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  1. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Like It a Lot
  2. Im actually a bit shocked over the huge number of free agents we have next year. Yes I know, It will look different when roster cuts are made, but as of right now we have 31 free agents next year. Notable names for next off season: UFA Vinatieri Sheard Jihad Ward Haeg Boem Castanzo Doyle Ebron Rogers Funchess Brissett plus ERFA's Alie-Cox Skai Moore RFA´s Rigoberto Sanchez Those I havn't mentioned, I don't believe will make the roster cuts. But man thats a lot of free agents.
  3. Im not entirely sold on this one... really hopes it's a very favorable contract for the colts and a short term deal.
  4. ThorstenDenmark

    Current Salary Cap Status

    So what youre saying is Irsay is broke? ;)
  5. ThorstenDenmark

    Improved or status Q ?

    Hello fellow Colts fans. Living abroad in Denmark - Europe, and a die hard Colts fans for 20 years or so, I have never been so committed to a sports franchise as I am to the Indianapolis Colts. Heck I even got a Colts tattoo In recent years I have been even more committed to follow both the draft, free agency and really started to get into the whole cap issues and whats ticking behind the scenes regarding signing free agents and so. Ever since Chris Ballard have made his entrance, I can only see positives and a newfound belief throughout the NFL and among other fanbases, that the Colts are heading the right direction. Suddenly your team have the most capspace and money to spend in the entire NFL, and you start thinking, will this be the year we sign someone special that can take us to the next level ? And then we sign .... wait for it....waaaaaiiiiit for it.... Devin Funchess.... Not quite the huge signing I was dreaming about or the player that I see could help us take the next step, especially not when looking at those teams we have to beat to take the next step. Kansas City looks even stronger already, and okay... The Browns also start looking like a football team ( not that the Browns will be any good, but they start to make some noise), like it or not, But the Jags now have a decent QB and New England looks like...well New England Regarding Funchess, I do believe that he can help us, but Im really not sure if the Colts have become a much better and improved team so far or it's Status Q? With $77 million dollars in cap space, I hope Ballard can find someone in week two or three of free agency, so we can get that defensive upgrade we still need. Without it, I don't see us getting any closer to beating Kansas or New England this year, but I might be wrong. In Ballard I trust, but honestly... dude come on man... you got $77 million dollars to spend, so get on with it before people starts thinking about the 2021 draft with Trevor Lawrence.
  6. ThorstenDenmark

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    $85 guaranteed in the first year and none in the next two. Colts live up to the minimum cap spendings... next up is the draft ;)
  7. ThorstenDenmark

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    3-years, 90 millions
  8. If we win a super bowl after another 10-6 season, Im good ;)
  9. ThorstenDenmark

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    I would trade away two 1rd picks for Tom Brady, Bench him behind Luck, and should Luck be injured, Tom would still be our backup behind Brisette;)
  10. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts re-sign Margus Hunt

    So tell me, who do you want us to re-sign? I can't find more than Inman I want to keep of the rest.
  11. If DK Metcalf is available at #20, (6picks before the Colts draft) should we then make a trade for him and at what cost? He had one of the best, IF not the best combine of any player, and we could need a guy like him. It would be a sexy pick and I think he's gonna be the next big WR in the NFL, so why not go get him? But my initial question, would you trade up in the draft for him? and How much would you give to get him?
  12. ThorstenDenmark

    Who you got at 26?

    Montez Sweat Think he's one of those players who will drop in the draft and end up being drafted in the 20's. I would trade up, if he's available a couple of picks before the colts draft. I don't think he drops to #26, but I think he will drop a number of spots, so trade the 4th rounder and #26 pick for him.
  13. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts fans around the World

    1. I live in Denmark - Europe, in the city of Aalborg 2. I watch the games on my PS4 through NFL gamepass 3. I rewatch games, not all, but some I do rewatch Go Colts
  14. ThorstenDenmark

    Interesting comment I read regarding Ballard and last year's draft.

    Im not sayin Luck, Ebron and Hilton and the rest of the team need to become jerks. What i'm missing is to see Luck with a brady esk attitude on the sideline, and the same from Ebron. they sometimes look to relaxed on the sideline, instead of having the same fire in their eys, as brady, gronk and eddelman someties shows when the pats are playing. their attitude, just show much more winning is everything attitude than what i often see from the colts players. brady slams his WR´s if they dont do their jobs... I havn't seen luck yell or fireup his offence on the sidelines.
  15. ThorstenDenmark

    Interesting comment I read regarding Ballard and last year's draft.

    How many championships have the cubs and pacers won ? I like the two drafts Ballard have made, but honestly, I want a couple of players on offense, that have some attitude. Call them what you want, but I want Edelman, Gronk, Brady attitude players on offense. Yes they are all great players, but they have edge and attitude. Luck don't seem to have that killer mentality like Brady, Ebron is to nice and TY is mommasboy. Where is the fire that fuel the rest of the offense? Ballard draft great players, but I want him to draft or trade og sign some bad boys with attitude in freeagency, like those I mentioned. Without them, we dont win anything Remember... Nice guys always finish last