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  1. Stephen

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    give me that 2000 ravens defense or 2013 seahawks
  2. Stephen

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    RBS can stand to be upgraded
  3. We didn't score much versus chiefs but we also didn't do a good job of shutting down their offense. So would going defense heavy or offense in the draft be better.
  4. Oh we def need a wide wr. They couldn't separate versus sorry chiefs d and dropped the ball too much
  5. Stephen

    It all came down to this...

    Has to get by patriots
  6. Stephen

    Colts draft spot

    Yea must draft time defeat kc. Sign bell. It 1 or wrs. Pass rush middle lb. Cb
  7. Stephen

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    Want to dominate like the Patriots
  8. Stephen

    The Day After Analysis........ 2 Cents from Deano

    I'd trade for brown and draft a wr
  9. Got to ball in second half
  10. Stephen

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    Aaron Donald was responsible for at least two of them. What I noticed is sometimes Mahomes doesn't step up in pocket like most other passers. He also likes to hold on to ball and take deep shots. He's got a little farve and rodgers in him where he loves to air it out and can extend plays with legs and make lucky pass plays across body.
  11. Stephen

    I would take the ball first and not defer

    It depends. If we get the ball first we have to score a touchdown. If we go three and out and they score it puts us at a disadvantage
  12. Stephen

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    Nah it was 23 to 7. In any case if Mahomes throws 5 touchdowns in the first half then chances are we will get blown out. If the defense can slow him we should have a chance