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  1. Coaches getting poached from us is worrisome. I hope it doesn’t mean there was some internal strife going on.
  2. Could be a shoot out. I think Tampa’s D is better but should be an interesting game if it happens
  3. GB choked but once again Brady is on the winning side of a controversial playoff call/no call.
  4. He no trade clause can be rescinded by his request to a specific team, that’s what they just said during the pre-game before the packers/bucs game
  5. I doubt he leaves the Texans for the Jets. He has a clause in his contract, he has to approve wherever they try and trade him too. He’s gonna want to go to a contender not another perennial bottom feeder
  6. Man I want Watson bad. I’d sell the farm for him. Watson behind our OL combined with Taylor and Hines would give the chiefs a run for their money. Texans didn’t lose because of him on, they lost in spite of him
  7. I completely agree. Unless the pipe dream with a snowballs chance in hell happens, otherwise, we need our 1 this year. It’s been 3 years since we’ve made a number 1 selection
  8. I’m gonna go with Dan on this one. Rhodes played well for us. I’d bring him back Normally yeah but I think with a run on skill plays in the top 10, there’s a chance one starting caliber LT drops to us. Though I think I’d jump up if I could to find one
  9. Saints don’t have the cap space for Stafford at all. Even with Brees retiring theyre nearly 80 million OVER
  10. Not trading our number one for a QB that’s been beaten to death by crap team for 12 years. people are seeing what Ryan Tannehill has done for the Titans and think that’ll translate into any other QB from a bottom feeder. Every day, there is a new thread about how we need to trade for one of many beat up QBs, Darnold, Carr, Stafford or the worst of all, Wentz. These guys are even remotely available because they’re likely all but finished in the league. With the except of maybe Carr. I’d say half of them will end up being cut and out of the league by April. there’s only 1 QB worth tr
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