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  1. Cool getting a glimpse into the work he puts in!
  2. Is this unusual or normal? Just noticed he hadn't signed yet (according to the Colts website).
  3. Favorites: Nelson, Smith.....we needed help on that o-line Least Favorite: RYS (never heard of him) and Lewis because of previous injuries in College. I'm hoping RYS turns in a solid year at the worst this year, and I hope Lewis continues his upwards trend.
  4. I don't think he's underrated. I think everyone knows he's a beast!!!
  5. I voted Smith but after more reading, I definitely say Glowinkski. The man has stepped up his game, and still gets no love. 3 penalties and 2 sacks last year. Not bad. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/mark-glowinski/9567
  6. Hopefully Achilles injuries are not the COLT's Achilles this year, with him and Dayo....
  7. Do you think our WRs work with people like David Robinson to get better?
  8. He seems to have the Alpha confidence which you want in a player. Let's hope it keeps up when going against NFL DBs.
  9. I'm interested to see Harris develop in this 2nd year. I just recall lightning speed from that guy flashing on the screen.
  10. I drafted all A's as well. Between the DE's, Wentz, and our TE, I feel they can all contribute in a big way. I'm also interested in our safety, the one with a chip on his shoulder. Again, only time will tell, but this is how I feel.
  11. If we get 3-4 contributing players (and that's a stretch for me) I'd say we had a really good draft. However, with the inclusion of Wentz, I would say it is quite possible.
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