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  1. You can't tell me Reich won't be pounding the table for Ertz if he is released. He will be pounding. I think Reich and Ballard are patiently waiting and hoping for his release to happen. We have already seen it multiple times. If Reich wants a player Ballard will do his best to get him that player.
  2. They wouldn't be the first team to do a creative deal where the team trading the player pays some of the salary. You wouldn't think Ballard would go there but no one saw the Buckner trade either. If we were in win now mode with Rivers I am certain nothing has changed with the addition of Wentz. I would think waiting for Ertz to be released is the more likely next move.
  3. Now that we have signed Fisher I wouldn't be surprised if either Tevi, Davenport or Holden is cut. I mean how many tackles are we going to have on the roster.
  4. No surprise for me. I think he has always been the target in FA. Even the surprise Leno release didn't change a thing. I think they feel confident he is going to recover and be our LT for a long time. The one year deal works great for both sides. That said I think both sides are expecting and looking forward to a longer deal next off season.
  5. I think they are hoping Fisher is the future LT. He is only 30 and many LT's play well into their late 30's. If he recovers and played well I'm sure they will extend him. If not then another veteran add is more likely.
  6. And our resident GM’s here think 9.4m is too much. Our frugal GM is being criticized for a 9.4m contract. How did he come up with 9.4m? Not 10m but 9.4m. The GM who comes up with a number and draws a line in the sand and they think he has now over paid for Fisher. Unbelievable. Thank god we have Ballard making these decisions. I can now turn in knowing we have our LT issue in excellent hands.
  7. I wonder if Braden would give him his number so he could wear 72. Then Braden could get his college number 71. I think it’s available.
  8. In the NFL that is called the franchise tag. Unless you are a first round draft pick then teams have the fifth year option.
  9. 2nd best news of the day. That's what we are looking for. A legitimate reason for optimism.
  10. I wasn't suggesting we would go out and sign some FA's right away. We have time. That's why I mentioned Ertz. He is most likely a cut down day release.
  11. If Fisher recovers adequately he is worth far more than comp picks. Let's hope he recovers so we can sign him to a long term extension. He is only 30 and good let alone great left tackles don't grow on trees.
  12. Now that this is out of the way I'm expecting a couple of extensions before the season starts. This deal is very friendly. I can now see us signing another FA or two if we want. This puts Ertz on the radar if released.
  13. Absolutely. All I ever read here is Trust in ballard, Trust in Ballard. He has all the information. He knows what he is doing. I feel it's a good deal for both sides. I'm expecting him to have a very good year next to Q and we resign him to a longer deal next year.
  14. By the sounds of this It looks like Fisher is the target and both sides are content to wait a little longer. I would bet they have the parameters of a contract already in place. This explains why there are no new reports of a Leno visit. Of course there is always Monday coming up so we shall see.
  15. I am somewhat surprised there are no further Leno/Colts reports after Fisher left. Supposedly we were interested. Monday could prove to be a telling day for Leno. He knows Fisher has left so he still could be a possibility for us. I'm sure he and his agent knows where our interest stands now. The Colts could still sign Fisher knowing they might have to go with Tevi early. If he is on track that is a possibility. So we should know a lot more in the next few days. Someone will report some news on the matter.
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