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  1. Pretty exciting to see the CB and LB corps suddenly so strong. From the outhouse to the penthouse.
  2. That was true in the past few years, but feels less likely this year. For a change, other teams will be doing that with the Colts’ castoffs.
  3. Hentges isn’t super fast but has run a 4.75 40. That’s not pedestrian. And he blocks extremely well and can play special teams. He’s catching everything thrown to him. I see 4 TEs being kept and he sure looks like a solid 4th candidate. Let’s see how he does in the pre season games. He’ll get his chances. PS. For reference sake, Doyle ran a 4.9 40.
  4. Hentges is the guy. Playing extremely well. He seems like Jack Doyle II.
  5. All the kidding aside, it’s obviously too soon to judge the kid. But when TY Hilton says the guy is going to be special, I pay attention. Could the Colts have found another gem in the 2nd round? Signs point to yes..... we’ll know soon enough.
  6. Ha! Probably right. But to those who say no way the Colts keep 6 WRs, I disagree. 6 WRs; 4 TEs; 4 RBs; 9 OL; 2QBs.
  7. I have to agree with this. Its not fair that RBs aren't as valued as they once were; its a tough position with a short shelf life. But that's just the way it is. You can't blame the top RBs for trying to max the money they are paid given they are always a play away from retirement. But you can't blame the teams for acknowledging that reality with their payroll either. That said, Melvin Gordon won't be a Colt, and is almost certain to be a well paid Charger before the end of camp.
  8. I just hearken back to the fact that once Chester took over punt return duties, it was no longer a problem; he consistently caught the ball and also showed some shiftiness in run-backs. And he's a solid 5-6 WR. Watch how quickly people jump on the Rogers bandwagon once Hines or Campbell are put back there during the preseason and fumble the ball away. Rogers is a critical and under appreciated security blanket. He'll be fielding punts against the Chargers in September.
  9. I keep wondering about this. He was truly the only decent punt returner this team had last year. Everyone else was a fumble waiting to happen. I haven't kept track of how Hines and Campbell have been doing in this role so far in camp. Those are the two guys who IMO would supplant Rogers if they can handle the job. Both are secure in their other jobs as RB and WR; Rogers has to hang on as WR #6 I suspect. My guess: Rogers sticks. We keep 6 WRs.
  10. I totally agree. The infatuation with this guy was all about a missed opportunity, as well as the disappointment with Dorsett. I am so glad the Colts didn't spend the $ for Collins. He's very good; just not crazy money good. Ballard once again showing how to run a franchise. The best GM in the business.
  11. Harrison is paid to be a contrarian. He's constantly that way with Dungy when they are on TV. Hit the ignore button if this bothers you because that's his thing. That said, there are three truths here: 1) The Colts are a very talented up and coming team with a very bright future; 2) The Colts have a much more difficult schedule this year than last; and 3) this team was seen as a bottom feeder last season; the same so called "experts" are now all aboard the SB train. Taking a step backward is not out of the question. I worry that this Board has lost some perspective on just how young this team actually is. They are YOUNG. And talented. Just don't pin the Super Bowl expectations on them yet. Another year is going to be necessary to get to that level. My point being: enjoy the ride; this is a great new day to be a Colts fan. Just have realistic expectations.
  12. Fountain cannot afford any setbacks. Hopefully he's back quickly. The competition for the 5th or 6th spot at WR will be the fiercest of several positional dogfights. The old adage that "the most important ability is availability" cannot be emphasized enough here.
  13. I totally agree. And for the GM to order the coach to do this was a complete slap in the face to the coach. Caldwell should have told Polian to go * himself and instead gone for the win. Something like: “The field decisions are mine to make. Back the hell off.” Nobody can tell me that this didn’t take some of that team’s mojo away. They had an incredible run and came back time and again against all odds. They were unbeatable with unreal confidence. It was magical. What a heartbreaking and horrible decision. Bill Polian’s worst moment as the Colts GM.
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