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  1. Oh, I knew Day 1. … You just have to patient to get it built up. And ‘Flus (Matt Eberflus), ‘Flus and the defensive staff did a freaking incredible job of coaching and buying into young players and playing them. In this scheme, with the effort that you have to play with in this scheme, I mean, it’s hard to bring free agents in and buy into it. And there’s an accountability to it in that room where if you’re loafing or you’re not running to the football, he’s just not gonna play you. I mean, if you don’t buy in to the scheme and to the effort that it takes to play this scheme, then you’re just not gonna be here at the end of the day.” This really explains the philosophy on defense and why not every FA gets a look/chance with the Colts.
  2. A quick search says that Mr Irsay is worth over 2 billion and that the franchise is valued at over 1 billion.
  3. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/I0p9/espn-peytons-places-featuring-peyton-manning The trailer seems pretty entertaining. Perfect spokesperson for the 100 year anniversary.
  4. I think Ballard has proven he did what was best for all based upon the results from last year. Not many saw that coming.
  5. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/03/16/nfl-teams-improve-after-signing-top-free-agents/HVtLsCoK0CkbHfCgJCgqcI/story.html This 2015 article sheds some light on spending in free agency. Most of the time teams fare no better than before they acquired the free agent. There are only a couple of exceptions named Manning, Brees, and Peppers. The real impact of the free agent is for the team that can’t re-sign its own pending free agent.
  6. I read a 2015 Boston Globe article that tracked the top 5 free agents for the previous 10 years and found that the teams that got those free agents showed no better record than the previous year. It was expanded to the top 10 free agents and the improvement was .1 of a game better. The exceptions were Manning and Julius Peppers. What did show up was the team losing a free agent lost more games without the player. I know AB was not technically a free agent, but pretty close to it. I thought that was interesting.
  7. After Mack’s first year the area he needed to improve on was in pass protection. Add a year of experience and Wilkins will be used more. Depth is important year in and year out.
  8. With the locker room influence we keep hearing about he may have worked his way into contention for next year. That type of influence can focus a persons learning without actual reps because of the injury. I feel that will give him an edge over an incoming rookie.
  9. He will make them better for sure, but he is a backup for a reason. The Jags will have to rework their offense to fit his abilities and that will take some time. Coaching can accelerate the process. The GM there is a run it kind of guy so it may be harder for them to get the right players for Foles.
  10. Pretty difficult to be at your best for 12 weeks in row. A lot of finger pointers on here when no one knows what goes on in a locker room. People that are on the outside have all the answers. Take a breather and remember all the good stuff.
  11. NFL network is talking about how Texans didn’t do this or do that. Nothing about what the Colts did.
  12. No one is giving Colts credit for their performance tonight or quite frankly over the last half of the season. Sneaking up on teams will be fine with me for the rest of the year.
  13. A good defense is supposed to show up bad offenses. Past years our defense allowed inferior offenses thrive
  14. Behle


    How do the lions feel? How could Ebron not have been a favorite for Stafford?
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