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  1. DaColts85

    Kwon Alexander-Worth the Risk

    Like I said if you upgrade get someone who stays on the field. Not a fan of spending on FA’s who are often injured. I believe Ballard likes the duo and won’t look much at this group. Just me though.
  2. Would not even entertain this if I were Ballard. Steelers won’t let him walk for less than the Amari Cooper trade value. No thanks!
  3. DaColts85

    Kwon Alexander-Worth the Risk

    No thanks! He has had a few injuries and I doubt Ballard looks to give him a lot of money since he has missed some time. Plus Ballard likes how we are set with Leonard and the WLB and Walker at MLB. Keon is not a SAM so I just don’t see why you spend the money and resources on him. If you replace Walker with a better player go with someone who stays on the field.
  4. Where as some teams might not even look at him I would not go as far as saying he is a troubled player. He was in high school and owned up to everything immediately. He has also shown nothing else is relation to off the field issues while in college. I would say teams will see this and be able to put it behind them.
  5. DaColts85

    Free Agent Radar

    They will get a comp pick for him. So they will still get something if he leaves I believe.
  6. I completely agree as far as Cooper.
  7. Gruden said he wouldn't trade him but supposedly he said the same about Cooper. They are big on waiting for top offers so they might only look for a 2nd or maybe early 3rd, who knows though. I would not mind going after him though.
  8. DaColts85

    Interesting Chess Match Next Game

    My apologies if my words were quick to upset you. I am happy that you attempted to clarify but based on your original comment you still came up a little short...might be a common theme for you. I will just end this conversation because again I am not here to ruffle your feathers. Continue with you aggressive online talk though big guy! P.S. I congratulate any person who graduated from any school!
  9. DaColts85

    Players Ruled OUT vs Eagles

    AC is the opposite of injury prone.
  10. DaColts85

    Joe Haeg to have a long day Sunday against Eagles

    I would not get caught up in this. Players talk and that is all it is...talk.
  11. DaColts85

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    In the same time period Luck had a better team yea i can agree with that. Division wise yea I mean 2012 the Vikes, Bears, and Pack were good. Not to much after that except for the Packers. But Jags were really bad.
  12. DaColts85

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    Ok we like stats...Reggie's 3 years with Luck 106rec and 1,355 yads 5TD's, 38 and 503 yards 2 TD's, 64 rec and 779 yards 2TD's Calvin's first 3 years with Stafford 67 rec 984yards 5TD's, 77rec 1,120yds 12TD's, 96rec 1,681yds 16TD's Both QB's first 3 years with a key WR. You point Wayne vs Calvin...
  13. DaColts85

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    He had Reggie for a year. I like TY but no comparison between him and Calvin. He had Calvin for quit a few years as well.
  14. DaColts85

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    I don't hold that against anyone...it is a fact. Plain and simple. Outside of Aaron and the Packers...Stafford's early years (since that is what everyone is comparing) the Vikings - not that solid, Bears - not that solid. But wait you can't hold the conference against Luck right?
  15. DaColts85

    Interesting Chess Match Next Game

    I play chess and then hints watch the game at the same time....crazy I know. I am assuming you avoid a thinking mans game. Let me refresh you on YOUR comment. You say we are not going to win because what? And then mention it is week 3? Again the relevance is what?