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  1. They should hold onto JB and collect the comp pick when he signs elsewhere. Good insurance and allows Kelly to be in our system for a year. We already have an extra second for next years draft, JBs comp pick would be for 2021 making it 4yrs in a row with an extra pick. That’s how you build a deep roster.
  2. I saved 15% by switching to Geico
  3. I have so much respect for pro players. I played semi pro football and my fastest 40 was 4.78 and I played strong safety and corner. I don’t think a lot of people realize how good these guys that are backups or even get cut are.
  4. He is too injury prone. Time to move on
  5. I am excited about Cain as a lot of people are. There is a lot of buzz about him. I wouldn’t say he is a lock to make the roster tho. He hasn’t even played a full game yet. Let’s make sure he can stay healthy and consistently make plays against other teams before we award him a roster spot.
  6. Time for the young guys to step up. Big loss of veteran leadership right there
  7. Zach Martin is better than Q. For now....
  8. Players should hold out for every penny they can get when that is their only leverage. Melvin Gordon and Leveon Bell are prime examples of owners working the system to their benefit. Which I agree with. Use the rules and tools available to maximize your position. For players that is holding out for a contract or trade and owners that is the franchise tag, slotted rookie deals and unguaranteed contracts.
  9. Anything can happen with a young team. I was questioned multiple times in the thread claiming Colts were next powerhouse bc I called them a fringe playoff team. They needed to go 9-1 down the stretch to make the playoffs. Only one other team did that in the modern day era. Can the Colts build off that momentum and stay hot? Could some of these great rookies have sophomore slumps? Can they stay healthy? Will a 2nd receiver finally emerge? When Hilton is banged up or neutralized the offense stalls. Also, the schedule is brutal but I still think we will contend for the division title. 8-8 or 9-7 would not shock me...I predict 10-6 bc I think Reich is the real deal. We will find out.
  10. Don’t need to worry a bit. I hang out with peers in my field as well. We have a lot in common. Taylor Lewan played college ball at Michigan so I’m sure they have ran across each other before and have been friends.
  11. Due diligence. Kick the tires on anything you can and maybe you catch lightning in a bottle.
  12. Really can’t afford Turray to flop bc of laziness. I hope he gets his act together and realize he could become the #1 guy on the line come contract time. That could mean millions or could mean his job. I’ve unfortunately have done this with multiple people with great potential in my company. When up for their review, instead of getting a raise they are given their walking papers due to lack of performance and laziness. I found out quickly you can’t teach work ethic and professionalism. Either they have it or they don’t.
  13. Thats the key to sustained success. Hopefully your team can keep choosing players that fit their system and adapt as times and players change. I believe we do have that in place. In a couple years it should be a well oiled machine and legitimate SB contenders.
  14. I will begin with I’m glad the Colts went on their winning streak and made the playoffs. You play to win and never tank...ever. However, I was hoping we had one more year of picking in the top 15 so we could grab another tackle and really have our core of linemen for the remainder of Lucks career. AC is a starting caliber tackle but the drop off behind him is drastic. Same happened with Grigson and Pagano, they had immediate success as they were turning the worst roster in the league over. They never were able to have that 3yrs of higher draft picks and whiffed on the ones they chose or traded for bc well, Grigson wasn’t that good at evaluating players and neither was Pagano at developing them.
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