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  1. I say no. Age and coming off Achilles injury with a history of drops when healthy.
  2. coltsfanej

    Inman on the herd

    I'd love to have him back on maybe a 2 year deal. Give us time to develop a young star or two. He was definitely our second best wide out.
  3. coltsfanej

    This years FAs

    That works for me
  4. coltsfanej

    This years FAs

    if he's ready to hang em up I like that idea.
  5. coltsfanej

    This years FAs

    Desir Geathers Glowinski Hunt Inman Mitchell Wilcox Vinny Woods Boehm Farley Maybe Slauson too. I know a few guys are getting old and production will drop but I think a team this young has to have a few old timers around to help with leadership.
  6. coltsfanej

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Defense has played good enough the first 3 quarters to give us a chance to win. the offense just didn't board the plane
  7. Yea I didn't like the call either but it was low risk and no need to play risky at that point. Still would have been a 3 score game regardless of a FG or not. But a turnover returned for a TD makes it a 2 score game and let's them back in it at halftime
  8. coltsfanej

    Colts Regular Season Surprises

    Biggest surprise for me is the o-line play. Such a huge improvement made in one year. But my MVP is Luck, without question.
  9. coltsfanej

    Chance of winning the SB.

    yea our odds have increased exponentially since then. Maybe more than anyones. And with a win tomorrow I'd say we'd be more at a 6-10% chance.
  10. coltsfanej

    Chance of winning the SB.

    Colts have 3% chance of winning it all according to
  11. coltsfanej

    An early look at our upcoming free agents.

    You think Hunt's market is still that low after this season? I hope you're right. I'd love to have him back for cheap.
  12. coltsfanej

    An early look at our upcoming free agents.

    Wasn't he released and cleared waivers at one point and signed back to PS? I can't remember for sure, but if so maybe that's why.
  13. coltsfanej

    In Depth look at the Colts turn-around on defense.

    Well written. I don't post a whole lot on the forum but I do come here daily to read some insights of fellow Colts fans. And I have found that some here can write and analyze football as good or better than many analysts that do it for a living.
  14. coltsfanej

    Colts twitter

    Those are pretty funny.
  15. I see it as a zero risk bet. Odds are low to win but we can't lose... And say he comes in and looks legit and increases ins market value, would he count towards a compensatory pick? idk how all that works and i know there are some very knowlegable fellas on here that know all the details.