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  1. Is under contract, his agent and himself agreed to this deal. I think it's wrong for him to want more money and not going to training camp. Let your next deal be big. Just go play I'm so tired of all the whining
  2. All Inman did was play very well when called upon. I would definitely bring him in
  3. Keep in mind that Ballard could be psychologically working on Wilson. In other words kick in the butt
  4. 16 penalties for almost 170 yards yards is inexcusable
  5. Thank you Jacoby thank you for your efforts to get us Quenton Nelson
  6. Walker has never impressed me. Kelly has a better arm and a better football pedigree. With Kelly missing the first two games Walker may hold on to his spot but once Kelly returns Walker has to go. I was VERY dissapointed in Brisette but I hope he looks better in PS game 2
  7. I'm sorry brother wish I had a better solution for you. I'm glad you're a loyal Colts fan from across the pond. Be well
  8. Regardless, it beats the days where you never got to watch a game that was not broadcast in your area until the NFL network showed up
  9. On August 4, 2019, Foreman was waived by the Texans, who cited poor work habits and being late to team meetings. I sure hope this changes.
  10. They keep six if one is a primarily KOR or PR
  11. He is a man that is a bit gun shy. That kidney laceration could have been a career ending injury but he fought back. I give him credit for trying to back to a solid playing form but this could easily cause an issue with the tough start we have this year. That said, I expect him to play week 1 but who knows at this point.
  12. Training camp is a horrible way to judge new players. We've been burnt by the hype so many times I don't pay attention anymore
  13. There's a lot of training camp left and if we know anything Luck is an extreme competitor. I don't really care if he misses the first preseason game as long as he gets a his calf healthy.
  14. This could be a whole lot of nothing, however Ballard apologized how he treated Luck's injury a few years ago. I hope it's really nothing but you never know. You would think that Ballard learned his lesson.
  15. Harrison was a dirty player and cheated so much to get plays called his way. I could care less what he says he sure isn't The Brightest Bulb in the Box either when he talks about Harrison like that
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