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  1. Dang that kid looks promising. I would loose for the colts to get him.
  2. Just like you said he is def a HOF. I hated his guts almost as much as Brady and I will be the first to admit before he was a colt he deserves to be in the HOF. If it wasn’t for PEYton and Brady the two best arguably of all time ( I say Peyton is) I think rivers would have at least 2-4 afc mvp trophies. He is without a doubt HOF.
  3. Sadly and it pains me to say this but I think you are right. I hated how he bathed in our tears and seemed to enjoy it more than most would or should lol but now that he’s on our side I love seeing him lead and watch how much fun he is having and the influence it has in our team. It’s a total refresher having had a guy just basically quit on us and leave the team in his prime and then go to a guy in his twilight playing years and watch him play every game like it may be his last. Just two diff sides of the coin. But back to my previous statement. To me he is kind of like lance Stephenson
  4. Just to mention the criteria I meant was even if they played one game with us so yes Andre Johnson would snd should of been on my list had I not forgotten about him lol. I’m not really educated on colts teams from the past (right before Peyton got here). It’s cool to see some of the Pre manning colts fans opinions and on who our best were and how they would match up to other teams best. btw I prob should of changed the criteria to maybe a full season or two or what they did for the colts, I was just thinking about the names and talent that we have assembled and what could of been if they a
  5. Am I becoming a rivers fan???? What a weird year 2020 has been. I literally hated the guy almost as much as Brady. I swear we live in a simulation sometimes and the creator is just messing with us.
  6. So where do you guys think our franchise ranks among other historic franchises if we competed our best players making up a team vs their best all time players? Now that I think about it the Steelers would def be a formidable opponent with all the talent they have had over the decades. Btw I’m not talking about a particular colts team like the 2003 colts etc....im talking our best players from any colts team making up a single colts dream team. How would they stack up?
  7. This is just for fun. I was bored and thinking about our historic franchise and I was amazed at the talent we have assembled on this team in just the time I’ve been a colts fan 1996 to present. So it got me thinking. What would be your all time colts team? I’m talking about any players that have played for the colts even if it was for one game. I will be the first to admit my football knowledge, especially football before 1995 I’m not too keen on, so you guys could help me with that. How many teams would you rank ahead of the colts as far as their all time teams are concerned?
  8. I dare say this but Peyton isn’t just the goat qb in my eyes he’s also got the best comedic timing and charm of anyone I’ve ever seen that has wore a football jersey other than maybe patty Mac but I actually think Peyton May be even more creative and comedic.
  9. Welcome to the board pride of Athens!! It’s always good to hear that the colts have a new fan. It’s just too bad you weren’t here for the manning years. For those of us that watched him every Sunday throughout his career, we were super spoiled, and we will probably never see another player like him wear the horseshoe on their helmet in our lifetime. With that said, we did have some heart breaking losses in the playoffs, (some to your rivers led bolts!!) so us longtime colts fans know about pain. In some ways it’s worse expecting to win it all than being horrible and knowing you don’t hav
  10. This is weird. I believe the only team to ever not make the playoffs when being top 3 in both defense and offense was coincidently another Phillip River led team the 2010 chargers. They were great on both sides of the ball but their Achilles was their special teams. It was absolutely abysmal; allowing something like 20 yards avg on punts and kickoffs if I remember correctly. Most of their loses were less than a 7 points and in many of those loses they gave up at least one special teams TD if I remember correctly. There is a good video on YouTube about that team. They should of been histo
  11. Funny you guys say that. I’m a life long Braves fan as well. I’m also a pacers fan. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment because my fav teams always are good it seems but can never win it all.
  12. Yay let’s divide the nation even more !!!!! What is next, let’s have a separate black president and Congress and while we are at it let’s annex the northeast and call it new Africa and make two separate countries. I cannot believe the insanity going on in this country. I feel like I’m living in a real life episode of South Park. It’s like we are living in a computer sim and once the matrix came out god or the programmer decided “ screw it they figured it out, no need to hide it anymore, I’m just going to have fun from here on out.” Like someone else said , just not sing anythin
  13. So glad you are on Stephen. I am terrified of getting covid. I am 35 but have really bad sleep apnea so it worries me a lot. You hear a lot of people saying how it only really affects elderly people but you look around my age. Man it must have been rough if you had 4 hospital visits! What was the worst part of having it symptom wise? Ok back to football.....like many have said this team is a mystery. If we go worse than 8-8 I will be really disappointed. I have us winning 10. So my answer is 10-6.
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