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  1. I think everyone wants to see teams at full strength when they play. However, the NFL is a business and a competition. They don’t hand out awards for losing because your best players are injured. A win is a win, regardless of what team you put on the field.
  2. I was curious to see Cain and Fountain together, but that’s not the case now.
  3. Hopefully everyone can stay professional and respectful here. This stuff can be fun.
  4. I went through a lot of ankle issues playing basketball and football in middle and high school. Finally after three right ankle sprains, it snapped coming down from catching a pass. Granted I didn’t have world class care and coaching staff that made light of anything that wasn’t a break. So them being this cautious with him is good and I hope it helps.
  5. Most of the injuries haven’t been anything serious from what I’ve seen.
  6. At this point consider me concerned. Earlier in the off season I didn’t even bat an eye at this. Now that it’s lingering into week 2 of preseason, and being held out of at least three more practices, oof. Idk, man. I’m happy that we have Jacoby, but he’s no Luck. Not sure I can have any excitement about this season if he’s gonna be injured/out. And now Vinny has a knee injury.
  7. It’s panic or sunshine here. Right now the panic is a little too much. I’ve got enough going on to see gloom and doom every post.
  8. I think I’m gonna stay off the forums until the season starts. This is too much.
  9. Injuries happen. Hell, I’ve fallen in and getting out of the shower before in a hurry. Hopefully it’s minor because this offense has the chance to be amazing with all the parts we have.
  10. While with the Broncos everyone. Not with us. Remember that.
  11. Every time Ebron posted on Twitter, salty Lions fans would attack him non-stop. Literally non-stop. Social media really has ruined things for people. Gives every * a voice that’s too afraid to say anything in real life.
  12. True. A better throw wouldn’t have resulted in Luck being hit like that.
  13. I think under normal circumstances we wouldn’t panick if Luck didn’t have this stigma about his shoulder. I personally liked the play and showed he was healthy. However, it isn’t something I want to see unless necessary.
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