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  1. Interesting draft pick analysis regarding round 1 vs 2. Ballard seems to have a liking for round 2. and it certainly seems like our scouting dept. is very good. If we win this Sunday, which I am having my doubts actually, but if we do I wonder if Ballard might be tempted to package our no.1 for a proven talent like Williams or Parker or Sanu for example and get a 2 back as part of the trade. A win would definitely make us contenders and adding a strong starting caliber player might be tempting while still not losing a pick but just dropping back one round. Just an idea that might make sense for the right player.
  2. If we win this week I could see Ballard being interested in Williams and maybe a few others. A trade could also involve players like Odum, Gaethers or Wilson and a pick. I think winning this week would make a trade more likely. We could use DL and WR help for a run. Not to mention we are in deep trouble if Costanzo goes down for any length of time. JMO.
  3. Something tells me there will be a lot of trades going down by the deadline. Will Ballard make some kind of move? Inquiring minds are anxious to find out.
  4. Trading Peters now makes sense. At least he's now out of our division and conference. Jags now tanking.
  5. I couldn't agree more. But I wouldn't be surprised if Ballard waits for Funchess to heal up. That said I would hope if Sanu or Diggs or another young veteran WR suddenly becomes available at a reasonable price that Ballard would make the move. We are a pretty good offense now but getting another very good young WR could make us legitimate contenders this year. I love Campbell and Cain but they need a little more time. A veteran addition would give us an immediate boost.
  6. I'm not really impressed with the Patriots either. The only team they played who was any good is the Bills. Brady isn't exactly lightning up the league either. Five games in big deal. Long way to go.
  7. I'm starting to think Ebron has problems with hard throwers. He was great last year with Luck but Jacoby throws a much harder ball. Cox just might get more snaps as a receiving TE rather than just a blocker.
  8. Looks like the search has begun. I wonder what his workout entails? Timed drills? That's about it I guess. How much can you ascertain from that? Smith has been out of work for a long time. I would think practice squads would be Ballard's first place to shop. Or even calling some of these 0-5 and 1-4 teams to see where they are at. If things get worse at Atlanta maybe a Vic Beasley might become available. Knowing Ballard he is checking out all of the possibilities.
  9. I think we have the players that could excel in press coverage. Rock keeps getting better and that is going to be huge for us. If Willis starts alongside Hooker we are ready to go. Good press coverage will lead to more sacks. Last nights performance won't go unnoticed and could be the start of a move towards more man to man.
  10. I think there s a good chance Ballard signs a DL off a practice squad.
  11. IMO Sheard's return to the lineup has made a huge difference in our DL play. Especially against the run. Once Hooker and Leonard return and Willis starts our defense should be pretty good.
  12. He's a Field General and a good one. He really needs another WR who can keep the double coverage off TY. If we can find that player we are going to be one tough team to handle in the playoffs. That means you NE.
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