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  1. indyagent17

    Projected WRs

    I am glad the team is NOT putting a lot of stock in Cain. If he plays well its a bonus
  2. indyagent17

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    I am jealous, Im sitting in my office
  3. indyagent17

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    It's a 1 year $10 mill prove it or goodbye. We all love Ballard, best draft class of 2018 in based on one deal you don't trust him? Get a grip and let's cheer for him to succeed
  4. You can see his fingers sink deeply into the football. The pats cheated again. Brady smashes his phone. It is despicable organization starting from the top. They keep getting in controversy and everyone knows there will be a next time. Cheaters that get away with things keep cheating. They are the Raiders east and have well surpassed the Raiders. The company I work with is a national company and we have meetings every year and you get to know people from other regions well I stay in contact with a bunch of people from the northeast they they never admit anything they just bloviate about the superbowl wins. Even with Kraft. He is old and his wife dies a few year ago so whats the big deal. It all about the culture. Good night everyone. Go Hoosiers
  5. indyagent17

    Hypothetical Mega Trade

    There is no reason to answer this question. Go Horse!
  6. indyagent17

    Robert Mathis on the Pat Mcafee Show

    Pat is always entertaining his podcast are hilarious. Louder with Crowder is a close second
  7. indyagent17

    2018 colts movie

    But my nine-year-old son was watching it with me could I would assume something on this site would be about football at least okay for all audiences
  8. indyagent17

    2018 colts movie

    No kidding, what is purpose of ruining the video with filthy music
  9. indyagent17

    NFL Believes the Colts won the AFC South

    We both finished 11-6 including the playoffs, We won 2 out of 3 against them. Raise the Banner LOL
  10. indyagent17

    NFL Believes the Colts won the AFC South

    They know that this run is going to end for them. The Colts are poised when several division titles over the next few years and Houston knows that. I think it's funny that tweet one out. It's a omen but the Colts will be division champions in 2019
  11. indyagent17

    A few thoughts about Desir....

    Desir played well but he is by no means worth anything like the contract Fuller received. if he tries that let him go and if he succeeds we get a comp pick. I think Ballard will address CB and S in this draft or free agency. You have to balance the good of the team in regards to what cap space you have. Desir does not force you to make that tough decision
  12. indyagent17

    Jacoby Brissett

    I like Jacoby, but I don't want to see him as a starting quarterback. I hope somebody wants to give us a high draft pick for him I just don't see it happening. He has a lot of skills I just don't see it translating starting quarterback
  13. Mercy, this is what I call good news!
  14. indyagent17

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    He will always be remembered as one of the key pieces that brought our O line to respectability
  15. indyagent17

    Season Ticker Holder again

    I was in 613 for 8 years, saw so many great games from there especially the 4th and 2 game many other great games