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  1. Yep labrum and hernia ”WalterFootball.com was first to report that Hooker would be out 4-6 months after surgeries to repair a hernia and labrum injury. That could cause Hooker to slide some in the first round and maybe not be the first safety selected. The injury kept Hooker from working out at the combine. ”
  2. Yeah he did. It’s why he fell. He had a shoulder injury, I think it was either his labrum or rotator cuff and then a hip injury.
  3. worst: Malik Hooker- 2nd worst colt pick in the last decade. Definitely a Chuck influenced pick but you don’t take a guy with those injury concerns that high. best: Big Q. Hands down I was excited for this and we netted a trade back at the same time. Probably Ballard’s best draft move yet. Paye is a close second and depending on his performance May over time, tie big Q
  4. Honestly, I think it all depends at the QB level. If Wentz flames out, you pay all 4 and ditch wentz. If not, then I’d look into their replacements in the draft, starting with Glow.
  5. All I know is we have a long brutal stretch, especially those first 8 games.
  6. Not likely. Salaries are set by the CBA. Not much room to negotiate that
  7. Eh maybe. But then how to do you explain guys like Stewart, Glow, Ebron, Burton, Houston, Rhodes etc.
  8. Eh maybe but I think it was more of let’s see how the draft shakes out and who is cut yet to make room to sign the rookies they picked. There’s still teams that have to cut some players just to get under the cap once the rookies sign.
  9. You know, this is starting to worry me. Seems that Reich pounded the table for more than a few guys this year. If this works, he’s a genius, but if it fails majorly, does this then reflect on his future tenure?
  10. Well we would keep our 1 next year.... maybe that’s the plan Not entirely true. It’s also a cap hit issue too. A lot of teams exhausted all methods possible to reduce their cap hits and that was before the draft.
  11. Gotta say this one is a head scratcher from Ballard for me
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