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  1. I with you on that but i'm optimistic though because they've had months now in the pandemic and to figure out a plan and still say there's going to be a season. The other sports are going to have a season and football can follow their lead but baseball and basketball don't have over 90 players on there training camp roster either. I mean during team meetings they'll have over 90 players in a room with coaches and staff among others that sounds crazy to me and that's not counting showers. But will see what happens I totally understand your comment I don't how their going to pull this off but will see.
  2. He gets hurt and Eason becomes the new Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence becomes the new Peyton Manning just a thought.
  3. If this don't get you excited about this upcoming season with this Colts team nothing will. It's a great time to be a Colts fan barring interruption of the season. I'm interested in what everyone is feeling about this team right now I'm excited. https://www.colts.com/video/what-the-experts-are-saying-about-the-2020-colts
  4. If our running game is going to be as good I think it's going to be I think we have a good chance. But everything would to fall in place right like injuries for example.
  5. I mean if they would allow fans they couldn't at the complex because of parking.
  6. Your right they don't have the parking.
  7. To me it’s Anthony Walker but he may not even be a starter this year.
  8. It's way to early for any predictions ask again around September 3rd or so.
  9. Yeah, like the O-line depth Lol
  10. Yes, I'll throw Dallas Clark in there to since were talking about TE's and heart and Dallas had both. I was a big Dallas Clark fan needless to say.
  11. To me it sounds like he tries to talk like Jim Rome Bananas that is.
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