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  1. Love. I got him not making it past the 8th pick as his stock is rising
  2. With the 13th pick in the draft the colts pass on kinlaw and select jalen hurts forum riots lol
  3. I think he will be gone before we pick and depending on which team he goes to he will win rookie of year
  4. I think they can compete for superbowl with a dt qb and wr addition. Combine that with key pieces on defense staying healthy and a better kicker.
  5. No what I meant is what round will they take the qb
  6. If rivers comes here and wins a superbowl I can forgive him for the times the chargers knocked us out the postseason, but if comes and sucks then maybe we will get Lawrence lol
  7. Just seen another article saying we have interest in rivers. If we do sign rivers I wonder if Brissett gets cut or another qb gets drafted
  8. I know, but I'm not sure Ballard will draft a qb in the first.
  9. I'm not convinced we will draft any of the top qbs from this draft. If we do take one it may be a mid round project with good measurables
  10. What we need is a fusion of winston and Brissett. A qb that isn't afraid to throw down the field, but doesn't throw many interceptions
  11. Either way carr or rivers are both better than Brissett
  12. Carr is way better than Brissett. Faster release to and behind our oline he'd be even better
  13. Carr is def better than Bridgewater's and dalton
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