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  1. Ballard compared him to Justin Tuck who was a tweener type DL player. He can be a great DE on early downs who moves inside next to Buckner on obvious passing downs.
  2. I don't see our defense stopping any passing game now especially with Blackmon lost. If our offense can't be great, we most likely won't make the playoffs now.
  3. This loss of Blackmon for the season could be the dagger in the Colts season. He was playing very good football at the safety position, and now what already is a weakness due to injuries in the secondary, is even more a weakness with our pass defense. This simply sucks. Injuries have plagued this team.
  4. Ballard and company need to improve upon their drafting, especially at DE and CB. Too many misses like Eason, Campbell, Rock, and almost all our recent DEs.
  5. Very unfortunate for Campbell but it's pretty evident the guy is made of glass. Ballard needs to add another young playmaker at WR in the offseason and let Parris go.
  6. Can't they sign Eddy Pineiro? I believe he is on the practice squad of some other team.
  7. Ballard HAS to come out of this draft with help at CB, LT, and potentially WR. Then we need to hope both Paye and Dayo show why they were drafted early. Buckner can't do it all himself.
  8. Pagano REALLY wanted Hooker. You could tell on the draft video of them calling Malik on the phone. Pagano basically called him the next Ed Reed.
  9. I don’t fault Ballard for the 2017 draft. Those picks were basically made by Pagano and Grigson’s scouts.
  10. Tennessee is trash. They have looked worse than us the last few weeks. And Tannehill is an average QB.
  11. If Wentz is dealing with some sort of injury and the Colts are eliminated from the playoffs, I’m all for sitting him to keep our 1st. That would be the smart thing to do.
  12. 49ers and Patriots games could be tougher than most think. The only games Indy should win are the Jets and the 2 Houston and Jacksonville games.
  13. Does anyone know their status on when they should be returning? They have both now missed multiple games and I'm concerned their absence could continue for more weeks to come.
  14. Missed opportunity by Ballard to get a potential difference maker on run downs at LB. It’s clear we’re missing Anthony Walker since Okereke is more of a coverage LB.
  15. How do the Bucs have any money left to be able to afford Gilmore? I would say the Colts need to be players considering Rhodes has looked rough, and we still can't count on Rock. I'm so sick of the Bucs landing all these players. Might as well hand them the Super Bowl since apparently the salary cap has no effect on them.
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