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  1. Darrisaw in the second shows how pointless these are. Dude is going to be the second or third tackle taken.
  2. Not a fan of it and the cap he has is way off so he is off with what he is doing. I do not want Wentz.
  3. I don’t see St. Brown being a third rounder. Other than that I love the first scenario’s draft but yet highly doubt we get Stafford or any other vet through a trade. The second one just doesn’t look like a Ballard move at all. That’s just my opinion though.
  4. I agree and disagree. Alabama QB’s do get masked because of the talent that is around them, but I am a fan of Mac Jones. To me he is smarter than the previous guys. He was not just a game manager like most have been. He had a solid year and I think can read a defense. In a good system I think he flourishes.
  5. David Bakhtari is another good example.
  6. Don’t get me wrong I like Okereke but he struggled this year. I hope he can improve because those are our only two. We need someone else to make that core a little stronger IMO. Houston is yes. Autry and AQM are as well. as far as the game. We could have won that game but we shot ourselves in the foot with dumb plays and terrible play calling. But we should have won that game.
  7. Not a valid comparison at all. Lamar wasn’t seen as a QB coming into the draft by some. He ran and did not throw plus was not great with the route tree and accuracy. I mean stuff he still struggles with. Lance has shown a pockets presence and arm talent plus the running side.
  8. First I will say Rivers doesn’t have to compete with Mahomes and Allen. Our Defense does. Rivers played well and play calling hurt us. Ballard has preached the trenches so without AC we need a LT. I assume we take one early. Apparently everyone is stuck on one stat and not having a DE with 12+ sacks makes us bad? Our D line was solid. Our scheme is not for blitzing. It relies on a four man rush and yet we still close the pocket a lot. Buckner was huge for us for sure but Houston, Autry, AQM, and Grove did a great job. WR I assume gets addressed, especially i
  9. Kelly has played every game the last two years. Injury concerns? Drafting a center in the 5th...no. You want depth you grab an IOL so you get guards who might slide in. Plus you have Pinter and can bring back Hunt if need be. But we have depth. We need Tackles.
  10. And this is why this time of the year is fun. Many differing opinions. There are quite a few people that would disagree with you but again everyone sees something different.
  11. I hope Tell helps out next year but taking a year off means little gains IMO. He didn’t get another year to grow and get better in the NFL. I hope he shows up next year to get pressure on Ya-Sin or whoever comes in to replace Rhodes if we don’t resign him.
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