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  1. Rodgers is playing lights out. I think the Bucs defense is nowhere as good as the Rams defense. Rodgers won't turn the ball over like Brees did yesterday. Bucs got almost all their points off of turnovers.
  2. Anybody else having trouble tuning in to CBS? My system won't tune in.
  3. Thank you for the link. I had not heard anybody bring any of that up before. I hope this kind of scathing review motivates him to push himself to reach his projected potential. If the Colts staff finds him not maturing beyond this stage I hope they can cut bait and move on.
  4. Do you have a source for this? I seriously have not heard this before and have been real curious about his progress.
  5. Serious question: Is Eason not considered a viable option as a future QB for the Colts? I never hear anything about him.
  6. Serious question here: I see all kids of posts calling for us to get a new QB. Does anyone have any idea if Eason is still in the plans for the Colts future? I never hear anything about his progress or lack of same.
  7. Don't want to watch it again. It was painful enough to see the first time. Hit his hands in a dive for it. I don't care anymore who's right about it. I'll just shut up and watch the rest of the game in hopes we can pull this one out somehow.
  8. Overthrown. fact. He didn't have to throw it as far as he did. Could have drop it in with the receiver standing up instead of having to dive for a ball out of reach.
  9. In mid dive. Just a touch less and it's a TD. Even Por receivers can't catch every throw that too far.
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