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  1. I’m very neutral. I think the trade itself is a pretty good one. I believe I saw he’s gonna average 23 million a year for us through his contract if we’d keep him for the remainder? That seems to be a pretty low number to me for a middle of the pack qb(I get last year he stunk) because let’s be honest the position is expensive. I’m just not sure he can get us a ring and the rumors of him maybe not being the best teammate or not responding well to criticism are worrisome. But Indy media and friendship with Reich that shouldn’t be a problem I’d hope.
  2. It’s the Steelers vs Colts. I’d expect nothing less. Come on boys!!!
  3. Rigoberto sure seems like the best in the league at kickoffs to me. Interesting
  4. In a perfect world where everyone stays healthy what do you think the carries split will be between Mack and Taylor? Been reading a lot of Taylor taking over before long but Mack is a dog and isn’t gonna give up the bulk share without a fight.
  5. I just really hope he performs at his normal level of play and he’s well worth it. Can’t underpay and get anyone at his caliber so I hope for health and hope for havoc.
  6. I think there’s about 10-12 teams every year that have a chance to win the super bowl and I believe were very close to the top ten if not inside the top 10 so I would say we have just as much chance as the rest of the league.
  7. I love Rhodes and have a lot of respect for his role in our success but I think Taylor is so much better it’s hard to compare the two scenarios. I think we may have 2 1,000 yard rushers this year and break all organization rushing records.
  8. I misread your response. I hope like heck they are around each other and getting work in. I was saying Rivers and our receivers running routes together playing catch would be questionable and up to their personal preference as far as social distancing goes.
  9. I’m not sure you can social distance while sweating and playing catch with a football. Just a thought on maybe why they haven’t yet.
  10. Let's go sign clowney and get back to dominating AFC south opponents!
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