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  1. Yeah, and he's had time for anything else that could've been bothering him to heal.
  2. I agree fully a healthy Sheard makes a big difference for our defense.
  3. We have great leadership with Sheard and Houston. They won't let anybody not believe and not give full effort.
  4. it's actually 107.5 now
  5. We won the game move on.
  6. Yes, I agree that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
  7. He's not perfect he's Burfict.
  8. I said all this after last season and everyone gave me a hard time about it. He frustrates me beyond comprehension bring somebody else in and get rid of butter fingers after the season. They won't bench him for Mo Alie-Cox he isn't proven yet. I know what everyone's going to say who are you going to bring in? I'm talking about drafting a tight end with sure hands if one's available and moving on.
  9. I'll let the season play out then express an opinion.
  10. If I have a favorite Colts it's definitely Big Q.
  11. Yes, I'm a strong believer that Ballard has a plan for next season already up his sleeve. I believe that Brissett is going to have a good year and lead us to the playoffs. But Luck will come back next year and then Ballard would have Brissett as trade bait perfectly positioned. I think it was the plan all along book it.So yes I think your friends have it right.
  12. He's also the oldest player in the league.
  13. Big Q didn't Costanzo's help on that block Big Q had him handled just fine.
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