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  1. Based from what I saw, Philly will actually have a good coach that knows how to use players, and speculation was Wentz returning as the starter.
  2. This is fantastic, and now everyone can stop the Wentz talk.
  3. Because Rivers plays defense, special teams, running back and WR, right? So many years his team failed him. That's not really his fault.
  4. If you think Rivers had nothing to do with this team's success, then you're blind, and being a Rivers hater for no reason.
  5. Curious how the play calls will be next season with him leaving.
  6. Am sad. Thanks for a fun and wholesome season, dad.
  7. I really think if Rivers had an off-season with this offense, he would have put up even better numbers. It was obvious the last half of the season things started to change with his throws and TY getting involved with him. I’m not against him coming back for one more season.
  8. Yup. We’re hitting that time of the year where I stay away from the forums.
  9. I’d as surprised if didn’t happen as I would be if it did happen.
  10. They've already discussed moving Nelson to LT.
  11. Sad to see this, but I expected it. Thanks for all your years AC. Enjoy retirement.
  12. So much for that “Browns won’t win this game because they barely beat their backups” talk.
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