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  1. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t give Q first shot at the job. He’s incredibly talented; he’s going to be paid like a LT anyway, and if it works, you don’t have to waste a top pick or pay a top FA. And if I read AC’s outgoing comments correctly, he thinks Q is up to the job. I’m not suggesting you don’t continue to add talent to the Oline. Just suggesting the new LT is already on the team.
  2. Signing Glennon makes simply no sense to me. However, Signing Rhodes is a priority. A FA wide receiver remains a need, One with great hands, smarts and serious speed. Drafting a CB is also a must, Someone big and talented who won’t be a bust. And while we’re at it , a TE would also be nice, One with hands, ‘tude and fast feet will definitely suffice. Ballard will have a tough task in ‘21, He’s up to it, but believe me, it won’t be fun.
  3. Watsons not coming here, and the Jags aren’t passing on Lawrence. Other than that,I love this thread.
  4. Time to see what Eason has. Rivers back for a final year with Eason in the understudy role. JB off to find a starting job. Which will prove elusive.
  5. I would agree that Rivers was not the problem so far as his actual performance. So would you agree that the culprit, at least for the most part, is play calling? And in that regard, how often was Rivers changing the call at the line of scrimmage that caused the play to fail? I’m hard on Frank about his decision making in the RZ; I do wonder if Rivers shares some of the blame as well.
  6. The big problem for me and many others on this Board is appreciation for the player TY has previously been for the Colts. Leader; great talent; reliable; hard worker; the unquestioned #1 receiver. Aside from still being a hard working leader, he’s no longer that guy. He’s become injury prone; he has slowed down; he’s dropped a few more. He’s no longer a #1 receiver on a team that is in desperate need of one. TY can still play. Just not at the level he once did. His late season renaissance proves this. But in the harsh world of caps, he is only worth slot receiver money. $7-8m max. And
  7. I’m going with questionable play calling and strange personnel choices. How many times did Frank get “cute” with his personnel? JB behind center...guess what’s coming?; Hines as the power back; Burton at QB or the target of a quick inside pitch; Runs up the middle at a stacked box; predictable play calling almost every time, regardless of personnel; rarely passed to our tall receivers. I believe the Colts have the personnel to have a great red zone record. On the field, that is. The guy calling the plays? There’s your culprit.
  8. I agree. But the trade of Wentz won't get them much because of the terrible cap hit they or the trade partner takes on. Getting rid of Wentz is more than committing to Hurts; its a money dump. Honestly, I think any team that takes on Wentz will demand that the Eagles absorb a significant part of the cap hit. With a mid round pick in return. That's how bad Wentz' cap hit is.
  9. I will always be a fan of Peyton. Great player and leader; even a better man. And I pulled for him with the Broncos to get that 2nd ring. But when playing the Colts? Nope. Colts all the way, every day.
  10. Yup. The future is bright at RB.
  11. Wouldn’t break my heart at all. The needs are obvious: LT; DE; CB; TE. And......a mobile QB. But I doubt they draft a QB. WR needs to improve but FA is the route to do it. TE day 3.
  12. Need to: 1. Re-sign Rhodes. He’s the #1 CB. 2. Draft CB in first two days. 3. Look for a FA deal. Depth isn’t good enough with the current personnel. 4. Pray that Rock and/orTell show up to play next year. One of them is needed.
  13. JT may have had some jitters. He’ll fix that.... he’s a rookie. This kid is a beast of a running back, and I love him. But yes, the two drops were very costly, as was the Hines drop and the Pascal drop. The Colts made key mistakes that the Bills didn’t. That was the difference, together with some coaching brain spasms.
  14. Agree. Predictably bad decisions. And awful game management. I like Frank but he is a lousy game day play caller. If he gives up the play calling I’d feel better about the Colts’ future. But until then.....going for it 4th and 4 after calling a mindlessly stupid sweep the play before when it was 3rd and 1 ( and you had a timeout to figure out the play); consistently getting cute in the red zone with Jacoby et al and failing; giving up on the run; OR, calling run after run, usually the same play, until it gets stuffed; and bad management of your TO’s. Yeah, I’m getting real tired of Frank’s lea
  15. ?? Not sure what you’re talking about. But the truth is the truth. I think the play calling by Frank is killing this team. Once again. And I like him as the HC.
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