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  1. Indyfan4life


    I stayed out of this thread for a reason. Regret opening now.
  2. Indyfan4life

    Colts meeting with VTech CB Adonis Alexander

    For a 6th round pick, I’d take him. Can’t hurt, especially if he gets his act together and wants to be a pro.
  3. Indyfan4life

    Colts Preseason Update

    I’m a traditionalist, but I’d love a shakeup with the uniforms for sure.
  4. Indyfan4life

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Had no idea. Good for him.
  5. Indyfan4life

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    I was such a big fan of Gonzalez. Even bought his jersey when drafted. Dude just couldn’t stay healthy. Same for Austin Collie. Unfortunate too. When healthy, both of them were fantastic receivers.
  6. Indyfan4life

    Top Ten McAfee Moments

    I miss this man.
  7. It’s a shame about Chuck. I like him as a man and a person a lot. Tons of respect. Just wasn’t the caliber of coach we needed.
  8. Indyfan4life

    Nashville awarded 2019 NFL Draft

    I live about an hour north of Nashville. It’s my plan to go.
  9. Indyfan4life

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    Hopefully liking what he sees translates to more QB pressure and sacks/forced fumbles.
  10. Indyfan4life

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Can this discussion end already?
  11. Indyfan4life

    Our two 7th Round Linebackers....

    I’m just ready for this season to get started.
  12. Indyfan4life

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    I saw that. Kiper will never quit though. They need someone to yell “Todd! Todd! Todd!”
  13. Indyfan4life

    Trade for Shane Ray!

    John Elway hates the Colts organization. He wouldn’t give Ray to us for anything less than a 2nd at worst. And I guarantee he took Chubb because he knew we would if he didn’t.
  14. Indyfan4life

    Who will be our #2 RB and WR?

    We’ll be doing a RBBC. Dez will be our #2. Dez comment is only about 17% sure. Maybe.
  15. Indyfan4life

    The big Nelson gamble

    The insanity continues.