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  1. He was. That is evident in the way things went when he was absent. HOWEVER, i think the comparison was Luck's leadership to Manning's. Peyton was a different style of leader and was more involved, publicly and internally(from all reports). Both were talented, both were leaders with their own style. One was just more successful and more aggressive. Kind of like a General Patton vs a General Bradley. Patton was considered a better leader due to his results, but he was far more demanding and more aggressive in his motivational tactics, and was a tactical genius. Bradly on the other hand, was more of a soldiers general. More maternal in his leadership style of trying to put his men first and being compassionate. His strategical ability was above average, but arguable not as good as Patton's. But Patton's successes were more numerous and longer lasting than Bradley. It should be noted that Bradley did replace Patton by the end of the war and was Patton's commander in the latter parts of the war.
  2. It’s an unknown for sure. Plus you now have the NFLPA coming out against private group workouts. So it’s gonna be a stumbling block but we won’t be the only team dealing with it
  3. honestly, i think this team has the POTENTIAL to shock people. Last year, it seemed like it was the offense that screwed the Defense more times than not. by the end of the game, we looked gassed. Combined with the injuries depleting our reserves, looking back, im surprised we did as well as we did.
  4. he's gonna be our new version of Antone Bethea. a surprise pick that excelled.
  5. I don't know if he's HoF material even now that he is a Colt. To me, he's gonna have to do something before he retires to solidify it. IE: Win the big dance. If he can't win a Superbowl, its gonna be much harder to convince me he should go there. and even then, I'm not sure I'd put him there. I also wouldn't put Eli Manning in it either, despite two rings. To me, the HoF should be reserved for players that transcended the sport, revolutionized or stood out against their peers during their careers and over a long period of time. Rivers is and has been good. But when he's looking at a HoF roster of QBs from his era, Peyton, Brees, Brady just to name a few, his HoF status gets blurry.
  6. my money is on the old man Rivers. Luck would quit during the walk down to the cage
  7. ahhh i forgot that was 05, i was thinking that was 04
  8. Could also mean that he might sign a one day contract and retire....
  9. Meh. I don’t disagree that he needs to hang them up and retire but I wouldn’t put it quite like that
  10. Any information, verbal or written. So let’s say an employee comes to you and says they need to go home with the flu. You cannot release anything about it. Legally you can only say they went home. You can only describe details to another hippa Certified person IF that person is required to know. So HR to mark time cards right etc.
  11. That is not entirely true. That law actually applies to ANYONE with access to a patients personal medical information or history. For example, I’m HIPPA certified. I’m not medical but I have to be for both the military and the civilian job, due to the potential personal information I may come across. Say one of the people on my team ha to miss work long term for a medical reason, they’d have to submit documentation up thru me, that’s why it’s required.
  12. I just pray he does what Peyton did for the Broncos. Put them deep in the playoffs and to the Super Bowl twice, albeit I think their D was better, but I think our Offense will be better than theirs was so who knows.
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