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  1. lester

    Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

    Best topic evar.
  2. lester

    Welcome Coach Reich!!

    Not really. Everyone was like, "Oh, okay. He might be good". There was never a Pags love-fest. The love-fest started with his illness and #ChuckStrong. Before that, he was kinda a mystery.
  3. No. Now its time for new rumors.
  4. A 33 year old leader is not the same person as a 40 year old leader. In terms of understanding one's own self and your own influence over others, 33 years old is not a grown man. Getting there, but not a wise leader. Just not. In terms of professional careers, 33 years old is just getting started... ...yet someone gave him complete control of a billion dollar product. What happened in Denver is on Pat Bolen and and Joe Ellis. But Bolen wanted exciting, different - he wanted a wonder kid who was opposite of Mike Shannahan. He got it. The outcome was foreseeable and predictable. None of this means Josh McDaniels is the same person he was in 2009; and the Colts organization is so much the better for it. What we are getting is a head coach who knows what he is getting himself into. Who is still young enough to craft a lengthy legacy with the team. He is still a young coach with a brilliant football mind, but who has already had his failure as a head coach. Thank GOD we aren't wasting this opportunity on any other brilliant football mind who has never been in charge of the whole team before. We tried that last time. I hire people for a living. And Josh McDaniels to the Colts is what we call, "a good fit."
  5. lester

    Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    Either Pagano's system, or his inability to hold his coordinators accountable to perform to his standard, led to the Colt's poor performance. The things he 'wanted' the team to do were incongruent with what the team was actually able to do - and he was unable to adjust. Ever. Players might have loved playing for him, but the Colts under his leadership did not game plan well (at all) and he personally did a poor job of managing the Xs and Os well enough in game situations. The Colts, with Chuck Pagano as the head coach were constant under achievers. That is why he is no longer the head coach.
  6. lester

    What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    That was a valid point last year; a point I made myself many, many times. This year, it is a tired refrain. Even if Chuck becomes Bill Belichek someday, he is in the wrong seat on the wrong bus at this point in his career. As an organization, it is clear that Chuck and the lieutenants he has surrounded himself with are not up to the task of achieving that which they are paid to achieve. This team is out of position and under performs with Chuck Pagano as its steward. Time to move on from the Pagano era.
  7. lester

    Beth Mowin's Calling The Game Yestrday

    I thought she was not good. Even going so far as mentioning NCAA when she meant NFL. She was confused and incoherent at times. Not good.
  8. lester

    Send In Your Questions

    Brad from Greencastle: With the overhaul of the roster complete, but the results the same, why can't we change head coaches now? The question is, should it be Chud or Phillbin who becomes head coach, starting tomorrow?
  9. lester

    Offensive line fixed!

    I think you can chalk it up to a few 'Swing and a miss' moments by Grigson. He tried. He just wasn't good at it until he used nearly an entire draft's worth of draft capital to make sure he didn't miss. Too little, too late.
  10. lester

    Offensive line fixed!

    I believe he was making and analogy. Using Stockholders as a metaphor for us fans. Perhaps his example would have been better suited if he'd used the term stakeholders -- would that suffice?