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  1. BProland85

    If the Oline is one of our strengths...

    Next offseason I hope Ballard brings in a stud DT and better LBers. Probably need another CB next to Wilson also.
  2. BProland85

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Does anyone have a link to his presser?
  3. BProland85

    Cap space for 2019

    Or Taylor Lewan at LT if the Titans can't work out a deal with him. He is a top 5 LT and we'd also be really depleting a division rival. Castonzo is just solid at LT. Lewan next to Nelson would be stellar.
  4. BProland85

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Hopefully they're getting the new I feel like I've read that there is a somewhat newer artificial grass turf that is better about preventing injuries and that it has a lesser body impact on players. That hopefully combined with having Rusty as our new conditioning overseer will prevent the rash of injuries we've had as of late.
  5. BProland85

    Darius Leonard

    I sure hope so. We need an impact LB on this team
  6. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ According to this, the Colts will have roughly 63 mil in cap space. My question is, how do they not have even more considering I can only think of 3 players making top dollar in Indy (Luck, Hilton, Castonzo). With not spending hardly anything in free agency this past offseason, and we had roughly 70 mil if I remember right, how would we not have north of that come the 2019 offseason?
  7. BProland85

    Offensive Line

    I would say Braden Smith will be starting either at RG or RT by mid season if he gets the playbook down. He has much more ability at this point in his career over Slauson, Mewhort, or Howard.
  8. BProland85

    A Trade I Wish Ballard Would Make.

    Shane Ray would be a DE here, which we have plenty of. This team needs LBs, DTs, and CBs
  9. BProland85

    Kind words from Gil Brandt about Malik Hooker

    If only Grigson drafted Landon Collins instead of Dorset and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion lol.
  10. BProland85

    If you could..

    Somebody already created this thread, and my answers were... DE Joey Bosa RB Saquon Barkley
  11. The main needs I could easily see this team having for the 2019 offseason will be LB, DT, and CB. With that said, I wonder if Ballard will spend more than he did this past free agency period and land us a pro bowl caliber starter at one of those positions. I for one would love Ballard to land one of the stud DT prospects in this loaded upcoming class. This team needs a dominant DT to both stop the run and pressure the QB from the inside. The DT position doesn't currently have a great player, with Al Woods being the best DT on the roster and he is up there in age. CB is needing a long term answer opposite Quincy Wilson, and I don't think Desir is it. He would be best served as our #4 corner. LB is really needing proven playmakers, since outside of Leonard and maybe Anthony Walker, I don't think this position has much talent. I think the OL should be fine, aside from maybe drafting a OT later in the draft, unless they plan to move Braden Smith to RT. WR could be okay, especially if Ballard brings in a free agent, and Cain and Fountain show promise. RB maybe could use another prospect, unless Mack really shows promise and consistency. Your thoughts?
  12. BProland85

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    I can't wait to see this new look OL take shape and hopefully stay healthy!
  13. What do you guys see as his projection as a yearly fantasy player? I ask because I have the #1 pick in my dynasty league rookie draft, and obviously if I don't trade the pick for a king's ransom I'm taking Barkley. I just am curious to see what you all think he could be like. Could he be the next LaDanian Tomlinson, or with the way offenses are now today, could he have a lighter load than Tomlinson did which will limit his opportunities?
  14. BProland85

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Not laughing
  15. BProland85

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Hey and on my birthday no less! Nice!