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  1. Three flight I disagree with 70% of what you said about luck but the sad thing is that I think the other 30% is growing daily in my mind. It’s a scary thought but it’s not Too far off and I will be thinking exactly like you are. Things would be so much simpler had the colts been honest about Manning’s neck and lucks shoulder from the beginning. Now when our franchise Qb is injured, we all don’t know what or who to believe.
  2. This is an absolute farce. Peyton and Unitas destroy everyone and I mean everyone except maybe and I say maybe Montana and young. Garcia was pretty mediocre from what I remember. I think once luck is all done all doubt will be gone which franchise should be 1 even amongst the biggest colts haters.
  3. And that’s another reason why #18 is the greatest to ever sling a football.
  4. What do you meAn by his first two years were two of the best ever? I’m literally asking not trying to doubt you. I’m not a big statistician so I’m kind of unaware where his first two years rate as far as two seasons for a running back. I know he was a beast. Can you clarify what you meant there. I’m genuinely curious and like I said I’m not doubting you or your opinion I just want to learn More about edge and where he ranks among the greats.
  5. Thanks Aaron for clarifying that for me. I hope he gets at least 700 yArds, and 4 or 5 td. The main thing I want to see is improvement month to month.
  6. I got a question for those who are a bit more knowledgeable than me. I’m reading all these predictions but wondering how they stack up to avg rookie wr stats. How many td, yards, etc are considered elite for a rookie? Also do you guys predict he will have a rookie year as good or Better than what TY had????? Thanks.
  7. Harry good post. I was totally all in on us getting him but hunt did play pretty well last year especially early now that you mention it. I think Ballard is going to pass on this guy but I would still like to get him if the price is right.
  8. My god he does have some long arms. My fav part was him talking about luck sAying “ leave that man alone” and saying how luck is dead serious and a different kind of person lol. He def looks to be having fun out there that’s for sure. If it’s true he wasn’t 100% out there last year the league better change the rules because it’s going to look like he’s playing with cheat codes out there.
  9. Maybe it’s bias and because I mainly follow the colts but it seems that in many sports shows I hear them giving Ballard compliments and bringing him on the show. I can’t remember seeing other gms on tv and talked about as much as Ballard is except maybe BElichick. Is it just me or does the media love them some Ballard?
  10. Thanks for adding this. I love luck lol he is such a nerd. When he was telling his marriage joke he looked so awkward at the end of it. Just look at his eyes. He’s such a big imposing guy with the mind of a 120 lb nerd. I love that he’s our franchise qb. Give me a cerebral “smart” qb over a super athletic one any day of the week.
  11. Thanks for adding the video. Man he looks really good. I really like how he can line up anywhere and I really liked his angles on making tackles and how he didn’t over pursue. In the video he reminds me of a poor mans polomalu or however the heck you spell it, but that’s in college I’m hoping he plays just as well at the pro level.
  12. I know this is kind of random and probably not the most important thread on here but I was just wondering if mike Mitchell is still a colt or is he a free agent? The webpage has him still on the depth chart but I dunno how up to date they are. I know we can probably easily upgrade from him I just remember Quincy Wilson saying he was such a great mentor and basically saved his career. I think it would Be good to keep him for depth and to be a mentor to guys like Wilson. So is he still a colt and if not has anyone picked him up yet??? Thanks.
  13. Thanks to those who decided to vote. My god I can’t believe how even the voting was. That’s how I feel. I can’t really decide. I would say 75% of me would want that Super Bowl but winning the majority of those other 64 games might be better than that one win and tons of loses. I think I’m one of the people who hate losing more than I love winning lol. Anyways I wasn’t trying to cause a debate on Ballard or his plan I was really just trying to figure out what would be better as a fan base. As a pacers fan I often grapple with this same idea. Blow the team up that realistically has no shot or make it to the playoffs. I still don’t know exactly how I feel either choice honestly but you guys helped a lot. Thanks.
  14. Jeeez does anyone on here know the meaning of a hypothetical debate? I’m not staying there are guarantees in real life lol. Let me say it again! In real life no guarantees. Ok to make things easier for folks to understand let’s say an imaginary fairy says the colts can win the super bowl this year but be horrible for the next 4 years. Or......we can be GUARANTEED to win 10 games and make the playoffs the next 5 years which would you do? Does this make it easier to understand?? Again I know there are no guarantees in real life. I wrote it the way I did to make it a somewhat plausible scenario and relative to what we are going through now. It was my mistake. I was just wanting to know what is the better outcome.
  15. Unless they get bored of winning I don’t think New England will be changing anything especially not because it’s the right thing to do.
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