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  1. Ballard is doing an amazing job, and IF Luck hadn't retired, well, things could have been much different, but he retired and things changed. Remember Ballard had to deal with a depleted roster from Ryan Grigson and first he hed to clean up that mess. So far he's done an amazing job, and we have improved every season during his tenure. Regarding the QB situation, well... Rivers may be one and done after this season with the colts, unless we trade up in the next draft and land a young QB that Rivers can mentor for his last season. If that dont happen, I s
  2. Trade for Stephon Gilmore and we have the best defence by a mile in the league. What Eberflus could do with him on out team would be amazing.
  3. Trade for Matt Ryan at the end of the season, as the Falcons will be rebuilding. We will then have 3-5 good years in him and then be in position to draft Arch Manning in 2026 or 27, with a depleted roster, as we will be in rebuild mode in 2026, after a horrible season in 2025. The we have the present future and be safe for the next 18 years with a new Manning at QB.
  4. Hello, I'm no analyst, just bored during the Corona Lockdown here in Denmark, so what to do... Well, after a great draft and off-season ON PAPER, I have tried to find all the positive things to look forward to for the 2020 season, IF it's on come football time. 1. Rivers is a better QB than Brissett, no questions asked about that. Yes, he's older and had more int's than Brissett ( 20 vs. 6), but with 288.4 Yrd/G vs. 196.1 Yrd/G from Brissett and 23 TD's vs. 18, we get a QB that can throw the ball down field. Add that Rivers will play behind a top 3
  5. Buckner with the trade for #13 pick - great pick and quite the steal
  6. The Best OL man we have never heard of. he will become a HOF'er and win 12 straight SB with the colts and eason
  7. TY Hilton is our only really good WR, so we really need some new firepower at WR. Campbell havn't really been a success, So hope we land a Denzel Mims or Higgins to complement Hilton.
  8. You guys need to do what ever you can to avoid other people for the next couple of weeks. It's hitting the US like no other countrie right now. 10.000 new cases in the last 48 hours, that's a lot and worse than most other countries. I know Donald are more focused in the economy, but if you don't listen up and do what you individually can to avoid infection, there will be no football for you... like ever again. We just saw how students partied for spring break in Florida last night... wth.... are no one in the US taking this thing serious?
  9. If you / americans don't take this seriously, you will have infected in the 100.000 within weeks, your number just exploded and it sounds like its a joke to many of you. instead you buy more guns and ammo... wth... get your % together and start acting like you should and take responsibility.
  10. I hope you are right about that possibility, and that you get well through this weird time.
  11. Well, UEFA EURO 2020 is postponed to 2021, the Champions League and Europa League is suspended indefinitely, with no new date for the remaining games. Yes I Know money talks and there are a lot of money at stake for both the NFL, UEFA and clubs and franchises worldwide, and the TV/ broadcast companies have invested a lot of money for the rights to transmitting games and events. Right now, the discussion is about the Olympics in Tokyo, and though they say they WILL have that to go through as planned, I honestly don't believe that it will. And those who sa
  12. With the spreading of the Coronavirus/ Covid-19, that already have cancelled most sporting events this year, I think the NFL will be next to cancel activities. Here in europa things are bad, like in really bad, and it's getting worse. now we can follow the news, and It looks like the US will be hit hard, if not harder in the coming weeks and months. The highways, city downtown and parks are entirely abandoned here in Denmark for the most parts, and almost everything is closed. So all talk about free agency and sports, well, that doesn't matter much r
  13. Brissett won't even get a winning record this season... time to draft the next QB we suck with him as QB. I wan't Andrew Back
  14. Is Brissett a bad QB - Hell NO Is Brissett a good QB - Yeah he is Can he become a better QB - Of course he can But can he become a Super Bowl winning QB - Hell NO Jacoby Brissett is an okay/ Good QB, but he will never become a great QB, and though Foles, Flacco and ELi have won a Super Bowl or two, I don't think the Colts will win one with Brissett. I'd say, draft a QB in the coming draft and let him sit behind Brissett and then if / when things goes south in next season, start the new QB and let him develop. Since Luck retired and Bri
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