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  1. compuls1v3


    What a play. Incredible speed. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/ole-miss-football/dk-metcalf-shows-off-his-incredible-speed-on-td-saving-tackle-after-int/
  2. Wait wasn't Braveheart Scottish?? :p
  3. Keeping Cincy's offense off the field. It could work. Just a thought, though I'm sure many on here will disagree. We also didn't run much when we had the lead, left time on the clock, and gave Cincy a chance to come back.
  4. It was still the first Quarter. There was plenty of time to slow the game down.
  5. I agree, the biggest thing about that first half was just a lack of intensity, like they all stayed up too late the night before or something. Maybe they hate zone coverage as much as we do lol!!!
  6. Not to mention when we had them backed up against the goal line. They ran ran out of that situation.
  7. That was 1x. I don't think he has a habit of body slamming people.
  8. The scary thing is that this is how they looked versus the jags. They were getting stood up and pushed around most of the game.
  9. Thats just out smarting yourself. Great teams eat clock, even when passing. We weren't even doing that.
  10. Classic Bad O calling....2x passes instead of running it....to drain clock
  11. We don't look like we are ready to play on either side of the ball thus far....
  12. Depends on which Defense the coaches employ.
  13. More MAC and more JT please. We should be able to get to Burrow.
  14. Good post. Mo MAC and mo JT please.
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