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  1. That's hilarious! I forgot all about this until this post. Were the bucs ever penalized for this? Wasn't this part of the off-season when coaches and players were not allowed to be in contact?
  2. There are so many possibilities. Could be several proven vets available. Stafford, Ryan, Wentz? I think it may to be too expensive to trade up if we end up picking after 12-15 range in order to get one of the top 3 QBs. And depending on who gets the top QBs there could be a young guy available cheap like Darnold or Dimes. Either way I feel that next year's QB decision could be vital to Reich and Ballard's future here. Should be a fun off-season
  3. It makes no difference what we think should happen. Would be a lot of wasted brain power to try to figure out the logistics. It'd be tough bubble this many players. Much more difficult than the nba.
  4. Maybe he requested to be cut because there is a PS spot open for him with a better track to play??... Or maybe not.
  5. Sweet. I knew Pitman wanted a different number when he said it was subject to change.
  6. There's good and bad in every crowd. Whether people be classified by hobby, sport, activism, race, religion,...you name it. There are good and bad in each of them. But if youd like to support the bashing of an entire group of people rather than only the individual perpetrators then you all are more than welcome to enjoy the view from your imaginary moral high ground.
  7. How'd you all figure out that no one ate the meat from those animals from that picture? It's funny how people like to bash hunters when they fund much of the wildlife here in the states, contribute to economies around the world, and feed many poor in the areas they hunt.
  8. If pro second amendment is followed by 'but' then you're not pro second amendment... The problem is that we can't keep dangerous people off the streets because we have too many people locked up for victimless crimes. If someone is too dangerous to possess a firearm then they shouldn't be allowed out in public to begin with... This man definitely needs some type of rehabilitation. He is a danger to others and himself.
  9. Nice try Eric... We don't want you back. Go drop someone else's balls.
  10. And you shouldn't. It's a matter of principle
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