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  1. Trace Pyott

    Colts Fans

    Yah I agree. I see some pretty rude things being said on here and sometimes it’s like people are willing to cut your throat verbally with a drop of a dime. Usually it’s tigertown on here asking for people to be nice and civil and I will admit I used to sort of roll my eyes at him but he was right. People on here can be really negative to one another and we are all colts fans! If you wanna be mean hit up the pats fans and let them have it lol. So yah let’s all keep united and if someone asks a “stupid question” or creates a thread just to say “ I love luck” just go on about your day and ignore it if you don’t like it.
  2. Trace Pyott

    What can we learn from the pats??

    O I forgot to add I don’t think the nfl is rigging the games for New England but after for a long time believing that there would be no motive for the nfl to put New England in the Super Bowl considering everyone is sick of them.....I realized they would be the perfect team to get ratings. New England is the skip Baylee’s of football teams. Just like Skip just as many people if not more tune in because they hate them and want to see them lose. So like I said I don’t think it’s completely rigged, too many moving pieces but if it was I could see the nfls motive. I think it’s most likely if New England is cheating its them bugging opposing teams locker rooms or head sets or something to that affect.
  3. Trace Pyott

    What can we learn from the pats??

    My main question is, if it’s that simple why doesn’t or why hasn’t everyone done this!! Or why don’t they defend against it? It drives me nuts.
  4. Trace Pyott

    What can we learn from the pats??

    I’m sitting here scratching my head at what makes the pats win every freaking year! I mean yes Brady is great but so is brees and Peyton and many other qb who have played in this league and none have won as much as that annoying bum. Then there is bellichick, he is a great coach I won’t deny that but is he really that freaking smart that all the coaches and the league can’t figure him out? Is he really that much smarter than every single coach to ever coach the game? I just don’t get it. I’m not saying they are always cheating but my god something just doesn’t seem right to me especially considering all the stuff they have been caught doing in the past. I forget who it was who said it but they were referring to sports and they basically said that god created all men basically equal. Yes some are a little smarter and some are a little more physically gifted but when you have an outlier someone who is way way way way better than everyone who’s ever lived than something is most likely up. So is there anything we can learn from the pats or are they just willing to cheat more than the rest or is the nfl rigged? I’m being serious here I am not making this to bash NE I’m just wondering how they can be head and shoulders better than everyone. I can see where a team like golden state or someone like that can be , they have 4 or 5 superstars on playing for them every single night out of a 5 player lineup. The pats may have one or two stars but destroy everyone. How is this happening? Are the players aware of the cheating and just don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them out of fear? Ok rant over.
  5. Trace Pyott

    Do our backs have this in them

    Dang that 40 time is unreal for a guy as big as he was and with the cuts he could make. One of my fav memories about edge was my friend ( who was a saints fan) pointing out how weird it was that edge and Peyton got along so well. You had Peyton a goofy country boy who was kind of nerdy but in a good way and then you have edge who has gold teeth and dread locks. Then you add Marvin who was as quiet as a mouse but would light you up. It didn’t matter though, they were great teammates and goes to show you can’t judge a book on its cover and that people who seemingly are totally different can get along.
  6. Trace Pyott

    Do our backs have this in them

    I was pretty new to football and the colts when edge was a rookie and like many others have said on here I do not remember him being that big at all! Sadly, I seem to remember him mostly after his injury. He was a very good player and what stood out to me was his vision and patience. He would almost trot behind a lineman and pick up 4 yards at a time almost at will. After watching this video I am shocked at the speed and burst he had pre injury. He was like a mix of Barry Sanders and Jim brown. He deserves to be in the hall now but if he hadn’t gotten injured I think he would of def been an all time great.
  7. Trace Pyott

    Quenton Nelson Played With 2 Bulging Disc

    Is he going to have to have surgery? If so how long is he supposed to be out? If he truly was negatively affected by his injury than I truly feel sorry for the guys who will face him in the next few years but it may backfire against us ....... Once he is totally healthy, hits the weight room with pro trainers for a consistent length of time and the game totally slows down to him he is going to be getting flagged all game because he’s going to make people look so bad that the ref is just going to assume a penalty took place. I’m totally joking but sadly I think many of his penalties came because he obliterated his opponents and the refs had no idea what they were witnessing because they hadn’t seen anything like it before.
  8. Trace Pyott

