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  1. I know I think there trying to lose for Lawerence. I know there record is not going to be bad enough to get Lawerence but they can think they can trade into it. If they can get into a top ten draft position.. I mean Belichick Is so smart he probably thinks he can figure it out. If they keep losing.
  2. It’s Venturi for me all the way hands down . There’s no one in the market more knowledgeable than him. Some will say he sucked as a head coach but at least he coached.
  3. You may have forgotten about those throws but I haven't I don't think anybody else on here has either. Rivers threw to the wrong team way to many times last year and it's has followed him to the Colts. I think even his arm strength has even gotten worse than last year. So those throws unfortunately were very remember able. .
  4. I think this Rivers experiment fail is On Reich by all accounts he lobbied to get Rivers here and it has completely failed even if we get into the playoffs we will be knocked out early and that’s not good enough for a QB paid 25 mill with a defense like ours. There should be some accountability for this big mistake.
  5. I agree but unfortunately we as fans know were not winning anything with Rivers as our QB we can just see it. But your right it isn't time for Eason unless were just trying not to be competitive and I think we as least want to do that. The Titans look like the class of the division after beating up on the Bills last night. I'm going to say that Vrabel has been the better coach than Reich I think it's been without question. I know the injuries but every team deals with them it's part of the game. I just know that Rivers will continue to make poor decisions no matter if every player on the team
  6. I agree with you totally. I think Ballard has done masterful job but he needs to bring in a extremely intelligent coaches who are innovative for todays in NFL. The smartest coaches win in todays complex NFL because the coaches today have everything at there fingertips to out coach the opposing teams. I like coaches like Kevin Stefanski who has some new fresh ideas, I like the young intelligent coaches not coaches who are stuck in the old ways of doing things it's been done to death. Does anyone else want to express a opinion on this.
  7. I agree with you on the positives but I disagree with you on some of your negatives. I think we do have a franchise QB on the roster and that's Eason. I think we do have long term answers at the WR in Pittman and Campbell when healthy. I think Sin and Rhodes are very good players Sin could become great in the future. The DE I do agree on we need a stud there who can be a centerpiece of these franchise like Freeney and Mathis was. I agree with you on Castonzo that's something we need to fix in a hurry because were lucky he came back this year. I'm not sold on Reich as a play caller or even a c
  8. Yeah, I have no faith in our passing game anymore.
  9. I think Reich was trying to mix it up because everyone kept saying our offense was to predictable. I agree Reich has brain freezes throughout the games himself as in the play call in there end zone. But he should let that ball go into the end zone and not fair catch on the 3 another brain freeze that really cost us.
  10. Yeah, Rivers is a loser sure he had some nice years for the Chargers but did nothing with it.
  11. I totally agree were not going anywhere this year with Rivers as our QB anyway give the rookie some experience. Yeah, it's like he don't think out there sometimes.
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