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  1. Restructuring means changing anything money wise as you proposed so I do understand but I guess you might not comprehend much either. I also am the one that mentioned TY needing to be extended so not sure why you are stating that. Thank you
  2. I am hoping that Mack stays healthy and the same with Taylor. I think we need to use Hines more in the slot. Let him play more WR role to get him in space.
  3. I’m sorry you think Buckner will restructure something he just signed? I’m confused. That’s not how it happens.
  4. TY isn’t restructuring his last year. You add an extension then maybe but I don’t see that happening either
  5. I can see us resigning Sheard before signing Clowney. I’m not against us signing either but I see the wallet getting tight now.
  6. I doubt Ballard is looking at him. Too much money for his production. Ballard wants to build his talent that he has so letting Turay and Ben get time helps. I am curious about the rotation with Sheard not being resigned.
  7. This is a good point. I think Ballard wants to make sure he can stay healthy before paying him. I think Ballard sees that Kelly is solid and wants to keep the OL together but you have to make sure he can stay healthy first.
  8. One of his most productive seasons was when he and JJ both stayed healthy all year. Plus they had Mercilus have a huge season as well.
  9. I would do a 1 or 2 year at 15 mil per. With The D line looking better he can be another very good piece coming off the edge. That allows for very limited double teams. Or they start dedicating TE’s and RB’s to stay home which helps as well.
  10. I completely agree. That being said, on a short reasonably priced deal I would like to see him add to our d-line. Could become scary good.
  11. Not only that but with Houston and Buckner you have worry about a lot more than just Clowney. They can’t double anyone. Turay would be great depth behind JC. Plus Darius up the middle would be amazing.
  12. I think it takes another week or two of limited contact before Clowney realizes his value is far lower than he thinks. I’m not sure if teams leave it alone but Ballard could sit and wait with a 15mil/year offer. Maybe just a 1 or 2 year deal when it’s all done. I think this is what teams are looking at for him.
  13. I’m going after Rhodes over both. Logan Ryan wouldn’t be bad though. Jimmy Smith is old and beat up.
  14. Douglas is solid depth at a position of need now. Throw a 6th rounder to Philly for him. His 2mil this year isn’t a huge hit but he is a FA next year. Darby would be a good addition but depends on costs. Not sure why they let Desir go so if the money was a factor then I’m not sure the plan here.
  15. Is that a worthwhile twitter handle? Haven’t followed or heard anything from them before.
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