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  1. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    I’m interested to see the colts in 12 personnel with Ty, Funchess, Ebron, Doyle and Hines out of the backfield. This formation seems like it could create huge mismatches. If Hines improves on running between the tackles it could be a go to chain moving lineup on 3rd down that has a lot of options. Defenses can’t drop a safety in the box bc it opens up the seams. If they go nickel we will have a huge size advantage that can open up run lanes.
  2. AwesomeAustin

    Free Agent Visits

    QB and our kickers are the only position groups that couldn’t be upgraded. We should welcome all potential value free agents that fit what we are doing and take BPA in the draft. Competition should always be priority.
  3. Bell to the Jets Collins to Skins Ford to 49ers Brown to Raiders OBJ to Browns None of these teams are contenders. They have and will be the joke of the league for a long time. Maybe the Browns can make the playoffs in the next few years but they haven’t since 2002. Let’s just pump the brakes a little and see what happens. I am am so glad Ballard is disciplined bc these moves are terrible. The off-season is won after the first few weeks of FA and of course the draft. I’m super excited to see who the Colts pick up. I never really try to predict signings and draft picks and like the wait and see approach. Once the Colts make a move I research the player to see why they may fit the team.
  4. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    Its a moot point. Beasly signed with the bills
  5. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    As of right now I would put Pascal at 5th or 6th. Depends on how Cain comes back. I believe Rogers is still ahead of Pascal bc of experience and ability to return kicks but that could change this offseason. I shouldn’t have put #3 the way it is bc it is pure speculation and I really want them to resign Inman. I don’t think anyone on our roster can adequately fill the #3 wr role at this moment. I hope Ballard upgrades it but he has brought a lot of players in so see it being done by committee until someone separates from the others. It could definitely be Pascal but I doubt it. He is on his third team and is merely injury depth in my eyes. I hope I am wrong.
  6. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    TY, Funchess and Beasley would be a great trio on paper. I would be on board with that despite how much I like Innman.
  7. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    I have high hopes for Cain also. However he is a rookie coming off a knee injury. WR is one of the hardest positions to learn in the NFL. He will need to keep learning but I can see him cracking the top 4 or possibly 3 if there is an injury by the end of the season. He will also need to stay healthy himself.
  8. AwesomeAustin

    Projected WRs

    I am very positive about the Funchess signing. I thought we over paid for Ebron last year and I was wrong in so many ways. If Ballard and Reich see enough in Funchess to pay him a $10mil base, I will trust the process. He is a big bodied receiver this board had been wanting for awhile. I feel he will be a great target for 3rd down and in the red zone. 1. Hilton 2. Funchess 3. Draft pick or I hope Innman 4. Rogers 5. Cain 6. Battle between several players which is great. 3rd spot is wide open and a work in progress. Ebron acts as a 3rd receiver a lot so hopefully the size of him and Funchess will force defenses into mismatches often. This is shaping up to be a very good group of receivers. Remember, Luck threw 39 TDS to a revolving group of’s already improved.
  9. AwesomeAustin

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Basically he averaged 40 receptions, 600yds and 5td a year with Cam stupid Newton as his QB. I predict 65 receptions, 900yds and 7 TDS. If he locks on as a red zone threat we will be in really good shape. Good signing and helps meeting cap minimum
  10. AwesomeAustin

    So much for free agency...

    So the tampering period is 12hrs old and people are already upset?!? Ballard didn’t sign any big names last year and we made the playoffs. He knows more than what these people think. Geesh
  11. That’s crazy money and he won’t see the end of that contract. I would be furious if Ballard paid that. He was obviously chasing the money so congrats to him and enjoy. We can sign him in 5 yrs for cheap to be a veteran leader in the locker room.
  12. AwesomeAustin

    Is Jordan Wilkins Overlooked?

    He needs to keep doing what he is doing and opportunity will come his way. Mack will suffer injuries like most backs do and when that time come Wilkins is a viable option to step up. Typically rookie running backs struggle with pass pro. We may see a sophomore jump from him. Mack is better and I don’t think Mack is a legit rb1. Between the three, they will produce enough to provide a viable running game.
  13. AwesomeAustin

    Dee Ford Rapoport Speculation

    I was hoping Ballard would go after Ford in FA. However, giving up a draft pick and signing him to an extension is too much. Unless it is for a 4th or later.
  14. AwesomeAustin

    One stance I refuse to back down from this offseason.

    Every single position group besides QB needs upgraded. Take BPA for the first 4-5rds and it works out how it works out. I stud SS would be great in this defense. If we can get one in FA that would be awesome...if we get one in the draft even better. I can say that about almost every position on the team.
  15. If you want to be a good team you must learn to sustain success while picking in the later part of each round. NE, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Seattle, Green Bay are examples of organizations that understand what players fit their systems and allows them to continue being successful. The goal is to win your division for a home game in the playoffs. Getting to the dance as much as you can gives you more chances to go to the Super Bowl.