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  1. Not controversial to me. Ebron has been terrible imo. I'm rooting for him to bounce back but he has been frustrating to watch. I would like to see more Mo regardless.
  2. I don't disagree. But even the interception that was overturned was a improper execution of review imo.
  3. This is a hard one. I think we have a team that is capable of shocking KC and pulling out the upset... But KC has a team, that if we leave plays on the field, could make us look silly. I'd say the smart money would be KC by a couple TDs +, but we can win. it will take us playing to our full potential in all phases of the game. Let's go Colts! Shock the world!
  4. On the NFL game theory predictions the Redskins playing the Pats are the only team with a lower chance of winning than us.
  5. The pass rush has been non-existent. But IIRC the D looked really bad early last year before turning it on. We have a lot of young guys getting time. Hopefully they begin to gel and hit their stride soon.
  6. Now this is just a guess on my part, but we know this staff is huge on analytics; and my guess is that analytics say that rookie WRs tend to lose some gas towards the end of the season if used a lot and are wanting to keep his mileage down during the early part of the season so that he peaks during the end of the season and not mid-season and then drop off the last weeks... But as I said, it's a guess and is just as likely true as it is complete nonsense.
  7. Just finished watching it. How can u not root for the kid after watching these?! Hoping for big things this year! Looking forward to the sequal: Fountain edition!
  8. Yes. A FG would have won it for them. Had he not missed his XPs they would have needed a TD. There kicker missed a kick on a FG attempt. So the game could have played out very different.
  9. Symbolizes the importance of the kicking game.
  10. I live in Starke county, IN and still don't get to watch all the games. Makes me so mad when it's always the stupid Bears Vikings or Lions.
  11. According to NFLs panel of analysts they have Jacoby ranked as the 29th starting QB. Above only Fitzpatrick, Keenum, and Eli.
  12. I disagree. And that's not even considering no Braden either. And whoever else has been drafted from those picks we got in the trade.
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