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  1. Now that we have a real quarterback, I could see down having a fantastic year. He’s got great speed and he runs solid routes. Let’s imagine for a second that we have Richardson, Taylor, Pittman, Mitchell, Pierce, Ogletree, Woods and Downs together that would be pretty good if all the hype turns to reality
  2. I really think the coaching staff is high on Cross lets see if he takes a big step forward
  3. 1 We need to be a top pressure team and that means that Dayo and Paye need to be better. Latu needs to grow up fast because I do not trust our DB’s so this is a key 2. Pierce needs to have a breakout season and Mitchell needs to back up the hype and a 17 game run for Richardson This team looks better than last year but we still have to win games
  4. The cost for playing is $45 with cart and 18 holes
  5. I could see a two year contract if the price is rights
  6. I am just curious if any of you wanted to start a golf outing here in Indianapolis. It would be a fun day meeting everyone that wanted to play. Once I get a number of those interested we can find a Saturday that works
  7. I was a freshman done at Bloomington when this happened. I came up and see my mom and she went to Ls Ayers‘ and got me a Colts shirt. She passed away in 1992 just eight years later, but this is just one of many memories that I have that makes me smile when I think about her
  8. As someone mentioned, we traded up to get him. You can see he has speed but very little experience. He’s had plenty of time to acclimate to the NFL so the Colts if they wait or don’t do anything have full confidence in Nick. I’m not sure I would roll the dice on that one. I’d rather have a veteran with experience and let Cross learn from him
  9. I was thinking about his college days Reggie White - Tennessee
  10. I had a client that lives in Florida that says he has never played a full season even in High School and would never play a full season again since he is so injury prone. I sure hope that will not happen
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