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  1. That’s a pretty good argument for Philip, who hasn’t missed a start in 14 years & counting, and played in the 2007 AFC Championship game with a torn ACL.
  2. They certainly are, and sometimes a quarterback can do enough to win, but doesn’t because one or more of their teammates fail at a crucial time – a good example of this is Superbowl XXV in which Jim Kelly had the Bills poised to win, but Scott Norwood’s 48 yard field goal attempt sailed wide right and Buffalo lost by a single point.
  3. The O-line back during the glory days of LT running wild was pretty good, but one by one they all left and the line has struggled ever since. I think AJ Smith was a decent GM, he took over a team that had earned the top pick in the Draft twice within 4 seasons, and built them to a team that appeared in the Divisional round of the playoffs 4 years in a row. With regards to the coaching however, you make a very good point – most of the other QBs in the discussion for Canton, and many who are already inducted or headed there have enjoyed Hall of Fame worthy coaching – heck, Dan Marino had back-to-back HoF coaches in Don Shula followed by Jimmy Johnson! As for Rivers & Canton, I maintain the belief that he gets in, likely on the 1st ballot even if he never takes another snap. As mentioned in the beginning of this thread, he will likely end this season with the #5 All Time records in career passing yardage & touchdowns and when he concludes his career in the top 5 of several offensive categories, I think that’ll be enough to earn induction. I think he’s like Steve Young (minus the running ability) in the sense that 1 ring, in addition to all his other stats would make him a no-doubt 1st ballot Hall of Famer.
  4. Mike Mussina had a pretty good career, some would argue worthy of Cooperstown but the fact that he’s in and Curt Schilling is not, is truly a disgrace! “Moose” was a 5 time All Star who never made it to the World Series, Schilling was a 6 time All Star who went to the Fall Classic with 3 different teams, won it with 2 of them (and was the NLCS MVP with the team that didn’t win) and was named co-MVP of 1 WS, sharing it with Hall of Famer Randy Johnson.
  5. Under that rationale, QBs like Jim Plunkett, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson & Joe Flacco are worthy of induction, and guys like Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Dan Marino, & Jim Kelly are not.
  6. Eli Manning is gonna get in (on the strength of his 2 rings) with his career .500 record, and subpar stats to his 2004 classmates Rivers & Roethlisberger.
  7. Ben Roethlisberger has 56,545 career passing yards, 4,816 behind Dan Marino and 2,726 behind Philip Rivers. Considering Big Ben's tendency of getting hurt, coupled with his team's penchant for primarily running the ball, I'd say Roethlisberger is a good season & ½ if not 2 seasons away from catching Marino, if ever at all.
  8. With even an average statistical season, Philip Rivers stands poised to catch & surpass Hall of Famer Dan Marino in 2 career accomplishments, oddly enough both for #5 All Time. He’s 2,090 yards & 23 touchdown passes behind the former Dolphins legend and should conceivably claim both records by December, as long as the games are all played and he doesn’t get injured or replaced as the starting QB.
  9. But Philip doesn't - he's only lost there twice (the last time was in overtime) in 9 career games against the Jaguars and he's never lost to them in his home stadium. Rivers is 6-2 at Jacksonville and only 1 of those games was decided by less than 2 touchdowns. I was at that game in 2015. The Chargers were up 31-19 with only 1:37 left, and Jaguars stop us on 3rd down & 10 from our 34 yard line. We line up in punt formation, and they don’t even put anyone back to receive, indicating that they intend to sell out to block it. At this point, the Chargers have several options (call timeout to discuss, put the offense back on the field, move the punter back farther than usual, ect.) but they do none of them. Shockingly, (I say in jest) the punt is easily blocked but at least we prevent them from advancing with the recovery. This takes 7 seconds, so the Jags have the ball at our 14 and they score a touchdown in 2 plays, taking only 9 seconds. They miss the extra point, so they’re still down by 6 and need to recover the onside kick but if they do, they have almost a minute & ½ to get another touchdown to tie, and a successful extra point would win the game at that point. The kickoff only traveled 9 yards and was knocked sideways out of bounds by one of our players, giving the Chargers the ball with 1:21 left, and Jacksonville already out of timeouts so all we had to do was kneel twice, and “escape” with the win that ended up a whole lot closer than it should’ve been. The Chargers fired their special teams coach a few days later.
