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    Colts fan for 56 years now. SU, Cuse fan for 45 years.

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  1. 14 years Colt's had Peyton Manning and as great as he was we won only 1 ring.That is just totally unacceptable,period. I don't think this franchise wins another one. Not sure what it is but,every year we all hear how much better and how great we will be NEXT Season ,And then,same ol same ol. Laid another stink bomb. Another terrible and bad loss. It goes on and on.
  2. Rams 45 colts 27 lots of Ram passes coming our way Sunday. scary for sure
  3. problem is, us older Colts fans may not have 7 years to wait for anyone to win. Scary now. This year or next please and thank you GM's
  4. and will he stay that good? Lots of 3rd year QB's in the past that played well then s**t the bed after that.
  5. well ok then. will he make the team? survive the final cuts?
  6. Art Jones and Jon Jones were both in my nephews wedding last June. Chandler could not make it he was in Arizona in camp. My nephew went to school with Jon Jones and became best friends and hung out at there home a lot back in high school.
  7. they will long term success right now with this very good young team right now that only needs 3 -4 FA's to be very good for a long long time. We don't make the playoffs this season if we don't win the division and we won't Tenn. will. With ravens,browns,bills, dolphins,chiefs,steelers,pats,all in the wildcard spot and the colt's brutal schedule this season we wil be gone,out. Need to spend Now
  8. LOL and absolutely nothing,Zero has happened after 3 days ,as usual
  9. lol, your right about that. the colts are ripe to spend RIGHT Now. We have a very good young team that needs 3-4 players to put them on top and over the top.Just Do It. My anger issues with team may force me to move on after 59 years of being a Colts fan. 2 rings is just totally unacceptable esp. after 13 seasons with Manning and ONLY one ring,thats just not right. We have a very hard schedule this season and another bad year will probably do it. Tired of waiting for so long and it never gets better,it never meets expectations. So Sad
  10. I've been patient since 2006 thats long enough. buy some players now. I was only 50 years old then. How much time to I have left to be patient already?
  11. Exactly, Colt's fans have been waiting very long times.No more waiting.Win now,this year and next year. Christ I will die of old age before another ring.Does this owner and gm think everyone has time to sit around watching bad losses for years and years then hopefully win a ring once every 20 years,hell no. spend some money already,and some under the table,get it done and now.
  12. nothing his offensive line can't fix. He needs to be very careful what he say's , said, and does. Best attitude adjustment ever.
  13. hey sitting around watching football games is very good work,if you can find it. Esp. for 20 million bucks or so. Same goes for Eason. Nice
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