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  1. Yes I am no I did not. I play with my brother and nephew who are also colts fans and will reach to get a colts player. 0. My brother has JT, Hines and DST. My nephew has Pittman, Hot Rod, and Wentz. So none available worth a roster spot
  2. It was the right decision and had no bearing on the outcome. There were a lot of issues that led to the blown lead. This was not one of them.
  3. Not a fan of it either but it did help get us in position for a chance to win. Maybe it was all part of his plan.
  4. Ravens 27 Colts 31. D forces a turnover on the Ravens last drive to close it out.
  5. Offense-6.5-- definitely improved but will need to keep improving to beat better teams. Defense- 6-- had some possessions where they looked great and some where they looked pitiful. Need more consistency. Coverage was not very good. We would have been carved up if going against a QB that had enough nerve to throw the ball deep. The couple drives Jacoby pushed it down field it looked easy and he's not even good at it. Teams- 5.5-- the muffed punt could have been worse had the defense not held them. Other than that they looked solid for the most part. If not for the mishap I would have said 8. In all we played good enough to beat a team with a conservative backup QB, but not good enough I don't believe to beat the better teams in the AFC. I am encouraged by the improvement and if it continues I think we could compete with the top teams, but we were not there yet as of yesterday imo. If we improve to the same degree for next week as we did from last week we could make it a fun game.
  6. To me a balanced offense means they can find a way to put up points in any situation. Whether passing it 50 times or running it 50 times and paying no mind to what the percentages say. Just getting the job done.
  7. I would love to have Hooker back on a 1 year deal. Would really bolster our S rotation IMO.
  8. I think so. The offense should be gelled and peaking. Or young players should be developed and our stars still in their prime... Barring any major injuries of course. Obviously though it's still a stretch to think they could match a few of the great years we had with Peyton.
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