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  1. Ballard has done a great job up to this point. However, I’ve said this for 1.5yrs. Luck retiring will ultimately cost Ballard and Reich their jobs. It’s not fair but unfair circumstances cost people their jobs every day. Only hope to keep their jobs is if they get a franchise QB on the roster within the next two off seasons. That may be enough if they can also win. Time will tell.
  2. Do I think the Colts will trade for Darnold? No. Am I qualified to know whether or not they should? Also a no. I want a franchise QB in the building just as much as the rest of you. I trust(or maybe the better term is accept) Ballard to make the right choices regarding the QB and the coaching staff.
  3. Most likely scenario is he probably would have retired. Dude has a lot of kids and would probably just go be a full time dad rather than someone’s backup plan. However, he is moving up in the record books and that means more to players than they tend to let on. Maybe that would have been enough for Rivers to sign with another team. Drew Brees will play every year Tom Brady does to stay ahead of him.
  4. Brady wasn’t coming here even if we were interested. Deflate gate was too much to get over and entertaining meetings with Brady would have risked losing Rivers who Reich and the OC were comfortable with. In the end Brady would have played elsewhere and the Colts would have been stuck scrambling just like with McDaniels. The Colts made the best decision with what was available...doesn’t mean it was a great choice but at least it made the most sense.
  5. I checked his stats after I posted. He is up to 12tds now. The kid is playing great and hopefully has a bright future.
  6. Yeah, Herbert is really surprising me. I thought he had bust written all over him. Hope the kid keeps it up bc he is playing well for a rookie
  7. I mean...besides one great game Rivers isn’t really lighting it up either. I hope he does come on strong and uses this Detroit game as his final primer bc it’s about to get difficult schedule wise. I kinda feel the Chargers, Bengals and Panthers all made the right decisions to let their QBs walk. We got the best of the castoffs which may work or be average. Next 4 games will tell us a lot.
  8. Is Y/T yards the ball travels for the reception? Do you have the average distance rivers throws each reception and where he ranks against other QBs? I tried a google search but didn’t see anything BTW, excellent write up. Very enjoyable
  9. Using Mahomes as an example is kinda an exercise in futility. Of course you trade multiple picks for the best QB in the game. I would give up 3 first round and two 2nds for Mahomes and a third any day of the week. That trade is the exception and not the rule. The real expectation level should be set at what should we do for a QB like Matt Ryan, D Watson or Matt Stafford. All three are good solid QBs but not in the conversation as the best. This is most likely the ceiling of whatever QB we would get. You can build teams around them and compete in the playoffs but if you miss on other part
  10. Definitely was one heck of a winning streak and everyone really enjoyed it. Hopefully they can stay competitive this year. I still enjoy watching them play win or lose
  11. Jacksonville went to the AFC title game and hasn’t done anything since. Atlanta and Carolina went to the Super Bowl and basically both collapsed after that. Sometimes teams just go on a good run. Yes, you can say they were above average for that last half of the season. The two seasons before and looking like the two seasons after the Colts have been merely average. Lots of different reasons why but I did think the team was heading in the right direction and had a chance to become elite. Im not saying the Colts are bad bc they aren’t. They just aren’t anything special. Head Co
  12. I give you that any team that did the run from 2018 is an above average team. I just think it was the perfect storm for that season only. I had the Colts still as a fringe playoff team before Luck retired. We knew KC, Baltimore, NE and Houston were going to be good. Pittsburgh and San Diego almost felt like locks(turns out they didn’t make the playoffs) and there is always a surprise team(Bills, Titans). Count Indy and that was 9 teams and only 6 were making the playoffs. I loved our chances(especially winning the division) but it wouldn’t have surprised me if injuries and/or a bad defense
  13. Reich is not a bad coach he just isn’t a good one. I’ve said this for two years even before Luck retired, this team is average. We were a fringe playoff team before Luck retired(To make the playoffs it took a winning streak that’s only happened one other time in the history of the NFL), now with captain noodle arm I really don’t see us making the playoffs. Maybe they surprise me but I think this team is about to collapse and be exposed against a harder schedule. I predict one of our coordinators to be fired after this season. That’s normally the beginning of the end for a head coach.
  14. This may be considered off topic but I hope Rivers doesn’t get into the HOF. I think he is the perfect example of a player who is a product of his generation. I get you can only play in the time your career is happening. Despite all the kinda impressive stats, Rivers averaged 8.7 wins a year. Another quick search showed he was something like 32-61 in one score games. He isn’t a winning QB and why I’m not surprised we have dropped a couple games that were winnable. He is an average QB on the decline so our team will also be average. It’s ok, I still enjoy watching the games. To s
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