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  1. We have Robert Mathis to get him right. We just have to wait and see. If he doesn't work out it won't be the first time we've bombed on a 1st rd. pick.
  2. I for one would like to give Darnold a shot. The Jets are a horrible team. He would do well here.
  3. Im pretty sure it will cost more than that.
  4. We have to get Stafford. He will be quite expensive too. Multiple draft picks. If not a big name player plus picks. There will be competition from the Broncos, 49ers, Redskins, Patriots. Andrew Luck walking away hurt us really bad. Now it's time to pay the piper. Darnold is another possibility. I think he could be successful in Indy. Watson forget it , we would have to give up the whole draft.
  5. I am in the Matt Stafford camp myself. I watched a highlight video of him today and he is quite good. He would be great in Indy.
  6. Just heard that Deshaun Watson done in Houston. Heard on SNY .What do you think?
  7. Rock ya sin is not a good corner. The holding penalties are very bad. I would replace him. What to do with Hooker, Mack, paris Campbell. Many questions to be answered. Need O line depth. Certainly a LT. I would like to get Stafford.
  8. joeb


    If we sign a Ot that would be great. Move Costanzo to Rt ,move Smith to guard plug in new guy at Lt. Or maybe plug in new guy at Rt. We will see. It's almost a given that one of those scenarios happens.
  9. joeb


    What to do about this in the off season. Do we let TY go. I don't see him getting 15mil. for his production. Parris Campbell is constantly hurt. I see 2 receivers needed. Thoughts ?
  10. Rock was one of those picks with alot of upside. He's an excellent wrestler. So he can tackle very well. I guess Ballard thought he could make the transition much easier. Xavier Rhodes plays the position well. Ya sin is the sore spot in the secondary.
  11. It's hard to get in a position to get a top pick. Then hope he succeeds. We've been spoiled with Manning and Luck. The Colts have had great Qb's over the years. Luck really set this team back ,bad.
  12. My take on the TY situation is to offer an extension 2-3 yr. He is making 14.5 mil now. Honestly going forward he's not worth that much. I would not low ball him either. Based on what I saw yesterday he is as good as A.J. Green. We have to get some more playmakers either through the draft or free agency. On the topic of receivers I think Pittman will be good. Campbell will never live up to the hype. Injured just way too often. Pascal and Johnson are looking pretty good right now. Big drop off when you look at the tight ends. Doyle is regressing. Burton is adequate. Cox is starting to
  13. Everything equal the Jags played pretty well. Our secondary looks lost.
  14. I think they were going to draft a running back all along. It just so happened to be JT. The reason i say this is because we aquired a pro bowl fullback which nobody has mentioned. I think we will have a top 3 run game. Let's go Colts!
  15. If we can get Kinlaw in the first and Jake Fromm second i would be very happy with that.
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