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  1. I believe he has three years left on his old deal.
  2. I was riding from Crawfordsville to just southeast of Monticello and took a back way I had never gone. Came up on a tractor pulling hay equipment. There was a guy riding on the back of the tractor behind the driver and he waved me to go around. As I went around the tractor started to turn left into a driveway. I swerved barely missing him but I had panic braked and the brakes locked up. I came to a stop about 60 ft past him and the driver was off his tractor yelling at me. Another driver that was behind me got out and started yelling at the farmer telling him the * 20 something helper had waved me around. I was glad that guy handled it bc my shock had turned to anger and I was ready to knock that guy out.
  3. Not sure being ranked #50 by his peers is them saying he is over rated.
  4. Man, I’m having a baby in 11 days and this entire summer I have told my friends I’m seriously considering selling my Harley bc I’m going to be a dad. I almost got hit by a tractor a couple months ago and it scared the bageezus out of me. The only reason why I haven’t is momma wants me to keep it bc she likes to ride with me. Still doesn’t change that I’m scared half of the time to get on it...she told me that will change when little guy is crying a lot and I want out of the house lol
  5. I honestly don’t think they are counting on Eason to be a franchise QB. He was drafted bc it was very good value in the 4th round. I bet the real expectation is for him to be a high quality back up. I’m sure they would love to catch lightning in a bottle but most likely Eason won’t pan out like the majority of drafted QBs despite pro quality physical talent. I could be wrong, nfl teams try forcing square pegs into round holes all the time. Look at Malik Hooker...
  6. This is like asking which fork truck driver has a better chance at management. Both are probably decent guys but chances are neither of them will be working there in 7 years and one of them won’t be driving a fork truck at all.
  7. That’s actually a great point lol. Cheer away!!
  8. I said pump the brakes on the SB talk. I think winning the division is very much dependent on QB play and the Colts did that on a regular basis with Manning. I will play devils advocate is also say the reason the Patriots teams have their rings is also bc Tom Brady played on them. They never won a title without TB and TB never won without the team. Just like Jordan never won without Pippen and Pippen never won without Jordan
  9. Tennessee kinda reminds me a lot like Dallas. Looks great on paper but kinda hangs around that .500 mark but can string together wins with that defense and running game. They are definitely built for the playoffs and their success hinges on what Tannehill can do when they need plays. I see the Colts built the same way so once in the playoffs anything can happen. No better way to neutralize home field advantage than by running the ball. I can see Houston finishing third as well bc all three of the AFC souths top teams are evenly matched. Should be some very good football to watch this fall
  10. I always feel like I’m the Debbie Downer but here I go. We have only made the playoffs once in the last 5 years. Perhaps we should pump the brakes on this Super Bowl talk. I think we have a chance to win the division but that means going thru Houston. Watson is the best QB in the division and one of the best in the league. They have their own set of issues but they are still a very good team and will always be tough to beat. I think this is the year we can do it.
  11. I think it says a lot about this team when there can be a discussion if it’s 4th round pick will make the team. Great depth everywhere. My opinion on either of these guys is it really doesn’t matter. Both are high level backups at best but most likely neither will have a career worth talking about.
  12. We all know a teams success hinges at the QB position...that has been discussed plenty. If you dig a little deeper you can see that Reich has assembled one heck of a coaching staff. He hasn’t been afraid to make changes or create new positions when coaching talent becomes available. The development of our young players is showing how much these coaches are doing their jobs. This year will really highlight that aspect. The key will be when the position coaches start taking promotions elsewhere. Developing teachers is just as important as players. Hopefully new talent can be found from within and amongst the available coaching pool.
  13. I thought I saw someone post(Chloe??) that he moved down the road to Zionsville. Something about there was a sound annoyance from a business by his neighborhood. Could be wrong but that’s what I think happened.
  14. This was very nice. I had avoiding clicking on it bc I figured it was a list of wants and demands the Colts needed to do that would be impossible to complete. Everyone in charge during this virus is in an extremely difficult position. They still have to run a profitable business so their employees can keep their jobs but in a way that meets the extreme and sometimes outlandish demands of society and politics. One wrong move the mob deems unworthy and it can cost careers. So...stay safe Mr Irsay, you have a tough road ahead of you.
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