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  1. Sorry, we actually could have used this year,instead of a bench warmer.
  2. Play Easton for starters. He must be pretty good, colts spent a 4th round pick for him. Use him or lose him,or don't pick him at all.Should have grabbed a corner back instead we actually used this year.
  3. true, but logical. The qb still needs to be standing when throwing, and someone has to catch passes. And you have to score more points than the team your playing, no matter how good the QB is. I don't see that with the jets or gag's
  4. Sorry, in the 4th round Easton, he's a qb but he never plays, so why draft and pay ? So do we draft another QB then don't play him?
  5. colts drafted a qb 2 years ago 2 or 3 rd. dude never played a snap yet. wth why,who does that?
  6. yes better, but so did Manning.better but bad results. 13 years, 1 ring. with mahomes jets or jags still would not have made the playoffs.
  7. Do you think mahomes, or rogers would have made the Jaguar's or jets better ? Nope, but maybe a tiny bit. Peyton Manning do not as great as he was.
  8. Football is a team sport. Your QB is only as good as your receivers, O line, and running game,not to mention your defense. Every single QB in this league is very very good (or they would not be here at all ). But some are just in a better situation than the others. Take P. Manning for ex. 13 years and only 1 ring with all his greatness and stats it just unacceptable. Top 5 QB of all time with no defense, O line and bad running game. Getting the best QB does not make it any better if they do not have the right team.Period.
  9. trade all of our picks this year for a QB, we have the rest perhaps
  10. we loss yes. Not sure it was to a better team. to the luckier team perhaps.
  11. I never said or asked who's fault it is,or was. Doesn't matter who's fault it is at this point. What matters is the pass defense is AWful and will cause colts fans to suffer a heart attack or stroke during the forth quarter in almost every game. Look at the jags game last weekend. 4th quarter the colts are up 24-10 or whatever. Then hand the ball to the gags, opps, jags 7 straight passes in a role,TD, then the next series, 5-6 passes and TD. BAD ,AWful,Terrible to say the least. Coverage to spread and soft off the receivers.
  12. exactly, our run defense, AWEsome, our pass defense AWful
  13. except home field advantage, up to the chiefs.
  14. I agree, but I also believe on any givin day, the Colt's are as good as the steelers,titans,brown,raven's or dolphins. The pats and bills. No
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