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  1. I think that was meant for Top 40 on Colts roster last two years: 1) Andrew Luck 2) Philip Rivers 3) Chad Kelly 4) Jacob Eason 40) Jacoby Brissett
  2. Again, you can't act like Colts history started when Peyton Manning was drafted. There were other great players that wore some of those numbers. Mike Curtis 32, John Mackey 88 to name two.
  3. I always like how many of you call adult men "Kid" as in "This kid looks good".
  4. Eason committed to Georgia assuming there would be a certain head coach. When they changed head coaches, he thought about transferring then. So him transferring after Fromm was made the starter isn't a surprise or anything to do with quitting. Fromm played well and met more what the new coach wanted. Eason is more of a gunslinger.
  5. You gotta take in Jacob Eason's history as a whole. He was the top rated QB in the country coming out of high school. He was recruited by Alabama, Notre Dame amongst many. He went to Georgia because he liked the coached. Unfortunately, once he got there, the coach was fired. He started as a true freshman and played well. We know as a sophomore he got hurt, Fromm lead them to title game, and he wasn't allowed to get his job back. Their coach is a defensive coach who preferred the game management of Fromm over Eason's gunslinger mentality. That is not to take anything from Fromm, who was fantastic at Georgia. So he transfers to Washington to play near home with Chris Peterson, who is a very innovative coach. Had to sit out a year and when he played, he played pretty good. Not perfect. But keep in mind all of his receivers are pretty small and not exactly NFL picks. Peterson stepped down at the end of the year. Otherwise, he might have stayed another year. So what we are getting is a guy who had to take a winding road to get here. Had he not been hurt at Georgia or played at Washington the whole time, we likely wouldn't be getting him in the 4th round. Or had he played another year at Washington, we wouldn't get him in the 4th. Eason has a rocket arm and can get rid of the ball quickly and accurately. He is not as immobile as they say. I think he ran like a 4.89 40. Brady was like 5.1. He does try to run away from the rush and that doesn't work well. But he can thread the needle at any time from any spot on the field. So it is a roll of the dice. If they can essentially red shirt him for a year or two, he could be fantastic. Again, I would take this pick over some of you wanting the inaccurate project Jordan Love any day. Low risk/high reward. I do think it is funny how some of you, after 7 weeks last year were calling a 3rd around pick that was traded after one year, Jacoby Brissett, a franchise QB. But now you say a 4th round QB can't possibly be the QB of the future. Eason could be special. Or he could be another physical freak at QB who simply doesn't have it mentally. We will see. But worth the risk. He is better than Brissett right now, I will tell you that.
  6. Eason is a low risk/high upside guy. Honestly, I like that gamble more than wasting a 1 or 2 on Jordan Love. They both need development.
  7. I think if you set your expectations to be realistic, it will all be good. How many QBs in the like the 35 years drafted below round 2 amount to a good NFL QB? I can think of Montana, Brady, and Russell Wilson. There's a few guys like Kirk Cousins. So my point is, if Eason never amounts to anything, that is to almost expected. But if he is developed, he could be a steal.
  8. I don't see any way Brissett stays on the team. Colts aren't going to carry 3 QBs on active roster. So one has to go. Rivers and Eason are safe. I think they need to trade Brissett today.
  9. I read that as well. If you think about it, he got to WSU and had to sit behind Falk and then lost a close battle to Minshew. But he never quit. he beat out a highly rated transfer to be the starter this year. Leach said the battle between Gordon an Minshew was so close that if Gordon had played, they would have won 11 games. So he is very resilient and competitive.
  10. I don't think he will last that long. In fact, I expect him to be a 3rd round pick. He is actually very smart and a good leader. I went up to WSU to scout him myself. Ballard loves Senior Bowl guys and he was arguably the best QB at the Senior Bowl in the game. I am sure they know of him. Just not tipping their hand.
  11. I would absolutely Love that scenerio! Get rid of Brissett and bring in Gordon at the same time? Count me in. Brissett seems like a great guy but I think when a guy has been replaced twice, it is time to move on for his interest and the teams. And I am a big fan of Gordons. He has rare arm talent and accuracy.
  12. I think it is GB spin to make it sound like Love was more wanted to legitimize their trade and drafting. I doubt Ballard had interest in Love. If so, he would have kept the 13 pick and traded down and gotten him in mid rounds. If it is true, then GB did us a big favor. Now he can sit beyond Rodgers for 3-4 years and then become the bust I expect him to be. Onto WRs and Anthony Gordon!
  13. Mims, Higgins, Kmet, Anthony Gordon
  14. I still wonder why the heck any of your liked Jordan Love? Trust me, we were spared to not have him. He will sit in Green Bay for 4 years and then accomplish nothing. We needs receivers for Rivers and draft a guy like Fromm or Gordon this year or next.
  15. I LOVE Anthony Gordon as a prospect. I don't think he goes past the 3rd round. I am hoping the Colts pick him. I think he would be a great pick.
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