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  1. Jacoby Brissett have been a great backup for the last couple of years, but what do the colts do, when he leaves or gets traded before the trade deadline? The perfect scenario, would of course be that CB extended his contract and that Jacoby Brissett would agree to such a deal, but that's not gonna happen. The next best thing, would be to make a trade before the trade deadline, and acquire a new QB backup or at least get something in return for Jacoby Brissett, maybe a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, but that won't happen either... as CB probably want to keep him til the end of the season. So in all likelihood, Jacoby Brissett will walk in free agency come next season, and we have to find a new backup for Andrew Luck. So my question is, should we use a draft pick for a backup, sign one in free agency ( old / young) or is there one like Jacoby Brissett out there, that we should make a trade fore? I would love if we got a new Matt Hasselbeck type, but thats pretty darn hard to find. Go Colts
  2. First of all, I get the players who holdout, as they just want to secure their future and get as much money in the bank as they can, before they cant play anymore. Second, in two years ( the 2021 season - please correct me if im wrong) there will be NO games played due to negotiations for a new CBA, where the NFL and NFLPA will have to find a solution, that won't be solved right away, and as for what I have read and understood, that will be an ugly fight and players want guaranteed contracts and much more money and power, like in the NBA, MLB, which the NFL owners will try to avoid. My point is, those players who holdout now, want as much money before the 2021 season, as some of them know, they might miss a full season. Im not for holding out, but I understand the players, as this sport is much tougher and in many ways like open field boxing, where players can get concussions on every play, which in the long run can lead to severe injuries and ruin the lives of players after retirement. You all know the movie Concussion with Will Smith, about CTE... I dont care how much the NFL says they have done to avoid players getting concussions, they can't do anything about it, as players still get concussions and blows to their head on every down, which is part of the game and something you just cant do anything about, unless they cant touch each other. But the colts and Chris Ballard are smart and the players they have on their roster, all knows that, if they perform for the colts, they will get paid. Ballard have created a culture, where the players believe in him and trust him. Had we had Grigson, I would say it would be a whole different story, as players hated Grigson and the culture was poisoned and in no way as it is right now. So if a player would hold out, Ballard would just let the player hold out, and replace the player with the next man up, and the player would never play for the colts again, as he wouldn't fit the culture or into the locker room.
  3. I think Bobby Okereke is the only draft pick we haven't signed yet.. anyone know why?
  4. 2 starters down the line. I believe Rock ya-sin, will become a starter right away and Pariss will win a starting job alongside TY this season. But the rest of the draft class, again... Im not sold on any of them.
  5. Like the draft class, but I'm in no way sold or convinced that this class delivers more than 2 starters. Like Rock ya-sin and Pariss, but the rest of the class is a bit meh to me. Really hope im wrong
  6. Reggie smashes the titans fans, and now we are going to Rock ya-sin on the field
  7. Reggie, Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie
  8. It all depends on who they got as their QB. Give a great WR a bad QB and the production drops compared to having a good/great QB. So, who's gonna be the best WR in this class... no one knows yet, as those mentioned are all talented WR's. But to unleash the potential to it's fullest, they need to have a QB who can make them even better and deliver spot on and catchable balls instead of duds. So, if the Colts somehow draft DK Metcalf, no doubt he would become one of the best, but if he instead got Josh Rosen, he wouldn't be as good.
  9. If he were a starter, I would have heard about him. Nobody knew him before we signed him. Or not many at least
  10. Not sure what to say about this signing... Don't know him and only 17 games in 3 seasons... not a starter
  11. Im actually a bit shocked over the huge number of free agents we have next year. Yes I know, It will look different when roster cuts are made, but as of right now we have 31 free agents next year. Notable names for next off season: UFA Vinatieri Sheard Jihad Ward Haeg Boem Castanzo Doyle Ebron Rogers Funchess Brissett plus ERFA's Alie-Cox Skai Moore RFA´s Rigoberto Sanchez Those I havn't mentioned, I don't believe will make the roster cuts. But man thats a lot of free agents.
  12. Im not entirely sold on this one... really hopes it's a very favorable contract for the colts and a short term deal.
  13. So what youre saying is Irsay is broke? ;)
  14. Hello fellow Colts fans. Living abroad in Denmark - Europe, and a die hard Colts fans for 20 years or so, I have never been so committed to a sports franchise as I am to the Indianapolis Colts. Heck I even got a Colts tattoo In recent years I have been even more committed to follow both the draft, free agency and really started to get into the whole cap issues and whats ticking behind the scenes regarding signing free agents and so. Ever since Chris Ballard have made his entrance, I can only see positives and a newfound belief throughout the NFL and among other fanbases, that the Colts are heading the right direction. Suddenly your team have the most capspace and money to spend in the entire NFL, and you start thinking, will this be the year we sign someone special that can take us to the next level ? And then we sign .... wait for it....waaaaaiiiiit for it.... Devin Funchess.... Not quite the huge signing I was dreaming about or the player that I see could help us take the next step, especially not when looking at those teams we have to beat to take the next step. Kansas City looks even stronger already, and okay... The Browns also start looking like a football team ( not that the Browns will be any good, but they start to make some noise), like it or not, But the Jags now have a decent QB and New England looks like...well New England Regarding Funchess, I do believe that he can help us, but Im really not sure if the Colts have become a much better and improved team so far or it's Status Q? With $77 million dollars in cap space, I hope Ballard can find someone in week two or three of free agency, so we can get that defensive upgrade we still need. Without it, I don't see us getting any closer to beating Kansas or New England this year, but I might be wrong. In Ballard I trust, but honestly... dude come on man... you got $77 million dollars to spend, so get on with it before people starts thinking about the 2021 draft with Trevor Lawrence.
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