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  1. I would love to have Hooker back on a 1 year deal. Would really bolster our S rotation IMO.
  2. I think so. The offense should be gelled and peaking. Or young players should be developed and our stars still in their prime... Barring any major injuries of course. Obviously though it's still a stretch to think they could match a few of the great years we had with Peyton.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking putting his speed with the size of Chase and Higgins could be lethal if they make some moves in FA to solidify the O-line.
  4. Bengals select Tutu Atwell WR Louisville. Gives Joe a young arsenal to develop with.
  5. Bengals select James Hudson OT Cincinnati. @WarGhost21 with Philly otc I believe.
  6. I'm at work and do not have my board handy but by skimming through a few times I do not see this guy picked ... After the run on OL taken. Bengals do not want to reach for need but decide to take BPA according to their board. Bengals select Christian Barmore DL Alabama
  7. Do we start over the draft since we are so early into it?
  8. I'm sorry for missing pick#5. For some reason I thought the draft started the 18th not the 16th. Boy was I surprised when I logged in this AM.
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