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  1. Of the options available, I like getting Stafford the best. We have to be realistic. There is no way the Colts can get high enough in the draft to get Lawrence or Wilson. I think Fields and Lance are overrated. And I don't know that Jones and Trask are any better prospects than Jacob Eason. And there is no way the Colts would go into next season playing a rookie QB. So that leaves Free Agents or a trade. Free agents aren't really inspiring. The Colts need someone at the level of Rivers or better. So I would like Stafford/Eason next year.
  2. I think you go with Eason and a veteran. Would love to see Stafford or even Darnold to battle Eason. I love Chris Ballard but where he scares me is how he is always praising Jacoby Brissett, who is a very mediocre QB. I fear they will try to resign him or get someone like him.
  3. I still think here is a belief on here that the Colts can pick someone in the first round and we have our new franchise QB. There are far more Josh Rosens then there Aaron Rodgers. I don't see anyway we will go into next season with a rookie and Jacob Eason as the QBs. I am sure Ballard will bring in some veteran. I would say if the right guy isn't there, don't take one in first.
  4. My biggest fear is the Colts will try to resign Jacoby Brissett. He has proven again and again he is not an NFL starting QB. I hope they can either trade for a guy like Stafford or Darnold or have Luck come back by some miracle. But when names like Jameis Winston is floated around, I get no sleep.
  5. Geathers was a leader in the locker room. So was Vinny and others. Ballard didn't treat them like that. If players were kept around because they were great in locker room, Tim Tebow would be a hall of famer. I have seen nothing from Brissett to show he deserves the praise or money he gets. The two years he started will always be two of the darkest years in Colts history for me. They simply could never score.
  6. I have been a Colts fan since I was 7 years old and that is a long time. I have never seen an organization kiss a players behind like the Colts do with Jacoby Brissett. Brissett was a 3rd round pick of the Patriots who started one game as a rookie. He was then traded to the Colts for their former #1 pick Phillip Dorsett and anointed the starter because of Lucks injury. The Colts had zero offense with him behind the center. Two years later, Luck abruptly retires and Brissett is given a huge two year contract and called the teams new franchise QB. Once again, they had almost no offense wit
  7. I think one mistake often made is assuming picking a QB in the first round immediately gives us a franchise QB and we are set. I would say look over the last ten years of QBs drafted in the first round and you will see at least half of them are busts or underachieving. I still remember last year hearing so many people on here screaming for Jordan Love. Last I heard, he was the scout team QB on the Packers and terrible inaccurate. I am not suggesting we won't try to pick a QB in the first, but I think we have about as much chance of that QB working out as Jacob Eason. I like Wilson and Tra
  8. Our "top 5 defense" makes even Mike Glennon look like a good QB. And the offensive play calling at times makes no sense. Buffalo 37 Colts 27
  9. 37-20 Steelers. Without our tackles, I just don't see the offense moving the ball very well and Ben will tear secondary apart if they play like they did last week.
  10. Not to be Negative Nancy, but I think we are in trouble. Pittsburghs defense has always given us trouble with their unpredictable pass rushers. Without out two starting tackles, we are going to struggle running and protecting Rivers. I think this will be bad. I hope Reich can gameplan around this.
  11. Taylor is an absolute monster. I am glad they are giving him the ball more. Whether it is running or catching passes, he is dangerous because of his speed and power. I do great frustrated that he will be do really well and then seem to not touch the ball for a quarter. But it feels like he is cementing his place as #1. And I don't really think he has had an up and down season. I remember Dwight Freeney didn't start until like the 9th or 10th week as a rookie but put up good numbers. Taylor had one bad fumble but otherwise I think he has done well. And I think the Colts are running more p
  12. I would be good if we can get Wentz or Darnold on the cheap. They both are relatively young and do have upside. Wentz I hope can be fixed. I think Darnold suffers from maybe the worst coach in the NFL over the last 10 years. If we go to the draft, I would like Trask or Zack Wilson. No more Jordan Love types. I hear to that stuff for months on here. Packers got themselves a scout QB. I also believe Eason is as talented as probably any of these QBs. If he mentally can pick up the Colts offense, I am all for seeing what he can do.
  13. Yeah, I about hit the floor. What is next, Ryan Leaf??!?!
  14. Reich has stretches where I think his play calling is terrible. I think he tries to get too cute. I am sure if you did the statistics, Rivers taking the ball from center and giving to Taylor between tackles probably works most of the time. Yet, at times, they completely abandon it. If we have such a great offensive line, we shouldn't have to be so cute to get 1 yard. And what is up with going empty backfield when Rivers is getting killed by the pass rush? Compare that to Belichick teams. If they can run on you, they pound it down your throat all day. They find what works and h
  15. I wanted to make two comments. As far as Grigson trying, trying doesn't really work in the NFL. I remember Venturi said that Grigson was drafting lineman that were too stiff and not athletic enough even when Grigson was still here. He missed far too many times in the draft and free agency. And as far as drafting a QB, I am not sure why you feel that if we draft a QB in the 1st round, we are set? In my opinion, we have as much chance hitting on Jacob Eason as we do Kyle Trask. Just think about this. Eason was projected by some to go early in the 2nd round. So if we had drafted
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