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  1. Now we just need a good Lt
  2. I agree throwing deep to locket and Metcalf
  3. Realisticly we have to win our remaining division games and beat raiders
  4. Forum will riot if Taylor has two carries in a game with heavy rain and strong winds
  5. Looking like wind gusts around 45 and heavy rain
  6. November 4th against jets but who knows if he will be any help. Would be nice for him to get feet wet this year so he will know how much to improve for next year
  7. We'd be 2-5 and would had to go 9-0 second half or 8-1 while hoping Steelers,broncos, raiders lose for a chance at last wildcard
  8. If we lose next two we'd have to go 9-0 in second half to make playoffs
  9. In each game the 49ers have played this year whether they won or loss the margin of victory or loss was 8 points or less in each. They seem to play to the level of their competition.
  10. No idea just figured he was inactive since Mack was active
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