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  1. Im glad I hate playing them, its usually a boring game and those unis are ugly
  2. Let’s wait until opening day to see what shakes out Ballard is not an *
  3. Again who cares about an opinion that has never been a GM in the league
  4. We should not care what pundits say. All the care about is controversial topics. There are only 32 GM’s in the NFL so let’s let time do the talking
  5. It will be interesting three years from now to see which linebackers fare better. Paye and Odeyingbo vs Rousseau and Bashim. Buffalo picked below us in both instances I’m only curious to see how these pics turn out
  6. Let’s not forget everything starts with the lines. Putting high motor athletes on the D line is the right move. I think you’ll see the Colts sign Fisher or Villanueva in the days to come. You got it appreciate he didn’t reach for anybody he just pick the best player available
  7. I’m getting tired of the revolving door for general managers. Ballard is fantastic I don’t see a reason to ever let him go
  8. The draft is deep for OT at least into the second round. I voted to trade back because I really believe Ballard wants that third round pick back. But if a stud DE of CB falls to us you have to act.
  9. Could you imagine what would happen if one of those two got hurt fooling around? I love Pittman’s videos, this kid really has a heart for the game
  10. It was so heartbreaking to see his knee injury against Kansas City. The Colts we’re on a run that year. He came back and still had great seasons but I believe that knee injury hampered him the rest of his career. It’s amazing for such a short resume the number of yards and touchdowns he put up. In my opinion the greatest running back to Colts ever had
  11. Garcon catches the third and 10 ball and goes for 16 yards. The colts score and the game changes and the Colts win. Little known play that changed the complexion of the game, He didn't follow the ball into his hands and was looking upfield and he was wide open 2nd place, Carnell Lake doesnt shoestring tackle Lamont Warren in the 4th quarter of the AFCCG
  12. 3680 Yds, 25 TD, 11 INT and 3 rushing TD's
  13. I could see Ballard doing a two-year deal and let him retire here
  14. I say bring Houston back for a season, Clowney is head case and I do not want him on this team. There are a few other big names but as said before he knows the system. I really feel DE will taken at #21 and OT in the second round
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