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  1. I though it was said awhile back the colts were allowing 25 percent occupancy. that is not 2500
  2. Not sure today cancellation is/was about resting.
  3. I do, I said thats nice,thats great enjoy today
  4. That's great,that's nice,enjoy. But get your butts back on the field tomorrow. Time is short now, and lot's of work needs to be done.
  5. Great point, maybe the league could allow a extra player or three on the roster this season, due to C19 and why not?
  6. same here, born 1955 been through it all since. Some oldy goldies Roger Carr,The the mad stock Hendricks,Bubba Smith,Earl Moral, Mike Curtis to name just a few.Great players back then.
  7. I agree,always wished some black would be worked in with the blue and white. Or even a little dark grey.
  8. forget Nike and the swoosh. Keep them Reebok
  9. would like to see some black added to the blue and white.
  10. Well with Manning and Luck both retired, Brady would get a lot attention now.
  11. why cant I start a new topic

    1. BrentMc11


      Looks like you got one in...try again!!! Welcome.

    2. Nadine
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