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  1. This guy has shown promise plus is a another key big body weapon so why scratch him and bring up Harris? I understand the Dulin presence based on ST but not having him out there is a big thing to me. Maybe I am overreacting but he has shown a lot of promise. We need to play him! What are others thoughts.
  2. You have a lot of differences but the line not allowing for Carson to throw doesn’t help. I will also say Frank’s ply calling is suspect as well. Having TY on the field will always help because a defense has to keep an eye on him. Paris just has not progressed to be the threat we need as a TY replacement so that is another huge factor. If a D shuts the run down and can still get the pressure they have our offense will stifle and not move the ball. Last year we were amongst the tops in time of possession and so far this year it’s the opposite. I hope play-calling changes and injuries stop so we can be healthy.
  3. You have had all game to see your line is getting beat with ease. Switch the play call for quick plays. We have not did anything to help ourselves.
  4. You can’t just blame the LT. Even newly resigned RT Smith looks bad.
  5. I understand that but based on the OP what would we do with the practice said and moving players up.
  6. I have so much hope for this guy. A great minded big body guy that could turn into a stud. I love the story.
  7. What happens if in worst case you have both Pinter and Nelson out? Or even one of the two?
  8. I agree. I see Ballard making sure Q knows he is in it for the long haul.
  9. Definitely need a CB so I would think Tell. The new guys might need another week or so to get fully involved.
  10. I love the signing. Ballard further showing guys in his own locker room that they will get paid if they show up.
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