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  1. Here's my story. I was a youngster back in the 60's. To be specific I would say about 67. We went to a sports show in NYC at the coloseum in Manhattan. My nickname was the "wanderer". Everyplace we went I got lost. True to my nickname I got lost and they brought me into the office and paged my father. I got to meet Johnny Unitas and Cassius Clay in the office. I remember Mr. Unitas was very nice to me. Sat down and talked to me for a minute. Mr. Clay said Hello that was about it. I got autographs from both. That's how I became a Colt's fan. I remember betting my classmates 7th grade Super Bowl 3. They lost I was mortified.
  2. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    if it crashes it won't be that big of a loss being that it was a mid second round pick.
  3. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    He's 6'4" 250. Impressive speed.
  4. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    I just watched You Tube clip on him. Wow. Between Okereke,Banogu and D. Leonard this will be the "Big Blue Wrecking Crew". I never heard of him. He is very fast like Leonard. The season could not come soon enough. I saw 2 postseason polls and we are in ranked in the top 5. Colin Cowherd has us ranked #2. Patriots #1 I don't know about that.
  5. He now has a new title, DAD!
  6. I hope they work with him and can fix that fumbling issue. Just watched the video and he looks very good to me. He gets that ball and he can scoot.
  7. Grady Jarett from Atlanta would be a nice addition.
  8. This has not been mentioned but the snow and the cold seemed to really affect us much more than the Chiefs. The Colts looked totally out of sync. I never saw that many balls ba tted at the line. I agree that we didnt have much gas left in the tank. Homefield advantage will cure all these problems. Pre season ranked 32nd. Started season 1-5. Made it to the final 8. I'd say we had a great season. Bring on the draft and free agency.
  9. I can't see Ballard pulling the trigger on a trade for Antonio Brown. If he did that would be incredible. i don't see any way that he plays for the steelers next year. Maybe we should stay away.
  10. Cutting ties with Ryan Grant is a certainty. According to our cap space (I checked today 123.8 mil.) cutting him is another 5 mil. That's almost 129 mil. that's crazy. Yes, N'keal Harry would also be my choice. it's possible we could get him with the first pick of the second rd. maybe He reminds me of Randy Moss a freak athlete.
  11. Steve Smith commenting on Frank Reich vs. Bill O'Brien. "Frank was playing chess and Bill was playing checkers". I love it. Yes, coach of the year no doubt.
  12. In high school CBS sent a crew to interview him. He is an elite guard at 23 yrs. old. i knew he was good at Notre Dame but I didn't realize he could transition this quickly. It looks to me like Ballard really knows what he's doing. Just think about next season with 120 mil. to spend and 3 picks in the top 50. I'm giddy already.
  13. joeb

    Braden Smith

    This man deserves some love for the job he did on JJ Watt. Watt is one of the best in the game and Smith did a hell of a job on him. yea he got a sack but that's about it. Watt can be a game wrecker. We all love Nelson but Braden Smith is quietly becoming a really good tackle.
  14. I think we are about to be surprised in a good way. This guy has put up some great numbers in college. Can't be worse than Bjorn Werner. That might possibly be the Colts worst 1st rd. draft choice.
  15. Nelson is a stud. He is only 23 yrs. old. this kid will be a pro bowler.
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