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  1. This may be fine but realize when you have the ball on your own 15 with 2 1/2 minutes left if you can’t move into field goal range I would like someone else capable.
  2. For those of your questioning his press conference just remember he is NOT going to show his hand to anyone. Just of his comments could also be uses as propaganda to fool other teams on the directions we will be heading in 2021.
  3. Really? The kid have to plan a game or two before we can make a final decision on him nothing happens on paper
  4. I don’t wanna hear any moral victory nonsense. There is no participation trophy in the NFL. We made mistakes Reich made mistakes and we lost a game. If our coach doesn’t learn from his mistakes this next year could be his last one in Indy. I will always be a Colts fan but that gives me the right to say when they play terribly. This game was ripe to win. We have the ball on our own 15 with two minutes and 30 seconds left and couldn’t get in the field-goal range. Blame that on an aging quarterback that has a limited number of throws
  5. We have to see what Eason has to offer
  6. 2 big drops by Taylor on 3rd down 2 Horrible throws on 3rd down Missed FG Bad challenge and poor use of timeouts Allen making tremendous throws to extend plays. that said there are no Moral victories in the NFL Reich needs to learn from his mistakes. we had a chance to tie or win with 2:30 left. Any decent NFL QB could have led us but Rivers no longer has the tools to do that.
  7. Well I was wondering is that when Pittman stumbled backwards did that trigger the clock to start with the spot
  8. Where the team puts together a full game. As everyone knows this is been the season where the Colts play good in one half and not the other. It’s going to take that kind of effort to win in Buffalo
  9. I would break it down farther 1. Running game A- 2. Passing B- 3. Run Defense B 4. Pass Defense C- 5 Special Teams B+ Overall B-
  10. Let’s face it. Without him today we would have lost
  11. Colts hold tight in the first half but second half futility is costly as Buffalo wins 35-20
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