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  1. Thanks for the replies. I watched tape on chancellor and he just didn’t seem as impressive as bob did. Bob just seemed so explosive and dynamic. However, like many have already stated in today’s nfl he would of probably gotten flagged at least 2x a game for being too violent lol. He wasn’t dirty he was just a missle tipped with a bowling ball of butcher knives (thanks pagano). I still remember that hit at the goal line where if you had a green screen and replaced bob with a steel wall you wouldn’t have batted an eye lash on how the guy just fell down with no momentum once bob hit him. I’ve ne
  2. No you didn’t wake up in 2007, it’s still 2021 sadly. Anyways I was watching videos of bob sanders and cam chancellor and It got me thinking. Would you guys rank a HEALTHY BOB Sanders in your top 5 safeties of the last 20 years? Again let me reiterate here, this is assuming each player is healthy all year long. Who would be in your guys top 5 safeties of the last 20 years? I’m just wondering because I know he was great I just don’t watch as much NFL as you guys might. I have missed maybe 2 colts games on tv over the last decade or two but I hardly ever watch anything that doesn’t involve
  3. The thing that I really noticed is when we would have a Qb dead to rights and he would scramble free and complete the pass like 8/10 times when normally on plays like that it should be 3/10. I dunno why but it drove me nuts all year. It was either our players thought we had them sacked and quit trying or left their zone in case the qb ran. Either way it def needs to be addressed. It drove me nuts!!!
  4. If we lose I could care less if I ever see turay wear a colts uniform ever again. Just *ic. My 5 yr knew they were going to try and draw us offsides. How do you play a game from childhood and make that mistake. You make more than doctors and lawyers. This stuff should be as close to robotic as possible but nope not turay.
  5. Thanks turay we have em stopped and give them 7 free points. Great job
  6. Could our defense be more of a result from selling out to stop the run thus allowing teams to pass on us? If so, if we didn’t and just ran a balanced defense I wonder if things would be different?
  7. I agree I think with no preseason and him joining a brand new team he is slowly learning how to play with these new guys. If that’s the case I say def bring him back next year because he is def getting better the more he plays with this team. I really think next year we could have a top 5 offense.
  8. Wow that’s crazy. I honestly think this offense is just getting started. With rivers being new to the team, no real training camp, along with a rookie running back and wide receiver, the more time they get together the better this offense has looked and will continue to look in my opinion. It’s kind of scary to imagine how good it could be once they get more time together and if Dorsett wasn’t injured and plays like we all hope he can play.
  9. Thanks for the classy posts. This game took years off of my life. I don’t often watch Rodgers play so today was a treat. He’s just amazing and makes it look way too easy sometimes. He’s got that it factor like manning had where when you watch him you are like, “man it’s not even fair he’s that good”. You can’t even get mad when he’s destroying your favorite team because you know it’s going to happen so you just accept it lol. It hurts much more when some backup comes in and carves your defense up and believe me us colts fans know all about that feeling. If by some miracle Rodgers ever leaves
  10. No prob man, lol it would of been kinda epic to see Andrew luck do punts now that you mention it. The other team would have probably passed out from panic and anxiety had we lined luck up as punter lol. Oh and about pagano going for it on 4th down. I dunno how often he did or didn’t do it compared to our current coaching staff but I do know of one particular occasion that he went for it that shall live in infamy with colts fans. So yah you are def right. No one can say that he never went for it on 4th , and if thEy do say that, it’s prob a defense mechanism to help them forget that god awful
  11. I may be wrong here, but I don’t think he meant plays where luck was the literal punter. I think he was saying when luck was playing for us our coaches would never go for it on 4th down and at midfield where today we go for it almost all the time.
  12. Yah I totally agree with you I think firing the old offensive line coach was an enormous mistake. Ever since we replaced him the line has gotten progressively worse, when in reality you would think they would be getting better since most guys are less than 3 or 4 years into the league and have had time to get used to playing together. I don’t see how anyone can see it any different. In all honesty I don’t see many improvements on the team unless I’m reading this wrong. Are the coaches losing the players?
  13. My problem with the team is def play calling. It seems to me and I may be wrong but it seems like our goal is to always end up in 3rd down and 3 instead of playing to get the first down on first and second down. How many times do we see frank call a screen pass for 3 yards, then run up the middle for 3 yards on second down and then it’s 3rd and 4 and then we go empty backfield and rivers throws an incomplete pass or don’t go empty backfield and we try and run with our smallest guy up the middle and get 2 yards and then punt. I miss the days of manning and luck where we actually thre
  14. Thanks for all the info. I totally forgot about brooks.
  15. Thanks for the info and reply but can you please elaborate on the other stuff I asked about? How do they compare as far as speed and physical traits? Who was better against the run or pass? What about football Iq and play recognition? Lol I know this is some pretty in depth analysis I’m asking of you guys but I know some of you guys are walking and talking football encyclopedias so I know one of you guys know the answers to this stuff, that's the only reason I’m asking. Thanks a lot for all info and replies.
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