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  1. I have been a colts fan for over 20 years and I have never ever seen an more boring 3 to 4 yard passing game than I have with this team. We need to stretch the field a little bit instead of 2 yard check downs to the running back. I know our line sucks right now but my god.
  2. Yah I’m not sure what offense they run but it seemed like many of the plays were longer routes that developed slowly. (We know all too well about what those can do to a young Qb with a horrible offensive line don’t we). Anyways, with that being said it appeared 60% of the plays were him holding the ball too long, 30% of the plays were plays that no matter who the Qb was,that they were most likely getting sacked , and the other 10% could of been avoided if he would of just thrown the ball away. I really hope he works on that last part because I cannot stand seeing a Qb throw a dumb pic or get sacked because they made a horrible decision snd tired to fit the ball into a tiny window all the while being rushed by a 300lb behemoth. Just throw it away and live to fight another day.
  3. Thanks for all the info everyone. Honestly I was expecting some wise guy to say google it or something like that. I am super excited about kwity. That 3 cone time is insane for his size. The scary thing is that he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and seems extremely bright and coachable. I think in 4 years he might be one of our top 2-3 best players on a hopefully stacked defense.
  4. Does anyone know what each one of their measurables are and who is best at what? I have been looking for dayo’s info but can’t find anything from the combine or his pro day. I would like to compare their 40 yard dash, Bench press reps, vertical , etc. If anyone knows where to find this can you please post it. Thanks a lot. Also, out of the two who do you think will be the more dominant player in 3 years?
  5. Ehhh I guess so except most teams don’t have a new Qb who’s short career has literally been jeckyl/Hyde. I mean in most peoples minds Qb, LT, DE are top 5 most important positions if not top3 and we have question marks on every single one of Them. In pAst years we had one or more of Those checked off as a for sure. This year not so much.
  6. Man I really like this signing! If he can come back 80% as good as he has played I would say we def upgraded our offensive line and that’s no knock on AC I just think this guy can be much better (if healthy). I would put our offensive line up against anyone else’s. With that said Murphy’s law keeps coming into my mind because we have soo many ifs and question marks for this team that we can literally be 6-10 bad or super bowl bound. I can’t think of any colts team with this many “if” question marks. If wentZ can prove last year was a fluke and go back to being one of the best up and coming qb in the game than we are sitting pretty. If he plays like he did last year things will be very very ugly. Then you got this guy. If fisher can come back healthy we can have one of the best lines in football. If he doesn’t play or is diminished we have a huge hole at one of the most important positions. I don’t know why but I just have this feeling with so many question marks on this team, that the season could go either way. I do fear that some of These question marks aren’t going to go our way and we will be hurting. Btw Some of these other question marks Include , Will Mack be back to his old self? Was last year a fluke for our new stud RB? Will ty hilton plAy any better, or will he continue to decline? Was last year a fluke for Xavier Rhodes? Will Paris cambell stay healthy and actually contribute? How will our rookie DEs play? Then you have the question mark that every team has which is who will stay healthy?
  7. Lol before I read the first sentence I scrolled down and was appalled that I didn’t see Manning as number 1. Then I re read it and realized why lol. I would have to say 88 Marvin Harrison. It’s a really tough question and one that can have many right answers.
  8. I almost feel like this is a wait snd see year for Ballard. I think if we still had luck he would go all in and loosen the purse strings but with wentZ being our qb this team could be either really good or kinda bad depending on how he plays. I think Ballard is just trying to hold things together and see where we are as a franchise. We are either a serious contender (if wentZ plays really well) and the defense stays roughly the same , or we are horrible and drafting a qb next year if wentZ is really bad and the defense stays roughly the same as last year). So I kinda get why he wants to see what we got.
