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  1. I doubt we grab Ertz if he is even cut (not looking likely). Plus why so many think Doyle gets cut for this move makes little sense. The coaches and Ballard love him. He gets the first down catches when we need him but more importantly he blocks better than majority of TE’s in the game. We are run heavy team so his value comes a lot more than just catches and yards. If for some reason they grab Ertz if cut then you pair him with Doyle to create a strong group not cut one and create a weakness. I will say I doubt we grab a TE that will want 8mil per year. Even a 1 year deal doesn’t ma
  2. The biggest thing is he has guys in this list that will be resigned and others that he will fill with other random FA’s and draft picks. Braden Smith will be signed. Hines might be depending on price and Mack and Wilkins I see being replaced with depth pick-ups and Deon that we just grabbed as a UDFA. Other guys like majority of the o line guys will be signed based on fit and progression I think but still with cheap contracts. Lewis/Turay/Muhammad/Rochell are all looking at performance based stuff IMO. If they show up they can get the next contract. With this list I mainly see Lewis and either
  3. Leno will be signed before we talk to him. Ballard has been key on bringing guys in before signing them. Not to often does a GM just sign a guy without bringing them in first.
  4. The Colts have not reached out to Leno to have him come in so I would assume right now he isn’t in consideration with us. Within the next week he will probably get signed by Denver due to James’ injury.
  5. I did see the issue with the Broncos. So they have already said they will not pay his 20million? That is a bad stance to have for future FA’s for sure. Players can turn away from select and leave them as a lame duck. The NFL is a smart business but this might blow up in their face. Players will quit doing anything on their own and outside of a mandatory camp or practice these guys won’t be in great shape. That’s the NFL’s fault if this gets any worse. Learn to structure contracts better is what I would tell the NFLPA.
  6. what would they do with the cap in this situation if it’s pushed for this year? Just curious because you have teams riding the cap line now just to sign draft picks. Would they make any changes? I could see this being a factor next year with the cap jump estimated to be back around 200 million.
  7. Ok I gotcha. I mean to each their own. I think Lewis will have a good year. I am pulling for Turay as well but I think Ballard is looking at a solid rotation more than one specific body. For this year anyways. That is a good point. Kick the tires for a future possibility. I still doubt he signs him now. Maybe after cuts or during the season if need be.
  8. Yea by 2023 contracts signed this year or even next year will be pennies. It’s going to get big and continue to grow.
  9. Yet added two in FA plus that area is far more solidified compared to the d line without question. Adding depth was the big thing there. DE spot has depth plus youth which is what he wanted as well.
  10. Ballard has said multiple times how much he likes Lewis. And he did a decent job last year getting a small amount of reps compared to Houston. Turay was hurt and again Ballard has been vocal about this being a huge year for Turay. He has said it’s a huge year for all of the young guys. Banogu for sure needs a big year. But you have two guys added in FA plus two added from the draft. The first two picks at that. DE is a full area with guys that need playing time during contract years. He didn’t bring Autry or Houston back for a reason.
  11. That isn’t true at all. They believe next year the cap to get back to 200 or slightly above. An increase of 15. 2023 is the large jump due to the new media contract. That’s when they predict a 230million cap.
  12. I highly doubt this honestly. Ballard has talked about allowing the younger guys to get playing time and didn’t want to bring Houston back. Why would he go after another older guy? Makes zero sense.
  13. Chris Strausser was his college coach as well. Bring this guy in for LT.
  14. I mean yea he always wanted to improve depth but all moves so far show Davenport is depth and Tevi is the starter.
  15. Not sure why so many think we go after another FA LT like Fisher. Not healthy and we already grabbed two. Now middle of the season if he is there and we are struggling maybe but highly doubtful we spend money on another one.
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