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  1. I beg to differ. If there is a match for a FS, Mack is a great trade piece. The Niners are decimated at RB. So are the Ravens, while the Panthers have had a setback with McCaffrey and need another guy. In the right situation, Mack is far more valuable than a late draft pick.
  2. I like Blackmon at SS and a free agent FS if a good one is available. Willis can be a solid backup and dime player.
  3. Hoose


    Not this much stuff. He’s officially injury prone and as sad as it is to say, his being constantly unavailable makes him very replaceable.
  4. Yup. On top of his great running ability, Edge was a phenomenal receiver and blocker. Before his injury, he was in rarefied air as a RB. As good as I’ve seen. I love JT. But it’s just way, way too soon to compare him to the Edge.
  5. Good takes by both of you. This guy making the team was a serious long shot. The fact that he did speaks of how highly the Colts brass thinks of him. He needs time to hone his craft but the raw skills are there. Give him time. He might just surprise everyone and turn out to be something special.
  6. The Colts need an immediate upgrade of talent on the D. Free Agency is the source for that upgrade. They can’t get the players they need in free agency unless they find some cap relief. Moving Q to LT and putting Reed in at LG will get them that relief. Look no further than the great Larry Allen to see that this can be done successfully. Allen played every position along the O line for the Cowboys except Center. He was a pro bowler at both LG and RG, and a pro bowler at LT. Why can’t the Colts do this with Q? They can, and given the personnel situation they now face, it’s foolish not to give it a try.
  7. I have to agree that this entire “shuffle the O-Line” discussion is premature, but it’s not foolish to believe it could eventually happen. But first: 1. Let’s agree that Q stays a Colt and gets paid. 2. Fisher needs a full season of work under his belt to show if he can handle the LT job moving forward. It’s too soon to know. 2. Reed needs to be evaluated on a full season of work as well. He is the key to any discussion about moving Q to LT. 3. The Colts DO need to upgrade talent at other positions, chief among them CB, LB, S, and TE. Some of these upgrades will need to be free agents. 4. Paying Q AND a LT is going to severely pinch the Colts cap. Which is why a move to LT by Q may make sense at the end of the day, given the other team needs that require an outlay of cash. 5. In a perfect world, you don’t move Q. But my guess is, in the end, this season will be disappointing, and a more significant talent upgrade will be required to be competitive, especially on D. That means, despite Ballard’s preference to build through the draft, a few FA’s will be signed, and the cost of that may require Q to move to LT in order to afford the additional talent needed. Even IF Fisher regains his mojo.
  8. The criticism of Frank as I read it and see it is this: You are moving the ball well by being creative last night. You know your kicker is hurt. You know you have a huge problem stopping the other team because your entire defensive backfield is injured. So to win you have to keep scoring TDs because, again, your kicker is hurt and you can’t count on him. So what do you do? You act as if none of the above exists and go ultra conservative, playing to bleed the clock and set up the field goal. Frank, for whatever reason, ignored the obvious and followed the same sad playbook he always seems to fall back upon at the end of the day: run it up the middle and play not to lose. That’s the reason for the criticism.
  9. Yup. That was a “nothing burger”moment by Doyle and he was rewarded by a bone headed move by the DB. I’m sure there was a lot of verbal back and forth all game. A non issue except it gave the Colts a chance to win.
  10. Keep Mack for now….Let’s see how the next few games go. Because Mack is the key RB insurance should anything happen to JT. If the season spirals down over the next few weeks, getting a decent draft pick, if offered, would make sense. But not yet.
  11. Emphasize that part about “foolish coaching decisions” and you can isolate the main problem right there. Frank turning back into Frank occurred at the worst possible time. Hot Rod was hurt; the defensive secondary was reduced to a bunch of scrap just pulled off the heap; and Frank goes ultra conservative as if none of the above exists and plays for a FG. After having called a pretty darn good game for three quarters. And Eberflus’ scheme…… can we all agree it’s just awful, with or without any DB talent? This team, banged up as it was, should have been able to easily win that game last night. The fact that they didn’t hangs on two people: Reich and Eberflus. One for incredibly poor play calling judgement, once again, in crunch time; the other for failing to adapt his D to the same plays the Ravens ran over and over and over again in the 4th qtr. I feel badly for the players; they are being consistently let down by the coaching leaders on this team.
  12. It’s true about Campbell. But Blankenship kicked it low also. Perfect storm.
  13. Honestly, I could see Blackman at SS. And Willis on the bench.
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