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  1. I highly doubt we would be in talks for anything like this. But say we did we would have two solid targets in Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen. Assuming the first 2 picks are Murray and Bosa.
  2. The value is way overhyped on JB. People act like if not traded we don’t get anything for this great player. That’s not true. He has shown little to be desired for some team to give a high pick for. At best we get maybe a 3rd for him but once he leaves in FA, which I see because he wants to start, we will probably get a 4th comp. I am fine with the comp pick because it’s not that bad of value for having a good back up this year that knows the system.
  3. DK will be drafted before our pick. This guy is an athletic freak. I see him more as a work out warrior but yet he has drive to get better. He wants to be the next Julio and he knows it will take hard work for that. If he has the football drive to constantly get better than yes he will be solid. I don’t know how his interviews have went but I see him going top 15. For the the record I want AJ Brown because he has everything we need.
  4. Why do you think that trade is realistic? The over valued Brissett will not bring back what people think. Way to high of expectations with him. To be honest that trade would never work. I would love Oliver though.
  5. I would say that with any WR they target or draft the exact position with X, Z, big slot and all that goes out the window. Reich wants to move guys around and scheme guys open. To me Ballard is looking at guys but Reich to me has a lot of say in guys. He asked for Funchess and Ballard got him for him. That being said AJ Brown to me is a great fit for us at 34. He runs solid routes and has good hands. He isn’t small so he can be the Reggie type and be a possession guy. We need the solid guy to go along with TY and AJ fits. He could play slot and outside allowing Reich to have some good schemes with all of them. Just my opinion anyways.
  6. You are a little off for sure. We do not have to spend 50 mil to hit this number. Ballard has also stated he does not care about this. He will not force feed money out the door. But again there are rumors of extensions possibly happening with our own guys which happens to go right with this. So this year and next year he will spend as needed and as he said if he is a little short then it will be handled he does not care.
  7. We don’t have to spend 54 million at all. We have about 10 towards draft picks and that’s all. Ballard can hold onto nearly 64 if he wanted to.
  8. I would agree with what he says. The top guy according to experts is Metcalf. He screams workout warrior but not a true dominant WR. AJ Brown to me is the best of the bunch and I would grab him at 34 but I’m not sure he is there. You will still have teams reach for a WR and I could bet Metcalf goes top 15. Some teams force the need and over draft a player. Happens every year. I will say though Brown would be the only 1st round talent if I had to pick one. AJ that is not Hollywood.
  9. For an edge he has a very slow first step to me. Looks like he just tries to get right into the OT’s chest and then stays blocked. Watching the Miss St. game he has a few good plays but looks like he is just going through the motions. Little impact on majority of snaps. Has the RB go right by him as well as the QB on runs. Doesn’t look like a good run stuffer. Haven’t heard much about him but I can kind of see why. He’s a mid tier guy. Go in mid to late rounds imo.
  10. Nothing was ever reported about him being here. No NFL insider said anything about him. Kind of crazy.
  11. Love it. 2 year 24mil. Love this singing.
  12. They mentioned that they are going to stay in contract but are in no hurry. Said the meeting seemed to go well though. Kevin Bowen and Chappell said something.
  13. I don’t base things on the Pro-bowl. Leonard was a beast and didn’t make it. Contract wise im sure AC is smart and sees that he might be able to go somewhere for huge money (possibly) or stay here. If he plays well CB will put his value on him within reason. CB has stated multiple times he wants the trenches secure and letting your bookend leave for a possible rookie is quit the opposite. If he asks for something stupid tho... yes I agree he might be wearing a different jersey.
  14. As stitches put above just check the lists again. Maybe you glossed over his name because he has been top 20 almost every year. Top 10 last year. A contract can always be worked out but again if he plays like he did last year I could easily see CB resign him. I highly doubt a 5 year deal or something but a good contract. Money goes up every year based on salary cap so I’m not concerned about Solder and his contract. Obsolete to the times.
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