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  1. Or hopefully Jackson Carman.
  2. I could get on board with this, but I’d rather have Jackson Carman at LT with the 60th pick and no trade up. And I’d like to see Ballard make a push to sign FA DE Carl Lawson who is still ascending over Solomon Thomas and Watt. Watt fits better in a 3-4 I feel.
  3. This class is too good and deep at LT to not draft one. Leave Nelson at LG where he dominates.
  4. - Indy trades 21st pick to Miami for their two 2nd round picks, pick 4 and pick 18. - Indy trades Miami's 18th pick in the 2nd round to Tampa Bay for their 29th pick in the 2nd, and their 3rd round pick. - Indy trades 2021 2nd and 2022 4th to Detroit for QB Matthew Stafford Round 2 Pick 4 (MIA): Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia Round 2 Pick 22: (Traded for QB Matthew Stafford) Round 2 Pick 29 (T.B.): Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson Round 3 Pick 20: AmonRa St. Brown, WR, USC Round 3 Pick 28 (T.B.): Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa Round 4 Pick 22: Monty Rice, ILB/OL
  5. I would much rather get Rodgers over Stafford, if the compensation given to Green Bay isn't too pricey. With Rodgers already being 38, they shouldn't be asking for a large compensation package in return. And Indy only needs to 2 year QB or so until Eason is ready to take over. Everything I've heard is that Ballard and company really like Eason, he just needs more development.
  6. If Ballard would have to give up a 1st and 2nd to land a 33 year old Stafford, I’d rather just go all out and trade three 1st round picks for Watson, who is only 25 and a better QB.
  7. Unless it’s for a QB like Rodgers. Stafford isn’t considered a top tier QB and really never has been.
  8. Well said and could not agree more. And again I'm a believer that Ballard and company really like Eason and want to see what he can do in a year or two. I would rather sign a bridge QB like Fitzpatrick or Dalton if that is the case over signing a costly QB like Stafford and giving up too much draft capital.
  9. I would much rather acquire Hurts via a 2nd or 3rd then give up a 1st for Stafford.
  10. Which is why if we did deal our 1st rounder I would want it to be for CB Marshon Lattimore.
  11. Not a fan of dealing that much for Stafford. Also think a lot of those draft selections are reached IMO.
  12. I'm with you CR91. Investing a 1st round pick into a guy that maybe will be with this team for 3 years is not in the best interest of the franchise. I am under the belief that Ballard and company like Eason a lot and wanna see what he can do as their starter in a few years. With that said, I would much rather spend our 1st round pick on a longterm guy that will be a cornerstone young player at one of our needed key positions (LT, CB, DE, QB)
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