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  1. NO KAP a terrible passer and a poison on any team.
  2. use Lucks paycheck now that he is not going to use and pay for another big time QB right now.Some one sitting a bench on 31 other teams would love a nice pay raise.
  3. I have an idea. Luck should not play the first PS game,then play only the 4th quarter in the second PS game,then Play the second half in the 3rd season game and then play the whole game in the 4th game. All his time on the field would be played against the other teams NOT starting defense and he would then less likely to be injured . And still get a lot of practice in.
  4. I would like to see the blue jerseys but with a dark gray or medium gray.But not silver.
  5. who is kurt warner and why should a colts fan, or any fan for that matter care what he thinks?
  6. like I said, cancer. And the Colts are not a running qb team.
  7. No Thanks, dude is a team cancer and whats to start not play 3rd string. Canadian and XFL looking for starters.He may play there,perhaps?
  8. we may perhaps have the second best O in the league. Trouble is the patriots win over and over again (SB) and the Colts don't?
  9. why cant I start a new topic

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      Looks like you got one in...try again!!! Welcome.

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