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  1. Man i was at that New England game. One of the longest drives home of my entire life.
  2. Is this the same defensive coordinator as last year or should we be worried that the invasion of the body snatchers has begun because this sure doesn’t look like the same elberflus led defense.
  3. Thanks a lot Myles ....Yah I think they lack the imagination, creativity or reading comprehension to understand that I said it was highly unlikely but totally possible. I have yet to hear one of the people who ridiculed this thread and myself for making it tell me why it’s impossible that luck didn’t do what I questioned. Also, we have arguably the best medical system in the world why did he go to Europe in the first place last year? Also to those who say he was healthy therefore he wouldn’t need anything like hgh or stem cells, wasn’t the reason he didn’t have play preseason was his ankle? If it were me and I was having health issues like an ankle that was bothering me and that may linger all year long unless I get surgery...and even if I elect not to get surgery I’m going to miss many weeks I would totally retire and use that time to take whatever science can make to heal me to make me come back better then ever the next year. This all hinges on if his leg really was jacked up like he said or was just using it as an excuse to think it over. I know this whole thing seems improbable and I admit it is but to the ones calling me an * I will ask you one question. If A year ago I told you luck was going to retire a few weeks before this season you would of called me crazy and an *. My point is , crazier things have happened.
  4. I know this post is going to catch tons of heat and I’m ok with that so here goes lol. First of all I’m not a conspiracy guy but I think this is totally plausible yet highly unlikely. Could luck have retired in order to maybe get off the drug testing pool and maybe get on some good stuff, maybe not unlike the stuff he got from Europe last time he was recovering........maybe some form of hgh, stem cell therapy or treatments not allowed by the nfl in order to heal completely and come back? However in order for this entire scenario to be plausible which I reiterate probably isn’t, the nfl would have to take retired players out of their testing pool. Does anyone know the drug testing rules for retired players?? Also what are the rules for stem cell therapies? This type of stuff has happened in other sports before. Brock Lesnar used a Nevada State athletic commission loophole to compete completely juiced to the gills. I’m not calling luck a cheater at all I’m just saying he could be using every tool to come back healthy for the first time since his career started in Indy.
  5. Yet another reason (among a long list of them) why #18 is the goat!!! Great video thanks for sharing.
  6. Bwahahahaha I love that gif and you somehow made it even funnier lol. What is it from anyways?
  7. I’m probably wrong here but isn’t a 4-3 usually a zone defense? Is there a difference between a cover 2 and a 4-3? I’m just asking because I’m wondering if we could stick with the 4/3 and still plAy man. Sorry if this is a newbie question. My defensive knowledge is limited to say the least.
  8. I didn’t mean to start a bash luck/bash brissett debate or a debate on who is better. I more or less meant to show people that brisett in his own way has been better than even I thought. I know the stats I posted aren’t everything but it’s at least a glance at a moment in time. If you just take these three games in comparison than yes it’s not really comparable because luck was coming off injury but I hope to update this as the season goes on just to show how things stacked up. Basically I’m trying to shine light on the inevitable conversation of “what if luck would have stayed?” It would at least give us some insight and ability to compare the two as the season went on. Also I didn’t do it Because luck is the end all be all best Qb ever......that would be #18:) but I just wanted to put things in a little bit better perspective. Hope this helps explain the point here and helps knock off some of the pointless arguing and nit picking.
  9. When is funchess supposed to be back, anyone know???
  10. Yah I know you can’t compare them one to one exactly but I think a lot of people either overated luck based on potential or under rate brissett because he wasn’t some stud prospect. I hope as the season goes on we can bump this thread and update it so we can see how brissett compares to luck. Obviously I would rather have luck but I don’t think he’s head and shoulders above brissett either. I can’t wait to see how the season plays out either way.
  11. Some won’t like this thread believing that we must move on but I like to see how jacoby Compares to luck so we can truly gauge where this franchise is heading and where it’s been, and how good luck actually was. I don’t have a lot of time so It might be ugly and I’m prob going to miss a few things but here it goes and I hope either I or someone else keeps this updated. 2018 luck week 1 39-53 att, 74% 319 yards 2 td 1 int 93.2 rating 2. 21-31 att, 68% 179 yards 2td 2int 77.2 rating 3 25- 40 att, 62% 164 yards 1td 0 int 79.6 rating brissett 2019 Week 1. 21-27 att 78% 190 yards 2td 0 int 121 rating week 2. 17-28 60% 146 yards 3td 1 int 95 rating week 3. 28-37 76% 310 yards 2td 0 int 118 rating. At this point luck had 5 td and 4 int where jacoby has 7td 1 int. I would def say so far and I stress SO FAR we look to be in very good hands if he can sustain this and the crazy thing is I think he will get better.
  12. With all this seasons uncertainty and Andrew luck drama I think we are all (the team included unsure what this teams identity is, well at least I am. In years past we almost always had an identity well at least our good teams. So far it looks like we are average to good at both sides of the ball but not great either. I know it’s pretty early to predict but what kind of team identity do you guys see us establishing in the next few weeks??
  13. I know that emotions are high on here so I will keep that in mind but knowing what lucks career ended up being, did we make the right decision by letting manning go? Keep this in mind that I’m not talking about did we make the right choice then....but now with hindsight. I know that rationally it was the right choice to move on. We had a stud, “ once in a lifetime qb” fall into our laps but knowing what you know now, would you have let Peyton go when we could of won maybe one or two more sb with him and had him retire a colt and only colt? I’m interested in seeing what you guys think.
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