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  1. He played pretty well except the long post pass. I like how he is progressing and I expect him to improve over time
  2. I don't think Reich is going anywhere this year or next but If we finish under .500 then I could see different coordinators. What I and most of you find troubling is the poor starts on both side of the ball.
  3. By comparison to Helaire... Halaire 81-344 Average 4.3 First Downs 14 Taylor 89-367 Average 4.1 First Downs 22 Taylor is quietly putting up good numbers having to carry a bigger load due to poorer QB plan (Mahomes vs. Rivers)
  4. Don’t even start saying this is on the quarterback. The defense is god awful
  5. Mayfield was throwing BB's in the first half with VERY contested plays by our defense. I can think of at least 6 circus catches or balls that were perfectly thrown so thats very hard to defend. They only gave up 3 points in the second half and if we stopped them on third and 9 this could well be a victory. Also look at the time of possession we were on the field too long
  6. I think its quite possible that if we are getting blown out you could see Brisette or Eason
  7. Defensive line players take time to develop especially when they do not get the playing time needed in the preseason. Lets not give up on players because there are many players that did not blossom until after a few years, One that comes to mind is Reggie Wayne and he is most likely a future hall of famer
  8. This is going to be an important game on Sunday. Rivers will do his best to show off his arm to disprove everyone. We’re about to see what he has for sure
  9. The defense did a fine job, they only gave up 23 points to a loaded offense that made several Miraculous catches end of story. Red zone offense and a quarterback with a noodle arm and bad decisions cost us the game
  10. This was a one possession game. If we could’ve gotten a stop on third and nine We can easily be talking about a Colts victory right here
  11. You guys are ridiculous. you want to bench the quarterback with Jacoby? You want to fire the coach mid game? I’m ticked of too but get a grip at least until the game is OVER!
  12. It’s absolutely amazing that Dulin, Johnson and Pascal are our 2-4 receivers. Cox and Doyle are non existent
  13. Costanzo being out is the biggest problem. The defensive line is fantastic. Hope next man up works out
  14. A very pleasant surprise from the "Ballard reached too high for a kid that may not play in 2020"
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