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  1. Indeee

    Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Cameron Fleming is still out there and would be a nice option
  2. Indeee

    Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Thanks for this, clearly I was overthinking it... I just thought it would've be an interesting way of looking at it even it was farfetched.... Thanks also to you and a couple others on here for "talking me down off my ledge" and exposing my "sinister, hidden plot" of what this organization really is... My "evil posting" empire has been defeated...
  3. Indeee

    Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Fair enough.. as I said it was just a thought not a concrete validation. Right or wrong, some on here are making this thread out to be way more than it is. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. So what? again just a thought, good or bad, not an absolute life or death post that needs to be chastised.
  4. Indeee

    Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Look, I never said any of this potentially was true or even wasn't far fetched, I thought it might be an interesting way of looking at it as all. Truthfully, I don't think any of us would know for sure either way, nor do I personally think a concept like this could be done 100% across the board with any team. Does seem intriguing though a bit, at least to me anyway for what that's worth
  5. Indeee

    Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Not sure why Harry is confused and maybe I should have titled it as an observation. I titled this thread as I did as some forum users believe I tend to post "shocker" threads however this thread is a serious observation. A lot us have somewhat wondered why we haven't given out "bigger money" contracts to proven talent guys. It might just be smart fiscal sense approach but what if it has a deeper purpose. That's all I was asking or wondering regarding this post. Sorry for the confusion Harry, maybe I worded it wrong
  6. Recently I went back to review some articles/speeches Ballard had made to try to get a guise of understanding what might be happening with the lack of FA moves considering we have so many "talent holes" to fill and the following struck me oddly in a curious way. Ballard said something along the extent of wanting to build a locker room where the players weren't viewed as better than one another based on the money they made. he wanted a locker room of equal guys all excelling through competition at all positions. At first I was like nonsense because Luck and TY and AC's contracts are pretty large and then it dawned on me. Ballard had nothing to do with their contracts at all. What if part of Ballards philosophy is to have just that moving forward for as long as he's the GM? A locker room where not one player substantially makes more money than the next. Where each year, where applicable, the more expensive players get moved or released and the new players brought in are players who are not garnering any real money. Last year there were rumors about trying to trade TY. Maybe true/Maybe not. If true I think I can recall something about him being shopped based on his contract and not his talent. Anyway, could this thinking be a part of his plan Thoughts?
  7. Indeee

    Two WR's that make sense

    If he isn't terrible then why did the saints dump him and want a 32 year old, shell of Jordy Nelson? This of course before Jordy signed with the raiders. And why didn't saints keep him Especially considering the Saints tendered Snead on a low tender. seems to me Coleman would be a keeper in this situation. However, Coleman sucks
  8. Indeee

    Two WR's that make sense

    No and No... they both are horrible and definitely not worth the money. Brice Butler makes the most sense and could be a steal
  9. Indeee

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I don't think you are mis-guided at all. It's just in this particular case with our offensive line, in most opinion, the Colts cannot to continue down the road of hoping these second tier Offensive lineman and draft picks can be coached up into all pros without some kind of proven talent support as well. We have gone through years of this type of hopeful experimentation, it's time to try something different. Not entirely give up on coaching guys up but having proven talent so the second tier guys can mentor and learn from as well and unfortunately the proven guys cost money.
  10. Indeee

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    My friend, I know you truly believe in what you feel from what you state, however it's 2018 and everyone, including yourself, needs to stop this junk regarding a positional value. The market landscape changes every single year and just like other aspects of life it's all about supply and demand. The NFL marketplace has set the going(new) rate regarding OG's and it started actually last year with Zeitler. You may not agree with what is going on in the case of positional value vs. spending/overspending, however the Colts cannot sit back and have that same philosophy in certain cases and this is one of those cases. We need O-line in the worst way, proven talent along with unproven talent(rookies) and if we have to pay for the proven, then we pay for it. This team can no longer afford not to have proven O-line talent as our franchise QB's health is suffering/has suffered. If no problems with the QB had occurred I might tend to agree with you to some extent, but in this case, your assessment of "the value" chart what to pay O-line vs. how bad the Colts need a talent influx is wrong and outdated.
  11. No worries Lucky, I do freak out sometimes especially on the O-line or lack there of. At this point, even though I don't understand the plan regarding the O-line, it just is what it is so.... I guess we will all see where the money we have to spend goes from here and hope for the best
  12. Indeee

    Early FA winners/losers...NY Post

    Did we really need to read a NY article to know that?
  13. Ok, so how much do the Colts actually have to spend by league law this year based on the information you seem to know? Look I asked this as surely, and I could be wrong, I don't believe the Colts will pay out 50 plus mil give or take to a bunch of second tier FA's left. I Just don't think they will bring in anybody at this point that will command big contracts and I know some will be kept for draft signees and undrafted guys as well. So, how much theoretically can be rolled over from our original 73 million starting point?
  14. So roughly 64.97 million needs to be spent this year?