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  1. If they would trade with us I think it would be a good trade for both teams. He could definitely help us.
  2. The sacks will come. He’s a rookie and has played a handful of games. He’s off to a great start. Currently the No.1 graded DL. No complaining from me.
  3. Hopefully Paye can beat that number. Plenty of games left for it to happen.
  4. Jordan Wilkins FP great to see. Maybe Mack is a healthy scratch this week so he doesn’t get hurt before the trade deadline.
  5. I like this one. I think he could help us a lot on the DL. I believe he would be making a little over a million dollars for the remainder of the year.
  6. They are contenders and just lost their kicker for the year not a few games. It's a long shot but you never know. We could swap picks too.
  7. Just read where the Saints lost their kicker for the year today. Maybe they would be interested in trading for Badgley at the deadline instead of trying to see if he would clear waivers. I think Blankenship should be ready to go by then. Worth a try.
  8. You keep Blankenship IMO no contest really. The Saints just lost their kicker for the year today. Maybe we can trade them Badgley next week at the deadline. Blankenship should be ready to go by then. He might get claimed going through waivers if they don't trade for him. Timing might work out well for us.
  9. I think so. It’s very hard for teams to be able to afford great backups at every position. They have to be able to play ST’s too. You want your backups to be adequate at a minimum. For me Davenport is not even adequate. I think our backup safeties are. I think Blackmon has a chance to be great as he is only in his 2nd year.
  10. Everyone thought Randall would make the most sense and yet again Ballard signs another SS. I have said it before Ballard loves Blackmon and he is our guy. The depth behind him is adequate but not great. I’m more concerned about CB and pass rush.
  11. Josh Wilson no doubt. Never mind. You said expert.
  12. I think that’s entirely possible. Just being cautious and making sure Wilkins is ready to assume the 3rd string role.
  13. He had the 4th highest PFF grade on the team last night. His best grade as a Colt since he started playing for us. Hopefully it’s a sign that he is starting to achieve his pre injury form. He really has been a beast in run blocking.
  14. I can see him trading Mack for a pick if he is unable to use him as part of a trade for a player. I can see CB over safety. I think they really like Blackmon and will stay with him as our FS. I could see Ballard waiting until after the Titans game. If we win I can see him bringing in a player to help with the playoff run.
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