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  1. I'd say pass. Anyone with much of a injury history, I'd pass on. At least in the first
  2. Either way, I do think if there has ever been a season for Ballard to loosen the purse strings, this is likely to be it.
  3. Huh?! AC equates to a 6th rounder?! Probably been better if you hadn’t remembered to comment
  4. Good write up, agree. I just hope Ballard doesn’t have a brain fart and try to get Deflated Brady
  5. I think Superman explained exactly how they can hit that pretty easily
  6. Honestly, I’m going BPA if I’m Ballard.
  7. Absolutely I would. It’s the smart play given the fact that even Ballard said AC is gonna be treated as a year to year thing
  8. be better off bringing in a new guy, a top 45 pick, one that would be good at LT, but put him at RT, slide Smith back to RG.
  9. Thank God, that said, I'm still taking a LT pretty high as a backup plan.
  10. https://fox59.com/sports/colts/colts-anthony-castonzo-returning-for-another-season-gm-ballard-says/?fbclid=IwAR2oZ_P9GAdTpRh9SpbhUULR8dBHTr0uuEreggR9Y762QEqCEh1A--UB_7M
  11. Normally I’d agree, but I think Jim realizes that Ballard started with a tougher spot and has dealt with more set backs than any other GM we’ve had since the colts came to Indy
  12. Ugh I know you’re joking don’t get that started lol, the trolls will stop reading at the question mark and it’ll be a long morning
  13. if he's that bad, there's no way Ballard keeps him around. I didn't think he was completely bad last year, but I did think he'd slowed down noticeably.
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