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  1. Fans are fanatics something is wrong with many of them.
  2. I doubt anybody want to see him leave so push come to shove it might come down to this. I'm curious though, when Guards move to Tackle in the NFL are they just as good as they were at their original position? How about personally, do the former guards usually hate being their team's new LT/RT? or are they usually indifferent to being their teams RT/LT after they've played and spent some time at that position? And why do you think that might be so? Anybody know of any precedents of guys who switched positions in the league?
  3. Honestly I think the game he did come in on and acted hesitant hurt his chances a bit... not fair to grade him in a situation like that at all imo... but first impressions mean something to human beings whether we like it or realize it or not and the coaches are humans so.... Not saying Eason can't come back from that... He gotta work hard some way though so next time he'll be as ready as possible to rock and roll
  4. Is Eason good?... Idk. But if the starter goes down who would you rather have... someone with no experience or someone with experience coming into the game?
  5. Someone who doesn’t get talked about much but consistently performs every week? Anybody like that?
  6. This might be interesting lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1LRORnYdts
  7. I’ve never watched Hard Knocks… what is the feel of it? is it an inspiring show? Or is it more real world road rule reality tv?
  8. The earliest we can tell if we have a strong team — a legit contender and not just playing just to be out there? I think we can’t have a real good indicator until the second Titans game and see our record.
  9. Knowing you on here at least that’s probably what you’re counting on
  10. What do you mean “she showed”? Was that a typo?
  11. I’m going to do this thread every week… Give grades to those performances you remember or are interested in (stats) from the preseason I’ll start… Kwitty Paye Vikings game - A Michael S. Panthers game — A+ Sam ehlinger Panthers game — C+ Your turn…
  12. Of course what we think of his playing ability doesn’t matter but this is a chat forum… Do you think Eason can be the best? Or do you think he will always have to lose out and be a backup or 3rd string all the time like in college?
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