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  1. Nah brother we need a LT... Don’t you have memories of Andrew Luck running for his life? Or am I the only one?
  2. Nice... also I just noticed that he has a C on his chest so he must pretty solid.
  3. Ah. Ok. Thank you for getting what I was trying to say had a brain dump.
  4. What’s the word on this guy? Is he BigQ, Dwight Freeney, Andrew Luck, Deforest Buckner, Antonio Gates, Reggie Wayne level?
  5. So how the 3 games looking? I don't feel like going to another website.
  6. Players Ballard and his team could’ve picked up but didn’t. What’s your opinion... ?Discuss... If there has been too many threads like this, feel free to lock mods, no hard feelings.
  7. I don’t know man there is no one really out there.
  8. There’s too much hate on Phillip Rivers right now so to offset that and make everybody feel better about Phillip as our QB I thought I’d post this video::
  9. I know right, it's like people get more excited over a loss than a win.
  10. Because of his play. Have y’all seen this?
  11. Tbh I feel this way every season... but I get your point with the injuries
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