  9. You guys aren’t exActly making me feel good about next season lol. When I did this I was hoping and praying I would see wentZ leading more of the categories than the other guys or at least coming close. Oh and the Stuff about Manning Is mostly on there so for the people who wanted to do a madden type score so that you could see what I’m looking for and for example he’s a 5 at something you can scale up or down based on what he’s ranked and then go down the list. Basically if he gets an 8 on durability than to get a 10 you would have to go your entire career unblemished and or be Wolverine. btw all of this stuff is opinion. None of us are pro scouts as far as I know so please keep things light. I did this only for fun and to get a handle on my expectations for wentZ.
  10. Dang I should of put Manning on here too. I edited it and put on some What I felt Manning would be and it just goes to show how amazing he was. The only thing he struggled on out of those categories was running speed. 1 I would give him 8 2. 9 3. 3 4. 8 5. 9 6. 7. 7. 10. Only a few have longer streaks than he did. If you are top 3-5% on any of these categories than you are a 10 in my book. 8. 9 or 10. That’s a tough one. 9. 9 10. 10. I can’t think of any player who changed the game more on this topic and whom is known more for audibles and calling the right plays and taking what the defense gives you. He is king of this category so he gets a 10. 11. 10 all day long. I added these to sort of give you guys a benchmark so you could give me a more accurate assessment on the other guys assuming what I put is close to being correct.
  11. Hey guys I know Im breaking a cardinal rule on here and that’s bringing up luck but I was just wondering how they stack up skills wise. I don’t know much about wentZ skills wise so I just wanted to know how he stacks up to a guy like luck or even rivers, someone that Is fresh in my mind. I’m not starting a debate on who is the better Qb overall because that can have intangibles at play but basically, if you worked for madden and you had to create scores for both guys or all 3 ( luck, rivers, wentZ) what would your scores be for each on these things: oh and scale wise it goes like this 1-3 is horrible , 4-6 is avg 7-8 is good ,9-10 is great. the main questions I have are on these; 1.throwing accuracy 2. throwing power 3. Running speed comparable to other Qb. Vick would be a 10 for example. 4. pocket awareness 5. time in pocket and release speed 6. Willing to take risks or throw picks. (Not good) the higher the number the better they are with protecting the ball. I would give Manning a 7 and luck a 5 for example but that’s just me. 7. Durability 8. Attitude / being coachable 9. Drive to win 10. Intelligence (calling the right play at right time ) or reading defenses. 11. Willingness to prepare. ( basically how much of your life is football. For instance Manning would be a 10/10 for comparison. Also, if you don’t want to go the numbers route I guess just have them In order from who is best at each category between the 3. Like I said I’m just looking for a way to better understand who we are getting. I can look at the stats all day but I know some of you guys really know a lot about these players so I defer to you on this type of stuff.
  12. Aww man that run at the 2:54 mark is just sick. I’ve never seen a colts Rb since early edge that could burst out of a hole and just blow away the competition. I’m not even sure edge had thE Hr ability that Taylor could possess. I seem to remember edge being more of an easy 5 yards a Carry most of the time but rarely would he break out, but I guess being a running back is hard so that’s prob everyone. I know Taylor’s got a lot of career to fill those shoes but his future looks super bright especially when In the beginning of the year he was missing blockers and running into tacklers when he should of cut. If he gets any better lookout.
  13. I still say it’s Peyton but it could either. It’s pointless to really argue it one way or another. It’s like trying to decide who wins in a fight , Batman or Superman, coke or Pepsi, Xbox vs PlAyStation vs Nintendo. You could make a valid argument for either.
  14. Brother Brother I’m a huuuge Braves fan as well so I feel your pain trust me. Sometimes I wonder what The heck I was thinking choosing the Braves; pacers and colts for my Fav teams. It’s like I’m a glutton for heartbreak I guess lol. I’ve been a fan of each since the mid 90/s when I was a little kid. At least last year our Braves got closer than usual to winning a championship. I still say we blew that series with the dodgers but what can you do? I think the Braves have a good chance especially if we don’t go too cheap but our current owners are corporate d bags so who knows? At least the colts and Braves are competitive most of the time lately. I can think of a few franchises it would be worse following but few will let you down like the Braves and colts have lately lol. Sometimes I dunno what’s worse.
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