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  1. It makes a lot of sense to bring him in. Injuries happen all the time amongst lineman and having solid players who fit the profile and deserve to play for the shoe being stockpiled always helps.
  2. Thought I read a tweet about sweat saying he wasnt the type of player who could be yelled at by coaching. So doesnt take criticism well so that seems like an easy decision to take off our board.
  3. Didnt Ballard say Banogu can play all linebacker spots? And it was green they tried out at linebacker and it didnt work out so hes DE?
  4. Always thought he was gonna put it together but never seemed to turn the corner. Good luck in Philly
  5. Not the best video summary ever made or anything but we get the point. Maniac!!!
  6. Let's try pulling off the same deal, even a little more money for Suh and let's get ready to watch the show next season.
  7. Great signing! Need all the pass rush help we can get.
  8. Seems like its realistically a 2 year deal for 12 million...which is a very solid deal.
  9. If you don't think we're better with Leveon you must be crazy. He never caused any problems in the locker room. Dont even remember him saying much after his teammates looted his locker. I for one sure hope we sign a stud who has proven to dominate behind a good line. (I like mack but hes sure no Bell)
  10. Sure is better than Ryan Grant. 1 year overpaid contract to fill a glaring need.
  11. TE Tyler Eifert. He gets hurt more often than Bob Sanders did but he is from Indiana(Fort Wayne) and grew up a colts fan. Should come fairly cheap on a "hometown" discount due to injury history and we wont need him to be the main focus of our TE group. Could be a huge addition for minimal risk.
  12. Cant get a better answer than that. Thank you sir
  13. I'm wanting to know who all are our free agents to be for next year and how it affects how much cap space we realistically have to spend this year. Also how does the salary cap work...as in if we dont meet the requirements for total money spent over a 3 year period(or I believe it's over a 3 year period that you must spend 90%???) are there penalties involved? Fines?
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