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  1. Colts WR with Johnny U https://www.foxnews.com/sports/jimmy-orr-super-bowl-colts-dies
  2. My money is on us doing absolutely nothing, not getting anyone and not trading anyone(looking at you Brissett)
  3. No thanks An extra draft pick to help them trade for a QB
  4. Heck, using that, let’s just put Wilkins or Hines or Taylor back there at QB... they can run too
  5. They have Gabbert inactive today. But the reason I say doubtful is given Ballard’s history, I don’t see a mid season trade unless Jerry Jones offers up a huge premium
  6. Menshew has one great game a year, just happened to be against us this year.
  7. You mean the Cam that just got benched for yet another dismal performance under arguable the best coach in NFL history?
  8. It’s the tank for Trevor race.
  9. I chuckle at this. Not because of you, but because several on this forum just two or three weeks ago were screaming and clamoring for Cam.
  10. 300,000.... to a team with billions, yeah that’s like a 5 cent equivalent to the rest of us
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