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  1. Hines is going to have a really good year I would agree. Like really good
  2. I'm not sure on the other stuff but read the 17 week season would start labor day weekend to keep the playoff schedule the same dates. The 9 home game seasons will be an advantage obviously in playoff races with 8 home game teams. Interesting
  3. I do not believe that is true. Still just 1
  4. 3 wildcard teams and only the 1 seed gets the bye. 2 seed will be playing wildcard weekend.
  5. How long until the first division has all 4 teams in the playoffs? Be an interesting bet
  6. Does the 17 week season mean less preseason games? Havent heard them say anything about that
  7. Extremely happy to get him back for what should be a pretty fair contract. Ballard gets it done!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for keeping the panic at bay
  9. So anyone else starting to worry a little!? I mean this guaranteed thing is looking a little less for sure at the moment.
  10. With free agency down to a week or so away has there be any news on his extension??? When do we start to worry? Sure would be nice to see hes locked in.
  11. Maybe in the 3 million range IF the deal would happen? Seems like we couldnt lose even if he didnt perform. I mean we paid geathers 4 million I believe to be below average and bring veteran leadership.
  12. What if Ballard could get TB12 and Cooper in free agency and then draft one of the top WR in the 1st round. Our offense would be above average in a hurry.
  13. Anything to start a thread these days...boring.
  14. We sure are blessed to have him. And hopefully for another 10 years!
  15. Well to put it in simple terms for those thinking with their hearts and not their heads....Brady is 10 times better than Jacoby so heck yes. See I like to see the team get better so it's a pretty simple no brainer.
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