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  1. I’ll put this as nicely and friendly as I can: # the Knicks, their fans and the media.
  2. Not surprised in the least. Actually I said I couldn’t wait to see our Thursday night game at Houston be announced.
  3. We weren’t even sure Indy is trying to sign him. For all we know, Simmons has never even been contacted.
  4. Ahh it’s always fun to see what those without tattoos have to say about people with them and tattoos in general. ESPECIALLY when it’s nothing but negativity. My full and half sleeve both looked not super great at the beginning and healing process. Once they finished up, it was night and day difference.
  5. Agreed, but I do like the attitude.
  6. Dude is a useless waste of oxygen.
  7. Because Aaron Rodgers. He could enter the season with one eye and part of his brain removed and STILL get a high power ranking.
  8. Just saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all we get.
  9. I can’t wait to see us get one Thursday night game at Houston this year.
  10. The horseshoe and bucking Colt I’m 100% behind.
  11. Missed it completely because the commercial playing overrode ESPN. Had to see it on my phone.
  12. Absolutely came unglued from my seat when they called his name. I’m so happy with this pick.
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