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  1. I prefer to beat the pats and chargers in route to super bowl win
  2. The reason was character issues. Cain is def more polished than fountain. Foutain is more athletic.
  3. Stephen

    Here is why we lost...

    No we need wrs that can beat physical teams. Our current group is too soft
  4. Didnt we get beat 45 to 7 the last time we faced the cowboys. Hilton sat out that game.
  5. Stephen

    We will only win one more game this year.

    Playoffs prob wont happen this year which is ok as we have a few holes to fill
  6. If he wasnt agressive early we could have won 9 to 6 late
  7. Stephen

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    thought browns would put up a better fight
  8. Stephen

    A question on team identity.

    I want an upgrade over walker at mlb. Also an upgrade at ss safety and more depth on the lines
  9. maybe him and brees could be co mvp or maybe the first tri mvp with luck mahomes and brees
  10. The impressive thing about vander is he is all over the field and is a sure tackler. If we had him and Leonard our defense would be insane
  11. Stephen

    Colts vs Cowboys

    We going to have our hands full with cowboys
  12. Stephen

    Andrew Luck: AFC Offensive Player of the Month

    Brees getting shutout by cowboys
  13. Stephen

    Colts vs Cowboys

    Cowboys shutting out saints we may have some trouble against them
  14. Stephen

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    The only way we could win super bowl this year is if luck plays better than Flacco did in 2012 during his super bowl run. Probably would take 16 tds with 0 ints
  15. Stephen

    Next Five Colts Games

    If we go 9-7 we are probably sitting at home. I think 10-6 is the minimum to get to play offs