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  1. Going through progression s didn't help Luck versus chiefs. Brissett will get better.
  2. The Patriots are beatable, but it will take a team with a defense like the Bill's with a good offense
  3. The raiders would have played us differently if t.y. had suited up
  4. Now if we only could get cain or Campbell to step up along with funchess return our offense could become more dynamic
  5. Ramsey has been traded to the rams. If we beat texans the division should be easier to win now
  6. Brissett will improve. I care that we are winning as well
  7. Another difference is mclaurin was used as the deep route guy while they used Campbell for most the short stuff. If we had drafted mclaurin we would have a better deep game than we currently have.
  8. He forced a fumble in the chiefs game in the playoffs and we gave it right back to them. Ej speed and okereke could be good, but I wouldn't say they are better than Leonard yet. They haven't even had the same type of impact as he did last year. If they did we'd be a top 5 defense.
  9. Leonard said the media twisted his words. He never contemplated retirement. He was thinking about his family and if he would recover.
  10. Mahomes, Barkley, hilton, Quentin nelson, aaron Donald, derwin james,khali mack
  11. I think he had a big game with Brissett in 2017.
  12. Hilton has been the thorn in texans back side can they stop him or will he have another monster game.
  13. He hasn't been sacked in two games
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