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  1. 22 hours ago, Legend_Coslosky said: When your name is Rock you kinda gotta live up to the name. My name should get changed to Flab Ur Gut then.
  2. The unpopular opinion of fans is that a player “never got his chance in a game” mantra. Princeton Tiger said it best on here about this subject. 24/7/365 is a players chance. As a former head coach I always had people who felt the “chance” for a player should come in a game. That simply is not true. Another opinion by fans is that coaches play politics, or try to save face with starters that are used in any game. The desire to win is overpowering. To say an NFL head coach has a hidden agenda for who plays or not is ridiculous. Couldn’t keep from replying. Sorry to continue the “debate .”
  3. Maybe she is the one who pulled the plug? From everyone posting about Aaron and his failings this makes the most sense.
  4. Article states that as of July 10th 72 players had tested positive. It also stated that not all players were tested. Once camp opens and everyone gets tested then the real scope of the virus will be evident for the league as well as each team.
  5. According to SI their have been72 players testing positive for the virus. This was as of July 10th. Sorry I am unable to link the article.
  6. Successful teams have players that play for the other guy. Don’t want to let them or the team down. Don’t care about their own individual success. That is what true team work is about. This is what sports teaches you. This is why we need to encourage kids to be a part of a team. These traits spill over into real life and make our communities what we want them to look like. These are the basics of team sport no matter what the level. Our Colts organization are reflecting these traits and it is something to be proud of.
  7. Have been reading that the potential loss in revenue per team is anywhere from 70 to 100 million per team due to the virus. This would lower the salary cap for 2021 for the first time. Seems that this must be realistically accounted for going forward with any current negotiations.
  8. According to Forbes the Colts are worth 2.6 billion. Peyton has made a lot of money, but not enough to be a majority owner just yet. Just guessing.
  9. If they do get a prime time game it would be nice to have it at home. 74 percent have been road games since 2012. Playing them on the road is a tough task since the fans are pretty ramped up.
  10. Certainly shows that the assault allegations reported on his early time at Stanford could be untrue. I can see why it was not regarded as important information as it pertained to his draft ability for the Colts.
  11. The worst label for any athlete to have is that they have “potential “. No one wants to still have “potential” after a few years.
  12. Most people liked him when Colts were 5-2.
  13. So who gets #99?
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