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  1. Congratulations to both Darius Leonard and Quentin Nelson!! Both so deserving. It’s a great pleasure as a Colt’s fan to have you representing the Shoe.
  2. Was there a corner in last years draft better then Rock after we selected him? Did we get the pick right? Yes or no is the question.
  3. The Brass upstairs has to do something to put cheeks in the seats! Giving Chad Kelly a shot is what has to happen. Why else would we tune in or attend??? make this happen.
  4. The great news is the amount of fans wanting to see Kelly in the final 2 games will be to much for the organization to not make it happen. At least the rest of the country has turned off this **** show
  5. Did you see Wilson gets his ankles broken by Brees!!??
  6. Quincy is saying, you diss me, I will let everybody catch a pass
  7. 8 seconds to throw! He looks horrible
  8. If we have another 3 and out? Does Frank bench Jacoby?
  9. Offensive Line is doing its job! Jacoby is flat out terrible
  10. Khari Willis hasn’t been the same since the concussion! jacoby with happy feet
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