    Maniac Highlights

    Yah he’s pretty good. It’s crazy how he always seems to be in the right place st right time.
  9. Trace Pyott

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    This exactly especially the 2 part where it says the truth is somewhere in between. Do I think our o line can get better next year? I think it will just because we had two rookies playing and they should be much improved next year especially smith.
  10. Trace Pyott

    Is there a correlation?

    Lol was autry that out of control? I didn’t see the whole game because I admittingly got disgusted and said if they don’t care than neither do I and turned it off. Anyways, this is like the 3rd thread that said autry was acting like an * out there or out of control.
  11. Trace Pyott

    Is there a correlation?

    What I’m saying is both those games we came out the first half and got huge leads against tenn (the game their defensive coordinator went to hospital and against the Texans last week ) and didn’t score the second half and then the next games we lost big and looked our worst all year (against jags whom shut us out , and against Kc this week). No doubt we played a better team I’m not denying that, but I think we are def better than Jacksonville and I think we could of competed better than we did yesterday as well.
  12. Trace Pyott

    Is there a correlation?

    Just something I noticed and I dunno why the two might be linked but had anyone noticed when we played the titans a few weeks ago we did really well the first half and then got shut down the entire second half, yet we still won the game and then the next week we played the jags and got shut out the entire game? Then last week we played really well the first half and then basically got shut down the entire second half against the Texans and then came out this week super slow and rusty. I have no theory on how or why the two could be linked but I just noticed that our two worst games have come after beating a team down in the first half and coasting the second half. Could it be they got cocky and lost intensity and it carried over?
  13. Trace Pyott

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    Dude don’t worry about people getting angry about starting this thread or having perspective. There are some real grouches on this forum who love to talk down to anyone for anything. It’s funny because I guarantee 90% of them wouldn’t talk to someone to their face in the rude tone they like to use on here. It is a fan forum for a reason and in my opinion there really aren’t any dumb questions. If you don’t want to answer them don’t, but don’t go off on someone asking a question especially when they are a fellow colts fan. Im not pointing anyone out I’m just saying let’s all get along and be respectful and if we don’t agree that’s fine but just do so in a respective manner. Btw the majority of people on here are great and positive. It’s just maybe 4 or 5 people that like to try and bully people and act like know it alls.
  14. Trace Pyott

    Luck's preparation by the athletic article

    That’s why I love him and I freaking adored Peyton Manning. In a world where many if not most athletes act like spoiled children you have guys like these who work so hard honing their craft and getting better, it’s very refreshing to see. I am the first to say athletes are way over paid but guys like luck and manning; if anyone deserves that kind of money they do. One thing I cannot stand is after a big game when they will show the losing team on the sideline and you see the guys smiling and laughing like it was no big deal and just a paycheck. You know luck isnt going to be that guy. He is willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure he performs his best. He plays for the love of the game and the right reasons, not just because it pays the bills. Oh and the thing about Peyton having a copy of the meeting room. That is something I never knew but it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think I can think of anyone ever to play the game that loves it as much as Peyton and who was as cerebral as he was. He didn’t have the most athleticism but man that guy is a football savant. I remember hearing stories about him getting to the games early just to talk to the maintenance people and equipment managers lol. I am so proud that the colts have had guys like Peyton and luck represent Indiana and the horseshoe and I hope all of lucks preparation pays off this weekend and we beat the chiefs. GO COLTs!!!!!!!
  15. Trace Pyott


    Thanks for showing me that. I genuinely was wondering. It just sounded like it logically made sense but now I see why it doesn’t hold up. Now I feel better about our odds. However I was kinda banking on it helping us against San Diego and New England since I figured we were due to beat them lol. I truly think we can beat anyone if we limit the drops and stupid turnovers. So I guess beating ourselves is my biggest worry.