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  1. Thank you for that. Colts beat NE & Pitt in consecutive weeks. That felt really good to see again.
  2. ........I know we have but.......In 31 games (regular season & post season) we are 25-6. Is this the team we have the worst record against? I have been watching random games on youtube just to past the time & the Steeler games are depressing. Bert Jones was a great QB but didn't play well against the Steelers. A crucial INT here & killer penalty on the 3 yard line driving for what would have been a winning score were just a couple of the ones I remember. I'm looking for the time when we can run off several victories versus the Steelers. Just ranting, don't mind the old man here........
  3. "There is truly nothing that is stopping him from coming to town and doing this." Not saying there is a legitimate reason he's not in town but, you can't possibly know this as fact.
  4. I think "a few years back" might be the operative phrase here.
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