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  1. I will also say this. If we played the Patriots, it would be awesome to see JB have that fire in his belly like Houston did versus the Chiefs. I'm still rooting for him, and am on the Brissett train.
  2. Mahommes ain't the Hoody. We're talking offense versus defense. But, I will agree with you on this, any given Sunday indeed.
  3. Yeah, I can definitely see that. That's why I mentioned opening the play book up. I just don't think our WR will be wide open like they were against the Falcons most of the game.
  4. I will say this. It is very possible that Reich is holding on to some of that offensive playbook for the playoffs, and he HAS been part of the team that beat the Patriots before, so anything is possible in my mind.
  5. I'm pretty sure NE secondary is way better than the Falcons. Our WRs will be blanketed all day.
  6. I agree with you. I wasn't clear. That's more of my wish list :D.
  7. I really like Hines in space. I also love how hard he runs when running down hill. He won't push the pile, but he gets low to the ground and he'll dive for that first down.
  8. I disagree. JB hasn't lost us a game, in its entirety, IMO, so I don't think QB should be the first position we draft. Definitely agree about the interior D line, but we also need a STUD pass rusher as well. I also like the idea of a stud TE than can block and catch consistently as well.
  9. compuls1v3


    Anyone watch the MNF game against the Browns? Their defense and run game looks LEGIT....smells vaguely familiar, but they seem to be a little more consistent than us.
  10. Easier said then done. Our defense showed up the other night and played legit. And our run game was stellar and passing was sufficient. We got off the field on defense on 3 and outs and forced 4 punts and got a couple of turnovers.
  11. I dont think we have a fullback but it would be nice to see some two back sets. Thoughts anyone?
  12. I'm not convinced all that running was JBs idea. I feel Reich was more of a factor in that area.
  13. I feel like Brissett had an ok game this game. Moved the ball well in the first half, threw a bad pick, but didn't lose his poise, per usual. I still feel like he doesn't read through progressions quick enough, and it seemed like after Jones went out, he had more time to scan the field. I will also say he had some nice touch passes on a screen or two, or a check down or two. So he did improve in that area. I'm not sure if the long ball to Cain was good because it drew PI, or if it was bad. Maybe he threw it uncatchable on purpose. However, I was disappointed in the red zone efficiency this week. Overall, C+. The int. was on him, otherwise I say a B-. We just beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead, and although he was not the main reason, IMHO, he was a part of it.
  14. Probably because Reich was stewing about that loss since last year and wanted to bring more to the table for this game defensively and actually execute the game plan of running it down their throats.
  15. Did he say why? Would Hooker would be out of position or what? Is Odum supposed to be > than Hooker? Just curious.
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