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  1. Indeee

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I don't think you are mis-guided at all. It's just in this particular case with our offensive line, in most opinion, the Colts cannot to continue down the road of hoping these second tier Offensive lineman and draft picks can be coached up into all pros without some kind of proven talent support as well. We have gone through years of this type of hopeful experimentation, it's time to try something different. Not entirely give up on coaching guys up but having proven talent so the second tier guys can mentor and learn from as well and unfortunately the proven guys cost money.
  2. Indeee

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    My friend, I know you truly believe in what you feel from what you state, however it's 2018 and everyone, including yourself, needs to stop this junk regarding a positional value. The market landscape changes every single year and just like other aspects of life it's all about supply and demand. The NFL marketplace has set the going(new) rate regarding OG's and it started actually last year with Zeitler. You may not agree with what is going on in the case of positional value vs. spending/overspending, however the Colts cannot sit back and have that same philosophy in certain cases and this is one of those cases. We need O-line in the worst way, proven talent along with unproven talent(rookies) and if we have to pay for the proven, then we pay for it. This team can no longer afford not to have proven O-line talent as our franchise QB's health is suffering/has suffered. If no problems with the QB had occurred I might tend to agree with you to some extent, but in this case, your assessment of "the value" chart what to pay O-line vs. how bad the Colts need a talent influx is wrong and outdated.
  3. I've been bumping this as I believe it's relevant with all the flack I have been getting regarding this post, considering it was posted before the combine even started. Everybody wants to chastise me yet I don't have a right to keep this post relevant? When it does turn out to be factual I will be gloating 1000% and if for some slim chance I am wrong, I will take my lumps as well.
  4. The overall consensus on this forum ever since I started this topic is that I'm crazy in my original assessment of how this would go down and the reasoning and the fact nothing is a lock/guarantee. Regardless of all this value talk or opinion on whether a team should take "x" or draft a certain way or think a certain way, I'm standing pat with what I know will happen and it makes perfect sense. ALL of these QB's in this class have faults and not one is heads above the other. That's what makes this scenario plausible and unique. The RB is a Lock at 1, bank it. Especially after the Taylor signing. Taylor hasn't thrown for over 3000 yards in 4 years, so if you believe he is going to come in and light it up as a passer you're clearly not paying attention. There can only be 2 QB's selected out of 4 available by the time the Browns pick again at 4 and if the Browns like both Darnold and Allen for example, they will get one of them as Rosen is coveted by at least the Jets and potentially the Bills. Barkley will be the pick, he is the best player in this draft hands down.
  5. Todays actions by Browns cements my assessment that I started before the combine took place. Barkley to browns 1000% percent LOCK
  6. So Now it seems Vegas is getting in on the act putting Barkley at +170 as the overwhelming pick to go first overall to the Browns. Like I said before, 1000% Lock
  7. Excerpt from Article written by Michael Smith TODAY March 5th, PFT However, the Browns also have the fourth overall pick. If they think there are three franchise quarterbacks this year — if they think Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are all about equal — they could take Barkley first and still ensure themselves a top quarterback at No. 4. Sound familiar??? Hmmmm??? Seems like this is what my original post stated.
  8. My friend, I titled it as I did based on how I explained it. What I find hard to believe is that NO ONE in media, draft experts, fans on this forum, even my personal friends think this is plausible and as I explained it, it is so plausible it's funny. I have been saying this way before I posted it here and way before the combine took place. Makes too much sense not to be a lock. I'm going to keep bumping this all the way through the draft time and if I'm wrong I will take my lumps but if I'm right I'm gonna make it known to all these who doubted me on here and called me nuts
  9. This may not be a popular assessment, however I believe the Browns offensively are more talented than people will seem to think. If the Browns can sign a QB in FA such as McCarron, Keenum or McCown and draft Barkley and ? Rookie QB at four, it does possibly make them a lot better. Yes, I know winning one game would make them better...Ha!! but you know what I mean. FA veteran QB, Barkley, Johnson, Coleman, Gordon, The TE I can't spell and potentially resigning Pryor and offensively the Browns would be substantially better while allowing whatever QB to develop and if by chance that rook comes along faster than expected, even better. I might go even as far as to say that they could push the Ravens and Bengals and jockey for 2nd in division behind the Steelers.
  10. I have basically taken some heat over the past day since I have posted this, and we shall see come draft night, however I stand by my post/assertion. I get where everyone seems to think that the Browns "MUST" take a QB at 1 overall but I'm telling you that neither one of the top 3 ( Rosen, Darnold, or Allen ) warrants that pick. Not one of these guys is head and shoulders above the rest and I would almost wager that when it came to the Browns, they might even think Mayfield is in the same class too. So again, because of this factor Barkley is a no brainer selection for a team. Cleveland hasn't had a dominant running back for 53 years ( Jim Brown ). The only other RB worth mentioning for the Browns was Leroy Kelly and I guess none of you know who that is as that was over 45 years ago. Barkley will be the pick. Cleveland finally stops being stupid and takes the BEST player in the draft, then grabs a QB at 4.
  11. Wanna wager? This is a NO Brainer and common sense. Stop dreaming, Barkley is one overall unless he gets hit by a truck
  12. Well first off it won't be Rosen as he said isn't playing in Cleve. So that leaves 2 and if you think they should take Darnold or Allen over Barkley at 1, dude come on.. won't happen
  13. Guys/Girls Look this is a guaranteed no brainer that I'm shocked no one is seeing here. Regardless of what Mayock, Kiper, McShay all say, the Browns will NOT take a QB at 1, it will be Barkley and here's why. There are 3 Qb's that are the "top" prospects this year. Rosen, Darnold, and Allen. Mayfield is the 4th. Anyway, IMO going on a few things I have read so far and that I agree with, the Browns view these three guys virtually the same. All have different skill sets however none really separate themselves from one another as clear cut favorites so.... Browns take best player at 1 which is Barkley. That means Giants would trade out 2nd overall pick or take a QB. Lets say Giants trade with Jets. Jets take Rosen. Or if Giants take Rosen, That leaves Darnold and Allen. Colts trade pick 3 or take Chubb. Lets say Colts trade with Bills. Bills take Darnold. That leaves Allen or lets say Colts stay put and take Chubb that leaves Allen and Darnold. Browns on clock at 4, either pick from 2 still available or take whoever is left. Browns get RB and QB. End of story. Based on where the Browns sit in the draft there is no way the Browns don't come away with both positional players of need and Dorsey knows this. My point is there is NO WAY this scenario doesn't play out this way except the name of the QB the Browns might get. Makes NO sense for the Browns to take a QB at one and every so called pundit should know that. Barkley will be a Brown 1000% Lock!!