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    From Scotland (hence the different spelling to some words...)
    Followed the Colts for quite a while, was able to watch them in person when they came across to Wembley!

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  1. Maybe the interest of other fans depends on more than just the availability of one player?
  2. 1. No, I don’t think Ballard would go for that trade if it was available. Just too much to give away for a man who ‘loves them picks!’ 2. Not the easiest decision, but I think I would stick with the Wentz trade. Wentz has proven himself as a NFL starter (ranging from MVP candidate to worst starter in the league, I know...), will be able to pick up the system much faster than a rookie, and is already acclimatised to life in the NFL.
  3. According to this Twitter thread, it could be a successful recovery!
  4. Wouldn’t say it’s an unfavourable take at all. I agree with points 2, 3, and 4 but a slight disagreement with point 1. In my opinion, AC was an above average starter on the O-line but went under the radar as the rest of the line was poor until recent years.
  5. I think this just highlights the issues of blindly following a PFF ranking instead of taking team needs into consideration.
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