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  1. You knocked it out of the park and named the exact players I was thinking of. One of the DL and Rock need to start playing as average starters. I think Okereke does play a fair amount and I would have to check and see how his performance was last year before I can say. We don’t need them to be stars but they need to be capable starters.
  2. Yeah I agree Ballard will know what to do. I really doubt he would risk rolling with Eason just to save money. I guess I’m just ready for some of these drafted players to step up and become average starters or key backups. This roster is going to get top heavy and we need guys on rookie contracts playing quality football to fill out the roster. It’s coming and I bet this will be a killer team in 2-3 years and push for a conference championship game. I just want it now lol.
  3. I’m hoping there is a run on QBs and WRs pushing lineman down to us.
  4. Really depends what position they are targeting. If it’s a LT or DE maybe it’s best to get him in the first so there is the fifth year option. Trading back does get us more picks but I think this roster needs a couple more impact players instead of average ceiling types. More likely to get that in the 1st.
  5. I don’t understand why you are being so combative but can you please stop? We have differing opinions which is ok, I respect yours but not the way you are going about it. Your jabs are not wanted, needed or appropriate.
  6. Well I said I don’t think he is a fit for this defense. Maybe he would maybe he wouldn’t. He has played on a 3-4 defense and would likely change positions in our defense. Thinking that isn’t a good fit is just as “unreasonable” as you saying he fits any defense is. Both are assumptions that have logic behind them. So yeah.
  7. Colts really don’t have a choice but to go with Eason. There are holes at LT, both DE spots, CB 1 and 2, MLB, WR 1 and 3. Some spots will be addressed in the draft and the depth already on the team. The rest will need to be filled in with free agents. Our cap space will be used up quickly and spending it on a backup QB would limit other positions. Colts aren’t legitimate SB contenders this year with Wentz so give Eason the backup snaps in practice he needs and see what he has. If Wentz does return to form I believe we are a LT, DE, CB and WR away from making a major playoff push. Those are
  8. I don’t think JJ Watt fits this defense. He had been a great player but Houston is aging better. I would rather resign him and Autry and it’s time for one of these DL 2nd round picks to start performing at least as an average starter.
  9. Wasn’t the most memorable thing from that guys career being in charge of the Butt Fumble?
  10. 1. Resign Rhoads, Autry and Pascal 2. Draft LT, CB and DE 3. Extend Braeden Smith and Darius Leonard 4. Do whatever it takes to get a full offseason of preparation bc it’s time these 2nd round picks of Ballards step up. It’s their year to take over.
  11. Besides Gosder Cherilous(too lazy to spell check that) for one year, Grigson didn’t hit much. He did draft Kelly tho so props to that but I think he was hurt most of the time Grigson was still employed. Ballard hit on his FA’s but has drawn a big goose egg in the draft. This is the year one of those three 2nd round picks has to play at an average starter level. There are no more excuses, no waiting and definitely no patience. The free agent contracts were set to run out when these guys would be developed enough to take over. Not asking for star level of play, just become an average start
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