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  1. Gus’s problem is that he rarely blitzes a qb and relies too much on the front 4 to put the pressure on the qb! Every qb has basically smoked a cigarette and taken a nap before a Colts defender can even breathe on them! Im not saying to blitz every play, just mix it up enough to get in the qbs head! Open gaps for lbs to get through, especially in the middle against slower pocket passing qbs. Gus has been around too long and will be too stubborn to change though!😒
  2. Anyone got the stats on which teams will travel the most? After the 1st 4 games, home and away games alternate each week for the rest of the season for the Colts! Might get a little exhausting having to travel back and forth from Indy to wherever each week!
  3. We get 3 of first 4 at home then every other game alternates home/away. Thatll be a little rough on travels!
  4. And of course it looks like the Jets game will be our only primetime game unless there’s a late season flex! No home pt games, so all probably at 1pm! 😒
  5. Based on my bad math, the Colts will play: wk5: Jax/Tenn/Bye wk6: Tenn/NE/Bye Wk7: Miami wk10: Bills(just added) wk13: Jax/Tenn/NE/Bye wk14: Jax/Tenn/NE/BYE WK16: Jax/NE/Bye
  6. Based on my bad math, the Colts will play: wk5: Jax/Tenn/Bye wk6: Tenn/NE/Bye Wk7: Miami(just saw added) wk10:Tenn/Bills/Bye wk13: Jax/Tenn/NE/Bye wk14: Jax/Tenn/NE/BYE WK16: Jax/Bills/NE/Bye
  7. Its early, just sayin!!!
  8. We got Jaylin/Jaylon/Jaylon/Juju and Julian as our DB/S! Wonder how Kenny Moore fits in here now🤔
  9. Now Im hoping for Frankie Gore jr can make it down to us at pick 201! Then Milton/Travis as backup qb and call it a day!
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