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  1. The kid is special. Great draft thus far if Pittman pans out as I believe he will. Let’s see: Pick 1: DeForest Buckner: Alpha Starter Pick 2: Pittman: Future stud WR Pick 2(b): Taylor: Starting RB Pick 3: Blackmon: Starting FS Pick 4: Eason: Future starting QB? Picks 5-6: Future OL starter; Stud kick returner; unknown DT/LB/WR. But they’re on the team. heckuva draft. And Blackmon might prove to be the best of the lot.
  2. Why the love affair with Fountain? If the Colts have found better impact players in Marcus Johnson and Harris, good for them. MJ for sure has produced better than Fountain ever has. Harris looks like he has something special. I suspect Fountain reverts to the PS and eventually goes away quietly. This isn’t a dump on Fountain; just a recognition that the Colts have found better players than him.
  3. Time to acknowledge this kid has talent. And they need him.
  4. EastStreet, have you changed your mind about this guy? I know you had your doubts. I love the kid. The Colts had better not try to move him back to the PS ( if they even can at this point) or he’ll be snapped up. He’s earned a permanent spot on the 53.
  5. Probably a fair critique. I’d like to see more of Patmon out of the trio of he, Dulin and Fountain. Hope they give him a shot soon, but I assume he’d have to become a core special teamer for that to happen.
  6. Don’t count on it. He’ll go higher than the Colts’ pick. Keep your focus on Eason. He’s the future.
  7. I like MJ. He’s already made a few tough grabs this year. Far better than fan favorite Fountain, who’s been invisible. I suspect MJ stays on the 53 and Fountain gets kicked back to the PS. I’d like both to succeed, but not holding my breath on Fountain.
  8. Or maybe it tells you that finding a quality starting QB in the NFL ain’t easy. Teams are constantly searching for one. The Colts were left high and dry by Luck when he walked away 2 weeks before the start of the season. Few if any teams could or would recover quickly from that. We may have the next talented QB on the team right now in Eason. Time will tell. However, it’s not the coaches failure to coach well that has caused the problem for the Colts at QB. The problem is lack of talent: you can’t coach up a rag arm in Rivers or a reluctant, misfiring arm in Brisett.You CAN work with Eason. Le
  9. Well said. We’ll get a better feel for Banogu as the season progresses. He’s young and inexperienced but also has some great bend, strength and speed. The intangibles are there; he just needs the reps.... and the hardest thing of all.....patience.
  10. Their D is a dumpster fire. And has been for a while.
  11. Say what you will about Rivers’ shortcomings and how it has impacted the O. IMO, Reich is the biggest culprit for the offensive problems. I personally believe that the play calling for the Colts has absolutely stunk. Especially in the red zone. But also because they are so predictable. I’m sure there are many who will disagree. But the main reason for the Colts’ offensive issues is the man calling the plays. He HAS to open things up. Pass the ball more. Be far less predictable. This “run the damn ball” mantra works if the pass game is clicking. So change things up to help the run game be
  12. I think it’s premature to make any declaration on a T.Y. decline. He’s healthy this year so far, and there is a lot of football left this season. He has a new QB who, as we know, spreads the ball around. Mo Alie Cox is emerging as a lethal weapon. Doyle and Burton are going to have to eat too.The RBs are now routinely in play as receivers. So the opportunities are fewer. But they will still be there. Let’s see how TY and Rivers gel over the next 12 games. Don’t be surprised to see them bust out for 3-4 TDS over the next quarter of the season. The offense should become a little less predictable
  13. And to be fair, many draft “experts” called Blackmon a reach. Ballard had him on the radar during the draft, traded down in the 3rd round and still got his guy. I think our GM did pretty darn well. Once again.
  14. I’m so tired of the Brady excuses. He’s a phenomenal QB. I hate Belichick and the Pats. But I respect Brady, Belechick and the system they play. Brady is a top 3 all time QB and maybe better than that. A Colts fan can accept that while Effectively arguing that Manning and Unitas are right there too in the conversation.
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