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  1. I still remember when people were upset we drafted him. Hmmmm.
  2. I'm still upset about Gonzalez. Dude could have been such an asset for us had he been able to stay healthy.
  3. Rock and Parris are my two biggest and most hopeful.
  4. TNF only huh? Gee. What an absolute shocker.
  5. AFC vs NFC isn’t starting the season. The person who leaked this information admitted it wasn’t true.
  6. Reports said they wanted to draft a QB, but couldn’t get one.
  7. So a ball-hawk free safety that was a higher ranked talent than what we drafted him at means this team is banking on the season being cancelled? It’s too early for this.
  8. Was hoping Jones would fall to us. Wouldn’t be surprised if Saints took Eason or Fromm.
  9. GB with another questionable pick. Rodgers must really be upset.
  10. Yeah they showed both I think for the Pittman pick.
  11. Just glad Mims didn’t go to a AFC South team.
  12. I keep waiting to see if we trade up again or stay put for round 3. Normally I wouldn’t even question it. But this draft has me the most curious/interested than I have been in a long time.
  13. With Hurts off the board, and us taking Pittman and Taylor, who do we go for now?
  14. When Taylor lights it up this season, I want everyone that is complaining to come out and say they were wrong.
  15. Taylor is a beast. He’s going to help this offense out so much.
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