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  1. We are bringing in a Defensive lineman and a Tight-end for certain this week. Both big names! The rest will be some of our guys getting resigned. Then Wr, tackle, corner address in the draft.
  2. How many days are we into the trade for Wentz and not one article on the Home page of our football team’s website? Waiting for a physical or what to announce formally??
  3. Agree with you 100%. So many more positives than negatives. Love this organization from top to bottom. They have put the fun back into being a Colts fan.
  4. Believe in Ballard! He pulled a guy off the streets to play left tackle, can’t wait to see his moves to take us to the top this off-season. With JT, Pittman, Campbell, our offensive line. Life is good baby. Pull up a chair and watch. If he sticks 4 out of 7 picks again this draft, pulls a Buckner trade out of the hat. We are a 13 win team next year no doubt!
  5. It’s a game of inches and when we rewatch this game, it comes down to just that. The loss stings, I knew we would drive it down the field and win. 472 yards, no sacks or turnovers. This was our game to win! This off-season with Ballard will be fun to watch. Who stays, who goes? Old and young! Any prime time gAmes in Indy?? Phillip, Stafford, Darnold, Wentz, a Rookie??? Houston, Castonzo, Hilton. All good topics till we kick it off again. Thank you Colts! Good season and a playoff game to the end. The Sun will come out tomorrow!!
  6. Am I the only one seeing that Rivers is hurt?!!?!??
  7. Romo is outstanding. Just watched the block in the back by Glow with about a minute and some change on the clock in the first half. 68 yard gain by Hines called back on the absolute worst call of the year!!! I dare you to top me on the worst referee call made against us all year! If you listen to what Romo said after the call, it was the beginning of the end. I beg to find out the ref who threw the flag. It was the worst yellow flag that hit the turf all year!! Good luck trying to prove me wrong.
  8. Love it! Welcome to Blue Heaven or well sometimes the rotten pits of you know where. Get ready for some fun.
  9. Here is what we know, get into the dance and we will wreak havoc. That 4th quarter of the Steelers game is still killing me. A nice margarita has me believing in fate. We win, we’re dancing. Then we show everyone we are the real deal!
  10. 15 years of getting beat by Trevor Lawrence, can’t wait. We just saw Phillip the last time in a meaningful game. What a shame. Everytime AC is out, we lose!!
  11. Collapse, I knew yesterday our hearts would get ripped out. That was gut wrenching. Major shakeup coming after this one. Rock, Burton, special teams looked horrible. It’s a loss to the Steelers, these always linger and leave the worst taste in your mouth. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jacksonville sweeps us. Ughhh, so empty feeling.
  12. That was a gut wrenching loss by the Raiders!! let’s get ready to have our heart ripped out tomorrow!! Wow
  13. Who plays both ways, Grover at right tackle and D-Buck at left tackle!! Problem Solved... Let’s go Raidas!!!
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