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  1. I would lose my mind. love what he has done in the past. this year is possibly the worst i have seen from any kicker. i'm kind of surprised he hasn't retired in season.
  2. Kicker is not a top priority! What are you joking. We have lost 2-3 games because of missed kicks. I have loved having Adam as our kicker but he's killing us and he let's the team down at the same time. QB , I'm not so sure that Ballard and Reich will give up on JB that easily. Without question he either lacks confidence in the receivers the O-line or himself. or all 3. I think the play calling is very predictable also. The lack of receivers has killed us this year. Zach pascal is our #1 now. Wow.
  3. Me too. Lifelong Jersey Colts fan. I would assume you were a Unitas fan ? I met him and that's how I became a Colt fan. True Blue.
  4. i'm right on the philly - nyc border for CBS. Let's see what happens.
  5. i think my initial reaction if i were at the stadium would have been to Boo also. Now I have had time to process it I'm OK with it. do you really think people should have been calm and sympathetic. It was really bad timing 2 weeks before the first game. After hearing his press conference I know he was sincere. If somebody didn't leak it to the press this would not have happened.
  6. Random thought. This may sound a little crazy but i would try to work something out to see if we could get an elite running back like Elliott or Ingram. This would take some pressure off Brisett. I just think these other teams will put alot of pressure on him. Just a thought don't flame me.
  7. I truly think he just reached the end of the line. I can't do this any more moment. One thing is for sure it wasn't about money. Like a Barry Sanders type situation. Give him a hand for what he accomplished and let's move on.
  8. No matter when he announced this, you would have been upset. Robert Smith, RB for the Vikings, announced his retirement right at the end of the best season of his career. Fans were angry, not understanding why he would quit at that moment. Same when Barry Sanders retired. These guys have their reasons and they don't have to tell others why. Fans don't seem to understand that football players are human beings and they are not that different from us. Playing the game, having special talents, or making lots of money does not change that. They are still human. I could not have said it any better. This about sums it all up. Also if in his mind he has givin up then what good was he going to be. We will survive this. Might turn out better than you think. We have to play with what we have.
  9. No, we should not give up a first for him. We gave up a first for Trent Richardson. That worked out well. If we had to give up Turay or Lewis not so bad. I would rather keep Lewis. I think Turay is injury prone. Just remember years ago we gave away/up Marshall Faulk in his prime for a 2nd and 5th. So Clowney might be worth much less than you think.
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