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  1. Seems like an engineer could come up with something like rubber or plastic that absorbs energy better.
  2. The replacement must be just as bad. We have continued to have a lot of injuries. Do they still put a concrete slab underneath the turf?
  3. I’ve been saying we need to do something about the turf since Vic Ballard got hurt in 2013.
  4. At least these two DEs are used to playing on the line. Ben and Kemoko played a lot at LB.
  5. 17 would be a good number. At Philli he was 11 throwing to 17. Now he can be 17 throwing to 11.
  6. I hope he still has some of that mobility.
  7. Maybe Brandt is old school. In the old days kickers kicked off and made tackles as a last resort.
  8. Even when he played in Police Academy he was a medium build. No more than about 260.
  9. Best defense I saw was this one in 1968. We lost the SB because we stuck with Earl Morrell instead of starting Johnny U.
  10. I felt he was irrational to begin the season.
  11. I’m still not comfortable with our young kicker. He had 2 missed PATs today. Some games that could be critical.
  12. Patmon is possibly like one of my players who plays in the NFL. He has great talent but was not studious enough to learn complicated plays. He probably should be on the PS but maybe Colts feel another team would snatch him away.
  13. That is better. If he had just some escape ability so he could throw the ball away without an interception or a sack. I do agree a sack is better than a turnover.
  14. 1958 watching them win the NFL Championship against the NY Giants.
  15. Luck team didn’t seem as talented especially on defense.
  16. Hasn’t Allen Williams been a defensive coordinator before?
  17. I didn’t think Hooker was coming back until after a few more weeks.
  18. The Colts need to stay the course. Play the starters against the Chiefs because we will gain team chemistry, and young players will gain experience. Brisett looks like a good QB to me as a starter. Cain and Campbell are rookies. Our 2 starting receivers were out this game. Once we get to 8 games we will know the level of talent we have. If we go 10-6 again and win the division then anything can happen in the playoffs.
  19. We are both speculating. I don’t think you know what what they will do for a certainty. In many situations it would be logical to use a wealth of talent at WR especially when one is as large as a TE.
  20. Yes, over the course of a game. They will spread and use 4WRs.
  21. There will be times 1 TE would be used. We’ll see.
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