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  1. Can someone tell me the status of TY? I know he was on IR and suppose to miss at least three games. Does anyone have an update? I knew neck injuries take a long while to heal but I haven't heard any updates just wondering we need him.
  2. I agree completely but it’s a big if at least it has been .
  3. I'm hoping with this time off for the ankles it helps his back to and he'll be a beast when he comes back.
  4. Yeah, this team has very little margin for error now unfortunately.
  6. The play calling ridiculously bad I mean is Reich foolish or what? A mentally challenged person could make better calls than this. What game is he watching.
  7. Yeah, I don't like it it'll be a distraction
  8. I’m sure he talked to Reich behind closed door I’d to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.
  9. I've never been a fan of Reich's play calling. I'm not trying to pretend I know more than him but even I can see that his play calling is very suspect at best. I know he tried to explain the 4 down call but to me which means nothing that you don't call a pass on 4 and 1 to many things can go wrong. JMO
  10. I thought he looked really good it wasn't his fault. If O-line ever gets there act together he could really look good. I was impressed and not surprised but I was surprised by how bad the O- line played.
  11. It's funny to me that people overreact after one game with 16 to go. I guess they want us to win them all if not fire everyone clean house. This team will be fine I think this team will be better in the second half than the first. I still think 3 and 2 in the first 5 is doable. Do we need Fisher in the lineup yes is there things they need to cleanup with the online yes but they'll get it done be patient.
  12. Well it is overreaction Monday after all....lol
  13. I don't agree on passing on that 4 down call. I know we wanted to do something different because they expected us to run. But passing there's to many things can go wrong when you pass a drop ball a sack.
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