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  1. They got another 5th rounder out of the Ertz trade too.
  2. Concussion protocol. Chance he could play.
  3. My response was sarcastic in tone. People were adamant he wouldn’t be playing until the end of the month. So when he came back early, obviously he wasn’t 100%, but a lot of complaints have been about him not playing at an all-pro level. Each week he has gotten a little bit better and will continue to.
  4. Sarcasm wouldn’t be lost on you, would it?
  5. Ah, so you’re just ignoring the hip injury he was kicking through? You know, that hip injury. The part of your body kickers need? No injury means we kick PAT instead of 2 pt conversions. Glow missing his block on Campbell didn’t help matters.
  6. Oh no. A guy that most people said wouldn’t be playing until mid-end October at the earliest after a torn achilles but came back earlier than we thought isn’t playing his absolute best football but is getting better? I can’t believe anyone here would be upset. I am shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked.
  7. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports the Chiefs have "looked into" Colts RB Marlon Mack ahead of the NFL's November 2 trade deadline. Per Rotoworld/ESPN/Twitter RELATED: Clyde Edwards-Helaire , Darrel Williams , Kansas City Chiefs SOURCE: Mike Clay on Twitter Oct 12, 2021, 10:56 AM ET Could mean something. Could mean nothing. Thought it was worth a post since they are decimated at RB.
  8. Lol… “BeCausE i HavE a JoB aNd Go To WoRk UnLiKe So MaNy OtHeRs In ThIs BiDEN cAtAsTrOpHe.” Hot take. No one gives a % about your cruddy political opinions.
  9. I love how people keep saying to fire Blankenship but totally ignore that he was injured. Frank can’t decide what he wants to do. Be aggressive or conservative, and 9/10 he makes the wrong choice.
  10. I’m so glad my fiancé didn’t waste her money buying us tickets to this game tonight.
  11. So it’s no coincidence that once our corners got hurt that Baltimore suddenly started throwing on us? Okay dude.
  12. This team is absolutely cursed in every way possible.
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