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  1. Yea the strange offseason makes it tough to guess
  2. After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
  3. Yea he is as capable as vic Ballard at pass blocking just has to stay healthy
  4. Hopefully we run all over them
  5. To be fair if Brissett didn't get hurt we probably would have beat them last year. Hoyer threw the pick 6 to Fitzpatrick which ultimately lost the game
  6. I won't give us the Bengals. Burrow and Higgins should make them interesting
  7. I guess you could second as watson and Mahomes win playoff games. Ravens lamar Jackson hasn't
  8. I'm currently battling covid 19 and feeling miserable, but I'm going to say between old man rivers and watson
  9. If we not a top 5 rushing team now not sure what more we could do
  10. Honestly as much as a pain as he's been in the colts side he has the brady and big ben arch nemesis
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