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  1. Liked this highlight. I came away being just as impressed with his QB from that film. I hope this kid can stick.
  2. "Please allow me to adjust my pants. So I may dance the good time dance. And put the onlookers and innocent by standers in a trance"...... The Mob Goes Wild: Clutch
  3. Thank you LCF for posting this video. I would probably never know his story if I hadn't seen it. I'm gonna be rooting hard for Kwity Paye too. Great story & a great family that I hope has many happy days ahead. I hope his mom enjoys her retirement.
  4. Absolutely tremendous! I love this kid for so many reasons.
  5. I met Johnny Unitas in 1965 when I was 11 years old. My oldest brother played on a semi pro team in New Hampshire called the Nashua Colts. I went to their end of the year awards banquet that year & Johnny U. was in attendance as their guest speaker. As an 11 year old I was awestruck & mesmerized. I was already a fan of the team solely based on my brother, who I idolized. This event sealed the deal for a lifetime of fandom. My family in NH still has my brother's Colts helmet hanging in the basement. Some day I will get up the nerve to ask if I can
  6. Love this guy. I hope he's a Colt for many years to come. Watching that video makes me feel a little better about all the money I've spent on my guitar collection.
  7. I was gonna go here but wanted to be nice...............
  8. Q for certain. I'm hoping next season to be able to say Wentz.
  9. Anybody have any thoughts about taking a flyer on this guy?
  10. Is anyone else getting no audio from this clip?
  11. If KC played as poorly as they did in the SB, yes.
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