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  1. I’m telling you, watching that Bills vs Chiefs game, it sure felt like the Bills were smothering the Chiefs’ WRs andcTEs and it worked quite well. I wish we could do that. Need pressure from that front four though.
  2. Ah, good point @holeymoley99. @TimetobringDfence! I like Strachan too, I just think Coutee would be a good slot receiver against his old team, and might be a good matchup. I could be wrong though.
  3. My bad, I didn't see it!!! We can still merge if the mods want to!
  4. Do we see him this game against the Texans?
  5. Sorry that picture sucks. It was in the 1st quarter, for 10 yards.
  6. It was either holding or block in the back. Blocking related.
  7. Very nice day. I hate the penalty he had, but I'm sure that will get corrected. 6 receptions 89 yards 1 TD 7 targets. I love how he went back up, fought for that ball, and willed himself into the end zone. Great catch!
  8. To be honest I don't think we did much of that at all last year, and we are seeing more of it this year. But yeah, more 2 set backs please. They can both run and catch. Not sure on Taylor's blocking skills, I think Hines does ok, but also not sure. I know Mack's blocking skills are good.
  9. Hines got a really impressive first down between the tackles last night; but it seems those are few a far between, and definitely not his strong suit. Why don't we have him on those HB passes anymore? He kills those.
  10. If you're a pro athlete and you're afraid of risking injury to just slide inbounds, I don't know what to say. That's just baffling to me. Heck, he could of pulled a hammy running out of bounds, could have slipped and fell. That's not a good excuse, imho.
  11. I was thinking the same thing about that run by Mack. Why are you running out of bounds??!? It’s little things like this that add up and shows me we why we aren’t a Championship caliber team.
  12. He overthrew pascal too, and I thought he was tall. It happens. No biggie.
  13. Isn't part of blitzing having players ready to intercept/disrupt short passes though?
  14. Bills jammed Kelce and look how that game turned out. Andrews ran free all night.
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