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  1. I wouldn't have wanted Tom if it guaranteed us a super bowl.
  2. Thanks!... Has Chris done his 3rd quarter update? I've checked the app and haven't seen anything.
  3. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders.
  4. 3rd rounder to Philly for Wentz and a 2nd.
  5. We won't know unless injuries lead to snaps in a game but I'm sure the coaches get him practice reps and know what he is capable of.
  6. Yea I'm sure he can clean it up some. It's gotta be kind of tough though when they are always trained to be lower to maintain leverage so the instinct is to drop as low as the ball carrier. Then that leads to some of this stuff where helmets can meet when both going that low.
  7. Ideally Eason is the future. But if they are not super confident in him being the answer this feels like it has to be the year to go get the future, but I guess there's not much they can do if QBs go 1 2 3 and their guy is one of those and they don't like the ones left.
  8. 1. Colts vs Cheifs- playoff game the year colts won the SB. 2. Colts vs Dolphins- I believe it was Luck and TYs rookie year. Luck tosses one down to TY in double coverage and he makes a huge play! 3. Colts vs Broncos- Peyton's first time back in Indy. I was near the end zone where Mathis sacked Peyton. There have been a few more but those are the ones that stick out.
  9. Interesting idea. If he gets some playing time it'd be easier to make an informed opinion on the subject. But with not seeing any snaps is impossible to tell from a fan perspective. I'm sure the coaches and Ballard would explore that route of they think it could work.
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