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  1. Meh we’ll see. ask me again in 5 weeks time.
  2. Don’t have the room or the need for either of them. Pass
  3. Considering we likely won’t get Q back for another 5-6 weeks, this thread doesn’t help us at all this year. And we may still get our 1 back, Wentz has to play at least 6 more games to get to 70 percent ,roughly, of snaps for the season. At the rate we are going, we may still be sitting at a single win by then and out of the playoff hunt. If we are, I imagine they’d sit Wentz
  4. Sometimes, I wish Irsay would not make comments like this.
  5. I’d be fine with that. But I don’t want to switch to a 3-4. I think we stay 4-3 but not play a Tampa zone with spacings between players so big that you could sail an aircraft carrier thru
  6. I don’t disagree about the scheme and even Flus. But not all the players suck. But they’re definitely playing way too far out of position . also, every team has those types of games. Do you remember December 2006? A certain running back from Jacksonville exploded against the Colts and gashed them, hell nuked them from nearly 300 yards on the ground?! That same Team 11 weeks later would hoist the Lombardi trophy. now I’m not saying this team will do that. Or even sniff the playoffs, just saying that even Super Bowl teams have bad days where career stats are set
  7. Nope. There are plenty of posters on here that complain and nit pick every snap, every second of every game
  8. I was not a fan of the trade(still not) but I have to admit, Wentz has played better than I expected so far!
  9. You could always switch teams if you don’t like it
  10. Win, lose or draw, I’m just enjoying watching football. After the year I’ve had, I’m lucky to even be watching it so I’m thrilled to watch it. And this team is starting to see some young guns stepping up, which is even more thrilling. So let’s quit with all the crap and just enjoy the game!
  11. Well yeah, but what do you expect when we’re playing guys that wouldn’t make a roster if it wasn’t for injuries?
  12. Keep in mind too, the Ravens have the number 3 defense in the league and just beat the Chiefs too
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