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  1. These are the subjects/episodes that are being produced. The first episodes will feature: A profile of Head Coach Shane Steichen, Pre-draft preparation with General Manager Chris Ballard, Assistant General Manager Ed Dodds and the entire football operations staff, All-access look and sound from inside the Colts "War Room" during the 2024 NFL Draft, Quarterback Anthony Richardson in his hometown, An inside look at wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr.'s Indiana farm, and Colts legend Dwight Freeney's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year.
  2. The stretch play is more of a blocking concept rather than an individual play. It requires a specific offensive focus that includes passing concepts to accompany it. Think play action and screens. When a team commits to the RPO game it makes it difficult to also add in a different concept.
  3. Behle

    Alec Pierce

    What every team wants is the kind of player like what Lamb with Dallas showed last night. Those players are rare. He has been refined but came into the NFL with incredible potential and with the expectation of a performance shown last night. AP is a good receiver that should not be given up on. He just won’t be “that guy “ we all want him to be.
  4. The NFLPA’s J.C. Tretter wants a full ban on artificial turf fields. Realizing this won’t happen they have commented on the types. Noting that some types of A.T. are different than others there is a recommendation against slit film turf. This is from April 2023. Yahoo sports. “Two years later, Tretter called for the immediate ban of "slit film turf," citing injury concerns. The Jets, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Coltsand Cincinnati Bengals all use slit film turf. “ There are three basic types of turf. Slit-film: Flat turf blades created by adding slits to a thin sheet of plastic. Monofilament fiber: Dimensional turf blades that stand upright. Dual Fiber: Slit-film and monofilament turf blades blended together. Seems like the type of turf makes a difference. Anecdotally teams think that some injuries happen with out much if any contact and that it is linked first to A.T. over grass and then to the type of turf used. Will be interested in what gets installed.
  5. Cool way to see the way a practice is organized and the various drills they do. I have always been interested in how teams “do” practice and how the players function in it. A player and his skill shows up in practice more so than during games.
  6. I have a few observations from today’s camp. The main thing that stood out to me was the quality of the practice overall. I didn’t see many “bad” plays by either side. In past years you can see obvious screw ups, penalties and missed assignments. Very detail oriented work being done. The db drills were cool to see with the high expectations demanded from the players. More than one group or player had to repeat their rep to get it right. I think Moss got hurt by a defender trying to chop at the ball. Not positive though. All defenders worked chops, punches and strips during drills. Looks like Pharoah Brown is going to be used on special teams a lot. I think each of the running backs had at least one good run. Few if any negative plays for the offense. Very quick paced practice. Good day for practice.
  7. Going the 31st. Very inexpensive way to see the players. The location/facilities are ideal. I really enjoy watching the various parts of the actual practice. As a former coach I have always been interested in the process other teams use. Cool to see some of the same drills being used.
  8. https://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=594335
  9. Grover even signed a kitchen sink. Looked like he threw a strike on his first pitch as well.
  10. Peyton has more wins by any QB with a bottom 16 scoring defense than any other QB. He has 102 while Marino and Eli have 74. Brady has 20 something wins. This was through 2016. Elway has 36.
  11. Maybe Big Grove can hit. We could use some offense.
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