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  1. I don't know about that. It wouldn't be a high pick. I remember a few years back when we signed veteran WR Dontrelle Inman mid season and I said to myself really? And it turned out to be a great signing and he contributed significantly. Tate would require a trade but his acquisition might have the same result and help us reach the playoffs and then anything can happen. Sometimes acquiring a veteran can get you over the top.
  2. FWIW NFL .com's Cynthia Freeland just did an interesting analysis on what certain players that they think might be available in a trade could do for a team's playoff chances. She uses PFF statistics to frame her analysis. She currently gives the Colts a 43% chance of making the Playoffs. She concludes that if the Colts's traded for Giants WR Golden Tate that our chances would jump another 4%. Her analysis suggests that any player that would increase your chances by 3-4% should be considered if you are a contender.
  3. Now that it looks like Dallas is starting to position itself for next year I think a phone call to discuss a trade for Sammy Watkins would make sense. People have mentioned Julio Jones as a target but Watkins fits the need as well and Ballard knows him from his KC days. I don't see Watkins having a big impact for Dallas this year and they have enough good young receivers to fill his spot. I don't see him costing a 1st rd pick. Worth throwing a line out in his direction IMO.
  4. I like Ballard and I think he is one of the top GM's in the league. Now that we are SB contenders again this year I think it's time for him to make a move at the deadline to position the team for the final run. No reason not to. We could use some help at a few positions so this is when the good GM's on contending teams make a move to help their teams. I think we are there now.
  5. And they do have a chance just like the Colts do. We invested 25M on a older veteran QB for one year and traded a 1st rd pick for a top rated 3T to try and win a SB this year. So far 4-2 and in the hunt. Will Chris stand pat or will he make a move to improve the team for a stretch run? I guess we will know within a week.
  6. I remember Smith. He was pretty good with the 49ers. Gregory is Gregory. Doesn't seem like a Ballard fit to me. DE seems like the most likely add. Dunlop seems like a good fit. He would definitely come in motivated that's for sure. It will be interesting to see what the Griffin compensation turns out to be. Should help set the value for Dunlop. I'm in the minority but I have a feeling Ballard makes a move this year.
  7. Looks like we will face him this Sunday. Oh well. Gallup next?
  8. Maybe this is the line in the water that Ballard could use to get the talks started on Brissett. I think I would be more interested in Dunlop though.
  9. Hopefully Chris and Jerry talk to see if a trade could be worked out. Chris might want to reach out to the Patriots as well. I would think he could help out NE much faster. This is the time to try and move him.
  10. I would take Gallup for sure. I would even help them with his salary if necessary even though his cap hit for Dallas might only be around 12.5M. If Ballard wants a pick a 3rd would be nice but a 4th works as well. The point is get something for him now. After Cam's performance yesterday maybe the Pats come into play.
  11. I think he would be a perfect addition at the trade deadline. Ballard regretted not making a move last year. This one makes a lot of sense and wouldn't cost us a lot. You can never have enough good pass rushers.
  12. Expect Chase to be their new kicker next week.
  13. Keep your fingers crossed. Jerry and Chris should be able to work out a deal. Like Chris has said. Needs to be a win win for both teams.
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