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  1. You do realize the coaches and organization made him a Captain!? Have you ever had that title in your fantastic life?
  2. Absolutely! 5 boys, all spoiled Colts Fans, they have had like 2 losing seasons in their existence on this earth. I’m a true Colts fan since 1966, I lived through the Colts! Just saying, great deal for college students! 1/4 of the cost!
  3. Here they are! The way we beat the Texans is pressure the Qb! Go Blue!!
  4. Performance has been poor. His future will be based on his outcomes, which have not happened so far this year. He will take advantage of his limited role or not. Needs to make plays, I would settle for some batted down balls at this point. Good guy personally and in the locker room, but he will be gone if he doesn’t pick up his play.
  5. It’s great to see him hanging out with Jacoby! For those of you that don’t like seeing him, ignore this post. Go take your daily dose of your real life bitter pill. Andrew Luck is the man and any way he wants to be connected with our great franchise, I say you are always invited in!
  6. You have to see McAfee’s piece on the Colts this morning!! Instant classic. I’m going to enjoy these next 2 weeks so much. Truly loving our Colt’s nation banter after a huge regular season win. One of the best ever as a Colt’s fan. Yes the Raider’s loss stunk, but Carr was not sacked at all by the vaunted Bear’s defense yesterday. We can all argue we should be undefeated. Go Blue! Get healthy and enjoy your bye week.
  7. Yes I appreciate it! Not sure if it was my thread or MP Stack saying we wouldn’t have any sacks in our next 3 games. Anyways, a lot less stunting last night and a much more speed, bull rush. They all used there hands much better too. Let’s get the Maniac back healthy and see if the pressure can continue. Nice to see Moore get home last night off the edge. Go Blue!!
  8. 2 out 3 go our way. Oakland looks for real too. Let’s tee it up!
  9. Let’s go Buffalo, Carolina and Atlanta!!!
  10. We need to avoid 3 and outs all day offensively.
  11. Gear news! Any word on Mack?
  12. Ummm 3 Interceptions! That was not pretty vs. LSU
  13. Let’s see if this famous prediction comes true! You are 2 for 2 so far.
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