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  1. Ballard said and I quote: Phillip just never really got to know the Colts fans and that hurts. I mentioned this in a previous post I made after Ballards press conference, and told everyone that he knew Rivers wouldn't come back.
  2. We could just sign Mike Glennon and get the #1 pick in next years draft... he's now been on three teams to get the number 1 draft pick
  3. Wauw... I won't say it's a huge surprise that he retires, but Ballard has really been unlucky with his QB room in his time in Indy. Rivers was a great signing and actually did an amazing job, when considering that he had no full training camp and had to work with and had limited time to learn his team to know. Thank you Phillip for your time here in indy and best of luck going forward. Now the real work for Ballard begins and his options are limited. Does they bring back Brissett now or let him go? Bringing him back, makes so muc
  4. Super Elite Mobile QB´s to do well in the Playoff. Mahomes - MVP and Super Bowl Champ Lamar - Concussion in a blow out loss (17-3), smashed by the titans last season (12-28) Russell Wilson - 1 super bowl win RGIII - 1 playoff game = loss Watson - 1-2 in the playoff Michael Vick - 2-3 in the playoff Cam Newton - made it to the super bowl and got smashed by the Broncos Meanwhile the immobile pocket passer that are getting devalued due to their lack of mobility: Won 23 of the last 25 supe
  5. He´s going to Da Bears next year, when the fire Matt Nagy.
  6. I agree that some teams are better managed than other and that some teams just never make it. I just wonder if a team that plays outdoor more than a dome team, in a way are better equipped or prepared to do better in the postseason, as they more often have the elements to work with and against compared to a dome team. A dome team always (more often) have the perfect conditions for playing football in, than a team that plays regularly outside, and in that way, dome teams in a way need "perfect" conditions to perform. I remember a Colts team with Manning that
  7. I know the majority of the teams play outside... but when looking at the teams that qualify for the playoffs, there are always dome teams in the mix, so its more even/ balanced regarding the number of teams playing outside vs. indoor. Im note 100% sure, but I think that the last dome team to reach the super bowl was the Falcons who had homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, as the cowboys lost to GreenBay. But beside that, its very rare that dome teams do well in the postseason.
  8. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/16/nfl-scouting-combine-2021-drastically-altered-covid-19 The NFL Combine won't be like were used to, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which limit the possibilities for teams to evaluate the players and their talent. In the 4 years Ballard has been in Indianapolis, he have really nailed some of his draft picks and the scouting staff he has gathered in that period, have really been praised and mentioned time and time again, for their talent evaluation skills and success rate in the draft picks. I know, every team have a huge setup
  9. Does teams that play outside most of the time, have a better chance of winning a SuperBowl? I know it's nothing new, but looking at the past winners, only a few Dome/indoor teams have won the big one. Latest indoor team to win was the Saints in 2009, and before that, the Colts in 2006. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_Bowl_champions So my question is, do you think it really matters or have any significant part to say for a teams chances of winning i January, that they play most of their games indoor? Sometimes it looks like, that
  10. You could be right about that, but would Rivers get to know the people next season? I honestly dont believe that stadiums will be full of people, and that much will change with the covid-19 the next year. I hope it will, but, things are going way to slow to even think about full capacity at any NFL or sports arena in 2021 I just watched the presser again with Ballard. And again, he praised Rivers a lot, but he really also stressed that the Colts would be exploring all options going forward. I also noticed that when Ballard was asked about other young QB´s in the l
  11. After watching Ballards presser, I noticed a couple of things. First of, it was No surprise that marlon Mack wont be brought back, as that would be downright stupid, with Jonathan Taylor being a legit RB and one of the better in the league. So to invest a lot of money in Mack, would be stupid. I know, nothing is certain, but it sounded like they already were past him. Second, I honestly don't think they will bring Rivers back no matter what Rivers decide to do. Everytime he got the QB question, he praised Rivers, but again and again he explained that they as an org
  12. The only way Watson ended up in a Colts uniform, would be if we traded Big Q for him and gave the rights to Andrew Luck to them in the trade. And then what? Luck and Big Q would tear us apart like butter in the sun.
  13. Give him a one year offer, if he declines, then move on. TY is not the player he used to be, and I wont give him more than a one year deal at the time, speedy WR's as him decline fast.
  14. I don't know, but I just know that habits are very difficult to change/ brake. Some people just dont learn how to put the effort into studying, and if you earlier in your life, didn't put that much into it and you suddenly have to put a lot of work and effort into learning a playbook, then is a huge uphill battle. Its a mental battle and also a way to train your brain to process all kinds of information, and the sooner you learn it and how to process information, the easier you will have it later on in life. I do think though, that he has learned a lot, and that he may
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