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  1. It did seem that he played his way out of Detroit & Indy. It was feast or famine with him.
  2. I am not impressed with Eason’s athletic ability but he is a junior and likely to be available in round 2. I would prefer Jalen Hurts because he can run the RPO offense.
  3. Buckner would look just as good with 92 or 93 or 98.
  4. Numbers haven’t been assigned. Buckner wants #99 but Houston has that. Funchess just left making #17 available.
  5. I think the pick at 34 is too valuable to drop back into the 40s then have to give up a 4th rounder. Now maybe we should ask for an additional 2nd in 2021 draft.
  6. I believe it is for the best as delaying would cause another set of problems.
  7. Just being logical and I’ll let you figure out CB.
  8. Looks like we will have an offensive draft: WR, TE, QB, T.
  9. At the combine the NFL increased the interview time from 15 mins to 18. 15 mins has been sufficient in the past. Teams don’t need an hour per prospect this late into the season. Again teams have had bowl games and all star games to interview these young men. They have had hours to talk to their coaches and friends. They have gathered more information on these kids than you get on job interviews. If teams still need more time for interviews then shame on them.
  10. We’re talking 15 minutes per prospect. we’re talking bowl games and all star games. No one is going to interview 500 prospects (330 at combine). Interviews are not the whole evaluation but coupled with film and actual game reviews.
  11. 15 minutes is enough time if you are specific in what you intend to ask. All teams also had time at the all star games that they should have met prospects.
  12. They should have done the interviews at the combine or at the all star games.
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