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  1. Not too much longer, I would imagine - when he was with the Chargers he didn't hit too many long ones, and struggled getting touchbacks on his kickoffs, many were caught inside the 5 and returned.
  2. Good short term replacement while Blankenship heals up, with no expectations of this becoming a permanent switch unless Rigo's injury lingers or Badgley suddenly becomes dynamic.
  3. I think Frank is a decent coach, a good leader of men and a great character guy - where he often falls short is in play calling, and decision making at certain, crucial times. I feel if he turned over play calling duties to an aggressive, (but not foolish) imaginative OC and focused on management over the entire team, we would do alot better although injuries, more than any other factor cost us the win last night - that, and the defense got totally gassed late in the 4th, and overtime. It reminded me of the game against Pittsburgh last year in which we started great, dominated for most of it and then just gave it up in the end when the defense got tired, because the team hit a point total in which they seemed to believe that they had enough of them to win, and stopped aggressively trying to get more of them.
  4. Had it been 15 yards against us, I think there's a pretty good possibility that Doyle wouldn't be a Colt as of this morning - be that as it may, had the field goal attempt sailed through the uprights and we'd won, some folks would've wanted him carried off the field alongside Rodrigo!
  5. Is Borregales protected now? More than likely, especially considering the number of teams currently looking for kickers. As for Badgley, he's a former UDFA who has actually only been on 2 NFL teams: the Chargers & Titans, and he was a short term injury replacement on the latter, only for Week 1. Placekickers often travel around to several teams before they find their groove and I'm not viewing Badgley as our permanent kicker, but more in the role that Tennessee used him for.
  6. Who is? At this point it doesn't appear to be either Blankenship or Sanchez in the short term.
  7. Totally agree - it's not like he spit on the guy or anything, he baited him into a dumb penalty that gave us 15 yards and a chance to win the game.
  8. That's what I mentioned, I'd be surprised if his phone isn't already ringing but I think one of the teams calling him should be us - if he has several teams to choose between, he may just pick Indy because of Lucas Oil Stadium.
  9. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BadgMi00.htm He had a bad season last year but the 2 prior were pretty good, and the team still chose to e tend his contract in March, before parting with him in August. I'm not saying he should be a permanent replacement for Rodrigo, but he could be a short term one who we could sign tomorrow if we wanted to, or perhaps bring in along with several other kickers and find someone who can kick it through the uprights while Blankenship heals for a few weeks.
  10. I was watching "Good Morning Football" on NFLTV, and D'Angelo Hall definitely agrees with you.
  11. I can understand not going with an undrafted rookie over the "GOAT of placekickers" a few years ago, but there would be no shame in bringing him in now.
  12. Michael Badgley is available, he did good for the Chargers but after signing an extention with them in March, the team cut him in August and decided to go with Tristan Vizcaino (who missed 2 XPs and didn't attempt any FGs in their victory over the Browns). Badgley is kinda like Rodrigo in the fact that he's usually nails from 45 yards and closer, but struggles with the longer attempts, and kickoffs. Nonetheless, as many kickers that blew it this weekend, I'm sure the "Money Badger" will hear his phone ring this week and probably work out for at least 1 team, and perhaps we should kick his tires as well, especially if Blankenship is truly hurt.
  13. That, or the Browns yesterday night who became the 1st NFL team ever to rack up over 500 yards of offense, score at least 40 points and not commit a single turnover, and still lose the game.
  14. Not justifying it, but it was a smart, veteran move that got us within range to even attempt a game winning field goal.
  15. Does anyone wonder anymore why Sirianni got a Head Coaching gig, but Eberflus didn't?
  16. This loss hurts bad, and it'll hurt for awhile!
  17. I still have hope but unfortunately, I feel like you're right.
  18. Overtime - win the toss, score the TD and go home happy!
  19. C'mon, don't get cute - bring the kicking team on now!
  20. Let's try another screen to Taylor, that worked so well earlier, just sayin'
  21. When they score, we stop the conversion and they'll have to try an onside kick
  22. Staying inbounds and making them use up their timeouts, even if we only get another FG, we'll be in good shape!
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