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  1. Hasn’t Allen Williams been a defensive coordinator before?
  2. I didn’t think Hooker was coming back until after a few more weeks.
  3. The Colts need to stay the course. Play the starters against the Chiefs because we will gain team chemistry, and young players will gain experience. Brisett looks like a good QB to me as a starter. Cain and Campbell are rookies. Our 2 starting receivers were out this game. Once we get to 8 games we will know the level of talent we have. If we go 10-6 again and win the division then anything can happen in the playoffs.
  4. We are both speculating. I don’t think you know what what they will do for a certainty. In many situations it would be logical to use a wealth of talent at WR especially when one is as large as a TE.
  5. Yes, over the course of a game. They will spread and use 4WRs.
  6. There will be times 1 TE would be used. We’ll see.
  7. Cox is not like Ebron. He is more like Doyle.
  8. Keeping nearly 13 mil should be settlement enough.
  9. I said a few years ago that it might be the turf. It looks good and allows a person to play faster but it doesn’t absorb falls very well.
  10. Maybe he tweaked it but they had planned to not play him the first preseason game for a reason.
  11. Agreed. I’m beginning to feel like this is a situation like Kevin Derrant. Maybe Andrew should have had surgery during the spring.
  12. Agreed. 6 lbs makes the most sense.
  13. Blood Clots is a serious condition especially in the lungs. In the NBA Chris Bosh was forced to retire. Brandon Ingram’s season was cut short with a clot under his arm. Had the clot been in Ingram’s lungs he possibly would have had to retire. It is understandable why NE let him go - this can be a life-threatening illness. Here’s praying that he is healthy enough to compete and not taking adverse risks.
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