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  1. Am I missing something here? Why does the kicker, if they sign one, have to be vaxxed?
  2. Yea... Mahomes, Kelcey, or Hill. Which one ya think Mack will land us?....Ha!!
  3. From KC? My God my friend, their defense is just as decimated/underachieving as ours. Why would we ever want more players who aren't that good. Picks please!! Hopefully at least a 4th
  4. Honestly, this is beginning to bore even me. I'm not a ravens fan. I'm a Colts fan and a Football fan in general. I call it as I see it right or wrong, but I told you that I would gladly eat crow, meaning I would admit I was wrong about the Ravens currently IF... IF they beat the Chargers and you're going to tell me that if the ravens beat the Chargers I'm going to tell you the Cincy game is a measuring stick? I'm guessing you are personally talking to me as you are responding back to me so to that I will say... WHAT??? Not only MAY you be delusional about the state of your team currently but now you are delusional about how I'm going to react after I already told you how I would react regarding my response if the ravens win Sunday. Seriously what is going on here? I had one guy earlier tell me he knew what I meant when I said that I didn't say the ravens sucked. Trust me, if I thought the ravens sucked, I would say they sucked and now I've got you telling me I'm going to renege on giving the Ravens props by moving the figurative goal post in the event they beat the chargers? You defending the ravens and making up fictional scenarios seems more like you're trying to convince yourself about your team and not me. Wow...Ha!! Good luck against the Bolts
  5. Dude awesome share!! I mean some people might remind themselves in the daily mirror that their day is going to be great but hey if you wanna use those words to motivate yourself, who am I to criticize!!
  6. My friend, every single person who keeps commenting on this is not reading what I wrote or doesn't understand the context. I didn't say we, the Colts, were terrible. I said we, the Colts, were terrible RIGHT NOW. Sorry for the caps but I'm speaking of the present, not as a whole. There are 13 games left.
  7. They are a good team normally BUT NOT SO FAR THIS YEAR. I'm sorry for the caps but what I'm saying is getting lost in translation or most are not really paying attention to what I'm saying. Again, I don't care about the reasoning, but a good team does not need a 66 yard FG to beat the 0-5 Lions and they most certainly do not get blown out by a 1-3 Colts team, whose only saving grace win so far this season was the benefit of playing Jacoby Brissett or we would be 0-5 as well, for 3 straight quarters at home in prime time before an epic collapse by the opposing team allowed them to easily win the game. Again, imho this Ravens team is not good at this moment. They are lucky
  8. If that is true then good for D Hall and thanks for sharing as I did not see the show this morning. I can't believe so many on here defending the ravens. You'd think we were on Ravens forum...Ha!!
  9. You could certainly say the same for the Colts in regards to injuries and whatever right now with exception that we are not lucking into wins right now. Yes, I do believe that the Detroit game and the Colts game victories for the Ravens were pure luck. In any event, that 4-1 record is highly misleading. I don't care about the reasoning, i.e. injuries or whatever, basing it strictly on those wins/record as most on here are, you are correct as they should not be in first place nor hold a 4-1 record. They should be at best 2-2. My assessment would be the same if the Colts were in the Ravens position right now. I would be grateful for the record but honest about it at same time. The Chargers game is your first measuring stick. Just don't let injuries be the excuse when they wax you because it goes both ways. If the ravens beat the Chargers I will reach out to you and gladly eat some of that old crow your spewing, but until then I've got to see it to believe it.
  10. You tell me. Because if you think the ravens are a good team 5 games into THIS season based on their play, then your dillusional
  11. Are not a good team THIS YEAR so far. I did not say they are not a good team. If you want to look at record as you have implied. As I stated, this ravens team needed a miracle 66 yard FG to beat the 0-5 Lions and a complete collapse of the 1-3 Colts to win in OT. The Colts should have blown them out. Not win by 1, not win by 6. Blown out. That's two of those 4 wins you are hanging your hat on and if you think that shows a good team then I'm sorry, you and I will disagree. You see good team, I see really lucky.
  12. I can't believe I Have to explain/defend this... Ha!! Are the ravens 4-1... YES It is suspect though, based on what I wrote in original post. When Denver was 3-0, as an example, it was suspect as they hadn't played any team that was really any good this year. Lately, we have found out that Denver actually ain't all that. It's the same with the ravens right now or at least should be in every conversation. Right now based on what we all should know, the teams the ravens have beat are bottom feeders or seem to be in danger of heading there i.e. KC I mean instead of the conversation being that the ravens are so great, Lamar is a magician and one of the up and coming greats or whatever... Why isn't the conversation this: Why were the so-called great Ravens team, with one of the GREAT up and coming QBs in Jackson, losing 25-9 in the 4th quarter at home on Monday night to a 1-3 Indy team whose only win came against a terrible Miami team with a completely inept Jacoby Brissett? I can guarantee you that if the Colts would have won last night by the blowout it should have been, the headlines about this "Great Ravens" team and this "Great QB" would have been totally the opposite and if anyone of you think otherwise you're lying to yourselves I stand by my take. The Ravens are NOT good this year. If they beat the Chargers next week I might change my tune, but until then... Nope
  13. Show me where I said anywhere in my post that the ravens SUCK. Where??? I said the Ravens are NOT a good team THIS YEAR.
