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  1. I don't watch film much so maybe I don't know what I'm looking for but he seems to be easily blocked and not overly quick. Again I don't watch film very much so maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Coltsfan1953

    Annual Mod Appreciation Thread

    We need all the supporters we can get. We are a smaller school with an important story. In case you didn't know, in 1970 almost our entire football team, with coaches and boosters were killed in a plane crash. The movie We Are Marshall is based on that and the year that followed. I started my college at Marshall that year. It was a surreal and really sad time.
  3. Coltsfan1953

    Annual Mod Appreciation Thread

    Great job as always. Chaos would reign supreme without you guys and girls, so thanks again.
  4. Coltsfan1953

    Tampering is upon us!

    It comes from having to deal with the Cossacks.
  5. Coltsfan1953

    Mike Tomlin fired.

    Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
  6. I like your mock especially since it has you drafting two players from Marshall(my alma mater). Both of those players would be great additions. Maybe adding Tyre Brady for good measure.
  7. Coltsfan1953

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Kraft will probably get charged with assault with a dead weapon.
  8. Coltsfan1953

    Colts fans around the World

    I live in Huntington, WV, that's West by God Virginia. I'm also cheap so I watch the Colts when on TV but end up listening to them on the radio.
  9. Coltsfan1953

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    It seems like not too long ago that the forum was screaming for the trenches to be built.
  10. Coltsfan1953

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Concerning Belichick, I think about the old quote about Bear Bryant" He can take his team and beat yours and take your team and beat his" Hopefully he misses fishing for stripers more than getting another piece of hardware.
  11. Coltsfan1953

    Will you be watching the SB?

    I'm flexible for an old fart.
  12. Coltsfan1953

    Will you be watching the SB?

    Take me with you, I'll root for the Patriots ... jk even a trip to Hawaii couldn't make me root for the pats.
  13. Do you think Tyre Brady from Marshall will get drafted?
  14. Coltsfan1953

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    I will be wearing my over-sized COLTS sweatshirt tomorrow. I've worn it every week that we have been winning except the Jags game(too hot for a sweatshirt) so I'm not chancing it again. win or lose, it's been a great season.
  15. 35-34 Colts. Chief's kicker hit all 3 bars on the goal post and they lose.