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  1. Trying to find a tear... nope not working
  2. Wow two 1s and a 4th?! So glad Ballard didn’t bite, I’d hate to hear how much it’s take to trade him in the division Wow
  3. And then that team won super bowl a few weeks after that jags game...
  4. “Losers of three straight to the Saints, Packers and Jets, Dallas currently sits at 3-3” http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001065562/article/jerry-jones-cowboys-are-not-one-of-nfls-top-teams
  5. both are on my team, yahoo app has hill as P (probable) and Watkins (Q)
  6. Yes, and Watkins. which completely changes the way KC attacks a secondary. It sounds like they may also get a starter or two back on OL and DL.
  7. didn't the Cowboys just lose two in a row?
  8. yeah, I feel no sympathy for him. Especially given his reaction after being ejected. I'm sure that played a huge part in the suspension.
  9. It will be a distraction because now, all over the football news world, the media is spinning up return rumors and questions
  10. Colts hold his rights, he can’t just go to another team without being traded. Wait until the diaper and mid night feedings start, then he’ll really miss it
  11. If he comes back, let him be 4th string behind Kelly, right now, Luck can’t even sniff Brissett’s jock strap.
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