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  1. I tweaked the order based on the format from schedule leaks. If the week one leaked game is correct, I guessed the right opponent for MNF, just the wrong month. Expected format for 2020 schedule: Week 1-4: Out-of-Conference games Week 5-6: Equal-place Conference games Week 7-10: Divisional games/Bye weeks Week 11-14: Inter-conference games Week 15-17: Divisional games 9/14/20 Packers (ESPN) 8:15pm 9/20/20 at Lions (CBS) 1pm 9/27/20 at Bears (CBS) 1pm 10/4/20 Vikings (FOX) 1pm 10/11/20 at Raiders (CBS) 4:05pm 10/18/20
  2. Here is my annual prediction - I've included 3 prime time games. We haven't ended the season at Houston since 2003 and have never done it since the NFL started scheduling divisional finales in 2010 - we are overdue. 9/13/20 Jets (CBS) 1pm 9/20/20 at Jags (CBS) 1pm 9/27/20 at Lions (CBS) 1pm 10/4/20 Bengals (CBS) 1pm 10/11/20 at Steelers (CBS) 4:25pm 10/18/20 Vikings (FOX) 1pm 10/26/20 Packers (ESPN) 8:15pm 11/1/20 BYE 11/8/20 at Titans (CBS) 1pm 11/15/20 at Bears (CBS) 1pm 11/22/20 Texans (CBS) 1pm 11/29/20 at Browns (CBS) 1pm
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