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  1. That's a pretty high bar. So he has to have at least 10 sacks to impress you
  2. he is erratic and playing against much lesser talent. however i am pulling for him
  3. It's amazing how second-half appearances in the preseason has made Chad Kelly a starting quarterback in the NFL. If Kelly was so good he would have played against Miami last year. Can people stop crying for him to play
  4. 1. Nelson 2. Leonard 3. Hilton 4. Castanzo 5. Kelly 6. Mack 7. Smith 8. Doyle 9. Turay 10. Ya Sin
  5. Turay's talent alone should be more that 4 players above than Lewis. When healthy he is an absolute beast and should have a breakout year in 2020
  6. None of those choices are appealing to me. NEVER Franchise him and pay him $120 million?? He has the slowest release and does not have a high football IQ He will always be a backup player in the NFL
  7. They can't talk about anything regarding contracts until free agency begins. Jim is probably going to wine and dine him and sell him on the prospects of playing here
  8. if they come here they are starting over Jacoby. 2-3 year contract if its one of those guys
  9. Love the Maniac, ordered his jersey last week
  10. I hope Baker can use his extensive experience to create more havoc across the line
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