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  1. He only started 4 games his senior year so maybe his drop rate keeps him off the field.
  2. Maybe he becomes a future slot corner. He seems too small for safety.
  3. RIP Mike. Condolence to the Curtis family. Hall of fame or not Mike will always be a hall of famer to those of us who remember him as the greatest MLB in Colts history.
  4. I’m right there with you. I was born in 1952. My mom bought me a Green Bay uniform though I was just a 6 year old football fan not a Green Bay fan. I became a Colts fan watching the 1958 World Championship game.
  5. WR , TE , & QB are the biggest needs but to the question about the defense - we won’t know for sure until the competition starts. We have talent at all 3 levels of defense but competition has to bring the cream to the top. Young guys like Turay, Banogu, Rock, & Okereke have to develop and stay healthy.
  6. Once a person gets past 32 they are usually on the downside of their career. Gates will be 40 by the time the season starts. I prefer he stays retired and we draft a TE. We don’t have a TE that we drafted on the team so it would be good to draft talent into this position.
  7. It did seem that he played his way out of Detroit & Indy. It was feast or famine with him.
  8. I am not impressed with Eason’s athletic ability but he is a junior and likely to be available in round 2. I would prefer Jalen Hurts because he can run the RPO offense.
  9. Buckner would look just as good with 92 or 93 or 98.
  10. Numbers haven’t been assigned. Buckner wants #99 but Houston has that. Funchess just left making #17 available.
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