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  1. csmopar

    Colts release RB Christine Michael

    Any pick for him is going to be a conditional pick, I almost guarantee it. Could also make it part of the deal where he has to agree to the new team. There's some ways to reduce the risk. That said, I'm not sure I'd wanna bring him in. In his own words, he's more interested in his music career at the moment
  2. csmopar

    Colts release RB Christine Michael

    Interesting. We've signed two today, waived one. Who is the next
  3. csmopar

    Colts claim DB Arthur Maulet

    Is it sad that I had the exact same three thoughts when I first saw that tweet
  4. csmopar

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    and you have these odds from?
  5. csmopar

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    yep. That's why I don't see any team really giving a 2 for him, unless its conditional.
  6. honestly, he reminds me of how Peyton looked coming back from that knee scope years ago, RUSTY.
  7. csmopar

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    I just saw this. I'll be curious to see what transpires but I doubt we land him no, but i think they can sign an agreement to a contract. I don't think they give 1st or 2nd round comp picks.
  8. csmopar

    Marlon Mack

    Glass not plastic
  9. csmopar

    Colts NFL Defense Rankings (1st in sacks)

    The funniest part, people were worried about where our pass rush would come from. I guess that's been answered. Now I know it's only been three games, but if they can keep this up all season, There's gonna be a lot of people eating crow on this forum. (Myself included) when it comes to the D
  10. csmopar

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    You know, I wasn't a fan of bringing in Bell, and I'm still not really. That said, I think IF he were to be available via a fair trade, I wouldn't be opposed to it. But... let's face it, we went up against a very good Eagles Defense today. With several starters out. Including two along the OL. I'm not sure even Bell could run behind this line
  11. csmopar

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    You realize that with a rookie Hc, OC and D.C., along with a bunch of no name, young players on both sides of the ball just took the defending Super Bowl champs that have a top tier D and a good offense to the ropes and had a chance to win it with 2 minutes to go. Had the refs not bailed out the Eagles that long drive, them eagles would have been fried chickens.
  12. csmopar


    Hooker looks a little rusty at times still but I think he'll shake it off
  13. csmopar

    What we know now after eagles game

    Let's not forget... the average age of our defense is 23(heard that on espn, haven't verified it). It is a YOUNG defense. And that young defense gave the defending Super Bowl champs and a very good top tier QB fits today. Not to mention the eagles were helped BIG time by the refs. A 14 minute drive, with at least 3 first downs due to HUGE PHANTOM penalties wiping out two sacks and a 3rd and 9 incompletion. I think the one thing everyone was worried about was our defense, yeah, they gave up a ton of yardage, but a lot was on penalties. Most penalties were of the bogus sort. If they keep playing like they have, clean up the penalties, there's still time left to make a run to the top of the AFCS and maybe sneak into the playoffs
  14. csmopar

    Jimmy G busted knee

    Was carted off field, non contact knee injury. HUGE loss for the niners