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  1. I disagree we normally beat gb. Steelers is probably a loss. Will probably beat Baltimore. Split with titans
  2. 38 to 35 colts. Lions go up 35 to 0 in the first half and then colts storm back and win in regulation in the second half
  3. Just stick with eason and build up ol and pass rush with top picks
  4. Eason is the future and if not he can lose enough to get us our future lol
  5. Honestly most of us were hoping for claypool in the draft. Nothing to do with hindsight just like we hoped for brown and metcalf the year before. The only one that is hindsight to me is mclaurin had no idea he'd be that good
  6. I just hope m Fitzpatrick doesn't get another pick 6 versus us
  7. Hopefully they go undefeated versus tough teams
  8. Now rivers needs to average 3 tds a game for rest of season
  9. Hope he wins a ring and beats tampa to get it
  10. Yea Fitzpatrick was doing good, but he normally follows up with bad games
  11. Waiting on taylor to have a Derrick henry type game
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