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  1. I would like the Colts to trade for either Michael Gallup or Mike Evans.... Either way, I would like Mike!!
  2. Brissett for Gallup straight up is the answer here, if there is one
  3. Here... this might help. Name one Colt skill position player who has the talent or make up to play any position at any time on the field, consistently effective. Meaning as example can Pittman Jr. play the x y or z and thrive at all 3 consistently and effectively? That will show you what I was trying to say because the answer is NO
  4. Parris was not drafted based on pure talent alone, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, the Ohio state wideout with the pure talent was McLaurin. Parris was talented but oft injured and was always a porotype slot playing out of position in OU and the Colts took him knowing they were looking for a slot guy. It's why they passed on other wideouts that year who have fared better as they thought they had the other positions on the team locked into place. If not for injuries it was going to be TY, Funchess, and Campbell. See how that works out? The Colts have been trying to build and fill a scheme
  5. Parris, Hines, Ebron, Funchess, Pittman Jr., Cain.... Remember? Cain, fountain, Funchess: Big bodied wideout to compliment TY. That's not talent that's positional; scheme Hines. Parris: fast little guys to fit scheme of crossing under route slot, backfield checkdown Pittman Jr.: In mold of Vincent Jackson, again trying to find big bodied wideout to compliment Taylor was drafted based on the Colts finding out 3 years too late that Mack was injury prone and wasn't going to stand up to rigors of every down back. With that being said, Taylor, IF his
  6. I alluded to offensively as I believe defensively the Colts have done a better than average job. I'm not so sure this was Ballard though even though he will get the credit. I believe most of the defensive success lays at the hands of Dodds from evaluation, Ballard's second in charge who was part if not the architect for the Seattle Defense. Offensively though, The Colts IMO have gotten this all wrong. Excluding the pick of Nelson, which any fan could have made, the selections of draftees and selection of FA's at the skill positions have failed miserably and here is why.
  7. I get all the ideas being thrown around, I truly do. Our QB situation just hasn't panned out as many would have hoped since Luck retired. With that being said here is what i believe needs to be addressed. Ballard: "Our plan is to always have coaches coach". Okay? Then why haven't these coaches been able to coach up the talent we have/had on this team. I get that Eason did not have an offseason and jury is still out on him, however this team had Kelly, who did show flashes in preseason games yet kept getting buried and now is gone. JB was never considered a starting tal
  8. No, but the whole object of bringing in Rivers was that most thought the team thought so and that they would. All we needed was a QB better than JB as we had a team ready to compete now. That's not the case though
  9. The Ravens are good but their Achilles heel is Jackson actually. He is super talented athletically however he is not a good enough passer. If you go up by 2 scores on the ravens they lose. That is their mantra and that will be their demise unless all the cards fall for them on any given gameday. It's weird because I truly think that if Jackson didn't have so much athletic talent in his legs and shiftiness, he would've gotten the quick hook. Not necessarily let go, but put back on the development block but once the ravens shifted their offensive scheme to match his athleticism, they were tied t
  10. IMO the Colts best wide receiver is Pascal and he is a wide receiver 3. Campbell will never hold up, he will hang around but fall the way of Dorsett. Talented bust based on "fill in the blank". TY is done. I knew he wasn't long when the injuries crept up 3 years ago. Pittman, even though it's early, will not be able to gain separation in any facet at this level. He can cath and could be a decent possession guy, however Before the injury, he was a bigger ghost than TY. Fountain has always been a sprinkler if not a downright drip. Johnson is a jag. Doyle should have never been given a contract a
  11. The Bills are really good and coming and here is all you need to know. Last year, the younger Bills group let decent leads slip away and lost games to lesser opponents. this year, the still young Bills have done the same twice, however they overcame it and won. That is huge in that teams growth. Also, the Bills have the correct offensive format at their Wide Receiver tree. Beasley underneath, Diggs intermediate, and Brown speed over the top. It's perfect and where each are not true superstars, they are balanced and work together in above average serviceable results. Just good enoug
  12. This team cannot compete with the Bills or Chiefs. Regardless of the Raiders game yesterday I still believe the Chiefs are the top of the AFC. Buffalo will change my mind if they beat KC next Monday. Regardless, in no way can this Colts team beat those two. unfortunately with the expanded playoff format, this team just might get a spot, if we don't outright win the division. Which to the franchise would bode well as playoff team when in reality it hurts our chances to acquire top notch skill talent in the 2021 draft. Our schedule is just soft enough and our defense good enough to
  13. I didn't know until today actually. Disappointed by that.
  14. what? so now he isn't even on practice squad? I knew he was released but at that time roto said he was signed to practice squad. when was he released from practice squad?
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