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  1. Guys don’t take this too seriously and don’t think too hard on this. Let’s say he’s hired the top of the line conditioning coach and he’s in great football shape FOR HIS AGE. Don’t worry about could he get in shape or anything like that.
  2. I’m not very good at evaluating defensive play and reading stats so maybe some of the mor knowledgeable fans on here can help me out. How has Leonard played this year compared to last? Has he gotten better or regressed? I know In the beginning of the year a lot of people weren’t impressed by his game but I just saw he made the pro bowl so I’m guessing he couldn’t have been that bad, even though the pro bowl voting is mostly a joke. Do you guys think he’s going to be the stud player year after year that we hoped he would be and that last year wasn’t a fluke??
  3. I know this isn’t going to happen but I was curious what you guys would think about this. What if by miracle you knew that we were for sure going to keep trotting JB out there next year to start,but Peyton comes out in a press conference and says he’s been working his butt off and wants to play one more year as a colt. Who would you rather start for the colts next year in this totally fictional and unlikely scenario? Also keep in mind to make this fun, in this thought experiment we aren’t sucking for draft picks we are trying to at least be competitive. Would you rather have one more year of ancient Peyton or another most likely mediocre year of JB? To tell you the truth I would choose Peyton and it’s not even close. Who knows maybe somehow the dude still has some magic up his sleeve. Brady isn’t much older and Peyton wasn’t ever the most physically gifted guy. Peyton often beat people with his superior intellect and knowledge of The game. I think my decision is based mostly in my respect and admiration for #18 than any hostility for JB even though I think JB isn’t that great. I honestly think if Peyton was in shape he could still be pretty darn good. Please if you are going to complain about how dumb this thread is don’t waste your time. It’s been a rough season with not much good to talk about so I figured I would sort of change the subject and make a fun discussion. I know this thread is pointless and silly I’m just curious how everyone else feels about this.
  4. First of all let me start out by saying I’m not too privy on defensive schemes and coaching candidates. However I’ve heard many on here say they aren’t too happy with elberflus and his vanilla zone defense. My question is this , would the colts be willing to go back and hire a defensive coordinator who is a 3-4 man to man guy instead of what we have now? It seems to me that our current defense was built around luck, just like dungys defense was built around manning and getting leads so freeney and Mathis could wreck shop. Obviously that isn’t going to happen with JB and if we draft someone it’s going to take a few years for them to get acclimated to the league. Also I believe it was polian who said the 4-3 is cheaper than a 3-4 and is good when you are paying someone like luck and manning a significant amount of your salary cap. Currently we don’t have that type of Qb so my question is, is possible that we go back to a 3/4? I’m not saying we should I’m just asking if it’s possible or likely. Thanks.
  5. It’s all good crazy coLt we are both colts fans and rooting for the same team. I don’t wanna argue with a colts fan. I will save it for a pats fan or Texans fan. I just wanted to defend why I was saying what I was saying. It hits a nerve to me when people criticize other people’s colts related threads no matter how monotonous it’s become, even if that’s not how you meant it. Have a merry Christmas
  6. Dude, u call this bashing? I barely said anything about the guy and merely asked the question if it was him or coaching. How is that bashing? And by you complaining that this thread was started you basically said that this thread is unwelcome. Am I losing my mind here people or what?? Again im not sure it’s brissett that’s why I’m asking. There is anecdotal evidence it could be him but I’m not so sure. It could be other teams are dialing more pressure near the end of the games or we are running too much and getting stuffed to keep the clock running. I’m not trying to argue here I’m just basically defending what I wrote.
  7. I didn’t create this thread to bash him. I was asking the question what are the reason for our 4th quarter woes? Is it on the Qb shoulders or the coaches. Why do people care about what threads people make on here anyways? As long as it pertains to the colts I don’t see the problem. Some people act like they have to manually file every single thread on here in a huge filing cabinet or something. If you don’t like the thread title or subject how about this.....don’t enter. Seriously what is the harm even if there are 20 threads about our Qb problem?? What you had to take an extra 3 seconds to scroll down? I can’t stand when people on here try and tell people they can’t talk about this or that. It’s literally why this site was made lol. Rant over.
