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  1. Yay let’s divide the nation even more !!!!! What is next, let’s have a separate black president and Congress and while we are at it let’s annex the northeast and call it new Africa and make two separate countries. I cannot believe the insanity going on in this country. I feel like I’m living in a real life episode of South Park. It’s like we are living in a computer sim and once the matrix came out god or the programmer decided “ screw it they figured it out, no need to hide it anymore, I’m just going to have fun from here on out.” Like someone else said , just not sing anything. Having two separate anthems isn’t the road I think this country should be heading down. It’s just another thing that we won’t have in common. God help this country.
  2. So glad you are on Stephen. I am terrified of getting covid. I am 35 but have really bad sleep apnea so it worries me a lot. You hear a lot of people saying how it only really affects elderly people but you look around my age. Man it must have been rough if you had 4 hospital visits! What was the worst part of having it symptom wise? Ok back to football.....like many have said this team is a mystery. If we go worse than 8-8 I will be really disappointed. I have us winning 10. So my answer is 10-6.
  3. I don’t watch any college football so can someone tell me the main reason some guys who are absolutely dominant in college don’t make it in the nfl? Is it mostly psychological or confidence issues? It’s just weird when I see a guy like JT who we just drafted go in a later round when in other drafts guys who had way worse college careers and measurables were drafted in the 1st round. What is he lacking that made those scouts justify him going so late? I know he has fumble issues and maybe blocking issues, but his running cAnt be questioned. Can someone answer these questions for me?? Thanks And be safe everyone.
  4. My Question is do you think we would of changed anything during this draft if luck were still under center? For instance would we have focused more on defense knowing luck could make an offense good on his own? Would we have drafted the same if luck was a member of this team? Just a random hypothetical to think about and discuss for fun .
  5. I may be totally wrong here, but it seems like one of the easiest ways to win a super bowl is by building a really good defense and have a few weapons on offense and then draft a young cheap Franchise Qb. I think of when Big Ben came into the league or Russell Wilson etc. I feel the best window of opportunity is probably their 3rd or so year when they have some experience but aren’t breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong I loved Peyton and having luck but the amount of money they made definitely influenced who we could get to play for this team especially on defense. Is this the strategy that CB is using? Is he putting the emphasis and spending mostly on the rest of the team and get a young Qb on his rookie deal to be the icing on the cake? I really like the direction he’s going with this team.
  6. Thanks for the info Myles. Yah I dunno if I want to put our teams future all in on such a risky player, but I guess we got to gamble sometime and all draft picks are somewhat gambles. I really wish we were drafting in the top 3 this year I think tua is going to be good.
  7. Can someone tell me why Jordan love has all this hype? I don’t watch a ton of college football but his int/td ratio isn’t pretty. He looks like a turnover machine. Do people think that’s actually going to improve when he gets to the nfl??!! Based on what I’ve seen of him I am totally against wasting a high pick on him (Rounds 1-3)) but admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about him so I’m still sort of open minded if someone can convince me that he will be good. If any Jordan love fans are out there maybe you can tell me why he would be a good pick ? Thanks.
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