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  1. I think it looking at future QB, I wish we would get off the fascination of the "next Mahomes". Mahomes is the exception and he also plays for a coach where every QB he has ever had has played pretty good. So hearing about Jordan Love and now Justin Fields just gets old. A guy being mobile and big arm doesn't mean the next Mahomes. So let's be constructive. The Colts are probably going to have a pick somewhere between 17-26. So they have no shot at Lawrence and he is probably the only sure thing QB. Fields and Lance, I think, are overrated and will be drafted before our pick.
  2. I love Anthony Gordon and would love to see him get a chance. I just basically want to get rid of Brissett for ANYTHING!
  3. I hate to see any player get hurt in the NFL. But I figured if a team got desperate at QB, it would be the perfect time to dump Jacoby Brissett for a draft pick. The Cowboys are in trouble likely and it would be a perfect time to move Brissett. He is gone at the end of the year anyways so might as well get something out of him, since they likely won't get a comp pick if he signs somewhere else since we will sign free agents ourselves.
  4. But for whatever reason, Ballard and Reich have to kiss Brissetts rear end, so they can't put Eason ahead of him, even for a few plays. But I think it would be smart. Eason is the only one that can really push the ball down the field.
  5. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Three #2 picks on defensive lineman, and none have really done anything.Lewis looks like a bust. Turay shows flashes but is always hurt. Banogu looks like he might be another Lewis.
  6. Those of you who want to bench Rivers, what is the alternative? So you want to see another year of Jacoby Brissett? I think he has won like 9 out of 31 starts or something like that. I would rather roll this year with Rivers and go 9-7 then have Brissett play and possibly have Colts extend him as a free agent. I WISH the Colts would move Eason to #2 and get him into some games as the season goes in. He has the arm to stretch the defense. I see no benefit playing Brissett. He will most likely be gone at end of year and the last thing I want is to him to be around after this year. He is
  7. Considering Jacoby Brissett is the backup, I would say his leash is 50 miles long. Because even at his worse, Rivers is 10x the QB Brissett. Maybe by end of year Eason will get some snaps
  8. I know people are going to rain on Rivers and he deserves it for his two interceptions. But on a bigger scale, the Colts offensive gameplan just annoys me to no end. There is so little rhythm. They will run Taylor three times and do well, then setup in shotgun with Hines in the backfield and do something. It reminds me of Pep Hamilton where they get too cute for their own good. I wish they would just line up and do what they do well instead of constantly changing the personal and attack around.
  9. "We" know right now the only QB on the Colts roster under contract for next year is Jacob Eason. So that is what I will base my comments on.
  10. I think one issue is too many people on here act as if the Colts began when Manning was drafted. Baltimore Colt history had very, very good players.
  11. From the teams perspective, I can understand the choice of Brissett as the backup QB. He has been there 3 years, knows the playbook, and is paid much money. For what it is worth, I don't think Brissett is a very good QB at all. If the Colts right now got an offer to trade Brissett to a team that had a QB injury for a WR or draft pick, I think they should do it in a second. Now, as the season goes on the get more familiar with Eason, I could see them making Brissett inactive and Eason the backup. Rivers is an ironman and they gain little by having Brissett as backup since we all
  12. I hate to see that. IMHO Nick Foles is a MUCH better QB than Mitch. He can be deadly accurate. So I think this makes a much tougher win.
  13. Maybe we will get lucky and Ballard will send Brissett to Texas to be the "emergency qb" and never call him back. I got him as the forth best QB on the team.
  14. Unless you are Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning picked #1 overall and considered a sure thing, QBs picked in the draft have holes in their game. The reason I went back and watched every game he played was because I wanted to know if he was the typical physical freak who was inaccurate/poor decision maker, which almost never gets fixed in the NFL. Or a guy who makes good decisions but just hasn't played that much and/or didn't have a good cast around him. My assessment of Eason is he is an accurate QB who makes good decisions. He doesn't throw a lot of interceptions, nor has he ever. Compare
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