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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTC0HinZsAI maybe Payton steers him our way.
  2. last I remember colts have quality players.
  3. 3-4 4-3 3-4 4-3 back and forth over and over again. Why? must be neither works well or why switch?
  4. more important NE will return to the bottom feeders they were before Coach B and Brady. I thinks if brady goes so will coach. why stay after that run?
  5. good idea, I read someplace after the 2019 draft,it was said after the 5 or 6th pick. the rest of the first round blend pretty much into the second round talent very nicely.
  6. And I seen him make some great plays (lots of QB's do) and I seen him make many bad and real bed plays also. Luck was a good qb, but I do not put him in the elite.
  7. He May be fully healed,and wants to stay that way. So, zero chance.
  8. I some what agree, Fact is every team in the league face or have faced the exact same thing you said every season. So to me,thats not really the difference maker. What I do believe what you said is we have a ton of cap space and the colts need to use it now, not in the next 5 years. Older fans like myself are dying every year and can not wait 5 years or longer. Get it done today,not tomorrow.I've a colts fan for 56 years now since I've been 8 years old and 2 only rings in all that time is totally unacceptable,for any team. Esp. considering we have Manning for what 13 of those years and only 1 ring. That really stinks.
  9. yes it has, from starting off 5/2 and leading the div. and with a bad kicking game. Then go to 6/7 losing to bad or middle teams is just Wrong. This team stinks.
  10. Correct, spend some damm money for some players. LIke he is saving all the first half timeouts to use in the second half
  11. even if we won the division, do we win at the Bills,Ravens,KC or the Pats? Nope
  12. well, if it wasn't for 2 bad kicking games we could be 8/3 right now. That's not the qb's fault. and take back the bad home lose against Miami we could be 9/2 now. But we are not.
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