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  1. Prediction: If the Titans sign Brady, Tannehill will be linked to the Colts.
  2. I think adding a QB like Rivers early in FA will help us recruit a few more players who want to go to a SB contender.
  3. This does make sense to me because I can see him making it to FA and not getting tagged unlike Harris and some of the other DL.
  4. A LT is one of the most important positions due to his blindside responsibility. They go very fast in the draft. Waiting to 44 will not get us an elite LT. I have seen mocks this year showing three gone in the top 10. Knowing what we know about AC it would be a mistake to not take one at 13. Ballard values the lines. I can see him taking advantage of this opportunity. if AC was committed to play three more years that's a different story. I think he makes his move this year.
  5. I guess the cat's out of the bag. This is the strongest rumor so far at the combine.
  6. Unless the plan is to sign a veteran like Rivers and have Kelly be the backup and future. They did make him the highest paid practice squad player in the NFL last year. Why do that after you signed Hoyer for a couple of years. They must see a high upside. Rivers might be the perfect mentor for Kelly. Who knows but I guess anything is possible in this QB landscape.
  7. That's why I think if we sign Rivers or any other FA QB we will draft an OT with our 1st pick and sign a DT in FA. I think we draft an OT this year because Ballard knows he is in the perfect spot to get a good one. Next year there is a good chance he won't be. Ballard also said the team is ready to bring in a big time FA. I actually think he is going to bring in more than one. JMO.
  8. I think he knows that if he's going to try and play at an older age there is no getting around the fact that mentoring a young QB is going to go with the territory.
  9. I agree entirely. Unless there is a trade for someone like Carr I think this is on course to happen as you suggest. I believe Rivers is only 38 so he could conceivably play into his 40's which makes me think they just might go with Kelly this year and if he doesn't work out they can go after Rivers replacement next year. We can't forget they went all in on Kelly last year to make sure no one claimed him off our roster. Going with Kelly would allow them to get more quality field players in the early part of the draft and maybe be more aggressive in FA and plug a few holes. Rivers to the Colts is looking more and more likely IMO.
  10. We signed Ebron in FA. No reason to think we wouldn't do it again. We know how important TE's are to Frank's offense.
  11. If we sign a FA QB I can see one in the 1st. Sign a DT in FA.
  12. Mike Mayock just said the Raiders are open to moving on from Carr. So hold on. A long way to go.
  13. Should make Rivers, or any FA QB for that matter, feel better about coming to Indy.
  14. I wonder if Ballard convinced him we are in a win now mode and he is instrumental to that goal.
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