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  1. I was expecting more blitzes but I only remember one from Leonard that stopped a 3rd down.
  2. I had a hard time with it at first because I thought they were making fun of mentally challenged kids, then realized that was not the case and enjoyed later on. VOTE 4 PEDRO!!
  3. Also that FF on Taylor was a great play. I don't feel JT was being careless with the rock.
  4. He had a 100 yard game with 1 TD already, doesn't that count?
  5. It's nice to see dividends paying whereas others have failed like Q Wilson, and T.? Green <safety>.
  6. Maybe Ya Sin but I thought Carrie did just fine.
  7. It's weird too, because he HAS played with confidence a few games, 2nd or 3rd one this year, and looked great. I feel he has the physical tools, but something mental is prohibiting him at the moment. I hope he bounces back!
  8. I remember when he didn't look good a few years back. Man he's come along way and he's kicking butt this year. Henry may have found his match !!
  9. I love how he pushes his body forward, knifing in on plays. Always extending and driving. He played great tonight!!
  10. I was thinking the same thing about Pittman and Hilton. On a separate note, Carrie had a great game!! I loved his aggression on D!
  11. Rodgers will eat a soft zone alive. Here's to bringing some pressure.
  12. Rivers is up and down, but tonight he played great!
  13. And I'll take a win by 3 scores over stopping Henry short of 100 any day of the week!!
  14. Meant to clarify, at the end of the game. He earned some crucial first downs in the first half and was running hard.
  15. Hines seems to have a knack for it lately. He had that pass the other game where he was heading out of bounds, spun in and continued on for a TD.
  16. I really would love to see a two back set as well. Like you said, both Taylor and Hines can catch, so that would keep them guessing if it were a HB pass.
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