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  1. How about that. His highness Bellicheck drafted a RB in the 1st. Round. I guess he doesn't subscribe to the never take a RB early philosophy.
  2. I like your thinking. I don't think the Dolphins will be the only team to see the light.
  3. For me I would take the mixed results on a bad team without him having the benefit of a training camp. He was a 3rd. rd. pick himself by Belicheck. Trading up will cost you dearly.
  4. I don't think it's entirely about the money and being a cheaper acquisition. It's also his age, leadership, bigger upside, no injury issues, experience. He has a lot of supporters and fans in the coaching ranks.
  5. You're right. None are game changers or are players you have to account for or worry about. All a RB has to average in this league is 62.5 yards a game in a 16 game season to get a 1000 yards like that is so special. Mack is average if he can stay healthy. I'd like to get a back who can beat a defender one on one and get the big gain routinely and maybe go the distance. Being a great pass catcher would be an added bonus too. A true No.1 running back is not easy to find. You pretty much have to draft them early or trade for one or hope one becomes available in FA. Who knows. Maybe Ballard will get lucky this year and someone will fall into his lap.
  6. NFL live just did a segment on predicting trades and one was Brissett to the Dolphins for WR DeVante Parker. Graziano didn't think Parker was enough for the Colts. Maybe CB Howard would do it.
  7. richard pallo

    Predict the Colts 1st FA signed

    I think you're right by process of elimination. He will sign a pass rusher and Smith is the guy because all of the difference makers will be tagged or signed. Now he has all of this money he could have used on a premier pass rusher. Where to spend it. Enter La'Veon Bell the only offensive superstar playmaker in the market. Who wants to play for the Colts. Ballard knows what he would do for our offense and he makes him a Colt. Surprise! Surprise!
  8. richard pallo

    How to buy a draft pick

    Agreed. But we are a playoff team now and the team is young and ready to make some noise in the playoffs. Just missing some key playmakers. Shouldn't be hard to pick up some key pieces this off season.
  9. I would also add Washington and the Giants. Washington has cap issues but Brissett could step in for nothing and make them a contender this year. Giants could develop Brissett behind Eli for one year. Coughlin would probably love to have Eli at Jacksonville this year. Brissett would fit the bill if he was traded. The QB market is still very fluid. Brissetts age, health, contract, knowledge, leadership and starting experience gives him a real advantage over many of those QB's. I'm thinking the Dolphins or the Redskins is where he will playing this year.
  10. richard pallo

    How to buy a draft pick

    All I know is Irsay wants multiple SB's. His rebuild is over. We made the playoffs and we're now one of the favorites. Time to get cracking and use all of your resources. That should mean acquiring some playmakers. There is no time like the present they say.
  11. richard pallo

    How to buy a draft pick

    Modest budget? We have the same budget as every other team in the league. This is the year we should be spending some of it instead of saving it for three years down the road. Heaven forbid we pay for a player or two and try to win a SB before TY and AC are gone and Luck is 34. This is the new NFL. If you have an elite franchise QB there is no time for patience. You use all of your resources and go for the ring. Irsay wants more than one SB with Luck and he does not yet have his 1st. Time to get going I would say. Sign me up for getting some difference makers now.
  12. richard pallo End of Year Draft Grades

    TY needs another playmaker on offense to help him out. Otherwise they will double team him to death. Rumors are heating up again regarding OBJ being available. He's the kind of playmaker we really need to take the next step. The best part is we can afford him.
  13. richard pallo

    TE Group

    The article I read was concerning trades teams should make. The trade they recommended for the Colts is trading Doyle to the Saints for a 4th.
  14. richard pallo

    Edge Rushers

    Funny that you mention Good. Now that Gug's is gone as our OL coach I wonder if Ballard would bring Good back as a backup. He is a FA. He has already beaten out Haag and Clark in the past when he's healthy. Gug's was the reason he asked for his release. Clark was inactive for the last four games too. Interesting thought I think.
  15. richard pallo

    How to buy a draft pick

    I would definitely do it. I find it unlikely that Jacksonville would do it with the Colts. They would look for another team. Denver for sure. The question is will Ballard do it? I think he would but I would think he would have to move quickly on this. We are not the only team with a lot of cap space.