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  1. I would absolutely LOVE Mike Evans on this team. The Bucs don’t seem to wanna use him this year which is certainly frustrating for my dynasty team.
  2. If you have faith in our offensive coaching staff and Frank Reich, you make a trade for Sam Darnold. Something like offering a 3rd for him. Similar deal to what Tennessee did for Tannehill. Darnold has plenty of talent, could just need a change in scenery, with a competent coaching staff and offensive players around him.
  3. With how this season is going, I still feel we are right in line to have an 8-8 season That should put us right around picking 14 or 15 overall. With that said I hope we are in the range to land Trey Lance or a top DE or LT.
  4. Jonathan Taylor sucks? And I don't believe Quincy Wilson was a Ballard pick.
  5. Ballard isn't the issue here. This team has plenty of talent. Reich and this coaching staff simply aren't preparing the players like they should and they show up flat way too often. As much as I hate the guy, Vrabel would have been the perfect hire if Ballard would've went that route instead of McDaniels. Vrabel seems to know how to motivate his team and the Titans always seem prepared and fundamentally sound.
  6. We have had very poor coaching and issues getting this team prepared to play on a weekly basis this year. That falls on Reich.
  7. He has on numerous occasions not prepared this team to play. Week One's come to mind in the past few years under him, and today is yet another example. This team is plenty talented, but they seem to have coaching issues and being prepared on a weekly basis.
  8. Remember that both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were drafted outside the top 10 picks. There could certainly be a chance Lance could be available after the top 10 picks. Would Ballard still have to trade up a bit to get him? Most likely. But the move up wouldn't kill them draft capital wise.
  9. Regardless of who Lance compares to, he is undoubtedly a very exciting QB that will make this team instantly prime time worthy in my opinion. I would LOVE having him on the Colts.
  10. If that's the case I would hope Ballard makes a play for one of the top 3 QBs (Lawrence, Fields, Lance)
  11. Trade up in the draft for Trey Lance. I think the guy will be a star in this league provided he gets protection and we keep surrounding him with good coaching and skill players. Completely agree.
  12. That is awesome but frankly Big Q should be able to do that to a DE who is probably 60 pounds lighter than Nelson and doesn't have near the strength.
  13. Like AJ Brown for example, picked 2 spots after Banogu. I was so upset when we passed on Brown and the damn Titans picked him. One reason I can't stand the Titans. They seem to snag guys I really want for this team, including both Brown and Jeffery Simmons.
  14. Turay, Lewis, and Banogu are all pass rushers Ballard drafted in the 2nd round. To date, none have really panned out, whether due to production or progress, or to health (Turay). Banogu deserves some more time to progress, but he seems to only have a limited role as of this year, when we were hoping for a jump from him. Hopefully our misfortunes with our pass rush prospects can be righted soon, and this DL creates a more consistent rush from the DL. Mayfield had too much time to throw this past Sunday.
  15. I'm guessing we'll end up with an 8-8 or 9-7 record at best. Rivers isn't protecting the ball like he should and Reich hasn't opened up the playbook yet. With that said, I would like Ballard to try and land Trey Lance somehow at QB. This team needs an exciting QB with a live arm. If we don't target a QB early, we need help at LT and DE in the early rounds.
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