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  1. I saw the media tried to make it out that the Celtics had an easy path to the finals. They went 64-18 during the season and 16-3 in the postseason. That is absolute domination from start to finish. Awesome to see Indiana native Brad Stevens get his first ring!! I hope the Pacers close the gap and look forward to battling the Celtics the next few years.
  2. I believe he had 4 interceptions his rookie year and turnovers can make people look the other way with a players shortcomings. I for one thought he would improve and start to solidify himself as a starter. Good to know he didn’t really regress…big year for him as well. I hope at worst he proves to be a capable back up bc a team always needs depth.
  3. Ballard has been saying it for years that the trenches are where it’s at. Doesn’t matter what era of football has been around, you control the line of scrimmage and you control the game. He has accomplished it on the O side of the ball but has tried for years to get a DL that can do the same. I think we will see it come together this year and into the next two.
  4. Harrison, Cross, Blackmon and Thomas is not a terrible group. Someone obviously needs to step up and play beside Blackmon at his level. I think there is enough ability with those four to roll with them into training camp and see what happens.
  5. It would be best for the team if Cross can be a capable starter. Colts saw something in him and why they gave up a couple draft picks to move up and get him. This is a big year for Cross and I hope he comes through.
  6. I think he is performing close enough to his contract value it’s still ok. As long as he is a top 5-10 guard and a team captain he will be worth every penny of it. Not enough value is being put on him helping the multiple LTs the past three years and the C position has also battled injuries. Q being next to both of those is a good thing. I’m predicting if Q is left to just play LG and not help a rookie or backup, he will have a resurgent season.
  7. Don’t want to say the series is over but this could easily be done in 5 games. I just think the Celtics are too good this year to lose. I felt the Pacers played them really tough and they were swept. Mavs will challenge them but I think the Celtics are clearly the best team this year.
  8. I get both sides of the argument on Nelson. Has his production dipped a little? Yes. Is he still really good? Yes. I do wonder if those thinking he isn’t living up to his contract were against paying a guard big money from the start. I personally think everything is fine. Nelson is a core piece and I’m glad he is on this team. Especially since the LT and C spots have had injury and/or performance issues the last couple years. He has anchored the left side of the line while also being a leader of this team. Nelson is special and I feel lucky to watch him play on my favorite team. Players like him don’t come around often so I’m going to enjoy the show and appreciate the talent. It’s the offseason so we usually have topics that deep dive in the roster and cap construction. This is one of them and most points given are just splitting hairs. I believe most of us know the LG position is good to go and not a concern for this seasons future success. AR, pass rush and the secondary will dictate how well this team does but we have discussed those topics for months so they are running out of things to say.
  9. Didn’t watch the game last night but I’m going to chime in anyways. We have been discussing these playoffs at work and we were all unanimous picking the Celtics to win it all from the beginning. Nothing I saw in the playoffs has changed my mind. They are the best team this year and I think it will work out for them. One thing that works out to their advantage is how spread out the Finals are. They are just too good to be given extra time to rest and prepare. It is their year. Still, we have seen some terrific basketball and the runs the Pacers, Wolves and Mavs have made should put the league on notice. There will always be super teams but hopefully we see a change where bench depth is emphasized and more focus on having a complete team over a 3 headed monster. Celtics are able to have both this year and it will prove to be too much for the Mavs.
  10. Daniel Scott to IR. Is that the safety we drafted last year? Hopefully on IR so they could get someone in during OTAs and take a look.
  11. Zach Moss is a lot like MPJ. I think he is a rb1 but maybe not a bell cow. He was always good but not consistently great. I think he is going to a good situation. Bengals will always be a heavy passing team. Mosd should see his fair share of light boxes and produce enough to keep the defense honest. They should help each other enough they will maintain a potent offense over there in Cincy.
  12. It’s a good proposal but I see more value in letting Pierce play out his rookie contract. At the least, Pierce should be given this year with AR. There is a lot of promise with the top 4 WRs we have but as of right now only MPJ is set in stone. Downs had an incredible rookie year with a 68-771-2td stat line. I will say it’s close enough to expect him to get even better over the next few years. How much he will improve is yet to be seen. You can never have enough weapons for your QB so I would much prefer we keep them all and let the cream rise to the top. The NFL is hard. No promises guys will stay healthy, duplicate previous years or rookies pan out. This is going to be a big year for the Colts and establishing the core players to build around on offense. There will be intense battles for playing time in both the WR and TE groups. I say let them battle it out and we keep the winners.
  13. Would you look at that. Not sure what the discussion is about the OL besides boredom and possibly 2022 still lingering in one’s memory. I would say our OL is elite and if not, darn close. Probably our strongest position group on the team. It’s great there is depth being drafted and maybe 1-2 develops into a starter. I strongly feel we will invest high draft picks into the OL again in a couple years.
  14. Was a darn good season for the Pacers. Rough getting swept in the ECF but Boston was clearly the better team. There were games the Pacers could have won and made a series out of it and perhaps made it to the finals. In the end, they have a good team with some big decisions this offseason. I don’t know enough about basketball and the landscape of the league to even begin suggesting what they should do. I do know they have some good pieces on the bench and will be interested to see if they let them mature and contribute more or trade them for assets to win now.
  15. Very well said!! This is how I feel too. I think the Colts drafted these guys to develop and provide excellent backup play if needed. This will also allow the team to see if they are good enough to start when the time comes or they need to throw more draft capital at it. Either way the Colts are in the process of turning the OL Personally, I prefer high draft picks at the tackle spots bc it’s most likely to produce at an elite level. Of course, if one of these younger guys can produce that’s great. I just don’t want a serviceable starter that’s cheap. These tackles need to be franchise guys for 6-10 years. Easier said than done.
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