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  1. If pro second amendment is followed by 'but' then you're not pro second amendment... The problem is that we can't keep dangerous people off the streets because we have too many people locked up for victimless crimes. If someone is too dangerous to possess a firearm then they shouldn't be allowed out in public to begin with... This man definitely needs some type of rehabilitation. He is a danger to others and himself.
  2. Nice try Eric... We don't want you back. Go drop someone else's balls.
  3. And you shouldn't. It's a matter of principle
  4. And in my experience as a Registered Nurse. Geriatrics generally take longer to recover lol
  5. I agree. The only way I would think Fluker is at all an option is if Phillip really loves the guy and wants him. Outside if that I'd rather give the roster spot to a young guy with upside.
  6. That's kind of my general assumption about some of those guys taken in the middle of the 1st. I'm sure a lot of the trade was that he loved Buckner but I also kinda feel oif there were guys he really loved in the 1st round of the draft he would have saved the 20 million and went for one of them.
  7. If I had evidence and links then it wouldn't be a feeling. The closest thing to evidence of Ballard not wanting Lamb is the fact that he traded out of the position he was in where he could try to get him. Other than that I have no eye witness testimony or concrete evidence. Lamb very well may be the hardest working, best character player in the draft. Idk. That's why I stated it was only a feeling.
  8. I don't believe so. I got a feeling there were things about Lamb that took him off our board. At least that high in the draft. Maybe he's drama? Maybe not the work ethic they want? Idk. Just a feeling I got.
  9. I'm neither a Kelly or Eason fan. I'm a Colts fan. So for me , I want the better of the two to make the team given that one of them do earn it.... That being said, they 100% have and will give Kelly a chance. Do you really think that the games are the only times coaches and front offices are able to evaluate players? Hours of practice. Team workouts. Hours of meetings. Seeing the improvement that they work for when no one is watching. Games are only a small part of the evaluation process. Yes, they are the most important part but a player needs to prove it in all the other areas first before they can earn the right to prove it under the lights... We only know about Kelly what we've seen from college and a few preseason games. The coaches have seen it all! Every workout, every meeting, every practice. Up close and personal.... Ballard makes no qualms about shipping out a player he's drafted if they don't fit. Wouldn't be the first time a mid rounder didn't make the team... And let's say that Kelly does ball out and win the #3 job, heck he wins the #2 job. How much money and what kind of contract are you willing to give him given his past? Maybe he's straitened up and is ready to be the guy, but maybe he's just one payday away from getting his swag back. While I agree that people deserve second chances, I recognize it's easy to say that when I'm not the one signing the checks.
  10. At this point it is a definite win for Cards. The only way that the Texans could come out at all as a winner is if DJ comes out this year looking like he did a few years ago. He'd have to be a top 5 back again. Even then they wouldn't really have won so much as just didn't get robbed.
  11. Did y'all watch his post draft interview on the app? Might have been my favorite of all the picks. When asked about being under the radar pretty much said when he gets his chance to breakout in his career that won't be talking about him being under the radar anymore.
  12. It's a 4th round pick. No one is perfect at this point in the draft. U can either pick for a higher floor with very limited ceiling or u can go for traits with high ceiling and more risk of being a dud... They went for traits that could really pay off at the risk of a missed 4th Rd pick... He was not my pick for QB either but I have eyes and the ability to comprehend the reasoning... Prove the doubters (me included) wrong Jacob!!
  13. There seems to be some confusion... We took him in the 4th round. Not 4th overall. The first round was Thursday.... At least that's my assumption as to why people are mad we didn't take a day one Hall of famer in the 4th... Lol
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