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  1. Ok but why would that be a reason for the fans to be excited and/or satisfied? I'm a fan, not a pro QB. As an example, using the Bills, I have witnessed the Bills in the past three years go get John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Stephon Diggs, and even though Brown might be moving on from the Bills this offseason(if they release him) based on Davis stepping up, those three guys are light years ahead of what the Colts have and here's the kicker... The Colts could have had them ALL. One each year just like the Bills. A solid set of the entire WR tree on full display yet the Colts have chose to just g
  2. Kenny G? Yea that's what we need a saxophone player catching passes....... I'm not sure the Lions wouldn't resign Golliday, especially seeing as Jones will be headed out as well
  3. Ok that is your opinion and that is fine. I will say that you're assessment on TY, imo, is a little naïve. TY has disappeared from all areas of his game, not just deep routes. He ultimately is a ghost and guys like Adams and Hopkins as example WANT the ball when they realize the others around them are not up to the challenge, they don't disappear. As far as Campbell, he's always in the trainers tent and Pittman so far shows no real consistency in being able to separate from defenders at this level. I know Pittman is young so not really fair to spotlight him but so far I have seen nothing in sm
  4. TY Hilton is a shell of what he was. He is over. How can his name even be brought up here? What do you mean two high pick guys? Are you referring to the possibility of the Colts drafting two wideouts early? Or are you referring to the selection of Campbell and Pittman?
  5. What does this even mean? THESE PASS CATCHERS ARE TERRIBLE. Absolutely none of them scare anybody. That is a major problem. Again yall can love love love the possibility of having all these big name QBs it doesn't change the fact that these wideouts are terrible
  6. I seriously am going to keep banging this drum. Why would Stafford and especially Rodgers want to come here when we have no wideouts who are worth a snot? You honestly think that Rodgers would leave Adams and Lazard/MVS/Tonyon for Hilton(if resigned)/Pittman/Pascal/Doyle/Burton/Cox and a chance to throw to Paris Campbell for two weeks before Campbell gets hurt again... Ha!! Not a snowballs chance in a woodstove... Come on... And to that, what's Stafford going to do with that terrible group of pass catchers....?? I'm sorry
  7. Perk up there Petey... We will still get Stafford and send all of our remaining picks to the packers for Jordan Love so we should be better than fine....
  8. Pats won't go after Stafford. If Pats go after a FA it will be Dalton and they will draft a QB in the first. Dalton could bridge gap for two years while their rookie develops or if Jimmy G becomes available Pats could go that route, but it won't be Stafford. Stafford is going to want a 4-5 year deal. That's the key here. Stafford won't agree to play out the remaining two, he will want restructure. Pats won't do that
  9. IMO Colts won't get Stafford. Broncos or 49ers are in better position, especially Broncos. I just don't see the Colts having enough ammo to pull this off, nor do I think the Colts are going to want to pony up a multiple year larger money contract either. Paying Rivers one year at 25mil or even two years is one thing, but 4-5 years is a totally different deal. I could be wrong but I still think the Colts will end up with either Trubisky or Minshew. A QB deemed coachable on a real team friendly contract... I guess we shall see
  10. Denver is positioned better from a draft capitol standpoint. Broncos make a ton of sense if they have cap room
  11. Color me seriously shocked on this one. I was dead wrong. never thought Detroit would do this.
  12. Or your bling "Love" of him has altered yours...
  13. Thanks for that. I know there is more, not a lot more but there have been blurbs through the season and comments/talk on sirius nfl 88 as well. There was one recently on roto but for the life of me I couldn't find it. I'm not sure if it was removed by roto or not. Don't know why they would but... anyway thanks again
  14. It's based on him being a FIRST ROUND pick. Just like Haskins. A first round pick evaluation fair or not. Whether he pans out or not who knows, but as of now he has not shown well based on his draft selection placement
  15. Ok first off no professional commentator or evaluator is going to say anyone sucks. I said he sucks as I can read between the lines. The most recent assessment from roto was that he never played against top talent at Utah or something to that affect. Keep searching and you will find blurbs from quote in quotes pro's whom have not given this QB rave reviews as of yet. Now if you want to keep vying to hold Love's jock so be it, I'm telling you he was a wasted first round pick as of now
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