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  1. There’s too much hate on Phillip Rivers right now so to offset that and make everybody feel better about Phillip as our QB I thought I’d post this video::
  2. I know right, it's like people get more excited over a loss than a win.
  3. Because of his play. Have y’all seen this?
  4. Tbh I feel this way every season... but I get your point with the injuries
  5. I say Spirit as in mentality/mind/attitude/way of thinking.. but you can mean whatever you want it to mean... I would pick Marvin Harrison if he were on the team.... But of the current Colts players I would pick Zach Pascal... because He is a get ‘er done type guy with little swagger. What about y’all?
  6. I don't like negativaty but I think it's the kicker... I remember last year people callin' him the "goat" and he proceeded to miss a field goal and a psd... and me thinkin wth they talkin' about!? This guy ain't no goat!!
  7. People ain't replying fast enough to my posts

  8. I love that song! ( ˘ ɜ˘) ♬♪♫ "Her body measurements Are perfect in every dimension She's got a figure That's sho 'nuff payin' attention She's poetry in motion Beautiful sight to see I get so excited Viewing her anatomy She's built (She's built, she's stacked) Oh she's stacked (All the curves that men like) Got all the curves men like She's built (She's built, she's stacked) Oh she's stacked (All the curves men like) Got all the curves that men like Look at her! She's a bad mama jama Just as fine as she can be Hey!"
  9. Oh, his flea flicker is a sight! I couldn't throw it like them if I trained all my life... These boys must be on steroids or some. I'm glad Rivers is on our side though. Yea, I'm glad Rivers is on our side!
  10. It's our year baby! I can't wait to sit back with my ripple watch the boys tear it up!
  11. Awesome! Man that dude must got wella arm strength to throw it that far with just a flick of the wrist like he does it.
  12. I’m trying to find an interview I read back in the day when Darius Leonard said he was glad he was drafted by the Colts because Gary Brackett was one of his favorite players and how he wanted to be the next Gary Brackett. Also I know it’s too early to compare him to Brackett but am I the only one who get major Gary Brackett vibes when he talks?
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