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  1. I certainly think we are a better team with Rhodes and Carrie healthy and playing. Just simply posing a question from many observances on the field or sideline, are they we guys or me guys? That clip was not the driver of my comment.
  2. You can read things watching that clip. Carrie and Rhodes?? Are they team guys or me guys?? What are your thoughts.
  3. The Titans look great right now, with the defensive front 7 in my eyes playing awesome. Put TY in the mix, pray JT is not dinged up, Carson’s lack of mobility in game 1 was the biggest issue in that game. I think we know how to beat them and we end up splitting with them as usual.
  4. Love the mobility of Carson, this was completely lacking in Game 1 vs. Titans! That will make a difference Hoping we get Rock, Turay and Dayo back this week D Buck and D Leonard played great Great to see Q back! Regardless of the holding calls Hines will have a wake up game this week, we need him terribly Coverage teams gave up more than normal last night Jack has disappeared in the passing game.
  5. Kenny can blitz effectively if he can anticipate the cadence better, your reference to the lack of talent on the D overall is ludicrous. We have 3 top tier players and D Buck in my opinion is the key to our entire system. He admits his game needs to improve urgently and become a true game wrecker for us. Your contrarian views are comical.
  6. Please someone wake me up from this nightmare
  7. I feel numb, that’s as tough of a loss that we have suffered in my lifetime
  8. Would we win if Braden, Q, TY, Kwity we’re playing. Would we win if our team had a preseason? Not one person gives us a shot!!! Believe!!! Go blue!!!
  9. Would we win if Braden, Q, TY, Kwity we’re playing. Would we win if our team had a preseason? Not one person gives us a shot!!! Believe!!! Go blue!!!
  10. I shook Don Shinnick’s hand and the rest was history. Been a die hard Colt’s fan for 55 years. Was in Memorial stadium for the very last Colts game and the announced attendance was 27,000 fans. Lived in Northern Virginia and despised the Redskins. Since then, we raised 5 boys all Colts fans and they certainly grew up in the Glory Days with Peyton. I will go wherever the Horseshoe goes, I love Maryland Crab, but walking into the RCA dome or Lucas Oil is a thrill. We Are “Indianapolis”! Greatest game ever was when we won the Super Bowl in Miami and I was there in the Rain, it felt like champagne falling from the skies!
  11. We are 7 point dogs to the Ravens, let’s get some players back this week. Braden and Willis would help.
  12. Big win and it puts us right in the thick of it. Titans will not get away from anyone, Tannehill is getting clobbered weekly, that is not sustainable for him. I’m hoping Jack can become more a part of the offense as I believe it makes Carson more dangerous with the use of the T.E. Group. Overall, Sandejo held up well at safety and loved Dulin’s special teams efforts. Best guess on TY return??
  13. Today is the day we win! I think Parris has some big shots and we have 3 takeaways. Go Blue!!! Hoping for Jets Budweiser upset!!!
  14. Carson is going to launch today, guaranteed 3 plus bombs today to take advantage of the One on ones
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