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  1. I think they should be doing that every year in the draft for any pick before the 6th round. I’ve made the mistake more than once of falling for someone’s potential knowing they were questionable as a person. No matter what I did for them they ultimately made bad decisions became too much. They stunted their development, caused issues among other workers and were just a handful. I will take a group full of good men that can work together any day of the week.
  2. Depends of your expectation value where guys are drafted. If grading on potential we could possibly get 3 starters(both bookends at DE and safety), one heavy rotational TE and a backup OL. That is an extremely successful draft especially missing a third round pick and getting three guys making the roster from day 3. They could also flame out so who knows?
  3. I would rather have Wentz, Paye and Davis than Fields. Fields is going to bust up there in Chicago. In three years when we are basically penciled in for AFC south title every year and Chicago is looking for a new QB, everyone will know Ballard made the better of the two choices
  4. Of course every single situation has its own intricacies but I trust a young person to rebound more than an older vet with mileage. Fisher is ok. Maybe the perfect stop gap of he can regain form. Dayo should bounce back nicely and be a beast. I see his floor as an average starter even with injury questions.
  5. I wonder how many people wanting Fisher said we wasted our 2nd round pick. Same injury right? I’m good with signing him or Leno. Whatever the team decides typically works out.
  6. Some questionable calls but also bad plays by some of the players. Colts got beat by the better team that day.
  7. Rivers, Houston and Autry didn’t get it done. We have replaced them with younger players with more upside. Time for our staff to get to work.
  8. Solid B. This DL is going to turn into our strength soon, even with the great OL we have. Combined with Lewis and Turray this could be a killer rotation. There wasn’t a single position group that couldn’t of used an upgrade. Besides Paye and Fries I had never heard of any of these guys. Going to take a wait and see approach and judge by how many starters come from this class 2-3 years from now.
  9. Great points. I do think the Colts are in position to win the division. I feel like the pieces are there to become SB contenders. We need a QB, OT,WR, DE and CB. QB was addressed with a 1st and 3rd, OT with two FA signings(Tevi and Davenport), WR with two 2nds, a 6th and resigning Hilton, DE with four 2nds and a 1st, and CB with a 2nd, 5th and three FA signings(Moore, Rhodes and Carrie). The team is very much addressing positions needed to take the next step. These guys have to step up and develop.
  10. That second play. He literally slapped the RB down. Love it
  11. But you build a team inside out. Not a lot of star power on the outside but enough players there to count on good production. I see CB more of an issue than WR. We have three promising young receivers and one of them will become the #1 and another will become a good starter. We need a playmaker in the secondary. Protect the QB, Get after their QB and take the ball away to give it back to your QB. That’s how you win. I think this is a great core but if it doesn’t work, Ballard and/or Reich will be out. No excuses...there are enough pieces here to win the division. They have to produce now.
  12. I agree but that’s how it is for every GM and coach. He has picked his QB and he has two pieces for his DL and OL and a great LB and RB to build around. There is his core. This is the group CB is tying his legacy to and if it flops he is out. It won’t tho. This is a darn good group. Man I’m excited to be a Colts fan. This is going to be a tough team to beat!!
  13. If he can set the edge and get to the QB 7-10 times a year for the next decade that will be a huge success.
  14. Who is that? Never heard him mentioned here.
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