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    Betrayed Chargers fan, but Indy was where I was hoping that Philip would land for several reasons.

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  1. So, I'll list you as a "maybe" on Jared Goff...
  2. Kinda agree, if Brady gets back to the big game, it'll be viewed as all about him, vice the team he plays on.
  3. Rigo definitely "flipped the field" in several of our games, and I seem to recall recovered fumbles by pass rushers in several of our games, most notably against Green Bay & Houston. The "oomph" factor is special teams, who have made the difference in some of our games.
  4. Not to mention he's originally from Chico, just north of there!
  5. And if he did, he'd definitely be rusty after missing 2 whole seasons!
  6. https://apnews.com/article/nfl-chicago-bears-zac-taylor-sean-mcvay-denver-broncos-5cb7cb2c07465d7e8f1d595d35968f67 3rd straight guy to get his 1st ever Head Coaching opportunity with the Bolts, although then OC Anthony Lynn had been an interim for 1 game with Buffalo after Rex Ryan was fired.
  7. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/18/nfl-indianapolis-colts-trade-nick-foles-jaguars-philip-rivers/ I'll bet that we're all glad that this didn't come to pass!
  8. I don't suggest you should be fine with your team losing a Superbowl, that's always painful but to hate the the QB of the opposing team simply for doing his job and winning is kinda irrational.
  9. How many times does one get to use the "health concerns" excuse to quit on a team that is counting on him, only to later return? If Andrew Luck returned to play for another team, he would be universally hated here, and justifiably so!
  10. What was he supposed to do, throw that game for the greater good of Peyton? Lest we forget, Manning already had a Superbowl champioship (as did his little brother) so Drew went out and won his own, with the help of some ballsy calls by his coach Payton.
  11. Philip Rivers still has some good football left in him, and Drew Brees already has a Superbowl ring - if Rivers can take 1 more shot at possibly getting 1 of his own, I think he goes for it.
  12. He definitely did, and after physically struggling for the past few seasons, I think he walks away now with no regrets.
  13. It could be worse, it could've been like the 62-7 thumping that the Jags retired Dan Marino with!
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