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  1. They have had top 5 draft picks so many times over the last decade but they can't seem to get over the hump. They are a horrible drafting team with so many misses
  2. He didn't show up in the box score so he must not have played much.
  3. I'd be amazed at Coley or Davis actually play a whole lot. Of course I would love to see them thrive.
  4. I agree Hunt is much better inside and we need some kids to "grow up" like Banagu and Lewis.
  5. This is a huge game, he will have to play better to win. The running game will not be easy so Jacoby will need to shine. This game should be a shootout so we will see what he can do in a very important contest.
  6. I'm so tired of hearing about our former quarterback
  7. I disagree, Lewis COULD be special. High motor, full speed player.
  8. And keep the running backs from roving over the middle which has been killing us for years
  9. Lots of time to get back up to game speed too!
  10. Assuming we are relatively healthy. Hilton, Leonard, Moore and hopefully Hooker but even without Hooker and they other are healthy I think it will still be close Colts 24 Houston 17
  11. Watching the game again and the look of our players was really bordering on disturbing. Pure determination and frenzy in their eyes. I hope this continues
  12. Leave Hooker alone, solid safety with great range. Put a better safety next to him and he won't have to cover 60% of the field
  13. The defense is a work in progress with all the new players but if they show that kind of feverish effort every week that will make things much more difficult on offenses. Our offense needs to have our playmaker step-up Up. Ebron looks lost at times and we're not getting the ball to our tight ends as much as we should. There were too many plays where we had to throw the ball away. I know we're missing players but since two people were covering Hilton all night it was up to Rogers, Pascal and our tight ends to get open. I find it amazing that we ran the ball so well and took off so much time in our drives. That's a great takeaway but you can't run the ball against everybody like we did last night. Brissett will have to be more accurate and receivers and tight ends will have to be more available by running better routes.
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