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    Fishing and metal detecting.

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    I am a Marshall University graduate, older than dirt and a fan of the Colts since the Unitas days.

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  1. 9- 6, Colts. Defense plays great and the offense gets lost.
  2. I'm not usually on this thread as my typing skills are nonexistent and by the time I type out my thoughts, the point that I was trying to make is moot. Anyway, it should be a great game and the colts are due to put it all together. Colts for the win.
  3. Looks like we have them right where we want them... overconfident.
  4. Forever the optimist, everything comes together for one glorious game, Colt 28 - ratbirds 24.
  5. A fan since 1963 or ten years old( you do the math). Colts no matter where. Go Colts.
  6. It's good to see that we're good at something ... getting injured.
  7. Don't play Went for are games, keep our 1st and it could be a really good one.
  8. Put him on the practice squad ... what could happen.
  9. Colts 24 - Seachickens 21, specs for the win.
  10. Thank you such for doing these camp reports. They are so enjoyable and informative to us out of state fans.
  11. Over, Rock Ya Sin allows 4 TDs.
  12. Not to disparage weekend but didn't his dancers look like they were wearing jockstraps.. just saying?
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