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  1. Did the Colts practice today? Because it seems dead on Colts.com so I'm assuming they didn't at least not full practice maybe a walk through at best.
  2. Yes, and he was smiling after those drills so it looks good for week 1
  3. The word was in the KC game that guys were tired. So there just resting some to be good to go in the playoffs if they make it.
  4. Yeah, it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal but it also depends on what bone is broken. With rest and once the pain goes away he can get back to full activity. But haven said all that this has been going on since April which means he tried to do to much to early hence the setback.
  5. That's awesome news I hope he's right and if he is I hope Luck will have enough reps to be in sink and ready to go.
  6. Totally agree!! This just doesn't look good at all my excitement level was sky high before all this now it has dwindled down almost nothing. This is going to linger into the season I just know it. I'm like somebody else said on here does medical staff even know what there doing? We don't have a healthy Luck this team is going from a possible 13-3 team to a 6-10 at best. Brissett is not as good as very everyone keeps saying he's a decent backup at best that's all.
  7. Yes. me to I'm a huge Cubs fan to so I will be watching both. In second thought I'll just DVR the Colts game and watch the Cubs.
  8. That was very entertaining I really enjoyed it and I like the character of this team.
  9. They said Turay was having his way with Nelson in practice. If true he's definitely a lock.
  10. Yeah, this guy only going to get better if that's possible.
  11. Yeah, I say getting him at 100 percent if that means missing some regular season games so be it.
  12. I’m sure they will in fact I have no doubt they will.
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