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  1. Actually, him doing those drills in front of the public open even more questions.... new questions, new theories. Keeping it behind the scenes means the same questions being asked, not new ones.
  2. You don't do that in public though....
  3. ZERO way they have him out in pre-game running those drills if he's not gonna play soon. My guess is that was a shot across the bow to fans saying, calm down, we're just being overly cautious here.
  4. this forum is gonna explode in 5...4...3..
  5. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-sign-rb-james-williams?fbclid=IwAR3vwr1aZE__f-roKetAcwXxKxAo1S193L7y3Xdf-eoaqXAbRmrf-Anh17M Colts have signed RB James Williams and waived DE Dadi Nicolas.
  6. I think we’d brought in Ajayi if we were going too by now. I think that notion has long sailed away though
  7. you mean what A LOT of us have been saying is true?! that there's no big reward to push your STARS to play in the preseason?!?!!?
  8. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-sign-three-free-agents-place-wr-daurice-fountain-rb-d-onta-foreman-on-ir-w?fbclid=IwAR36pD7uEUfahOYXXGBSba5eUu8DGrvR9dmqGW00kGZwUKmY7-0fA0dNVKs Fountain, Foreman to IR, Waived Kindred Signed: FA Safety Kai Nacua FA RB Charcandrick West UDFA RB Marquis Young
  9. Lets just say, the mods are gonna lock this. This has been asked and never ends well.
  10. the bold is exactly my point. Any given sunday, any team can beat another. People get too hung up on Strength of schedule etc, just go play the dang game. Looking good or bad on paper doesn't guarantee a good or bad season or a win against a portrayed "bad" team.
  11. AB is causing tons of drama right now in Oakland, refusing to play and threatening to retire...
  12. No such thing as automatic wins in the NFL...
  13. There is also the waiver wire... I wouldn’t rule that out either
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