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  1. 2016- the Bengal's TE, Eifert was injured during the Pro Bowl and missed almost all of the 2016 season... 2017- Mack, though it was minor, he would sit out of the 2018 one for concerns of injuring himself in a pointless game. 2018- no major injuries, a couple concussions did happen though. maybe, but how many no contact ACL and other injuries have happened in recent years, why risk it
  2. Kind of had something similar happen to me at my senior prom. Day before, my now wife's best friend had her date up and dump her the day of prom. Left her with no date, so I ended up taking BOTH girls to prom. Expensive dinner but worth it. Especially walking into that prom in full military dress uniform with a good looking blonde girl on each arm. Course this being right after 9/11 had happened and the whole support our troops things at a high, the cheers were quite loud(and embarrassing/annoying)
  3. I am of the opinion the pro-bowl is a waste of time, money and player safety. I think the same of the NBA All Star game too. For a QB coming off a season having returned from a major injury, just seems like too high of a risk for him to play in it.
  4. csmopar

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    I think if it comes down to that, Chris would sit him down and they’d talk. Resulting in AV simply retiring. Rather than being cut or traded He didn’t blow either of them, and one was allegedly tipped
  5. csmopar

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    A: you dont do that to AV. B: Most likely, his contract will include a no-trade clause.
  6. Color me very surprised. There's more to this than performance I'd say. Still, this is a head scratching move to say the least
  7. csmopar

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Good Grief. Go re-read my posts. I never once, not a single time, did I say he didn't know football. As for not being a fan of my points, fair enough but before you come to that conclusion, you might wanna make sure you read what I actually typed. I simply said that I take his criticisms on coaching and personnel with a grain of salt due to his coaching records, both as a head coach and an assistant.
  8. csmopar

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Head coaching record: 1–31–1 (college) 2–17 (NFL) And the teams he's been an assistant on haven't been, well, consistently good teams either. his record speaks for itself. That said, I do like his breakdowns like I said about.
  9. csmopar

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    I don't think EITHER of them make it first time or even 2nd time on the ballot. If I had to pick, I'd guess Eli would just for the 2 rings over the Patriots. But even then, I don't see it being a lock. Will depend on who else is on the ballot at the time. Rivers wont get in. There's no way.
  10. csmopar

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    I like listening to Venturi and I like his break downs. That said, one must keep in mind, he flamed out badly in this league as a coach so anytime he starts into coaching or personnel issues, gotta take them with a spoonful of salt.
  11. csmopar

    Ballard press conference

    I was referring to the “downplayed investing in the WR group highly” part
  12. csmopar

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Close, I think if anything, the Texans go after Brown. Jacksonville goes after Bell.