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  1. Most people liked him when Colts were 5-2.
  2. So who gets #99?
  3. The Pascal TD was an example of the Colts scoring while Fitzpatrick was out of position. I also think one of the other TD’s that were scored had him out of position as well.
  4. Are the empty seats mostly lower level or are they all over?
  5. The report says Conley has a 130 something passer rating against him this year. Not sure if that will help them out. Texans have only two picks in the top three rounds total for next two years. O’Brien is going all in on this year. If it doesn’t work out then it will be the next coaches problem.
  6. Really good stuff from the Colts crew with these insider stories on the players and the team. It makes being a fan that much more personal and easier to support the team.
  7. Rookies are getting valuable experience right now. Players are learning to react instead of thinking before reacting. Talk about dumping the scheme is premature. If the end of the season looks the same then it will certainly need some revamping.
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