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  1. Look, Andrew Luck retired and this seems to have hit the whole organisation much harder than what they expressed. I think the locker room have rallied behind Brissett as much as they could and should, but they all know that Brissett ain't no Andrew Luck. Luck really gave the Colts a chance to contend, but with Brissett, we are another of the 5-6, 8-8 win/ loss teams. We have a young roster, but without a playmakes like Luck, we can't expect to do much better than 8-8. With that said, Brissett is playing okay, but he's not a great nor bad QB, but elite he will never be. Chris Ballard might have built a young core and continues to do what he's done so far, but a lot how he built the roster, depended upon Andrew Luck's shoulders as he was our x-factor player. Now CB has a roster with talent, but no x-factor player that can take us to the next level, so I think they will look toward the draft and try to a QB that can take the colts to the next level. Brissett will never make the colts a serious contender, especially not as long as Mahomes, Jackson and Mayfield playes in the AFC and oh yeah, that dude in Boston So I think Ballard are working on a new plan, maybe he's trying to get Andrew Luck back for next season or as he does, finding talent that can elevate the roster for the next few years through the draft. But I think, we will go defence defence defence in the draft next year, and that there will be more free agency signings and big ones, compared to when we had Luck. Ballard is doing well, and he can't be blamed for Luck retiring.
  2. https://overthecap.com/position/offensive-line/ I don't know if they will resign him, but CB want's to keep and pay our own players, IF they have earned it. I'm not sold on Castonzo this season, but he's not a bad LT. So can we sign him to a decent extension, then re-sign him, if he wants a big payday... let him hit free agency and sign another LT in free agency or through the draft.
  3. Think we lose to Julio and the Falcons Don't think Brissett can out duel Matt Ryan and Julio is the best WR in the NFL and he's on fire
  4. Colts bring in Cole Hedlund later today to replace Adam Vinatieri who retires later today. They know Hedlund but had Adam for one more season. Thank you for everything Adam Vinatieri
  5. what a bad excuse... the ball and air is no different than other places, and though the field/ turf may differ from stadium to stadium, it's no excuse. Adam need to hit if he won't end his career being cut by CB before next week. It's sad but we need a kicker who can deliver in games, not only in practices. He might have retired before this season, but let's see how he manage to handle the next kicks in the titans game... one more miss in this game and if it costs us the win... me might be cut tomorrow.
  6. Well I just looked into some statistics and 9 super bowl champions have lost the 1st game of the season, so we still have a chance ;) But no team have ever lost their first two games, so it's a must win game against the Titans sunday. I just think the Titans defence is too good for us to win, because they played really well week 1.
  7. Think he´s the most handsome man on this forum ;)
  8. Ballard and Reich have nearly said Brissett is better than Luck... but we all know he´s not. He's Not. What their master plan is though is full tank mode to get the first pick next year and next year again to get Trevor Lawrence and build a great defence. Brissett won't meet our expectations and I honestly believe we will lose a lot of games with him as our QB. No matter how much praise they throw our way about him, he´s no Andrew Luck and only a second ranked QB. If he really were a starter, then teams would have traded for him. New England threw him away, because they didn't see any starter potential in him.
  9. would suck if brady retired and he ended up in new england
  10. How much would it cost to trade from lets say nr 14-15 spot, to get Lawrence?
  11. Jacoby Brissett will now get his second chance of showing he's a #1 QB, which is what we have to get used to. Time will tell how good or bad he really is, but what if he ONLY does okay, and we fall short of a playoff spot? His numbers are somewhere between 20-25 TD´s and he gets 2 Rushing TD´s and somewhere between 3000 to 3500 yards passing, then what? Is that good enough to give him a new contract, which will be in the $20+ million range or should we move on and draft/ trade for a new QB? As of right now, it look that we have a ton of cap space again next season, so how should Ballard play this one out? If Brissett plays really well, we make the playoffs and his numbers are better than those above, are we then talking a $25+ million contract in the $100-120 million range? Of course I hope he plays like a stud and solidifies into our next great QB, but I just have a strange feeling about him, and that he´s overhyped like Jimmy G. But for now, how should Ballard play this one out?
  12. I can see us losing at @saints, @steelers and @kansas %y ;) The rest of the games, is winnable even without andrew luck
  13. Who knows if there will be a 2021 draft? the CBA is up after the 2020 season, and that will become a nightmare and a battle for getting the new CBA deal done, but it might cost the entire 2021 NFL season. So the talks about drafting a guy like Trevor Lawrence is premature right now, as the NFL wont have any draft in 2021 if theres no new cba.
  14. Luck went 0-6 against the Pats and Brady. Brissette won't become the next 0-6 Colts QB against them, so we are looking towards a bright future.
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