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  1. Rattler is possible for them if he falls to the 3rd round. They are in a pretty terrible spot though.
  2. I disagree. Bo Nix is a perfect scheme fit for Sean Payton. Sean Payton uses the West Coast Offense which Nix excels at. Penix is a deep ball thrower like Russell Wilson was and he doesn't fit Sean Payton at all. Nix is a dink and dunker that Sean Payton likes.
  3. Broncos getting Zach Wilson is an insurance policy IMO in case they can't trade up for a QB or in case they want to trade down. It could also mean that they can't trade up for a top 4 QB and they are preparing to take someone on day 2 or 3 at QB. The Broncos suck, but not because of this move. As long as they take a QB, this move doesn't affect anything.
  4. Nabers will probably fall the lowest between him and Odunze at minimum. I'll be curious if he makes it past the Bears at 9.
  5. His son Tony is the Owner of AEW, which is the direct competition to WWE. He could do something like that. Agreed on McVay.
  6. Yeah, I have no interest in him honestly. I don't think I'd take him in the 2nd round at this point.
  7. You guys are taking this too serious. I have 10 years before you can call me wrong!
  8. A top Madden player that is knowledgeable about football will have a better chance of getting a job in the NFL than any of us who post on this forum because he'll have fame from the sport and possibly get noticed. If I apply, I'm treated as any old guy, if the Madden world champion applies, he has a better opportunity than a random person. He's noticed.
  9. If a top Madden player gets a decent job in the NFL, you will hear about how his Madden success led him on a journey to working in the NFL. Billionaire owners get on social media and pay attention to trends more than you think.
  10. You assume Madden players don't play football. Most Madden players are football fans. Most of them played in high school, college, or both. They aren't nerds or geeks. They are jocks. This isn't the pokemon fanbase.
  11. I would bet a lot of Madden players played football in high school and possibly college. Most of them are 25 and under. They could easily do coaching or scouting before being a GM or Coach, they have time on their side.
  12. You don't have to leave your basement to watch a football game either. Plenty of GMs and coaches never played football. Chris Ballard never played a NFL game in his life.
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