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  1. I think Ray Charles could see these flags coming. Good lord.
  2. I’m just concerned everything here is gonna be a penalty on us, and they’ll score a quick TD.
  3. Yeah, that pitch play on 2nd down I don’t understand. We’ve been cramming it down their throats. That wasn’t needed. And to only come away with three points there. Ugh. Not getting points on those other drives is killing us now.
  4. Screw these refs. You’ve got one of the best refs ever up there SAYING what it is. TY didn’t even do anything! Jesus Christ.
  5. Missed that out of bounds play. No way that was clear evidence to overturn. What a joke. Seriously. They don’t want the Chiefs and the NFL darling Mahomes to lose to us.
  6. Some people think if you don’t put up 100 yards a game, then you’re useless. Dudes a rookie. Played once last year in preseason. Give the guy a break and some time.
  7. This entire team pooped the bed today. Dunno what’s happened to this defense, and I’m aware Hooker and Leonard being out hurts, but it shouldn’t be THIS bad. The entire Dline was getting abused today.
  8. I’m not entirely sure what the 2nd half defense was all about, but a win is a win. And hopefully Vinny has put his kicking troubles behind him.
  9. This defense we’re playing is maddening. And...Wilson. That ball was about 3 yards short. I’d challenge the hell out of this.
  10. Cannot allow any 3rd and long completions here.
  11. Yeah, that should have been a PI on Oliver. Definitely hit Ebron before the ball got there. But I’ll take that holding for a 1st down.
  12. Suddenly Jacoby has no protection. Seems every snap there’s someone in the backfield now. Did the Oline forget how to block all of a sudden?
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