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  1. So …….. loOOoOOoOoOng of a wait. Good thing for YouTube!!
  2. Rich Gannon comes to mind.
  3. Section 427, Row 6, seat 7 and 8. Not the 50 yard line, but I'm pumped regardless!!!!
  4. I just found out for my 14th year anniversary, my wife got me tickets to the Tampa Bay game!!!! I will visit Indianapolis for the first time, and watch my first Colts home game. I am SO0o0o0o00oo excited!! Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay?
  5. Could be. It happens. Fortunately for the Colts, that percentage is in the minority.
  6. No, no, no. Is that even possible?
  7. In all seriousness though, I’d ask him to describe what a day as an NFL player entails, from sunup to sundown.
  8. So I saw this on a video gamer’s stream and it cracked me up because he actually answered: Do you wipe from the front or the back?
  9. I think the RB Jackson might make room on the roster, like Patmon was last year? Will be interested to see him vs. Wilkins.
  10. Break on injuries....just shouldn't be used in same sentence...SMH.... Hopefully we have NONE of those. Period!
  11. Wasn't there an undrafted center that turned out pretty good many moons back? Strange things can happen. However, I'm not holden my breathe!
  12. Yeah, I checked the glossary. That one has me stumped as well. Fumbles were common in those days apparently.
  13. I feel he will just continue to get better this year, and climb the ranks. He's definitely putting in the work.
  14. I'm hoping the best player wins, whether it be Rock or Tell. Either way, I'm sure both of them will see the field this year.
  15. My player is MAC. I'm hoping they utilize him more this year and he becomes the TE we've all wanted to see being used. He's got the size and the hands.
  16. Did Manning say it usually takes 3 years to develop? Obviously he's been limited due to injury, but maybe this year he "breaks out" of that injury bug. Go Campbell!! Wishing you a healthy and successful season this year!!
  17. To me it looked like a problem that will be corrected and one doesn't exist as much; he'll be taught to throw more quickly and our line is so much better, even with the LT play question mark.
  18. Cool getting a glimpse into the work he puts in!
  19. If so, it's the theme of the year.
  20. Is this unusual or normal? Just noticed he hadn't signed yet (according to the Colts website).
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