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  1. We get tell back for secondary. I am more concerned with edge rusher
  2. Honestly if rogers had had his hands under the ball for the int that is 7 less points for bills
  3. Need to add more explosiveness to offense and get better pash rush and we'll be there
  4. I agree. Funny how ravens defense always seem to play better than ours
  5. If the ravens had rivers they would be going to afc championship
  6. If our defense could have held Allen to 17 we would have won
  7. Jackson isn't a good passer. If he could pass better with his mobility he'd be untouchable
  8. Two of the bills tds were luck as well. Allen completing a ridiculous pass while falling down. Turay extending a drive. Not to mention not getting any turnovers. Bills might pass their way to superbowl
  9. If the jets trade back between 10-15 Ballard might be willing to move up in that range
  10. Because he hasn't seen Eason take enough reps to form an opinion one way or another
  11. I believe Eason will be a beast. I believe the Vikings coach was impressed by Eason throwing pregame and asked Ballard who that was. Eason has to get reps for frabk and Ballard to feel comfortable starting him. Can't do that if rivers and Brissett are getting all the snaps
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