  8. I know a lot has already been said about JB’s woes in the 4th quarter I was wondering what most of you guys thought this stems from? Is it play calling or just JB getting rattled? I may be wrong but I think it’s a JB problem. If anyone remembers the year luck missed half the year, I believe we led the league in leads going into the 4th quarter. I used to put the blame squarely on Pagano and his predictable play calling, but now I’m not so sure. I think some of it’s was pags, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both coaches are having trouble with the 4th quarter and the main common denominator is JB. If it is JB, what is his problem and is it fixable? Are teams blitzing more later In the game when the tension is at its highest?
  9. Ive heard many many people on here talking about how Ballard has built a pretty good team that is just missing a few key pieces especially Qb and that injuries derailed this team not lack of talent or coaching and in some ways I ageee but however.... Even if this view is true, this team reminds me eerily of those early 2000 teams led by Byron leftwich or the Vince young titan teams where had we not had Peyton and a humongous advantage at Qb we may have not won as many head to head games against those teams as we did. Is this an accurate analogy to this team? Actually I change my mind, I think those teams may have had quite a bit more talent especially on the defensive side of the ball. The only thing I legitimately think this team has as a strength is it’s O line. Everything else is pretty avg. My point to all of this is that I don’t think we are as close as many think we are. Those jags teams had arguably more talent than we do and look at what they achieved. Look at how many teams are being held back because they have no qb or if they did , how many of those teams would we beat? I don’t think very many to be honest. Sorry to rant because that is what this is, and I’m sorry to be debbie downer to those that think we have a competitive team right now, but I see this team as mediocre at best and I think we have many more holes to this team than many want to admit.....maybe even coaching and gm but I’m not on that bandwagon yet. I guess I’m just scared because I know how hard it is to draft a stud qb or even harder win without a stud Qb. We have been so blessed as colts fans I think many like myself are still in shock from lucks retirement. Anyways hopefully things get better and next season is more of a success and less gut wrenching as this one was.
  10. Lol at some people are saying we are a qb and DT away from being Super Bowl contenders. Hate to say it folks but we are the jags with Byron leftwich.
  11. Speaking of big q did anyone see that run play where he absolutely destroyed his guy by basically throwing him down on the ground? It was one of our longer runs Of the day I believe. I was almost sure he was going to get flagged because the way he did it was almost too easy for my eyes to comprehend. He threw that guy down like he was a 10th grade JV player. It looked way way too easy. Btw there is probably tons of plays where he does this, so you guys prob have no idea what I’m talking about lol. Dude is a beast.
  12. Lol this thread reminds me when I went to a football game with my dad at the rca dome. I was 19 and my dad bought me a small beer to watch the game ( I know the humanity, letting a 19 yr old drink a beer) but anyways, in front of me was a guy who just so happened to work for the titans, the team we were playing. Me and him kinda talked and gave each other crap during the game, but it was friendly. However, the colts fumbled the ball and I stood up right after I got my beer and in the excitement I spilled my beer down the guys back lol. It was a total accident but I guarantee from his perspective, that he thought I did it on purpose. Anyways I still get a laugh at that because I genuinely didn’t mean for it to happen but to that guy I must of looked like a total a hole. I’m surprised he didn’t ask me to meet him in the parking lot to rough me up a little.
  13. This has gotta be it for vinny right?? No way he plays next game???
  14. Man this organization can be best summarized as what if?? What if Peyton had a good defense? Most of all what if luck had his entire career being coached by Reich and having Ballard as gm? Btw things could of been way worse im just saying how much better could we have been and how man SB would we have won? I think if Reich can win a SB here, he will undoubtly go down as the best coach in Indy history.
  15. In a weird way he kind of reminds me of what Peyton would be like as a coach. Just speaking of myself but out of all our coaches he seems like the one I would like to play for most...well he’s right there with dungy but frank seems like more fun and just as caring about his players. Also you can tell the dude absolutely loves his job. I mean loves it! You know what they say, if you love your job you will do good At it. What a good hire and I can’t believe we fell upward and got him instead of the cheat and liar up in NE.
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