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  1. By letting Jacoby Brissett walk into free agency and signed by the Dolphins is one of the happiness days of my life as a Colts fan. Jacoby is probably the most annoying QB I have ever watched the Colts start and remember I have see Art Schlichter play on the Colts. Big, strong guy who seems like a great job. Big arm but could rarely complete a long pass. Would checkdown most of the time. Wasn't very fast in the pocket. Slow processing and was one of the worst QBs I have ever seen the Colts start. I am so happy he is on another team. What a happy, happy, happy day!
  2. Some pretty bizarre discussions going on here. First of all, I think it is a joke to say that Luck wasn't as good as Watson. Someone is drinking the Watson kool aid. Let's break down a few things. What has Watson ever won in the NFL? And don't tell me the guy didn't have talent around him. He played with Watt, Hopkins, and Clowney to name a few. And I will never forget something Venturi said about him. He said keep Watson on the pocket and he becomes a very average QB. Everything this year is talking about Watson like it would take 4 #1 picks to get him. What a joke. So he puts up a
  3. A little background. I have coached football for ten years and spend probably 3 hours a day watching film or keeping up with trends. I have been a Colts fan my entire life. I am also from the midwest and have friends on the NDS coaching staff. I have spent hours everyday watching everything I could on Carson Wentz since the trade was announced. I cannot tell you how excited I am with him coming to the Colts and how much I expect him to do well. I am not saying he is Andrew Luck, but he has very similar traits. It is almost like we got knocked off our schedule when Luck retired and Wentz is
  4. I liken that comparison to: Trent Dilfer Super Bowl Wins: 1 Andrew Luck Super Bowl Wins: 0
  5. 1959 I am guessing. I think it is unfair to compare teams once free agency started versus teams that didn't have free agency. The Colts were stacked many times. That wouldn't happen in free agency era. So as much as I love the Colts with Manning and Luck, the quality of the teams just can't compare with teams before free agency.
  6. Look at it this way. Jacoby Brissett might be the worst QB who has ever put on a jersey for the Colts. Reich had him at 5-2 at one point, which is like working magic. So he can make Wentz do great things!
  7. Please, guys, quit torturing me with Jacoby Brissett. I thought once the Wentz trade was announced, we could finally put JB talk to rest. Why is the heck would he want to come back as a backup on a team that has replaced him 2 times? And lets stop the "He is the best backup in the NFL". Based on what? His winning record? Get rid of the guy. Give Eason a shot.
  8. I hope he picks #7. Bert Jones was great. Jacoby Brissett and Curtis Painter ruined that number. Wentz can restore it to glory.
  9. Well, I hope it is Jacob Eason. Because if we sign another veteran to be the backup, that likely means Eason is toast. I doubt they would keep 3 QBs on the active roster for another year. Eason would be picked up if he were on practice squad. I predict a low level veteran is signed and Eason beats him out.
  10. I expect the Colts will draft a Left Tackle in the first round, sign a FA DE like Yannick Ngakoue, let Houston walk, and perhaps pick up a TE like Ertz.
  11. Well, its not like he can come in and take whatever number he wants. Pittman is 11. Fountain is 10 and that is why Eason had to take 9. My guess is Pittman will give up his number and go to something else in the teens. On another note, I hope Eason can get 10 from Fountain. And I am happy our two QBs should be Wentz and Eason.
  12. Love it. Wentz and Eason next year. Should work well!
  13. I hope the Colts trade for Wentz or Darnold or even pick up Minshew so I don't have to hear another year of Jordan Love type talk. If I remember, he is the scout QB for the Packers. Now it is Justin Fields this year. Please. Both are very overrated. Other than Lawrence, the Colts aren't going to roll into next year with a rookie QB. They would end up 6-10. So please give it a rest. Again, when the Colts actually get a QB for a few years, I will happy not to read that anymore.
  14. Top to bottom Gardner Minshew Nick Foles Ryan Fitzpatrick Marcus Mariota Andy Dalton Mitch Trubisky Teddy Bridgewater Cam Newton Jameis Winston Any breathing human on earth Jacoby Brissett
  15. Thank you. I can't stand the constant "We need to move up and get our next franchise QB". Look over the last 10 years of drafting QBs in round one, and they fail far more than they success. I think unless you are looking at Peyton, Luck, or Trevor Lawrence, it is not worth the risk to trade that many picks on a guy like Fields who I think will be a bust. Sure, I wish we had a shot at Lawrence, but that isn't happening. So in that case, I would rather get a guy like Ryan, Wentz, or even Darnold, have them compete with Eason, and maybe add another QB 2-4 round. We have about as much chance a
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