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  1. compuls1v3

    Do you miss H.A?

    Maybe my memory serves me wrong, but when healthy, I remembered timely 3rd down TFL to stop drives. That's why I liked him.
  2. compuls1v3

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Although it is very unlikely to happen, if the Colts win out there is a scenario where they could get the 2nd seed, which is crazy!! (Sorry if this was already posted) In this scenario I have the Chargers 1st (13-3), Colts 2nd (10-6), Dolphins 3rd (10-6), Steelers 4th (9-6-1), Chiefs 5th (12-4), and Patriots 6th (10-6). Houston would have to lose 2, including against the Jags, and the Pats would have to lose against the Jets and the Steelers. Possible, but highly unlikely. Fun to dream though!!
  3. compuls1v3

    Next Man Up

    Here's the link in case anyone missed it.
  4. Mahomes can't take that sack. He'll learn.
  5. He did, but he might not have been 100% is my guess.
  6. Good to see some returning starters. Hopefully they are ready by Sunday!
  7. Learned some new football terms in this one!
  8. compuls1v3

    Titans crush Jags by .......

    My question about the coaching then is this: with all the analytics why did we play to their strengths???
  9. compuls1v3

    NFL Playoff Machine

    I could see Houston losing to the Eagles, and if we win out, and somehow the Jags pulled out a win against Houston, that would be sweet!
  10. compuls1v3

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Agreed. Me too! Thanks to the OP for sharing this link!!
  11. compuls1v3

    5 teams, 3 spots

    According to tie breaker rules, I think it says head to head then conference record, which is why I'm confused about the current seedings on
  12. compuls1v3

    Colts Defense now ranked 11th in NFL.

    The defense only has to be good in December and January to really matter, at this point. Plus the continual improvement is promising. At least we aren't bottom of the barrel, and for a change (this year) it's exciting to watch them play!
  13. compuls1v3

    5 teams, 3 spots

    Since we beat Miami, why are they ranked higher than us on with our records the same?
  14. compuls1v3


    Today I think he played up to his potential. Hopefully no more injury setbacks and he continues playing like this!!
  15. compuls1v3

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    I really like what Walker is bringing to the table. He made an absolutely beautiful play yesterday on Hopkins, denying him a TD in the middle of the field- covered him really well near the goal line (over looked by Leonard's play on Hopkins). He took some bad angles starting the year but has really grown and makes great plays now.