  14. The Ravens are NOT a good team this year. The Colts were up big for this reason. Whatever is being said by media regarding the Ravens, its smoke and absurd. The Ravens lost to a much improved Raiders team who only recently fell apart amidst the Gruden stuff. They beat a very mediocre KC team whose defense is worse than ours and who are not that good this year especially against the run and the Ravens running game outside of Lamar, is putrid. They needed a 66 yard fg to beat DETROIT, and they beat a terrible Denver team who was only once 3 and 0 by beating even worse teams than them. They should not have beaten us but they best us and everyone on here knows WE ARE TERRIBLE right now. Doesn't matter why. Doesn't matter if we shows signs of better stuff each week. WE ARE TERRIBLE right now. I'm only writing this thread because I saw some on here using stuff like Lamar is great, Ravens are really good, blah, blah, blah. Its hogwash. This Ravens team is not good and next week the Chargers will wax them. We lost because we are terrible. We are bottom tier. Thats it.
  15. Absolutely true. Was even stated during game twice
  16. First time the Colts have lost in Baltimore since 1983... wow Major collapse
  17. My friend I just don't like Doyle. Never have. I don't care if he went 8/129/4 today. Still wouldn't be a fan, never will. I never understood the 3 year extension/contract for a career 2 catch or less average per game. Never made sense to me and many have tried to explain but nothing has changed my eyes or mind. I will agree to disagree with many a Doyle fan on here or elsewhere. -Peace
  18. I hate Doyle. Actually Hate is a strong way to describe it and not very nice, so I take that back. I have serious hatred for Doyle...
  19. Doyle shouldn't even be on this team, much less starting...
  20. I think the real tell here is that it seems one glaring trait Eason doesn't have when compared to Wentz, Hundley, and Ellingher is mobility. In this offense I always thought mobility was an essential key and why I never understood why Chad K. Was ousted so quick. In any event, it is also why I thought Trubisky was potentially a good fit here in the off-season. Nothing against Wentz, he's cool if he can stay healthy but I just thought Tubisky was a better, less costly option. In any event, Eason was never an option personally for me since he was drafted. The league is changing and the statuesque type of QB, unless extremely elite. Just isn't the fad these days
  21. All these stories, articles, speculations, conjecture, revelations, ideologies, etc mean absolutely squat unless the goal is to consistently have a program that develops these "under the radar/project/oft injured" players into over achievers, overtime. A year or so ago I stated that it seemed like the Colts front office was doing more to protect their jobs long-term than to help this team Win Championships right now. That article and your assessment of it seems to drive my point home yet again. Speaking for myself only, I loved when the Colts were in playoffs all the Manning years, but how many trophies did we get to hoist? Did we fans get to indirectly share? I realize we ran into Brady/Bellichick buzzsaw. How many trophies do we have under Ballard's watch? How many years have we been really close to hoisting one? Oh that's right, we are still waiting for players to develop. What?... My point is that at least there should be a balance, however I don't care about player development as I'm a fan. I don't get enjoyment from watching players grow and become great. If that happens awesome, but the main goal to me, as a FAN, is the team seriously competing for and hoisting trophies!! Sometimes that's through player development, sometimes through acquring actual talent, sometimes both.. Why would I want to spend years of watching a team predicated/entirely focused on player development and hyperfocused coaching philosophy, where if we just happen to win a championship along the way, then great. To me it should be the other way around or as I said at least a balance leaning more towards championships EVERY year. Could it be that Ballard's response year after year, in article after article, presser after presser, leaning towards developing players over time is actually a blatant disguise to take the focus away from his incompetence in drafting actual talented players that don't need years to become relevant? In any event, these "project/couple years to develop players" mantra is clearly not working and that is why at least from my view, I am fading on this organizational ideology quicker than I was before. I do not agree or like what I'm seeing here. I see years going by and the rest of the leagues teams whom I don't support hoisting trophies.
  22. Yea I'm shocked at all the people who are actually upset about this. Mack is not that good. I don't know what you all are seeing here? He is decent, but you all are acting like he's Dalvin Cook or Kamara. I don't get it. Mack should have never been resigned. NEVER IMHO. Huge waste of a couple mil. Wilkins is a really good back. I'm not trying to discount anyone's personal liking of Mack, but the reality is he is way expendable! Jets need a back in the worst way at this moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if a team like Vegas or Houston came a calling. I was hoping Atlanta or Miami wanted him during offseason, but my money would be on the Jets right now
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