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  1. I agree with you and nothing is going to change my mind.
  2. This is Chris Ballard telling Brissett he's not the starter anymore. Hilarious
  3. There very obviously wanting to replace Brissett but still trying to figure there best options.
  4. Exactly, it's like the George Costanza saying don't you give me it's not you it's me. I invented it's not you it's me if anything it's me baby!
  5. Lol, my favorite post about this I hope so to.
  6. Did you watch the Colts the second of the season because he stunk.
  7. I don't he had the right team around him last season and still stunk it up the second half of the season very inconsistent.
  8. I can definitely see it happening Reich and Rivers have a history. He (Rivers) would be more accurate than Brissett and more savvy. I think it's very possible we pickup Rivers and we draft a QB and the rookie learns from him.
  9. Yeah, Oliver said he talked to him and said he has no plans to come back.
  10. I agree I think you learn by doing not watching.
  11. All we have to do to do that is keep Brissett at QB.
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