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  1. No, we should not give up a first for him. We gave up a first for Trent Richardson. That worked out well. If we had to give up Turay or Lewis not so bad. I would rather keep Lewis. I think Turay is injury prone. Just remember years ago we gave away/up Marshall Faulk in his prime for a 2nd and 5th. So Clowney might be worth much less than you think.
  2. We forgot Funchess. He runs anywhere between 4.48 - 4.70. So we will give him a 4.60. He says he has sneaky speed.
  3. Here's my story. I was a youngster back in the 60's. To be specific I would say about 67. We went to a sports show in NYC at the coloseum in Manhattan. My nickname was the "wanderer". Everyplace we went I got lost. True to my nickname I got lost and they brought me into the office and paged my father. I got to meet Johnny Unitas and Cassius Clay in the office. I remember Mr. Unitas was very nice to me. Sat down and talked to me for a minute. Mr. Clay said Hello that was about it. I got autographs from both. That's how I became a Colt's fan. I remember betting my classmates 7th grade Super Bowl 3. They lost I was mortified.
  4. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    if it crashes it won't be that big of a loss being that it was a mid second round pick.
  5. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    He's 6'4" 250. Impressive speed.
  6. joeb

    Ben Banogu

    I just watched You Tube clip on him. Wow. Between Okereke,Banogu and D. Leonard this will be the "Big Blue Wrecking Crew". I never heard of him. He is very fast like Leonard. The season could not come soon enough. I saw 2 postseason polls and we are in ranked in the top 5. Colin Cowherd has us ranked #2. Patriots #1 I don't know about that.
  7. He now has a new title, DAD!
  8. I hope they work with him and can fix that fumbling issue. Just watched the video and he looks very good to me. He gets that ball and he can scoot.
  9. Grady Jarett from Atlanta would be a nice addition.
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