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  1. superrep1967

    Ryan Kelly

    That's good actually because if it was a more severe injury they would have said he's out for the season.
  2. superrep1967

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    That's just the class act of Reich the man has great character.
  3. superrep1967

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    You didn't just say that
  4. superrep1967

    The Man, The Myth, The Machine, The Monster

    Full Nelson no wait he'll get I mean fined
  5. superrep1967

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    I totally agree I think right now we may the best GM in the league. I at least wouldn't want any other right now or anytime in the near future.
  6. superrep1967

    Brian Baldinger on Q's a band they had a song called gator country a great band.
  7. superrep1967

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    These linemen don't want the full Nelson trust me.
  8. superrep1967

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    You don't know Molly Hatchet?
  9. superrep1967


    The coach makes the playoffs?
  10. superrep1967

    So we survived the first week of our playoff.

    I think this team is capable of beating most teams by this margin if the defense plays like they did today.
  11. superrep1967

    Defensive Outlook

    I didn't know we signed Collins?
  12. superrep1967

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    You can't trade an unsigned player. Exactly!
  13. superrep1967

    Reggie Wayne Career Highlights

    I totally agree what a great guy to represent the shoe.
  14. superrep1967

    How do we beat the titans

    I love your post because you touch some very good points that we should consider. But I also love it because it's honest because none of us really know what's going to happen which is what makes this game so great.
  15. superrep1967

    How do we beat the titans

    Man, I sure hope your right because this defense going to have to step up big time for us to continue to win. Because this game is going to be a dogfight. I agree!