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  1. Very underrated. Loved watching him catch those high spiral passes that Johnny U would drop from the sky. He was not very big or particularly fast. He was a great route runner & always found a way to get open. Specially in the end zone. RIP Jimmy Orr
  2. Colts were on a bye & I left Minshew in my FF lineup even though reports were saying he might be benched. I wanted to monitor his progress or lack thereof. I may keep him around a little longer.
  3. Yeah. I did alright leaving him in my lineup. The bonus was I also had Herbert in there as well. I'm almost 80 points ahead going into tonights game with Lockett still to play.
  4. They looked pretty awful today against the Chargers. Their only win is against the Colts. On another note.........Also after today's games I think I could get onboard with those hoping for Matthew Stafford to wear the shoe.
  5. I'm hearing talk of the Jags benching Minshew. Anybody know if that's gonna happen for sure this week?
  6. Seems you like the move. Do you know anything about this guy? Seems to be a journeyman.
  7. You're not even close to the biggest Debbie Downer here. We have a couple posters who can't help them selves here & in Chat week in & week out, They pop in when we are stinkin up the place just to tell us how much we suck. Then when the team starts to turn things around they are nowhere to be found.
  8. Let's get about an 8:30 minute drive with points right here.
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