  10. I think the Chargers are going to be better than most people give them credit for right now. They may not be conference championship contenders yet, or they might be especially with the expanded playoff field beginning this year. People look at last season’s 5-11 record and act like they’re the Browns who have stunk for decades. The season before last, they were within a whisker of unseating the Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC. The moves they’ve made this offseason, especially shoring up the O-line by bringing in Trai Turner formerly of Carolina & Bryan Bulaga from Green Bay make me wonder why they waited until they moved on from Philip to address the O-line like that. If Mike Pouncey stays healthy, that’ll give their line 3 Pro Bowl caliber veterans and like the Colts, they had a pretty strong draft. My dream scenario is that these 2 teams meet in the Conference Championship game, and Philip makes his old team rue the day they decided to get rid of him, then he beats Tom Brady & the Bucs in the Superbowl.
  11. That’s impressive, kinda like Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs winning 3 Superbowls with 3 different quarterbacks.
  12. Marty was usually cautious to a fault, playing a big part in his combined 5-13 record in the postseason but in this game he was persuaded to take a chance, and it cost him big time! Late in the 1st Quarter, no score after both teams have punted twice apiece. Chargers have it 4th & 11 at the New England 30 yard line, and it’s reported Marty was set to have Nate Keading attempt the field goal of about 48 yards but that OC Cam Cameron told him, “I have a play that will get the 1st down.” Marty lets him run that play, Rivers gets sacked & fumbles at the 35, it’s recovered by the Pats, after which they march downfield on a 9 play drive and kick a field goal of their own for the first points of the game. Tom Brady threw 3 interceptions in that game, but the last one was intentional, and strategic – Down by 8 points with about 6 ½ left in the 4th, Brady had just been sacked by Shawne Merriman on 3rd & 5 at the Chargers’ 41. In the huddle he told his teammates that he was going to throw it right to a defender, and instructed them to strip it and that’s exactly what happened – he threw it to Marlon McCree and lacking situational awareness, he tried to return it and fumbled as planned. New England recovered and 5 plays later Brady hits our former WR Reche Caldwell for the touchdown, and succeed on the 2 point conversion to tie the game. A week later when Marlin Jackson intercepted Brady late, he had the good sense to get down before any Patriot could go for the ball. The Chargers go 3 & out on their next drive, the Patriots go downfield and kick a field goal with just over a minute remaining, Chargers rush down the field with no timeouts because Marty had blown the last one on a foolish challenge, and Kaeding’s rushed 54 yard attempt to tie sails wide and after kneeling once to win, several Patriots felt the need to celebrate by running to midfield and dancing on our logo, mimicking Merriman’s famed “Lights Out” dance. An enraged LaDainain Tomlinson had to be physically restrained, and addressed New England’s “lack of class” in his postgame comments.
  13. For me, it’s Joe Montana – he went 4-0 in Superbowls, and never threw an interception in any of them. People reference Brady and his numerous rings, but IMO, although he didn’t personally cheat, he definitely benefited from the cheating (Spygate) that his team was doing and that accounted for his first 3 rings! https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/kurt-warner-suspicious-patriots-deflategate-article-1.2094128 The Chargers were likely victims of Spygate as well, they were 14-2 and the AFC’s #1 seed in 2006 when they were knocked off at home by the #4 seeded Patriots, by a field goal as most of their tainted “victories” turned out to be.
  14. It was Adam Vinatieri, on a rain slicked field – it had poured at a point during the game. The rain wreaked havoc on both teams: that ball slipped out of Philip’s hand at his own 8 yard line, and it was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown by Gary Brackett. Three of those 6 interceptions were made by Antonio Cromartie, one of them was an insane 1 handed catch.
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