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  1. I feel all those guys you listed make plays in the regular season. DE, besides Houston, is pretty unproven IMHO. Hopefully Muhammed and Turay shine and stay healthy.
  2. Yeah, I see the same thing. Secondary and LBs seem good, now time to get those trenches solidified, on both sides of the ball.
  3. I agree 100%. My guess is this: we will have a slow start on OFFENSE...again, but our DEFENSE will shine early in the year.
  4. What's the point in playing if you're gonna hold back?
  5. I was surprised about Mo. I didn't see all of the game, but I thought he's generally known to be a good blocker. Maybe he just had a bad game as well?
  6. I'm no expert, by any means, but I still believe in the old saying, you play like you practice....and preseason is just that....practice. If they can't execute well with the ones and twos, that's a concern. Not getting a single first down? (correct me if I'm wrong). THAT is concerning from the ones/twos, regardless if we are missing players. Next man up, right?!
  7. To the bolded, I was so disappointed in his play. Looked horrible, and I was hoping he was going to look improved this year. Hopefully he just had a bad game. Barton looked awful as well.
  8. -Wilson -Smith -Lewis -Turay -Cain I'm not counting this year's draft and these are the people I'm most excited to see improve and/or be more consistent. Cain is the exception with no real game starts; I want him top ball out but I know he has a lot of competition. If I was including this year's draft it would be as follows because I feel Smith and Turay have the most potential already: -Wilson -Lewis -Cain -Campbell -Ya Sin
  9. I'm definitely waiting for his third year. I've been rooting for him!
  10. Maybe his goal is to improve the run game....through the pass game, as the statistics suggest? IDK. I'm definitely excited to see how this season unfolds for sure!
  11. It actually talks about attacking in pass protection, instead of waiting for the rush to come to you. I believe its improving on something they did well last year.
  12. Interesting article about our new o-line coach and Howard Mudd. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2019/5/13/18585089/the-mudd-technique-and-how-it-impacts-braden-smith
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