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  1. coltsfansince65

    Time Travel. A look back

  2. coltsfansince65

    Colts Training Camp 8/3/2018 (Birthday Edition)

    That's my birthday too. But I'm more than double your age.
  3. coltsfansince65

    You know what grinds my gears?

    Let them all think he's done & go ahead & gameplan for Brissett.
  4. coltsfansince65

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    And beyond.........(speaking for myself....)
  5. coltsfansince65

    Colts got the draft's best player at #6

    I'm old enough to have had that technique do the trick.
  6. coltsfansince65

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Would it be All Right Now by Free?
  7. coltsfansince65

    RIP Dwight Clark

    RIP Dwight Clark. ALS is a horrible, cruel disease. My prayers to his family & to all those dealing with this.
  8. coltsfansince65

    2018 Colts Road Games

    My daughter lives in Philly. She & I will be going to that game. (she's a Saints fan) I also live less than an hour from Metlife stadium so I will be attending the Jets game as well.
  9. coltsfansince65

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    Punts too?
  10. coltsfansince65

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    Maybe he can win a job as a return guy.
  11. coltsfansince65

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    I'm gonna go with Mewhort but the surprise is he will kick out & start at RT.
  12. coltsfansince65

    We're #32!!!

    Yup. Just like 2012.
  13. coltsfansince65

    NFL Network Power Rankings

    Just like 2012
  14. coltsfansince65

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    Break out the old 2012 T-shirt.......................
  15. He will work with the special teams. Specializing in onside kicks.