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  1. Tough games early. We need Luck to get off to a good start. Period.
  2. I like our safeties too but RB is a concern. I find the fact that Ballard brought in Ajai and a few other players recovering from injury early could signal some concern with that group. RB's have come and gone in camp as well. Now Foreman is here. We might not be done trying to upgrade that group. Today Mack is the guy but I think they are really trying to find a strong all around number two.
  3. Yet Pellisaro says that is one of the position groups the Colts have already had or will be getting calls on along with WR and CB. I am very uncomfortable with Clark but I do like Boehm, Garcia, Andrews and Webb.
  4. An OT, DL or RB that Ballard wanted to draft but just missed out on.
  5. Colin Cowherd did a segment today and mentioned Luck as one of his 5 most fragile QB's. He was mentioned along with Rogers, Newton, Wentz and Garrappolo. He said if either of these QB's miss significant time this year their GM's should draft a QB high next year. All of these teams are all in on their QB's but another injury to any of them would be a red flag that they need to be proactive in finding a replacement just in case. He mentioned BB has been doing it for years with the Patriots. Just in case Brady goes down he has always invested in one early every 3 or 4 years. Like Brissett and Garrappolo. All of these teams are strong enough where they should be able to do it just in case. Maybe that's another reason Chad Kelly was brought in. He said a good team doesn't want to be caught without a strong backup or maybe the eventual replacement on the roster. Makes sense to me.
  6. I agree. Q is not playing against the Browns. He should get some time against the Bears. Hopefully the entire OL is ready to go in that game.
  7. I have a feeling he's going to practice next week. "Maybe" even play a series or two in the 3rd. preseason game. JMO
  8. As the preseason moves along more teams are incurring injuries. I've noticed a couple of starting CB's and S's since Pelissero's report. Now starting LB Williamson of the Jets as well. I have to believe Ballard will trade at least a CB as long as we don't lose one. And there are many more preseason games to go.
  9. And now the Colts can prepare knowing the Chargers don't have Derwin James and will most likely be without Gordon and possibly Allen. Heal quickly Andrew. You don't want to miss this one.
  10. That's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed Luck can go. He and Kelly are great at calling out the right protections and assignments. Even at less than 100% I would trust Luck more to get the job done.
  11. For the most part the board loves Mack and our RB's. I have been skeptical about our RB group for quite sometime. Still a long way to go so I'm hoping we have nothing to worry about. But I have to admit I remain concerned about that group. Not only can they perform but are they durable? We will see.
  12. The statement by Reich that he wants to name his starter after the 3rd preseason game is interesting. What's the hurry? Don't coaches like to keep their opponents guessing? He also mentioned he saw a tape of Luck throwing yesterday and said he looked good. With four rest days to go before next week practices Andrew might now feel he needs to get a practice or two in next week and maybe a series in the 3rd preseason game to make sure he is on track for the start. What is the saying? Deadlines produce actions. Or something like that. Reich the psychologist?
  13. Week one is an important game. It's against a very good conference opponent and could have playoff implications and home field ramifications. If we opened up against an NFC team I don't think it's a big deal but the first two games are AFC and a division opponent on the road. Those are important games IMO. We need Luck out there.
  14. Drills are nice. But I want to see how he plays Saturday before I get to feel good about how he is playing.
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