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    I am a Marshall University graduate, older than dirt and a fan of the Colts since the Unitas days.

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  1. Colts on in WV, we have to win, that all there is too it.
  2. I read your post and I flashed back to Fred Taylor and started to get cold chills.
  3. I live I WV, all I get is steelers games but I am also on a fixed income so unless we play Pitt or Cin, I don't get to see Colts games. I enjoy listening to the Colts on the Indianapolis Colts radio network, better than nothing.
  4. 28-9, Colts D holds the next(year)icans to 4 field goals.
  5. Colts win 27- 17 and we run the damn ball really well.
  6. Any games that I can see (for free), anytime, day or night is okay with me. I haven't seen any Colts games so far and it's killing me. Hopefully the Browns game will be televised in WV this week.
  7. We don't get Colts games here in WV so I need so the primetime games that I can get.
  8. Was it Mike Hart? I'm not sure.
  9. I'm an old Colts fan from 1963. I loved the Colts from the first I saw Unitas. I loved his style of play.
  10. Colts 24 Titans 21. Vini hits the game winner from 46.
  11. I hope you are right but it seems like smaller fast LBs end up getting run over a lot. Hopefully, we will be so far ahead that the opponents won't be able to run the ball.
  12. I'm wondering if we will have trouble with teams running right at us. It seems like the LBs are fast but not all that big. Dungy's defenses seem to have that trouble.
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