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  1. NFLfan

    Vikings OC John DeFilippo fired

    I agree with you but a large percentage of Vikings fans want him fired, as he has not done a good job with the OL. Why do you believe he is a top GM?
  2. I don't disagree but I did not follow the American League so much. I remember him as a White Sox player. Am I right? Who do you think should have been voted in before him? Some of the guys I saw that he was going against in the voting were Albert Belle, Joe Carter, and some others. Joe Carter is a guy who hit a dramatic HR to win a World Series for the Blue Jays. I may have put him in first...but I am not looking at stats. Maybe Baines has him beat by a lot. I am going solely by recollection. Baines was also a quiet guy. Maybe that is why I don't recall so much.
  3. Harold Baines and Lee Smith were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee.
  4. NFLfan

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Did you see LOS's prediction? He/she wrote it after you made your prediction (3rd comment on 1st page). He/she had even more confidence in the Colts.
  5. NFLfan

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    I sure did. It was fantastic. I jumped off the couch. I was watching on Red Zone. I did not get to see BB or Brady. Miami has their number. Great day of competitive football games.
  6. NFLfan

    Denver's 2018 draft

    I meant to write that the fans sure hope he is NOT retained -- I edited it. But I agree with you. I am someone who likes continuity which I believe is undervalued. Firing coaches and GMs and starting over every other year is not good for a team. Cleveland is a good example of that.
  7. NFLfan

    Denver's 2018 draft

    I expect many coaching changes this year. Do you expect Denver to retain its head coach? I think the fans sure hope not.
  8. NFLfan

    Denver's 2018 draft

    Yeah, they had a good draft. I thought so after the draft. I believe I told you that I wanted the Vikes to draft Hamilton. How has he looked to you? I believe that the Saints had many of their rookies start for them last year -- Kamara, Lattimore, Ramczyk, and Marcus Williams. Those players started pretty much the whole year. I don't know if they had other rookies (drafted or undrafted) start.
  9. Everyone I heard on sports radio thought Murray would win. I thought Tua would get it. You?
  10. Who wins the Heisman? I did not see Oklahoma play this year. Is their QB that good? Better than Tua? This time last year, I thought it would be we Bryce Love holding the trophy this year. But he was injured most of the year and Stanford had a down year overall.
  11. That's great. I hope he enjoys much success in the NFL. When I think of college football, I don't think of 4-5 star players coming from my area -- New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. But so many do come from here. Allen was in high school in Montclair, NJ where my sister and her family used to live. (That is the city where the MN Vikings owners are from.) Here is an article on Allen. Monmouth Coach Remembers Josh Allen, the One Who Got Away
  12. Why would you want that headache in Harper? And I believe he has Boras as his agent. I don't want Harper or Machado. Trout might be nice but I don't think he is going anywhere.
  13. So good to have you back, Jay. That is a great acquisition. I posted a comment about it yesterday. You must be ecstatic. Why didn't the Mets go after him. I did not like the Cano trade (too much money, not sure what he has left, history of PEDs), but I do like getting the young pitcher Diaz.
  14. Anyone have any interest in Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer of the Indians? Quote: As baseball’s trade market churns leading into next week’s winter meetings, the Cleveland Indians continue to explore dealing Trevor Bauer or Corey Kluber, their best starting pitchers and linchpins of the three-time reigning American League Central champions, league sources familiar with the talks told Yahoo Sports. See article for more info: Indians Looking to Cut Payroll
  15. Ah. Okay. I think you need another pitcher. Is Hamels signed for another year? Is Darvish on track to return by Spring Training? Is Murph a free agent?