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  1. I didnt mean to harsh. I know it takes time but I sure didnt expect to see him listed as one of the best
  2. Wow, I feel sorry for this class if Paye I listed as one of the best. I like his promise but so far he is not that impressive
  3. We simply cannot fall further behind and lose the head to head. Should we win I see 6 more moderately winnable games. I also see losses to Buffalo, Tampa Bay and Arizona. That would put us at 10-7 which is an outside shot at the wild card. Tennessee has the harder schedule so right now we need to get behind this team, sell the building out with crazy and load Colts fans. Let’s go Colts!!
  4. Really, what part of my post sounds like hopes and dreams? Just the reality of the situation and I have watching football for 46 years so watch the negative personal comments
  5. He plays the DBs that way because he doesn’t want to get burned. We have good players in the defensive backfield but injuries seems to make Eberflus over reactive. I would love to see Ballard bring in a few more solid DB’s. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ll be glad when Ya Sin comes back
  6. I’ll tell you what’s amazing is that Pittman is really showing that he can be a first. But if we got a field goal there it still would’ve been a one possession game with a two point conversion. Frank rolls the dice and it scares me when he does.
  7. So one point wouldn’t of mattered in the Baltimore game
  8. Here we go again, just like the Baltimore game San Francisco has figured out how to beat this defense. I hope this turns out differently but if it doesn’t Frank needs to answer.
  9. This is why I tell you people that Frank makes bad decisions but some of you are blind to stupid mistakes. Look how fast San Francisco scored and if they made that two point conversion the game would’ve been tied. You just don’t go for two that early in the game!! you have no idea what’s going to happen later or how much you need that point. If you don’t get this you are just not paying attention
  10. A couple of you scoffed at me. We should be up by nine right now with three minutes to go in the third quarter because of Reichs decision it’s a one possession game. How soon everyone forgets about the Baltimore game and how important 1 point is!
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