the Vikes had worked him out before the draft. Some of us thought the Vikes would draft him. Too bad he did not work out with the Colts.
  6. Both this game and the Jets/Giants game are showing where I am. I heard on the Jets broadcast that Basham is a Jet. I did not realize that he was no longer a Colt. Was he waived for poor performance or some other reason?
  7. I was wondering why the Colts and Bills game was showing here in NYC. It is not raining in the city...yet.
  8. Yesterday, I went to a community event and the local police department gave out Mets t-shirts. The message on the t-shirts: Signed by our long-time Mets radio announcer Howie Rose (pictured). Mets have been doing a lot of that lately (winning), albeit against poor teams. Let's see how they play against the Nats.
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