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  1. If we can get Kinlaw in the first and Jake Fromm second i would be very happy with that.
  2. We have almost 100 mil. to play with. Need a QB and possibly a left tackle. A kicker is needed or is Mclaughlin the answer ? Need receivers , badly. The D line needs major upgrade. Secondary needs help. Lots of changes ahead. I am excited to see what we do. Ballard has a lot of work to do.
  3. I would lose my mind. love what he has done in the past. this year is possibly the worst i have seen from any kicker. i'm kind of surprised he hasn't retired in season.
  4. Kicker is not a top priority! What are you joking. We have lost 2-3 games because of missed kicks. I have loved having Adam as our kicker but he's killing us and he let's the team down at the same time. QB , I'm not so sure that Ballard and Reich will give up on JB that easily. Without question he either lacks confidence in the receivers the O-line or himself. or all 3. I think the play calling is very predictable also. The lack of receivers has killed us this year. Zach pascal is our #1 now. Wow.
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