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  1. I was waiting for this thread to appear. Personally I love the idea of Rivers throwing to Nelson don't you? "insert sarcasm here". I'm so sick of players who are terrible being linked based on prior coaching familiarity. I get sometimes players go to familiar coaching spots but this is ridiculous. Nelson sucks. Philly's WRs suck do if Nelson was good why wouldn't they want him. Come on... Just say No need for this thread
  2. That's possible and your idea about saints and a QB drafting also makes sense. I still think Teddy is a JAG ( Just a Guy )
  3. TB.. Teddy, not Tom, is not that good. If he was, why would the Vikings let him walk and give Cousins a crud load and why would the Saints allow him to walk in favor of keeping Hill? I realize the Vikings deal was partly due to TB's injury, however he was getting cleared to play or at least was cleared when they signed Kirk. The Saints maybe due to cap situation, however if they truly thought TB was going to be heir apparent to Brees, then they would have some kind of deal behind the scenes in some way here and would find a way to work this out. Maybe they still will, but if not, that tells you something. Just because he steps in a wins a few games when Brees goes down does not make him that great. saints had a solid team all the way around. To me, when two teams of the Saints and Viking caliber is okay with letting you ride off, something is a miss here. No thanks to either TB, especially Bridgewater. Here's hoping he finds another sucker, like ... Actually, I think he is a back-up somewhere, unless Carolina is desperate.
  4. There's nothing really wrong, it's just open ended and pointless. The only thing I personally agreed with was his assessment of JB, which we all fans already knew pertaining to him holding on to the ball too long
  5. Seriously? This guy said nothing of any interest here as he covered every possible base with the Colts "potential" QB situation. Him naming Rivers is nothing more than him saying the Colts will probably take a veteran QB. So he says Colts keep JB, Colts might draft or will draft a QB, Colts will sign Rivers(Vet QB), and Kelly might get a shot. Ha!! This is so comical and literally nothing here from Lombardi. Every single out or in has been covered which really means I have no idea what the Colts will do, but if they do something I have addressed it here. Nothing to see here.
  6. Not sure if this is drummed up, but it makes a lot of sense on an aspect you touched on. Trubisky is entering his final year before option, so this trade scenario makes perfect sense for the Bears. You give Mack to skins who most likely would take Young at 2. IMO Mack is established area of need LB/DE Skins could use plus it sells jerseys. Something Snyder is a big fan of. For the Bears it gives you either a shot ay Burrow or Tua. Let's say it's Tua. You could let him redshirt and then NOT pick up Trubisk's option as you have Tua waiting. It's actually a very smart move on the Bears part and a decent deal for the skins if the rest of the trade aspect could be worked out. I'm sure if this is legit, it would involve potentially the Bears second pick as well, seeing as the Colts have the skins 2nd round pick this year. I think it's an interesting trade/almost no-brainer deal for both sides
  7. I don't really like him per say, I just think out of all the potential FA QB's that we know of I like him better. Age, potential, etc. I think Mariota, if polished a bit, could actually be okay in the right scheme. I actually think the bears make sense for him. He can run, he has a decent arm. I just don't think Tennessee was a good fit. I mean he might be just a bust, but on a 1 year prove it deal, I think he would have higher upside and cost less than an aging Rivers as example. To me, I don't think it's the year for a QB to be drafted by anyone unless it's Burrow only because Burrow seems more ready to play then the rest, with Herbert being second. I feel the Colts should concentrate on DT and WR this year and if QB is an issue again next year and our record is poor then potentially be in position for Lawrence possibly. Again, I just feel DT and WR are more important, not overall, but in the immediate.
  8. No. I would rather have our coaches coach up a young rook or throw them into fire right away. Mariota is my choice if they go with a non rook QB
  9. That's a tough question for me as I don't want the Colts to draft a QB at all this year. Im a Kelly supporter, so I would like him to get a really fair shot but if I would have to pick one QB from FA, I would pick Mariota. Hes still young and might be okay in different setting. Mariota on a prove it deal like Tannehil got
  10. Ok we are going to agree to disagree. Rivers is NOT the answer. Should not even come up in conversation, however if you believe he is, then by all means keep banging that drum my friend
  11. Come on dude.. Rivers does not equal Luck in any aspect, that's like saying Rivers is Brady as Brady made all his crappy receivers in the EARLY years look great. Rivers is older, 8 years over Luck. If Rivers was younger sure, but no way he is going to be successful with our band of rag tags at this stage of his career
  12. Rivers to the Colts would be a disaster. The Colts have NO offensive weapons or at least no where near enough for Rivers to look decent. Think about it? Rivers couldn't win with Allen, Henry, Williams, Gordon, and Eckler. What makes you think he would come in here and win with Hilton, Doyle, Pascal, Campbell, and Mack...Ha!! Seriously?? If Rivers went or goes to Tampa, he might not look so inept as Tampa is stacked with weapons, especially if Tampa signs or trades for David Johnson, which is something I believe they should do, or maybe even Bell. They need a better back then Jones, anyway, Rivers to the Colts would be a disaster... Rappaport is just trying to drum up clicks
  13. If Cooper is unavailable, wouldn't you want Anderson as opposed to Watkins? Anderson seems like a guy who would actually be a motivated player who I believe hasn't had a stellar situation in NY and Watkins is just a guy, who could be more but something is a miss with him in the consistency dept. to me anyway. He also might pull a "Luck" one day soon too
  14. No, I'm not saying the skins will take a QB in the draft. They won't. If they do, that would be the biggest shocker of the draft. I'm just saying that Haskins at this point is still up in the air whether he will be classified as a true cut franchise guy for the Skins long-term.
  15. My friend, not saying your wrong but this is not Rivera's choice at QB. He was drafted by Gruden regime and although it might not be the case now, it has in the past where new coaches might try to start with a player but then eventually wants their guy. Not saying that will happen but it's not unheard of. My personal take on Haskins is that he's a cross between Culpepper and Russell which equals failure in my book. I hate the skins, but I think Haskins has a looooong way to go before he can even be considered solid.
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