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  1. I think if he can manage to begin throwing downfield and the defense not give up 21 points in the first half, teams will have to respect us a bit more and not load the box for runs.
  2. Ravens signed WR Dez Bryant to their practice squad. At long last, Bryant is with the Ravens after working out for the team in August. Bryant has been out of the league since tearing his Achilles' tendon with the Saints last year. He could be a decent speculative add in super-deep fantasy leagues, but it's hard to imagine the Ravens offense supporting another fantasy relevant pass catcher. Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Oct 27, 2020, 11:55 AM ET
  3. We'd need to throw in a 6th. No way Jerry let's him go for just Brissett.
  4. Needed Cincy to win that. But at least Tennessee lost.
  5. Didn’t even think about that, but yeah. I think Rivers will throw two, and JT gets two.
  6. Doing what he’s doing now. Kid learned to run a different way in college, but I’m convinced he’s a star in the making. I’m also convinced this offense will open up more and the box won’t be stacked every time he runs the ball.
  7. We say that, but then he goes to Seattle, acts right and catches 10 touchdowns.
  8. I feel bad for Fitz honestly. Was doing well for what they have. Gotta believe this was the plan all along though. Make sure Tua was fully healed up and able to go and ride the Fitz train until it’s time.
  9. The guy can still ball out and be productive for anyone. If he could get his act together, I wouldn’t mind having him. IF.
  10. Getting upset about a rookie not putting up massive numbers in a offense that spreads it out and tends to favor the TE while using short throws as compared to a Pittsburgh offense that throws it down the field. You’re comparing apples to oranges here and wanting something different.
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