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  1. Honestly, this is concerning. My brother and I laugh about how quarterbacks making their first start with a team tend to eat up the Colts. So hopefully Ballard/Reich has stopped that trend.
  2. I think the problem with Basham is he has very few moves. He seems to go the same speed on every play. So unless he can overpower to the edge, he is done.
  3. Can we also get Barkley from the Giants and Mack from Raiders while we are at it?
  4. This clowns have no idea what they are talking about. The Colts last year were very vanilla, had a backup QB, and very slow. Yet, were ahead like 9 times in second half. So you are telling me adding Luck, more creative coaching, and more speed to the defense isn't going to have a good bump? I say right now the Colts go 10-6 based on Luck adding another 8 points a game and the defense coming up with some key turnovers. These are not the Browns!
  5. I learned a long time ago that GMs know much more than I do. I remember watching the 1999 draft thinking the Colts would draft Ricky Williams. When they announced Edgerran James, I was outraged! I hardly knew who he was! Then a few years later, the Colts desperately needed defense. So they pick a WR out of Miami named Reggie Wayne. Again, I was outraged. We already had Harrison and some decent guys. Once again, I was painfully wrong. I could go on and on. How does Polian see an NFL punter in McAfee who was a FG kicker and rugby style punter? How does he find Robert Mathis and Pierre Garcon? They know far, far more than we do. Then Mel Kiper knows. A perfect example is how Arden Key was a high first rounder in some mock drafts. Ends up being a 2nd day pick. We simply don't know as much as we would like to think we know. I trust Ballard. He has an overall plan. I love Henry Anderson as a player. Very disappointed he got traded. But I have to believe Ballard thought he didn't fit their plans and they had too many linemen. Now, if he screws up like Grigson, then I won't trust him anymore.
  6. I like the idea, but don't think in theory it would work. The receivers you mentioned wouldn't get anything for trade any better than guys who will likely be cut. The other thing is we need the WRs because Johnson is getting up in age and Moncrief or Dorsett are no guarantees. Honestly, what I hope happens is Mewhort goes back to LG and we either start Reitz, pick up a guy, or even Good at point this season. I am really impressed with Good. Not only his is big and powerful but he has excellent feet.
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