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  1. Four prime time games is really good, but would be nice if it wasn’t just a TNF game at home.
  2. Yes. I posted an inaccurate article by copy and pasting word for word what Rotoworld posted. I'm done talking to you about this. It's obvious you can't comprehend the post and WHY it was posted as news by them. It's end of the story now because, well, I don't feel like dealing with you anymore. No wonder you're at 10K posts and have less rep than me. You're not worth the time I've spent responding to you.
  3. Good lord. I simply posted an article from rotoworld. If you don’t like it then let them know you disagree with the people who are usually correct with the info they receive. I wasn’t aware I would be told I was wrong for posting an article from a highly reputable site. You seriously need to relax.
  4. How did I not know that Fisher had been signed when I posted that? The article was posted today on rotoworld, and when was Fisher signed again? Go check rotoworld for yourself. I didn’t label them as the favorites, they did.
  5. This info was all just posted today on rotoworld after the Fisher signing. Do I expect this to happen? Not at all. Did I think it was interesting and something I’d like to see? Sure. Don’t shoot the messenger, folks.
  6. I'm moving to PA in June, and will be about 45 minutes away from Baltimore. Colts play the Ravens this year in Baltimore, so I'll be making the trip there.
  7. ESPN's Michael Rothstein reports the Colts could be among potential trade partners for Julio Jones. Rothstein said the 49ers, Patriots, and Raiders could also be in the mix for Julio if the Falcons make the agonizing decision to part ways with their longtime franchise cornerstone. Colts general manager Chris Ballard's willingness to engage in blockbuster trade talks and Indy's salary cap space -- around $21.5 million -- leave the Colts as a favorite to land Jones, 32, if they're willing to part with valuable 2022 draft picks. A healthy Jones would prove a marked upgrade for Carson Wentz
  8. Situational run stuffer with a few sacks in his career.
  9. Yes. Glad it’s not just me.
  10. I really can’t wait for the season to start so there’s something else to cry about other than the draft.
  11. I'm calling it now. There will be at least 10 more posts about the draft before preseason starts,
  12. Oh god. It was insane how small I felt standing next to them. Everyone was disappointed Reggie wasn’t there, but was still cool regardless.
  13. I met the Davis boys when I was a kid living in Indy. They came to my elementary school (Clinton Young) and talked to all the kids. Was pretty cool.
  14. Davis (5'11/202) is the rare deep safety who can lay the wood. A two-year starter for the Gators, Davis wore a number of hats in the Gators defense, but often looked best when deeper in coverage from both split-field looks and as a single-high defender. Davis' instincts in coverage can run hot and cold, but when he is "on," he shows the range and ball skills to break up passes after covering an impressive amount of ground. Part of that is thanks to Davis' ridiculously explosive athletic profile, as evidenced by clearing the 90th-percentile in both the vertical and broad jump. Not too many free
  15. Special teams/sub/nickel formations. He can make big plays but is inconsistent at times.
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