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  1. AwesomeAustin

    Colts draft spot

    This would be a decent trade if possible. However, if we can get a pick in the top of the 2nd for Brissett then I would prefer another player.
  2. AwesomeAustin

    Luck Hall of fame

    I personally don’t see Luck making the HOF. He is one of my favorite players but doesn’t get the coverage needed. The media is always picking someone else to be the next darling of the NFL and Luck flies under the radar. However, to answer the question he would need to win an MVP or two and a couple SBs. Just like he got snubbed from the Pro Bowl the same will happen with the HOF. Doesn’t mean he won’t deserve it but people are Colts haters.
  3. McDaniels had a multitude of reasons why he didn’t want to work for the Colts. It’s ok. We are not entitled to his services. I think we have the right coach and I’m thankful for also getting the right DC. We are set up for the future and everything is water under the bridge. I wish McDaniels the best and hope he finds the right spot for him to further his career.
  4. AwesomeAustin

    What afc team scares you the most?

    The Texans then the Chiefs scare me the most bc that’s who we have to beat to make the AFC championship. Both teams are more than capable of knocking us out of the playoffs on their home turf. I like our chances but this is football in January and every team is good.
  5. AwesomeAustin

    Would you rather...

    Wide receiver all the way. The rules are set up for QBs to pass the ball to receivers. Plus you don’t see many TEs taking a pass to the house.
  6. AwesomeAustin

    Former Colt Denzelle Good talks about the colts

    I only have a couple former employees that have good things to say about me. I have never fired anyone for unjust causes. They brought it all upon themselves but tend to focus on one particular incident, that put in a vacuum, makes them look wronged. Former employees hardly ever look objectively at their entire body of work to understand why it didn’t work out. Good businesses don’t fire good employees. They do fire bad employees that have good moments that our outweighed by the baggage that goes along with them. Example: My brother was fired for the 3rd time in 2yrs from a job. After each one he had a story about how he was wronged and they let go their best fork truck driver, painter then plumber. He got mad whenever I told him businesses don’t fire their best employee especially when they supposedly became the best in a few months. Typical can’t recognize his own faults while over valuing his own worth.
  7. AwesomeAustin

    Since week 11 Colts are...

    The playoffs for the Colts start Sunday night. A loss ends the season and this Titans squad should not be taken lightly. It will be a tough game on the road against a team with their season on the line too. Colts must control the line of scrimmage and force the TN to abandon the run and play to our strengths.
  8. I catch hell all the time bc I’m I huge University of Tennessee fan. I was never impressed with Manning during big games. He could never beat Florida and the year after he leaves we win the national championship. However, he was just part of the reason. The colts teams were built to win in the regular season and in the playoffs everything slows down. You are playing against good offenses and defenses every week and weaknesses are exploited. I felt our defenses could not stop anyone and our finesse offense would get pushed around.
  9. AwesomeAustin

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    I’m not a fan of high priced free agents. However if Ballard offered him 3yrs 45mil with 20mil guaranteed and none on the 3rd year I would be ok with it. IM also fine with never bringing him in for a visit and telling his agent it’s a hard Noooooooo.
  10. AwesomeAustin

    An early look at our upcoming free agents.

    What guys have one year left and are due for an extension?
  11. AwesomeAustin


    I vote for you to not write in all caps
  12. AwesomeAustin

    Week 16 Colts Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    I’m already super impressed with the Colts this year. I didn’t think they would win 8 games and I definitely didn’t think they would win both games against the Texas teams...let alone in such convincing fashion. If they win out I will probably make a crow eating thread bc I was convinced this team would falter down the stretch. Of course I want the playoffs but even if they don’t make it I am super impressed and excited to watch the Colts play again.
  13. AwesomeAustin

    Colts might play in London 2019

    I personally hate the London games. I don’t know why bc I don’t have to go anywhere lol. I know some players dislike going out of the country. However, there are lots of fans in Europe and they enjoy it. When I went to school in England for 4th grade people loved football. They would tape the games and have parties and watch the games together. This was in 1991-1992. It’s obviously more popular now.
  14. AwesomeAustin

    Dallas. How Will The Media Call The Odds On This Game?

    Houston was on a big winning streak but they have done didly squat as a franchise. Indy as of now is on the outside looking in but has a chance. The media isn’t covering it bc in typical AFC South fashion, the best team choked at home. Neither team is dominant and most teams poised to make the playoffs would probably be favored over both Houston and Indy. We are not a great team and therefor not receiving much coverage. This obviously could change but I think we are exactly what our record says we average team capable of winning games but also getting shut out by a team with a losing record with the playoffs on the line.