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  1. I would like to see the blue jerseys but with a dark gray or medium gray.But not silver.
  2. who is kurt warner and why should a colts fan, or any fan for that matter care what he thinks?
  3. like I said, cancer. And the Colts are not a running qb team.
  4. No Thanks, dude is a team cancer and whats to start not play 3rd string. Canadian and XFL looking for starters.He may play there,perhaps?
  5. we may perhaps have the second best O in the league. Trouble is the patriots win over and over again (SB) and the Colts don't?
  6. The pressure is all on KC. They are supposed to win,they are a #1 seed the Colts a 6. They are home,we are on the road,they have a better win loss record than the Colts. so they are supposed to win. the Colts only need to show up and play the best they can.Thats all that is expected of them. Thats how upsets happen,only if you call it that. LOL Go Colts!!! throw a chief off you back and run away with it.
  7. just deny any request to speak with him. And then we could keep him in Indy
  8. not always about money for everyone. Indy is a safe nice city and he has job security not being a head coach. there all college coaches who want nothing to do with NFL pressures.
  9. why would he even what to leave. He has good paying job here with the colts and A good team, very little pressure, very nice safe city. Why go somewhere else and lose?? He will and should stay if he is really smart.
  10. why cant I start a new topic

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      Looks like you got one in...try again!!! Welcome.

    2. Nadine
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