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  1. That’s impressive. He doesn’t have great timed speed but he’s elusive and has a second gear when he needs it. And a heckuva pair of hands.
  2. That’s very unlikely. Hope you’re right though.
  3. Which is why missing on a rookie LT hurts so much. A cheap option really sets you up with the cap. An expensive LT creates problems. Ballard knows this and passed in the first round to pick Paye. Which tells you just how much they valued Paye.....And also that they likely believed someone like Cosmi or Radunz would fall to them at 54. But it didn’t work out. Now you pivot and patch where you can. A one year deal works for now, but this problem will rear it’s ugly head again next year. With no obvious answer.
  4. Well said. For crying out loud, this is a late 6th round pick! The perfect spot to pluck a QB you like as a backup. Cheap and a natural leader with an arm that doesn’t spell starter but does give you a potential long term answer at backup QB. I don’t see the problem here, especially since the Colts’ brass loves the kid.
  5. I’d have to say The Godfather is my other favorite Brando movie. However, the other movies you mention are great as well. As for chasing women and having fun in HS, your priorities were right up there with most of us. Fond memories of those days!
  6. “I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a contenda”. That comes from a movie likely before your time, East. On The Waterfront. Marlon Brando. Same premise though: “If Only”.
  7. I’d agree on two out of the three. I think they keep 3 QBs on the roster....
  8. Maybe they CAN sign someone, but I hope it’s not Conley. The last thing the Colts need to be running is a reclamation camp. If he’s failed wherever he’s gone, which he has, there’s a reason he’s unemployed.
  9. I agree. Waiting on Fisher is a fool’s errand if you believe Leno is a viable alternative. If the Colts don’t grab Leno, they either don’t believe he’s that good, or they’ve talked and Leno’s contract demands are over the top. Because from all I’ve read, Leno, on paper, appears more than adequate to man the LT slot. And as this conversation has shown, Fisher may never set foot on the field in 2021. Leno will have his suiters. The Colts will have to move decisively if they want him. I hope they do.
  10. Agree. Tevi was signed as a potential upgrade at backup tackle. He’s a significant drop off from Costanzo and it’s a terrible idea to suggest Tevi, with his abysmal record of pressures allowed, would be the protector in chief for your new QB. The Colts HAVE to find someone better than Tevi. And I fully believe they will, hopefully by grabbing Leno, who is a gift from heaven if he drops into their laps.
  11. Or.... they could conceivably move Strachan into a 4th TE role.....With an eye to the future. Doyle won’t be around much longer. If he can put on 10-15 pounds and keep his quickness, who knows? In that scenario, both he and Patmon could make the squad.
  12. Look around the league. Every team, and I mean EVERY team, has a similar tale to tell. The draft graveyard is full of Ben Banogus. Just be glad we have a GM who is better at drafting than most. And for the record, we shouldn’t bury our own Banogu just yet. He has a chance to redeem himself this year. I’m not holding my breath, but it is true.
  13. Signing Fisher over Leno will require a strong, positive medical opinion and a leap of faith on the part of Colts management. Even then, it’s hard for me to see picking the injured player over the healthy one. Why take the risk now that you don’t have to? In the end, you won’t know if Fisher will truly return to his old self for another half year or so. With Leno, you may not have the same potential, but you have a durable guy who can get the job done competently. My vote, which as we know counts for nothing, would be Leno.
  14. I think this is well said. The Colts had a serious problem with their pass rush last season. Which in turn put far too much pressure on the secondary. I expect better results in those areas this season, mostly because I agree that there is a lot of potential for improvement in the young guys. The doom and gloom is mostly from the serious disappointment in the Colts’ failure to address the LT spot in the draft. Fix that and the sun will come out for many on this Board.
  15. Agree on the need to move decisively here and be competitive with the offer. I read a Carolina Panthers blog that discusses how perfect Leno would be for them (even though they took the BYU tackle in the draft). They have, according to that source, $17m in cap space. Obviously some of that will go to their draft picks but they would appear to be able to spend $8-9m/ year. That’s likely what it will take. Leno is healthy, available and pretty good. I like the match with the Colts.
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