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  1. Pascal and Johnson are 4th or 5th receivers at best. Glad they are enjoying a bit of success but they can’t be expected to start if the Colts want any success
  2. I’m sure they scouted and saw the #2 run defense in the NFL. Like I said, they have more information than the people around here.
  3. When Pagano would run on 1st and 2nd down everyone complained. These are NFL coaches making decisions on the fly with way more information than we have. I trust their judgment to make the right call. The real reason it isn’t working is bc we aren’t very good
  4. This x1000. Luck didn’t quit on the Colts, he quit playing football. It’s always sad to see one of the more talented employees change careers but you gotta respect it. I don’t agree with Andrew Luck’s decision one bit and think it’s a huge mistake. However, he obviously isn’t career oriented towards football and wants to do something else. He gave us his full effort while he was here and that is all you can ask for. If he had sucked no one would be complaining so just let it go.
  5. Goodness stop with Chad Kelly stuff. He is not the answer either. Our franchise QB is not on the roster. Colts will be in NFL purgatory for years bc Luck retired. The team was built to compete with him leading the way. By the time a QB is drafted and developed the OL will have aged and we will be in the same boat. It just didn’t work out for the Colts timing wise. We enjoyed 15 good to great years but we won’t compete for SBs anytime soon
  6. Dude probably doesn’t want to live in Indy. Winters suck and not much endorsement wise locally. He tried to get paid and it didn’t work out for him. I don’t care if we sign him or not, season has been over for a couple weeks now. Rather put some of the better young guys in and see what we have.
  7. So you want to get rid of one backup for another backup?
  8. Brissett is an average QB and merely a bridge to who we choose in the next year or two. The team is deep in a lot of positions which will win us ball games. We are a 6 to 10 win team with Brissett depending on health and schedule. This isn’t completely his fault tho. The team was being built for Luck. No one anticipated him quitting. I’m positive Ballard will draft accordingly and do what’s best for the team
  9. I think he is guaranteed 4 game checks anyways so probably keeping him available during that time.
  10. I went over and checked out a few Steelers boards to see what they think of Cain. They aren’t talking about him at all. More upset they cut one of their own guys.
  11. I’m undefeated in ROH games. Just sayin..
  12. Brady isn’t leaving NE but I would love to get him for his last two years. Haven’t followed Rivers at all but I could see us go the veteran route before drafting a rookie in the top 10
  13. It’s sad to see something come to an end. AV has been great for years but we all knew this would eventually come. Let him finish out the year bc He is still better than anyone off the street. Also, people need to chill out. Colts have been playing with Fire all year. Every game has been decided by one score. We have won 5 of those. We are already beating the odds but let’s face it...we are depleted at WR with a back up QB and no pass rush. This season has been great but law of averages point to this being a 6 to 10 win team each year. For a comparable situation look at the Cowboys, dominate OL with creative coach but middle of the road QB. 7-9 to 10-6 team Depending on schedule. Sometimes we will do well and other times we will lose heartbreakers. I’m glad we are competitive and it makes a really enjoyable experience each week win or lose.
  14. I will lead with I totally understand where you are coming from and why you believe this. I normally would agree with you but I’m still skeptical about this team. I have nothing to back it up so the Colts keep proving me wrong. I believe all the games this year have been decided by 7pts or less. The margin of error is so small I predict us eventually losing some of these games if this continues. The injuries to Fountain and Funchess is the big killer. Losing both really created a huge void to fill. I feel we need help at both WR and pass rush to compete in January. If the offense was clicking more I could see Ballard getting a veteran on defense to push us over the top. With all this, I am enjoying watching the games bc they are nail biters. My family is probably tired of my emotional roller coaster I’m having each week. They went to the grocery store this last time and let me watch alone lol.
  15. 14-3. Explain to me how trading for Ryan Kerrigan will be the player that puts us over the top to win a Super Bowl. Ballard has said over and over that the team will be built from the draft but people complain every year bc we don’t waste draft capital on old players. This one is not even available for trade!!! Guess those facts don’t matter either. Smh.
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