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  1. Titans had issues on special teams last time we played that gave us 14 points and a missed field goal. We cannot count on that being a factor again, especially if we are down two or three of our studs on defense.
  2. Well this is perfect. And by perfect I mean a punch to the gut.
  3. Of course. You're a good dude. You don't mouth off and make good posts. Stay around, my dude.
  4. Autry should be back against Tennessee. Turay will be fine after a few games. Dline will be very, very good once it’s firing on all cylinders.
  5. I think with Rivers throwing more to Hilton and Pittman now, it will get better. Taylor was also getting great runs when not running out of shotgun. This can only help out.
  6. I was right about Pittman finding the end zone at least. Close with the score.
  7. If Luck hurt his toe, he’d play through it. Like he did with the lacerated kidney and busted ribs. But let’s turn Rivers toughness into a bash Luck post.
  8. I just find it amazing when we were able to put them away, suddenly we were getting busted for holds left and right. Ridiculous.
  9. We get called for holds all the freaking time. It’s absolutely ridiculous how other teams never get busted for holds or PI on obvious crap against us.
  10. Because it touched the line, and from live tv it looked like the ball bounced at the 1.
  11. If anyone thinks that’s on Rivers, then you’re hating to just be hating. Tips happen and usually lead to interceptions. It happens.
  12. Seems like every time Indy has a chance to take the lead, we come out with super predictable plays. We’ve been throwing all over them. Idk why we’re moving away from it so much and going to 3rd and long. The penalty didn’t help, but it needs to be mixed up some. Teams are crashing down on us most runs, so I really don’t get why we aren’t taking advantage of that with play action. Doesn’t make sense.
  13. Kelly was shaking his head earlier after a play. Hope it’s not a concussion.
  14. Uuuunnnnnggggghhhhhhhh. Smith out hurts a lot. Needed thumb surgery.
  15. I imagine Turay will play more now with Autry out.
  16. I know. My whole point of that post was this team is easily capable of being 9-0 at the moment. Not talking about come from behind wins, etc. Talking about putting together four solid quarters of football. Not coming out in the 3rd quarter and putting up one yard of offense while having 14 points hung on us.
  17. This team could easily be 9-0 right now if not for some bonehead plays and flat out terrible 3rd quarter play. On the flip side, we could be 2-7/3-6 as well. Putting together four great quarters of play just is not this teams MO for whatever reason.
  18. Hopefully Blackmon and Willis are fine and just being held out as a precaution. If they don't practice Friday, then I'll be concerned about them playing.
  19. We'll need him off the edge against Rodgers. If he has time to throw in the pocket, it'll be bad.
  20. Shanahan is happy when he can field enough players to suit up each week. As you said, he's very talented and does what he can, but given the circumstances SF is facing right now, it's a miracle they are even staying competitive.
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