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  1. I remember when Wayne was drafted he was considered the best route runner in his class. If Pittman can improve there we should be in a great place.
  2. They're getting nervous. Settling for malcontents now. Too bad Brisett's contract is so rich. We could have gotten a nice pick otherwise.
  3. A slap in the wrist is all this is and send their film crew to time out for a year. You better not keep this up or you're going to get into bigger trouble next time.
  4. I can't blame him for making the statement about the police. Especially in the current environment. He's a black man in South Carolina who was racially profiled and tossed from a restaurant after having conversations about BLM. Certainly not all police are the same but if I were him I would be more than nervous about seeing police cars pulling up. He is just echoing the feelings of many black men now. White men would not feel nervous but black men are fearful. For obvious reasons.
  5. Maybe they would take Hooker, Marcus Johnson and a 2nd. The more I think about it if Buckner was worth our 13th this year Adams could be worth our 1st next year assuming it will be at least in the mid 20's.
  6. On the surface that looks like a trade that could work for both teams. Somehow I don't see Ballard making the initial call.
  7. We were not one of the seven teams he would welcome a trade to. That surprised me considering our cap space and many pundits considering the Colts as contenders.
  8. As of today we have a top notch OL but look at what just happened to the Eagles. They just lost an excellent starting guard in Brandon Brooks. We didn't have a major injury last year on our OL. Will we be fortunate enough again this year? We will see but I just wish we had more proven depth there. If our OL line stays solid Rivers should do great. I just hope Ballard isn't done fortifying that group.
  9. Just being reported that Eagles starting RG Brandon Brooks tore his achilles and is out for the season. I wouldn't be surprised if Warford ends up there now.
  10. I'm thinking O'Donnell makes it because our OL depth is suspect. Especially if he can play tackle. I think Rodrigo makes it and Chase gets traded before the start of the season. I'm giving Coleman a chance because you can't have enough ER's. Although I would prefer they sign Clowney and let Coleman develop on the PS.
  11. Thank you. Timing is everything.
  12. I'm not so sure he would survive on the PS. Last year we paid him a significant salary to keep teams away. This year we won't be able to. If he has a good camp and preseason I could see him landing as a backup somewhere even with Cam out there. I would bet a number of teams would be interested especially at what his contract would look like. Maybe even the Patriots. I believe at the end of this year if he was on our roster he would be a restricted FA not unrestricted. That would give us a little more control and might be an additional factor on keeping him on the roster this year.
  13. I for one will not be surprised if JB is not on the team when the season starts. Training camp and preseason will sort the backup position out and If Kelly proves he is the best qualified to be the backup QB then I think he will be on the team. If that means Ballard must cut JB and take a dead cap hit I think he would do it. I'm sure he would try to trade him first but that would be pretty hard to do given his contract. So JB not being on the team wouldn't surprise me but a lot has to take place for it to actually happen. JB is the current front runner but he is by no means a lock for the backup spot IMO.
  14. We need to keep in mind that coaches and GM's, for that matter, are evaluated on performance; wins and losses. Even after elimination they are trying to win and will play the players who will give them that best chance. They thought JB was that guy. He was their QB1 and ready to play so he played. They are trying to win every game. The players on the team are playing for this year not next year. There would be plenty of time to evaluate players for next year. Some have already left the team and new players brought on board. Kelly is still here for a reason. It will sort itself out in due time. The only QB who is really safe is Rivers. Most likely Eason as well but to make the active roster you still need to perform in camp and in preseason. So we shall see.
  15. Just read where Jamal Adams and the Jets are at an impasse over contract negotiations. I thought this was over but apparently not. Adams wants a new deal before the season starts and the Jets want to wait. Since we are up in the air on Hooker maybe a trade for Adams could solve things. Safety for safety. Jets get Hooker and a 3rd and we give an all pro safety a new contract.
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