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    Betrayed Chargers fan, but Indy was where I was hoping that Philip would land for several reasons.

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  1. Anybody wanna get "Stoned"? Apparently Seattle does, they've selected Stone Forsythe, OT from Florida.
  2. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/shawn-davis/32004441-5674-6631-5a1f-23c8ff59246b
  3. He's also listed on PFF.com as the #1 Best Player available.
  4. PFF.com still has him listed as #6 in the Best Available.
  5. I'm listening to the Draft show on Sirius and they're talking him up as a potential H-back that lines up at several positions.
  6. Another defensive end, our defense is going to bring it!
  7. With 5 Tackles off the board in this round alone, I wouldn't be surprised if we go in a different direction with this pick and try to get a free agent after the draft.
  8. I don’t know if either Ryan or Stafford get in, but we’ll see. They both have longevity & stats, and Ryan did play in a Superbowl but that historic collapse in said SB certainly won’t help his chances: if the Falcons score so much as a field goal in the 2nd half of that game, they’re Champions and then it’s a much different discussion. Overall “Matty Ice” is 4-6 in the postseason, (Rivers is 5-7, so Ryan could surpass him there with some luck) and he’s 13 years into his career. If he only plays a few more seasons, he may not make the playoffs again, and I don’t think he’s done enough to g
  9. I wish so too, but I'm not the one trying to prepare a 40 year old body for the rigors of yet 1 more NFL season, especially with 1 more regular season game and hopefully a few in the postseason. Rivers was great but he is not the future at QB for the Colts, and Wentz might just be for the next decade or so. If Philip came back for 1 more season, I think he'd do better than he did this past year but in that scenario, does Ballard even make the trade for Carson? If he does, it could've led to an ugly divorce between Philip and Indy and I'm glad that he got to go out on his own terms, content wi
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