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  1. Ha!!. Yea I didn't notice the grandson effect before I posted. I'm sure he is someone grandson tho...
  2. Granson.... Here is why: I knew nothing about this guy. I hear a lot on here about the Burton replacement and I'm like why? Look I was a big Burton fan and was hoping for much more than what transpired here but it never happened so I'm like why do we need to replace a guy who showed hardly anything. So with that being said I don't see Granson as a Burton replacement or even a poor man's Dallas Clark as some has suggested. After watching Granson's tape(highlights) I have concluded something in Grandson that I see that I do not think anyone else on here has m
  3. Hilton better not get that type of contract after JuJu got 1 yr 8mil. Ty at best is a 1 yr 6.5 mil but will probably be 7 mil yr ave.
  4. I would agree. That does give Ertz to the Colts a real shot...
  5. Damn you beat me to it.... !! Nice!!
  6. Yea, I think the are in process of filming John Wick 5 as we speak....
  7. Yea but based on your response to me you know what I'm on to and I appreciate that. TY market is no better than 1 yr 7.5 mil with the .5 mil being thrown in for team leader/paid dues junk etc... If Ballard is this pay for value based on performance guy everyone praises him to be, this will be the moment he either shines or he is exposed... I'm with ya brother, can't wait to see this
  8. Okay first off that could be entirely a bunch of fluff. That needs to be taken at face value as agent spin not to allow his client to be publicly chastised on market appearance. In any event if TY gets more than that, this place should implode upon itself as that market has just bore TY's market and TY's market is less than 8mil a year
  9. Ok here we go... JuJu 1 yr. 8 mil from steelers Someone explain to me, how the Colts would not offer this? and in turn IF, and I mean IF as we do not know yet,.... If Ballard resigns TY to a contract worth annually than 8mil or more for a player who caught 56 balls last year arguably on a team fresh with opportunity to catch more passes would be worth more than a WR who caught 96 balls on a team that had Johnson and Claypool catching a ton of passes as well? Explain that? because hate me or not, if TY gets signed for equal or more everyone on her
  10. I know I agree. That reason (money 4 extensions) is not holding water anymore for me... Not buying it
  11. I agree with this I really do. It's very plausible that that is the thinking, however with that being said, there are always players in FA that are clearly better than what you currently have on the roster and in that moment it becomes ALL about the money aspect. Some of us are in agreeance to not waaaaay overspend on such players but at the same time we understand that you have to actually sometimes spend slightly more to acquire better talent while at the same time not waaaay overspending for the talent, thats seems to be Ballard's dilemna. He just doesn't want to pay in any amount over what
  12. Evidentially Golladay want a contract at 18.5 mil a year average.... No team seems willing to meet that as of yet. Bears are rumored to have offered 12 a year, no where close to what Kenny wants
  13. Sorry I meant Lewis.. I don't know why I said Smith... I'm lost at the moment. Focusing on staying silent is becoming too much for my brain to bear....
  14. Dude, the combination of Turray, Smith, and the Banagou are all terrible...Ha!! We have been in trouble regardless
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