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  1. Pat McAfee said reporting of rookies is 7/21 and vets 7/28
  2. We need a new kicker, Blankenship really has not proven he is the guy
  3. What is sad is that many will call your statement racist but it is NOT. ALL lives matter, its racist to say ONLY black lives matter.
  4. With Mack and Taylor sharing time in the backfield it could be hard for either one to reach a thousand
  5. Blue works perfect for children of all ages. I have no problem with a more demented mascot for print and video but Blue is great for the home games.
  6. Looking for big things from him this season
  7. I wish Chad Kelly would have gotten the start that way we knew what kind of quarterback he was instead of the quarterback everyone thinks he could be
  8. it looks bad with the blue stripes on the shoulders. Not a fan!
  9. She is awfully cute all the time the Hat just makes it better
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