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  1. Mo Alie-Cox did, can't wait to have him back. Another thing accomplished that people said couldn't be done: we won even though Philip had 40+ passing attempts.
  2. It was - good thing his pick didn't really cost us anything but time but he did a few things today that alot folks said he couldn't anymore: threw downfield with zip & accuracy, brought the team back from more than 2 scores down, directed yet another 4th Quarter comeback to win and he once again has more TD passes than interceptions, even with his late pick.
  3. The Chargers beat the Bengals in Week 1 when their kicker missed what would've been a game tying field goal.
  4. Hopefully we can hold them to 3, then march downfield and kick the game winner!
  5. We need to remind Burrow that he's a rookie, and force him into an error of 2.
  6. Midway through the 1st Quarter, who had us leading this game in the 4th? Absolutely no one!
  7. Yeah, I hated that on the Chargers too, it's doomed to fail too often.
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