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  1. I said a few years ago that it might be the turf. It looks good and allows a person to play faster but it doesn’t absorb falls very well.
  2. Maybe he tweaked it but they had planned to not play him the first preseason game for a reason.
  3. Agreed. I’m beginning to feel like this is a situation like Kevin Derrant. Maybe Andrew should have had surgery during the spring.
  4. Agreed. 6 lbs makes the most sense.
  5. I believe he gets traded during the preseason when players get hurt. Someone will need a starter or a backup. If we can’t get a second or third round pick then we should keep him all year hopefully getting a future comp pick.
  6. Good to know that some of us old timers are still around. I’ve been a Colts fan since 1958. They’ve been my favorite team since I became a football fan.
  7. Leonard is learning how to make that leap that second year players should make.
  8. Blood Clots is a serious condition especially in the lungs. In the NBA Chris Bosh was forced to retire. Brandon Ingram’s season was cut short with a clot under his arm. Had the clot been in Ingram’s lungs he possibly would have had to retire. It is understandable why NE let him go - this can be a life-threatening illness. Here’s praying that he is healthy enough to compete and not taking adverse risks.
  9. I believe it will be Marvin Tell who will be too raw to compete this year. I believe he’ll make it to the practice squad.
  10. We can’t run all game. We need defense to stop people.
  11. Best coaching staff we have had since Dungy’s teams.
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