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  1. superrep1967

    Chris Ballard on the fan

    You are correct
  2. superrep1967

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    He also can be a team leader which is needed with all the young guys we have. But I don't know if he's all that vocal he seems like the strong silent type but I don't know will see.
  3. superrep1967

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    I'm sure Eberflus will work his magic with him and move him around
  4. superrep1967

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Good question! But does it matter as long as he gets sacks?
  5. superrep1967

    Would you rather?

    There are no guarantees.
  6. superrep1967

    Would you rather?

    Yes, I agree and then when it doesn't work out you got all that dead money. I for one am happy with what Ballard is doing and it's going to make us a good team for a long time. We will get free agents and it just won't be those insane extremely expensive long term team buster deals that sink a team in the future. There are very few teams that make the playoffs after breaking the bank I don't know the exact number but it's not good. So everyone who's upset just relax and be glad we got the best and smartest GM in the NFL on our side.
  7. I think Ballard will look for a pass rusher in the first round.
  8. superrep1967

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Yes, Ballard has said on numourous occasions that they put a value on a player and when the player exceeds that amount he can sleep well knowing he’ll go after the next player. I will say this about Ballard he don’t mince words and I respect that.
  9. superrep1967

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    You are so correct and it’s Ballard’s plan.
  10. superrep1967

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    That is so true I agree totally.
  11. superrep1967

    Bell rumor update

    Yeah, who cares I don’t want to have to scroll through tons of post just to get breaking news if they don’t like it they don’t have to be on here.
  12. superrep1967

    Tampering Day 2

    A greatdefense is a great offense that can control the ball and with a great running game we can do that.
  13. superrep1967

    So much for free agency...

    Yeah, If you're a GM and you listen to the fans you become one of them. Ballard knows what he's doing.