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  1. Yes! Someone to train up Stewart!
  2. Yeah, I hear you. That's the kind of jersey I have for Nelson. I'd really like to get one with the sewn numbers and lettering on it. That would be really sweet.
  3. 1st Offensive Series 1st and 10, on 14. Hines in motion to the left. Screen to T.Y. to the right. 2nd an 10, ball on 17. Mack splits out wide to the left, Cain at the top of the screen. This was a first read and thrown into tight coverage. Cain makes a great plain and gets the first down. Colts ended up running a few more times, failing to convert a first down, got sacked on 3rd and long, and punted. Receivers had separation, but Glow missed his guy (on third down) and allowed the sack.
  4. 1st Defensive Series 2nd and 8, ball on 41. Good d-line pressure, pass to the left (defense), short gain of 2. 3rd and 6 on 43, Bangou gets a sack off the left side. 4th and 12 on 37, punt.
  5. I'm going to a Nuggets game this weekend. I wonder if he has season tickets. Manning... we were blessed to have our own "cheat mode" back in the day!
  6. He's a BEAST! Helped turn this o-line around for sure.
  7. I saw this after the poll closed too, but I'd rank QB, T, and WR in that order. We had 2 pro bowl TE in Doyle and Ebron at one point, so that's another reason pointing to QB. And as others have said, if AC OR Smith go down, we do not have a good B/U at Tackle.
  8. I meant he gained muscle. He didn't appear as muscular last season.
  9. This play was not the norm, however. Consistency is the problem.
  10. Game 1 Colts @ Chargers 1st and 10, safeties are playing 25 yds. off LOS. D-Line does not get penetration, right end Muhammed gets sucked in for a run to the defense's right. The good corner play of Moore forced the run back inside and he converged with Leonard and Muhammed for the stop, no gain.. https://imgur.com/OuFboo3 https://imgur.com/EDxhRzS https://imgur.com/MAIGkD8 https://imgur.com/MRSb8Xc https://imgur.com/wPnkbVs
  11. Preseason Game 4 Notes: Colts @ Bengals January 11, 2020 12:52 PM Chad Kelly Entered started and ended the 1st half, did not come back. Y - Touch Y - Vision Y - Escapability Y - Zip Y - Courage (Stands tall in the pocket) Y - Wheels Y - Makes tight window throws (contested) Y - Killer instinct - Kept moving the chains most of the games, only had 1 three and out. Y - Internal clock- Didn't take many sacks. Good Passes (Catchable, Leading Receiver, Etc.) 12 First down throws (or passes over 10 yards, including touchdowns) 7 3 and outs 1 Deep ball completion (over 20 yards) 0 Interceptions 1 Delay of game 1 Touchdowns 1 - Ran it in. 2 pt. conversion throws made 0 Misses 2 Successful Runs (Positive Yards) 1 - ran 10 yards for a first down 1 - ran 10 yards in for a touchdown Sacks Taken 0 Sack Avoidance (Throw aways) 1 Passes Dropped 0 ============================================ Preseason summary-Chad Kelly appeared to have all the tool needed to be a starter. He needs to work on his deep ball throws. He seems accurate and has touch, and is good on the short to intermediate throws (10-15 yds.). I could see him competing in camp. On to game 1 of the regular season.
  12. Ballard said we will win in the trenches, and now its time to focus on the d line. We need play makers on the inside and the outside. Lewis has been hurt and not looking like 2nd rnd talent to me. Turray was looking promising before he got hurt, and although Houston is great, he is on borrowed time. I believe Stewart finally got his needed bulk last year, and may improve even more this offseason, but I still think we need more penetration up the middle.
  13. Preseason Game 3 Notes: Bears @ Colts January 11, 2020 11:51 AM Chad Kelly Entered started and played through the first half. Did not play again Y - Touch Y - Vision Y - Escapability Y - Zip Y - Courage (Stands tall in the pocket) Y - Wheels (RPO) Y - Makes tight window throws (contested) Y - Killer instinct - Kept moving the chains. Did miss one third down conversion with a pass that was caught but was high, but overall, played well. Y - Internal clock Colts were winning 17 - 10 at the half, which is when he stopped playing. Good Passes (Catchable, Leading Receiver, Etc.) 13 First down throws (or passes over 10 yards, including touchdowns) 4 Deep ball completion (over 20 yards) 1 for 3 Interceptions 1 (debatable whether it was his fault, the ball was wrestled from Hentges) My personal opinion is that the ball should have been caught by Hentges. Touchdowns 1 2 pt. conversion throws made N/A Misses 3 total 2 deep balls, and 1 intentional grounding...didn't make it to the line of scrimmage. Successful Runs (Positive Yards) Ran for a first down on 3rd and 13, and blew by a defender that had him dead to rights. Sacks Taken 3 total 1 - took too long to throw 1 - bad snap on 3rd and 7, and the blitz was not picked up, hard play to overcome 1 - no blocking Sack Avoidance (Throw aways) Passes Dropped 1
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