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  1. I'll be at quite a few of them. Just look for the guy drinking beer
  2. Wow. I am gonna love this kid. Just wish they wouldn't have done that interview on a boat in choppy water, he has to be about seasick with all the waves rocking him back and forth.
  3. Yes it would I forgot they had 4. Mine was about 4 hours. Wife and I are considering sleeves
  4. Curious do you have a tattoo? They can be painful. Most of the time a tat that size could take weeks, because of the pain I admit I have never heard about being put to sleep but then again my last one was in the early 80's.
  5. Yep. I would also guess they look at someone. Maybe Simmons but I would not be surprised if it is someone like Gipson
  6. Yes agreed Well Deserved! I have been hoping that Granson can turn into a player like Clark
  7. #10 is gonna make a huge difference on offense!!!
  8. Am I the only one that doesn't think that Shane goes into a game not knowing what Bradley is going to do???? Do you all not think that all game plans are run through SS? Do you not think that SS knows the limitations of last yrs D as far as personnel? Bash Bradley all you want BUT the head coach signs off on all of this. Bradley has more talent this year Up to SS to decide now
  9. I understand. But IMO Wilson is and always has been full of himself. That will come back to bite him, and Fields is hungry!!! Steelers have a QB and it's Justin Fields. I am on record as a NON Wilson fan. I always thought it was a terrible move by the Donks.
  10. I am buying his jersey. Good for him! This is what free speech is all about!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. As far as predictions go. I need to wait until the roster is set. As of Now I see 9-10 wins. But I will also say that I think AR is comeback player of the yr and in the running for MVP. I will gladly take the mocking if I am wrong. But this kid is SPECIAL!!!
  12. Well said. People need to do some research on a player before casting stones. Schflefler is an outstanding person It was miscommunication.
  13. I think it will be Justin Fields over Wilson.
  14. I am ordering tickets for the Bears game. I can ask about a game ig anyone has a specific game in mind
  15. I know a broker that sells his tickets if anyone would like his contact. I am not sure I can post it on here but he is legal
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