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  1. Speed and Okereke have more upside than Leonard? Wow, that's a major stretch. I think both of these rookies have genuine promise, but Leonard had a special season last year that neither of these guys are likely to replicate. Leonard is an all Pro LB and earned it. Now, you want to talk about Willis already being better than Geathers? That's one where we could find common ground.
  2. Concussions are bad news. I had a couple in HS football and another in a bike accident in college. My first one in HS, they gave me some smelling salts, patted me on the back and sent me home. I apparently rode my bike home. I became aware of my surroundings about two hours after I got home. No idea how I got there. No memory of anything after the collision. My third one, in college, was the worst. Same memory loss; but it impacted my brain for a good 6 months or so. At least today there is an awareness of how to deal with concussions. But its scary stuff; football is a concussion waiting to happen for everyone on the field.
  3. Pretty much my thinking as well, with the exception of a shutdown CB instead of the Will. Fun topic.
  4. Fair enough. 3 years is not outrageous for a top 25% LT. AC is one of the best at his position today. If I know Ballard and 3 years is the deal there will be an out after year 2 but AC will get a very fair payday. Everybody wins. AND, if they grab a T with one of their top picks next year, they can groom him. Smith can move to RG when appropriate and the AC apprentice takes over at RT. And waits in the wings for the day when AC isn’t top tier any longer.
  5. Why look to change a good thing? Glow is doing a solid job at RG. Smith is doing very well at RT. I understand the need to find another young Tackle, preferably in the draft next year, but there is no need to replace anyone right now. And for the record, I'm for bringing AC back. He's a rock solid LT. Sign him to top $ for two years.
  6. Agree. The lack of league-wide interest speaks volumes. He's not coming here.
  7. This move is a wish and a prayer. It shows where the team needs to go in the off season. They’ve miscalculated on all speed DT’s vs. a few space eaters. It’s not very hard to see the results on Run D last season vs this year. They need 2 space eating DTs on this team. Grover MAY be one of them. But size matters. The failure to build a run stopping D will challenge this team for the rest of the year.
  8. Bottom line is: the Colts are not as deep at WR as some believed. Behind TY and Funchess there was a lot of untested, young talent. Hopefully, a couple of these guys step up. But they are young; they are green; and they are rookies or no better than 4 and 5 level WRs. TY cannot get back soon enough. And the Colts need to invest in a true #2. Ballard knows this; next year, watch the Colts grab a high level WR in free agency. This position has been exposed as a need.
  9. It’s dislike, not hate. But it’s Not close. Jeff George all day. What an arrogant, worthless waste of talent he was.
  10. I think the idea that he's mentally in a bad place confidence-wise is obvious. Hard to believe for a guy who has been so unflappable for so long. But he's clearly lost something both mentally and physically and he can't right the ship. He's had an entire off season to recover from the ugly KC playoff game last year, and he's kicking even worse. Three straight games being simply terrible. Father time has caught up with AV. He fought it off far longer than anyone in recent memory. But its time; he needs to step aside and avoid further embarrassment to his marvelous legacy. Not to mention putting his team in jeopardy of losing each week because he can't make an extra point. No phony face saving moves like going on IR. Just retire now, with the thanks and gratitude of Colts nation.
  11. JB needs some time guys. Reich is playing very conservative offense right now while JB gets the real game experience. Its been awhile for him. Brissett will have to be evaluated over a much larger group of games, against various defenses, before you can say with confidence what he will be as a starting NFL QB. What he is: a solid leader who has the team's full support; he has a big, big arm; he can scramble; he's smart and he's learning every day. What he isn't: an elite passer; a high level reader of defensive schemes; fully confident in making the deep throw. He has the ability to grow into a solid NFL QB. That's all you can ask at this point. And its far better than praying for a miracle on the crap shoot known as the draft when it comes to QBs. Give him a season to grow and see what you have. I'm guessing this Board will be happy with Jacoby Brissett after this season and relieved he's under team control for the immediate future.
  12. This is a tough one. The Colts have obviously shored up their QB situation in the past couple of days. And keeping 3 QBs on the roster is a serious luxury in today’s NFL. Yet from what I’ve read, the consensus among this Board’s members is that exposing CK to waivers likely means losing him. So.....What to do when his suspension ends in 2 weeks? My opinion: suck it up and sign him to the 53 man team and drop one of the LBs. Jacoby is a good player IMO. But until he proves he can successfully lead this new and improved team, he’s still a question mark. And Hoyer is just a temporary fix for the #2. Keeping CK makes sense if he’s as good as advertised. The QB situation just has too many questions right now to gamble away that kind of talent. Any opinions on this?
  13. WELL written NCF. I’ve thought a lot about this. My impression of Luck had always been the ultimate teammate and warrior. As well as a rare intellectual in the world of the NFL. All of which may have led to his retirement. The warrior who was constantly injured and unable to play at the top of his game. The intellectual who had other interests and a new life with wife and expecting child. I think it all boils down to his mental state. He talked about very dark days in the past. I suspect the mental issues are a big part of this. And explains why he doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants to move on. And doesn’t want to discuss his private life. Awkward? Very. Understandable?Yes, if you buy into the mental struggles he may have been experiencing. Will we ever know for certain? Is suspect it will leak out eventually. But for now, we’ll all be left wondering. JMO.
  14. Could be he’s waiting to see if he can improve his situation. I’d be surprised if the Colts weren’t trying to sign him. However, he knows he’s behind a deep WR group here. The grass may well be greener elsewhere. Hope he stays a Colt.
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