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  1. DE and OL are top priority if not taking a QB of the future. WR is a need and I assume one will be taken. Can really go BPA with all three positions when on the clock.
  2. All three levels of the D could use another player. DE, CB, SS and Mike in that order of importance.
  3. How many other people don’t think any of the options are good? I don’t want any of the FAs, backups, failed Or questionable draft picks on other teams and really not a fan of this draft class besides Tua and maybe Jacob Eason. It appears Ballard bought himself another year or two with the best option that was out there. Everyone else kinda sucks or has so many questions it’s not worth it. I will be interested to see if Ballard trades up into end of the first to draft a guy if he falls.
  4. Rivers - 28td 15int 4000yds Hines - 10 total tds TY - goes on IR in final season as Colt Hooker - 5 interceptions Colts go 9-7 and miss playoffs bc Rivers fades at the end of the season
  5. Oh wow. I am not watching video games on tv. The kids do that all day on YouTube and it’s super annoying.
  6. Maybe they are bringing TJ Green back?!?
  7. This is pure speculation but if Ebron wanted an extension and wasn’t given one then watched his role drop bc of QB play while playing hurt...can you blame him for having surgery and getting better? These players are employees and the teams are companies...both are entitled to do what’s best for them. No one blinks when a team cuts a player for underperforming but if a player quits bc the team that doesn’t want him sucks...he is all of a sudden a bad guy? Kind of a double standard.
  8. I’m sure that number will go down a bit with other signings and after the draft. However, a lot of complaints are going around about certain contracts like JBs. The Colts are in a great position to sign players to extensions like Darius Leonard and Braden Smith and still bring in outside players to contribute. Ballard is a good GM
  9. The JB signing is smart. Obviously Ballard doesn’t value these QBs in the drafT as highly as most. Also, no one predicted Rivers would be able to walk from the Chargers coming off a good season. Ballard and Reich has an idea what QBs we’re going to be available in 2020 and why they signed JB for two years. Honestly, they got the best QB available via free agency, draft or trade and I commend the FO for not sticking by their sorta mistake in JB. This forum is goofy. They complained about the Colts sticking with the status quo and playing people even tho it wasn’t working. Now we have a GM that isn’t afraid to upgrade over a decision he previously made and people complain. What do you think happens when a player works out? If you choose to move on you normally always take some kind of cap hit. I think we will have 50million in cap next year just from the QB room. We are in good shape and we have a solid QB room to compete for the playoffs. Maybe it works out and maybe it doesn’t. At least Ballard is trying something instead of running out the same nonesense that went 7-9 last year.
  10. So let me get this straight...Ballard has his franchise QB quit on him prior to the season starting and before the next draft and less than a week in FA he is being criticized for not having the situation resolved for the foreseeable future? Talk about impatient. He signed the best QB that’s available this year. I honestly believe that’s including those available in the draft. I believe all 4 of the top QBs in the draft have major bust written all over them. Maybe 1-2 will have some moderate success for 3-5 yrs but none of them are franchise guys. I would not tie my future and career to any of them. Maybe I’m wrong and Ballard trades into the late first and grabs someone...who knows
  11. Everyone is complaining about the cap hit in the QB room. CB signed QBs for what he needed to pay them. They obviously believed JB had a chance to develop into a franchise QB and he was already a leader in the locker room. So they gave him a raise. The Colts talked about culture and being a team non stop. Then they show it by taking care of one of the leaders in the locker room. All of the money comes off next year and we still have plenty of cap space. I would be be more upset about Andrew Luck still costing money bc he is a quitter then JB who had a decent season for a second year starter.
  12. I wouldn’t mind a 1-2 year deal for suh. Could you imagine a Buckner, Suh Autry rotation!!?! Houston and Turray on the outside with our depth pieces getting eased into playing time. Man that would be an impressive line and possibly top 10. Line backers and Hooker would feast and this D would play fast and cause turnovers and TFLs
  13. I went with 8. What he did last year with a lack of star power, moderate depth and a backup QB was amazing. Injuries were a killer and the team still played hard. I also love that he didn’t cave to nonsense noise and play Chad Kelly. Fans want to see what he has in games, FR sees it in practice and knows what he is doing. Seriously, he sees it everyday and he didn’t get a minute of playing time. Tells you something.
  14. I just hope they don’t hurt each other.
  15. I do too but it’s illegal in my state. Until that’s different I don’t risk it anymore. Been years since I have but I know a lot of people that smoke anyways. What’s crazy is I live 20min from the state line so it wouldn’t be difficult to get.
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