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  1. Gonna be tough this year for all rookies given the lack of work they've been allowed to have with the staff, etc. Pittman and Taylor are the picks to click if there are any breakout newbies. I like Patmon but I figure he's destined for the PS this year. So... I expect a more historical-type year for the rookies.
  2. Pittman was a great pick. I have every confidence he'll prove it yet this season. Patmon is interesting. He has some talent, and was surprisingly available in the 6th round. Its going to be fun to watch the #5 and 6 receiver competition.....brutally competitive. The rookies like Patmon will have to absolutely kill it in camp, since the preseason games are going to be limited or non existent. I'm rooting for him.
  3. On the contrary, I think the NFL going forward is exactly what we as a society need to get a dose of normalcy. The virus will spread as all viruses do among us, with the so called "herd" immunity growing broader and stronger. Most will get through an infection just fine, while we also continue to use intelligent social distancing, etc. to avoid unnecessary contact. And we'll be better served by the engagement of our governments in providing money for a vaccine and medications to get us through it. Time to recognize that we cannot survive economically if we don't get back to working and living. If there aren't any fans in attendance at NFL games through an abundance of caution, so be it. Its the ultimate made for TV sport and the games should go forward. We'll get through this moment in time, and come out of it better prepared and safer. You cannot destroy our way of life hiding from this. My opinion of course.
  4. Yeah. He honestly has no other connection to that era of Colts football. Wasn’t his team and nobody left who played for the Colts then. So his Reggie Bush connection makes sense.
  5. Well said. This is true for most first year players. Give them a pass as they adjust (or can’t) to NFL level play.
  6. I surely hope he does exactly that. Vinny is done. A one day contract to retire as a Colt would be the perfect way to end it.
  7. I agree. For this season, JB as the backup is the best insurance for a bangup season. If Rivers would go down for the season, then it’s over anyway. But if he gets hurt for a couple of games, JB keeps the season alive. Kelly or Eason? No way. So that’s why JB is valuable: for that 1-3 game absence of your starter. He can fill in and keep the team alive until Rivers returns. No other QB on the roster can be counted on to do that.
  8. With Mahomes anything is possible. He’s that good. He’s the difference between the Chiefs and the rest of the pack. That said, watch out for the Ravens. They have a heckuva QB too, and the better D.
  9. I like this guy too; he's really talented with a very high ceiling. Just hope he's healthy enough to make an impact this year, because they'll need him. The Colts' secondary is an unknown beast. It could be much improved.......or not. Its one of the few remaining question marks on the team.
  10. Hoose


    I take his comment to be more about speed, athleticism, etc. Not size. Pascal is a keeper in my book, but I do agree that he's the kind of guy you're very happy to have as receiver #4. He can get you a few catches every game if necessary, can play STs, is a great blocker, and is quality depth in case one of your top 3 are injured.
  11. I’d love to have Clowney.... and I’m a big believer in the high character players the Colts have targeted recently. But with the uncertainty over what the salary cap will look like next year, and the multiple free agents the Colts need to sign, it makes sense to be cautious. If they could get him on a one year affordable deal, heck yeah. But I suspect Clowney will hold out for a better deal than that....which is why Clowney and the Colts are not the best fit. Gonna have to roll with J. Houston and the kids.
  12. Hoose


    Khari Willis. SS is his position to lose right now, and I like his talent. This guy will shine.
  13. One thing to keep in mind is whether or not the cap is significantly impacted by the potential for games being played in empty stadiums. If so, teams are going to be more cautious with their spending from here on out. It has to put a damper on signing long term deals, and makes one year contracts for players like Warford and Clowney more likely. And that would play into the Colts’ hand perfectly.
  14. I agree. Just the maturity of all the Rookies and second year players should make a significant difference. With a couple of exceptions, the Starting D was pretty darn young by the end of the season.
  15. I think you're right on both counts. The youngsters on the defensive line are ready to show what they can do; the Colts aren't spending any more big $ there. But another OT/swing type player is truly needed. Its a glaring hole.
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