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  1. I wouldn't. Who knows.....Kinlaw may be the better prospect. Talent wise, they aren't that far apart, and Kinlaw has a very decent chance of being there at 13.
  2. You have to openly wonder if Castonzo will make his decision based upon who is behind center. And that would also include FAs whom the Colts might covet. No one is going to hitch their future to a ship that’s adrift unless they are well overpaid to do it. And having JB as your QB is a rudderless ship. There is no future with Brissett and you have to believe Ballard knows this.
  3. A second round pick for Carr would be a great deal, and if the Colts could get it done for pick#44, it becomes a steal. It’s also a far better scenario than signing a washed up Rivers or rolling the dice in the draft with a talented but unknown commodity such as Love.
  4. Freeney was held ALL the time. Many times it was blatantly obvious and still wasn't called. I can only imagine what his sack numbers would have been if the refs hadn't ignored so many penalties. The guy was the most talented pass rusher I've ever seen, no matter what the lifetime stats show for him vs. the other greats. Dwight Freeney was, simply, THE sack master.
  5. I stand by my statement. For the record, though, do you think the Colts are fine with their current crop of WRs?
  6. For those who believe the Colts don't need a WR in the draft, I have to seriously disagree. Aside from TY, the ability to separate from coverage was almost completely lacking. This is only going to be fixed with an infusion of talent. This draft supposedly has the best group of WRs in a long long time. Drafting a WR is a huge need.... and the Colts will be doing it Day 1 or 2.
  7. No one on this Board would argue that the Colts need more game changers on their team. I seriously doubt anyone would suggest the Colts don't need a big upgrade at the 3T position. Kinlaw is a game changing 3T according to every top draft analyst out there. He'd be a terrific pick for the Colts at 13.
  8. Cam is a big risk. His value was always as a running threat. That threat is rapidly diminishing. He's not the answer.
  9. Gallimore is a quality 3T. Blacklock too. Either one would upgrade the D line. Neither should be there at 44 IMO. Both should be there at 34.
  10. I'm thinking this is about right for Gordon. Of course, if he surprises at the Combine and at his pro day, he climbs into the 2nd round. But in the current environment, hes a 3rd rounder and should be there at pick #75.
  11. Does NO one remember Rivers’ Nov game against the Chiefs? He threw 4 interceptions and they were his fault. A fifth was called back for a non related penalty on the D. He threw 7 interceptions in two consecutive games. Rivers has regressed badly. Signing him would be a terrible mistake. Stick a fork in him. He’s not the same player.
  12. I really feel like trading one of the picks from Day 1 or 2 for a future pick is a serious mistake. The time is now to build with some Blue Chip talent. The Colts can get three such players with the 13, 34 and 44 picks. If they were to trade a pick it should be for improving their draft this year....either a short move up or down. A short move back into the bottom of round 1, likely for a QB....or a short move down in round 1 or 2 for an additional 3rd rounder.
  13. It IS a problem. I expect it to be addressed in this unusually good WR draft. Not much out there in FA. The WR corps in 20-21 should be Pascal Campbell TY plus one additional holdover (maybe Fountain) and 2 new rookies.
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