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  1. No Allie Cox one handed TD catch.
  2. atapcl

    Power Running Game

    Maybe we blame Glowinski too much. Our power running game requires pulling guards, tackles and tightends. When you pull you sometimes leave people unblocked on the backside. As good as Reich had been all season he failed to compensate for KCs pursuit speed from the back side. He was out coached this game but will learn from it. We won’t throw Glowinski under the bus but will scheme better next time. KC exposed our scheme to all the rest of the league and we have to fix it.
  3. Not many expected the team to make the playoffs this season, yet Reich got them there. Not only did we get there but we got past the first round. There is no shame in losing to the top seeded team in the conference. We overachieved and should be proud of this team.
  4. atapcl

    When do oline men reach their peak?

    I believe around age 22 is peak of physical ability. Around age 25 -27 the mental and physical ability peak together to form the best football player. Around age 32-34 players start to decline.
  5. atapcl

    Coaching Vs Talent

    Best coaching staff we have had since Dungy’s teams.
  6. atapcl


    This was his rookie season so he’ll get better. Even without Swoope TE is a strong position for us when healthy.
  7. atapcl

    Colts fans, a prayer for the less fortunate

    Thanks for the prayer and reminder that we are blessed so we can be a blessing to others. Jesus is the reason for the season!
  8. atapcl

    Merry Christmas my fellow Colts siblings!

    Merry Christmas to all and thankful for an unexpected Colts season!
  9. He runs 4.7 which is average.
  10. atapcl

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    Mack will be counted on to start but Hines should be a great change of pace back.
  11. Sheard should start st DE. Simon is a tweaner LB/DE. Henry Anderson is losing weight to move to DE.
  12. If there are 12 starters per team from rounds 1-3 and an average of 3 years starting it would indicate that there about 122 potential starting players in the average draft. I can’t remember where this information came from but it seems about right. Starters will come from all rounds including undrafted free agents but 60% come from the first 3 rounds, so the more opportunities you have to draft in the first 3 rounds the better the odds are for you to hit on starters. Scouts have been on both sides of the fence about the quality of this draft but the combine numbers indicate better than average. Time will tell.
  13. There are 12 starters per team from rounds 1-3.
  14. atapcl

    left guard - right guard....what's the difference?

    Top linemen should be able to do switch but as said above some adjustments to hand and foot placement must be mastered.