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  1. Hoose

    A few thoughts about Desir....

    I do get this point. I just have a hard time believing that a guy who's been around for years, and who couldn't get a bite in FA last year and settled for a cheap one year deal, is suddenly worth double digit millions annually. We'll find out pretty soon, I guess. But until it happens, I remain skeptical that Desir is worth elite money on the open market. I still think a $6-7m per year contract offer from the Colts will get it done.
  2. Hoose

    A few thoughts about Desir....

    Desir played well last year. He's going to get paid much better this year. I hope the Colts step up and pay the man a fair salary. Something like 2 yrs/$12m. with a team option for year 3. $8 m guaranteed. Keep the talent you have and build out from there. I believe the Colts would miss Desir if they let him walk. If a crazy offer comes forward, so be it. But if he's available for the price tag noted above, re-sign the man. He earned it.
  3. OK. Fair enough. And you are right, to a certain degree, about lack of knowledge if you compare what we know to the coaches and scouts. But there are lots of posters on this Board who are working diligently to study up on the top players in the draft. And that's what I like about this time of year: speculating on who might be wearing the horseshoe next year for our favorite team. I read your post and thought you were peeing in everybody's Cheerios. I stand corrected.
  4. Hoose

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    I dunno. I suspect he'll go D or WR early, and wait to pluck a developmental OT early in Day 3. There is a boatload of defensive talent and at WR that will be gone by the end of the 2nd round. Overall, though, I do agree and believe the Colts grab an OT to mold for the future. Just not as early as you suggested.
  5. Ok. So that is human nature and part of the fun of speculating on the draft and the Colts' ultimate picks. What's your point? Do you not have a favorite for the Colts' #1 pick and/or someone who will rise up the draft charts?
  6. I can’t see Flowers getting $16m per year. He’s not an elite player.... but he IS good! $12-13m should be max for him, but obviously it only takes one team to fall in love. I think he’d be great for the Colts, though. Hope they get him, but at the reduced price level.
  7. Brian Burns will become a first round pick. Perhaps.....to our favorite team.
  8. Yes to Collins. And to drafting another safety as well. It is a key position for this Defense, and that position is shaky right now. Geathers' health can no longer counted upon, and Hooker has been banged up alot as well. Collins upgrades the position, without question.
  9. Amen. The question is, what is Flowers worth in the open market? $12-13m per year? More? Gonna have to shell out to get a quality player like that. They rarely hit FA. But this is where the Colts could truly upgrade the front 7 on D.
  10. Well, regardless of locker room presence, it will take a lot more than JB to pry OBJ from the Giants. And I'm one of the people who believe the Colts could net a #2 pick for JB.
  11. Hoose

    Marcus Johnson

    I don't think you can afford to put so much faith in three untested and raw rookies. I know you like Fountain; I'm not a fan, but hope you're right. Cain showed great promise, but his knee has to be a concern until proven otherwise. Johnson....who knows? Which means a FA like A. Humphries or T. Williams should be at the top of the Colts' wish list. Bring in someone who can be a strong #2 to TY, and hope that the young guys, including a new draft pick, can become the depth the team badly lacks right now.
  12. Hoose

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    I wouldn't disagree with this, but remember that you often make your own good luck. They drafted a talented offensive lineman; he's just better than they thought he'd be, and they already had high expectations.
  13. For one thing, he's young, with a natural filling out process yet to come; and then, there is nothing like a full time NFL weight training/nutrition program to change one's body.
  14. This trade is intriguing. The Colts moving up to 13 gives them a genuine shot at an impact DT or DE, which is what they are looking for. The Dolphins remain in the first round, keep all their other picks, and get a starting QB. Both teams DO win.