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  1. I would say blocking scheme has more influence on the run game success than formation. Shotgun allows the QB a better read on the defense. It also puts the defense in pass first mentality which can take defenders out of run stopping responsibilities.
  2. Funny how the only place in society that screaming and yelling at people on a daily basis is accepted would be the military and in sports. If that was a method used by your boss people would move onto another job. Having watched many youth coaches in many sports employ this method I cringe thinking people think this is acceptable.
  3. You think the Jags would let us lose?
  4. The right calls. No conspiracy in my view.
  5. Old saying in coaching. “It’s not the X’s and the O’s but the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s “ that what makes you a good coach.
  6. Stafford had “close contact” with an individual who is positive on Monday. He has not tested positive yet. He can still be cleared to play against Vikes. (Per ESPN)
  7. I believe Houston has a franchise quarterback. Seems like he could use a team around him.
  8. You might to draft for scheme when the players that fit the mold of an every down player or able to play any and all positions are few and far between.
  9. My daughter has had two surgeries for compartment syndrome. There was no trauma for her just incredibly large calf muscles. They literally took a pressure reading of each “compartment” much like a tire pressure reading. She had less than two inch incisions to release the fascia surrounding each muscle compartment that was affected. One required a “wedge” of fascia to be removed. Recovery was off season so not critical to her return to play. She was a collegiate softball player.
  10. They did not play a rookie last week with the exception of one special teamer. They have Tunsils big contract as well as Watson’s 160 million kicking in next year. They are spending the most on their roster this year more than any other team (245 million). They have some issues going forward.
  11. I am really impressed by his tackling. He has a lower pad level and keeps his head on the ball not the player. His leverage makes it seem like he is delivering a savage hit when in fact both players get up go back to the huddle. Shows that you can be a big hitter without using your head.
  12. Everyone reacts differently. I know people who have had in the early summer and still have lingering problems. They are 30 ish in age as well.
  13. These injuries could very well have happened in pre-season games. A common complaint in past years is that the season ending injuries happened before the season even started.
  14. What is the reason for recorded crowd noise at events? In the MLB games and also the NHL games everyone knows the place is empty so crowd noise seems ridiculous. The same can be said for continuing the usual in game fan features like walk up music. Hearing the players and coaches during a game would be much more interesting. The language used is probably what they are afraid of, but that hasn’t stopped golf from catching players let it rip.
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