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  1. Certainly helps the Colts chances with a most likely Jacoby Brissett lead offense. I would much prefer seeing both teams at full strength though.
  2. If injuries continue to plague Andrew, I would hope he doesn’t demand to be paid top 3 QB money for his next contract. Best ability is availability.
  3. I am definitely concerned since he has had a lingering issue since April. Hoping that everything checks out just fine with knowing that Luck has been dealing with issues for the past few years now.
  4. BProland85

    TC day 11

    If the Colts keep only 5 WRs, I could see them being Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, and Rogers. With Fountain on the practice squad. (I just feel Rogers is more versatile than Fountain in the coaches eyes, because he can play slot as well as return kicks) If they keep 6, I think Fountain makes it.
  5. Thats very concerning regarding Turay. He has so much ability and athleticism that I’d hate to go to waste.
  6. I want to see how our young pass rushers are progressing with Turay, Banogu, Lewis, and Mohammed.
  7. What do you see as the Colts biggest needs going into the 2020 offseason, provided we extend our important players such as Costanzo and Ebron? I could see a great DT as our biggest need since we have ample undersized DTs on this roster, but not really anyone who has size and also the ability to rush from the interior and stop the run. After DT, our needs aren't really high elsewhere for the most part, so I could see Ballard pulling the trigger on a dominant RB in round 2 if Mack struggles to stay healthy this year. Imagine getting someone like Deandre Swift to run behind this OL. Depth could continue to be addressed at OL as well. We could use another OT that could start either spot if we ever were to suffer an injury to Costanzo or Smith.
  8. Here's to hoping our added depth and talent at pass rush will pay dividends making things easier on our DBs. Hooker could end up leading the league in interceptions if he stays healthy and our pass rush improves.
  9. I will be shocked if Nelson’s not on the top 100 list.
  10. I'm not sure what to make of this. Hoping it's just nothing at all and that he became friends with Taylor Lewan when at the pro bowl, nothing more. I've already had a friend of mine who's a Titans fan say to me, "future Titan right there." No chance Ballard lets Big Q leave this team in the future right!?
  11. Just hope Big Q doesn't have suspension issues like Lewan has had. Q doesn't seem to be like that though. He is a nasty player, but he doesn't let himself get out of control.
  12. I truly believe Campbell has better potential and will hold up longer in the NFL due to his size over Brown.
  13. I know Ballard won't likely trade for him, but just imagine this offense with a great RB like Gordon running behind this OL. Mack is good, I just have some reservations if he can stay healthy. Granted Gordon has had some of those came concerns at times.
  14. I’d love to find out how they are using their LBers. Now that they have 3 starting caliber LBs in Leonard, Walker, and Okereke, I wonder if they’ll play 3 LBs on the field more. They didn’t seem to do that so much in 2018. Also id like to see how our rookies are progressing and how Braden Smith is progressing at RT.
  15. Leonard should be way higher and Ebron should be on the list.
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