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  1. Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Malik Hooker, Marlon Mack that's his best hits over the last three drafts, then there have been a lot of picks that are questionable and busts. But overall, he's done a great job. Not his fault Luck bailed on us.
  2. I know... not gonna happen, but... Let's say for the argument of this post... that would come true... we simply couldn't avoid being picked for the NFL Hard Knocks 2020. We already are in the conversation as we didn't make the playoffs and don't have a first year HC. What other story could knock the return of luck off the board? In general, I don't think the Colts will be on the show 2020 as we are too boring to watch, but I would love it. How about you guys?
  3. We go 7-9 and end up with #13 or #14. It's not great nor bad, but we won't have the chance for any of the top tier QB´s unless we make a huge trade up for it. I honestly don't know what CB is thinking regarding the draft and what he thinks we need, and the upcoming draft is one of the thinest in the last 10 years regarding top talent. So unless we trade or CB does something he never does in free agency, then this will be one hell of a long off season.
  4. Brissett lacks a lot to become a franchise QB. I haven't really watched the colts games since Luck retired, as I honestly don't believe in Brissett and thinks he's no more than a next level Curtis Painter. Yes Brissett had his moments this season, but honestly... we will never make the playoffs with him as our QB. People on various TV-shows talked about him as a top 10 QB in the NFL in the beginning of the year... well... don't find anyone who thinks that about him anymore. Brissett needs to learn how to scan the field and how to throw the ball down field. and that's not something you learn just like that. Those who said he just need a full offseason to prepare as a starter... well he just had one full offseason to prepare as a starter. (Brissett has said this himself) So give him next year or trade him this offseason, so we can get that Lawrance kid people talk about bc we need a new franchise QB and that's not Brissett.
  5. Yes the coaching staff sucked tonight, but we are a decent QB away from being a contender. I know Brissett played a good game tonight, for the most part. But he's no Andrew Luck, who just gave this team something else and overall, we were a much much better team with him. Brissett ain't all bad, but he's limiting this team and limiting the coaching staffs ability to use the whole playbook. We went from playoff team to near the bottom of the AFC South with the change from Luck to Brissett and that won't change as long Brissett is our QB. Right now, our best hope is to loose out and get a higher draft pick and hope Redskins don't win more games, so we can summon enough draft capital to get one of those top QB's in the next draft. Reich and the staff is very good, but they to are limited with Brissett. CB has to do something big this off season, if not, we are dead last in the afc south next season.
  6. Brissett won't even get a winning record this season... time to draft the next QB we suck with him as QB. I wan't Andrew Back
  7. With our current QB situation and a looming lockout in 2021, it might take a bit longer before we are set at QB. First of all... Brissett's contract expires at the end of next season... so Ballard might decide to extend his contract in the coming offseason or let Brissett hit free agency in 2021. We all know CB won't let Brissett walk, without having at least a decent backup in place, so I think we are stuck with Brissett for at least the next 3-4 years. UNLESS some QB in the coming draft drops and land in CB´s hands... which is unlikely as the Colts currently sits at #17. And none of Joe Burrow, Tua or Justin Herbert will drop that far. So should we have a chance to get one of them... we need to lose the last 4 games to secure a top 10 pick, and then CB might need to trade up in the draft. And as Ballard loves his draft picks... that's not gonna happen. Regarding the 2021 lockout looming... which probably will become a long battle where things could get messy, and where football might be suspended the entire 2021/22 season, who knows if there would even be any 2021 draft? So Finding the Franchise could take longer than we probably can imagine. But hey... Brady have retired when we find our next franchise QB ;)
  8. Im rooting for Andrew Luck as he returns to the Colts...200% healthy, which he will address in the halftime of the SuperBowl, where Tom Brady also declares that he want's to become Lucks backup ;) Go Colts The team I root for after the colts... don't have any clear cut favorites, I just wan't to see some god damm great games in the post season that all goes down to the wire.
  9. Luck made Ebron look great. Brissett made him look average. What we need is a QB that can throw our WR and TE's open. Brissett won't throw the ball downfield, which is a big big problem. Stuff the run and the colts with Brissett is losing the games. Ebron won't return, no matter how he played last season or how liked he is. We need healthy players that can help our team and show up every god damm game, not injurie prone players.
  10. Is Brissett a bad QB - Hell NO Is Brissett a good QB - Yeah he is Can he become a better QB - Of course he can But can he become a Super Bowl winning QB - Hell NO Jacoby Brissett is an okay/ Good QB, but he will never become a great QB, and though Foles, Flacco and ELi have won a Super Bowl or two, I don't think the Colts will win one with Brissett. I'd say, draft a QB in the coming draft and let him sit behind Brissett and then if / when things goes south in next season, start the new QB and let him develop. Since Luck retired and Brissett took over, I haven't really enjoyed that many colts games, because Brissett is a MEH QB for the most part. Sometimes he shines, but that's as rare a thing as the colts winning a Super Bowl. We have the best O-line in the entire NFL, some great players on defence to build around, so CB... find us the next QB and bring in some new energy to the QB position so we can win the big one.
  11. well I had 12 games and all went home, but then Adam Vinatieri happened so instead of winning 4500$ I got zero from my 100$ bet
  12. come on man... you cost me 4500$ in betting with that missed kick... cut the old man
  13. I think it will come down to how he performs in the playoffs the next two seasons. Let's say we face New England once again, and they get the lead, then Brissett has to perform and play from behind and really show how good he is. If he can hang in there with Brady in a playoff game, or just keep us in games in the playoff, then it's promising. BUT, if we are one and done in the playoffs and he does not deliver or play poorly, then I think Ballard will scratch his head and start looking toward the draft or maybe free agency. It's way too soon to judge him, as the real elite and franchise QB's need to show their level in the playoffs. But Flacco, Foles and Eli have won in the playoffs and they are in the same QB category as Brissett, which is just behind the great and elite QB's.
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