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  1. Just get CBS All Access for $5.99 a month. Then get the Chrome Extension Manual Geolocation. Put your location on your computer in any area of USA and go to CBS All Access website. You will get the local AFC game in that area. I watch most Colts games like that. I am on West Coast. NFL Ticket is too expensive.
  2. As I have said, Brissett won't make a lot of mistakes but he also won't make very many big plays. He will look to check down and has a limited upside. That is what he will always be. Great win tonight but I think for the Colts to win the Super Bowl, they either need a super team or a better QB.
  3. I think we watch the Colts with blinders on. The offense has no explosion because that is not the player Brissett is. Brissett is a dink and dunk, low risk QB. Sure there were drops today. The defense was horrible. Brissett has inflated stats. He didn't play well. There is really chunk plays. I am telling you right now, by the end of the year many of you will be calling for a new QB or hoping Luck comes back. Brissett is David Garrard. Look up his one good season.
  4. Brissett is what he has always been and always will be. Doesn't make many mistakes, but doesn't make very many big plays. Dink and dunk. Will do well if he has a great all around team around him, but I wouldn't count on him winning many games if it is on his shoulders. I don't think the Colts can ever win a title with him at QB. We can keep drinking the Kool-Aid about great he is because that is wishful thinking, but he is pretty limited in upside.
  5. I think we have seen enough of Brissett to know who he is as a QB. He holds the ball too long, checks down, and just doesn't put up many points. It is just who he is. Guys like Luck or even Kelly are a bit more gunslingers. So I think our outlook with Brissett is very limited. I think we can get to the playoffs but I don't see us ever winning the AFC title or Super Bowl with him.
  6. You may be completely right. I was more saying we all have our own opinions. It's not factual. In my opinion, I don't think Brissett will ever be a QB that puts up big numbers consistently and the Colts can win a Super Bowl with. He reminds me of David Garrard the year he had his best season with Jacksonville. Very efficient but not good enough to win the big playoff games. I hope I am wrong. But we have seen Brissett start 16 games now and he has never lit it up. But I appreciate we all have different opinions. I would like to see Kelly play some this year to see if his ceiling is higher.
  7. I'm sure I'll get bashed for this, but what I see from Brissett is the same thing I saw in 2017. He doesn't turn over the ball much, but he also doesn't make very many big plays. He is probably a 20 TD 9 INT guy for the season. The problem I see is no way we are getting to Super Bowl much less winning with him at QB. I hope at some point Kelly gets a shot to see what he can do because he has a higher ceiling (and bottom). Ultimately, I am one who believes Luck will be back next year. But if Jacoby is our guy for the next few years, I would expect a couple playoff appearances and early exits. He is just way too cautious.
  8. I like the idea, but don't think in theory it would work. The receivers you mentioned wouldn't get anything for trade any better than guys who will likely be cut. The other thing is we need the WRs because Johnson is getting up in age and Moncrief or Dorsett are no guarantees. Honestly, what I hope happens is Mewhort goes back to LG and we either start Reitz, pick up a guy, or even Good at point this season. I am really impressed with Good. Not only his is big and powerful but he has excellent feet.
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