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  1. He’s working on a trade before the deadline in Madden obviously. /s
  2. Luck during his rookie year, and that came from Nike directly. Every other jersey (Manning/Clark/Collie) came from Dicks or NFL.com and was Reebok when they were still the brand.
  3. I think we’re really gonna notice a difference in the offense with Campbell being out. Teams are gonna double Pittman or Hilton now (assuming Hilton doesn’t miss any games with his injury) and we’ve lost our over the top guy. Sigh.
  4. Oh good lord. They stopped the pass when it counted. You knew exactly what I meant. Quit trying to argue.
  5. Did you watch a depleted Titans secondary stop the pass? Not sure what you’re on about.
  6. Indy can’t catch a break in any shape or fashion. We get injured and fall apart. Tennessee loses their starters and backups and STILL stop Buffalo.
  7. I agree. Think he’s more unlucky than anything. Which is highly unfortunate, because it’s obvious the skill and talent are there when he can actually play.
  8. Exactly. Everyone is acting like he injured himself in practice or did it to himself. Literally anyone at anytime could have what happened to him happen.
  9. I’m fine with it. If I flip you off, I expect some type of retaliation. No different then Reggie giving the choke sign to Spike and Knicks fans.
  10. Couldn’t hurt. He’s got three sacks already this year.
  11. Poor guy. Seriously. Can’t catch a break and was finally getting a string of games in. First TD and showing his speed. I really hope he’s not out long.
  12. Henry won’t be in it. They do three quarterbacks and three running backs.
  13. Anyone have an update? I missed 99% of the game, so not sure what happened to him.
  14. Ah, so the low hit doesn’t mean %. I’m actually getting sick of these refs. Guarantee if that were Brady or Mahomes they would have called it.
  15. Helps the field position, but if the refs can dick us, they’ll do it.
  16. I mean… Would be cool and all. But we’ve been hearing this since Pagano was here.
  17. They got another 5th rounder out of the Ertz trade too.
  18. Concussion protocol. Chance he could play.
  19. My response was sarcastic in tone. People were adamant he wouldn’t be playing until the end of the month. So when he came back early, obviously he wasn’t 100%, but a lot of complaints have been about him not playing at an all-pro level. Each week he has gotten a little bit better and will continue to.
  20. Sarcasm wouldn’t be lost on you, would it?
  21. Ah, so you’re just ignoring the hip injury he was kicking through? You know, that hip injury. The part of your body kickers need? No injury means we kick PAT instead of 2 pt conversions. Glow missing his block on Campbell didn’t help matters.
  22. Oh no. A guy that most people said wouldn’t be playing until mid-end October at the earliest after a torn achilles but came back earlier than we thought isn’t playing his absolute best football but is getting better? I can’t believe anyone here would be upset. I am shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked.
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