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  1. superrep1967

    Ballard press conference

    He all but said we need a pass rusher and I think he'll be looking hard for one. In the draft or free agency but sounds to me like that's going to a top priority. I mean a player who can't get consistent pressure from the edge we need that desperately.
  2. superrep1967

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    He stares down the Receivers which allows defenders to know where he's throwing the ball
  3. superrep1967

    Reich and Ballard

    Joshy Boy
  4. That's funny very funny...lmao
  5. superrep1967

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    Yes, and so is cortisone
  6. superrep1967

    Ouch Huge shade to the texans

    Manning GM not on this team we got the best GM in the game. IMO
  7. superrep1967

    Ouch Huge shade to the texans

    My favorite analysis ever I absolutely loved it. I mean I don't know if we will win on Saturday or not but that doesn't change the fact that I loved it and if we lose I'll still love it. I read someone say don't get caught up in the hype why not enjoy it for at least while it lasts.
  8. superrep1967

    Conservative or Smart?

    Is it possible that the Colts were holding plays back for the Chiefs? I mean not to show too much.
  9. superrep1967

    Conservative or Smart?

    Yeah, I expect a high scoring game for sure.
  10. superrep1967

    Andrew Lucks biggest fan on the planet ?

    Yeah, Cowherd is a big Colts fan.
  11. superrep1967

    Irsay post game

    Yeah, except he signs the checks.
  12. superrep1967

    Irsay post game

    One of his daughters which one I'm not sure.
  13. superrep1967

    Irsay post game

    Yeah, just tad that's an understatement. I hope he's not popping pills again.
  14. superrep1967

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    You're exactly right that's I do in Ballard I trust. I'm also glad that he's still young enough to be here a while and that's great for us fans.
  15. superrep1967

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    It's a good thing you weren't on an elevator he would have hit all the buttons on