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  1. BProland85

    Hooker probably won't play

    Hoping he doesn’t wind up as one of Ballard’s big busts. Hooker needs to get healthy.
  2. If these players keep it up, they should definitely be considered for the top 100... Andrew Luck Eric Ebron TY Hilton Anthony Costanzo Quenton Nelson Ryan Kelly Darius Leonard
  3. BProland85

    Luck looks awesome!

    I think Luck and this offense is well on its way to being a top 5 offense week in and week out. Now Ballard just needs to address this defense next offseason and add more playmakers on that side of the ball. And adding another WR opposite Hilton wouldn't hurt.
  4. BProland85

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    There's no question that the 2019 draft needs to be spent mostly on defense. And adding another WR or two.
  5. BProland85

    You're welcome Colts fam!!

    Really hope Tyquan makes a good impact and we get good pressure on Bortles all day!
  6. I love this guy as a possible 5th round prospect for the Colts, and he would give them the dependable slot WR they've been lacking for years.
  7. BProland85

    2019 free agents

    If D. Lawrence actually makes it to free agency, I could see Ballard making a strong run at him since Eberflus knows him and he’s still relatively young.
  8. BProland85

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    Maybe after another stellar draft by Ballard in 2019. Hopefully by bringing in some more young studs on defense.
  9. BProland85

    Trade deadline staying put.

    If Ballard is confident he can replace Brisset with another good backup, then I think he could trade Brissett during or just before the 2019 draft. The QB class isn’t particularly good, and Brissett’s value could rise because of that.
  10. BProland85

    Should we leave Braden Smith at right tackle?

    If Braden keeps this up at RT, then we don't necessarily need to look at a OT or OG early in the draft. We should focus primarily on defense and WR. I would still like an OT brought in for depth possibly in rounds 3-4. And Glowinski seems to fit at RG.
  11. BProland85

    Top 5 draft Pick in 2019

    Completely agree. Round 1 should be spent on DL or OT. There should be good WRs to be had rounds 2-4. I like Bryan Edwards from South Carolina.
  12. We can't trade Brissett to Jax. Now if another team outside of the division offers up a 1st round pick, or very early 2nd, I'm all for dealing Brissett, so long as Luck continues to progress and get back to form. We definitely should entertain trade offers for Brissett before he is able to walk in free agency and wants to start elsewhere.
  13. I really hope Ballard takes full advantage of this DL, OT, and DB class. I also think the WRs are much better than last year's which bodes well for us.
  14. Raiders probably could have gotten a 1st rounder for him after his first 2 seasons of tearing it up. But after not using him this year, and his poor year last year, they'd be lucky to get a 2nd.
  15. BProland85

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    A lot about this season doesn't make sense. Play your most talented players and let young players develop!