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  1. I'm glad they actually have us getting a position of need addressed round 1.
  2. BProland85

    Texans predictions

    With the way our offense and QB has been looking I'm not so confident against Houston. They have players on defense. Our defense might be able to hang for awhile though.
  3. BProland85

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    I wasn’t able to watch the whole game but from some highlights I saw it looked like he was able to use his speed and bend to get around future Hall of famer Jason Peters a few times.
  4. BProland85

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    I will say it was extremely frustrating getting in the red zone quite often and only coming away with 1 TD. Can’t keep settling for field goals.
  5. I’d say round 1 needs to be a DT or OT.
  6. BProland85

    Players Ruled OUT vs Eagles

    Ouch. Come on Anthony and Marlon, get healthy guys!
  7. BProland85

    Nick Bosa Injury

    If there’s a stud defensive lineman or OT available Ballard has the ammo to move up a bit to get him. This team needs more stars. This past draft was used to add more young talent and depth.
  8. BProland85

    Colts Injury Report 9/20/18

    Costanzo needs to come back ASAP....our current OT situation will only get us so far.
  9. BProland85

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    Instead of paying a RB top dollar, I'd rather Ballard bring in a quality CB, WR, LB, or RT.
  10. BProland85

    Need Fantasy Football advice for 2018? Ask here!

    Who should I start at RB this week? It’s PPR... Ajayi against Tampa Bay or Tevin Coleman against Carolina?
  11. BProland85

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    It’s gonna be another tough outing for a win unless Luck absolutely balls out or the defense shows more signs of progress. Hooker needs to have a bounce back game for sure.
  12. BProland85

    Quenton Nelson owns Geno Atkins

    I think Braden Smith can be a really good RG for us in the near future. I don't know how good of a RT he would be, but I know he could succeed and succeed very well at RG. He is more of a power player who won't get moved too often.
  13. So looking through this roster, who can you say with confidence will be our cornerstone players for the next 5 plus years? My list is... 1. Andrew Luck (He should be back to his pre injury self if he continues to shake the rust off and stay healthy) 2. Quenton Nelson (He could be the best OG in the NFL by year 3) 3. Darius Leonard (I think he has all the potential to be a Telvin Smith type of LB for us) 4. Malik Hooker (Still hopeful he is able to maximize his potential and stay healthy) 5. TY Hilton (He'll be 33 in 5 years, but I'm still hopeful he is still productive and doesn't age quickly) 6. Ryan Kelly (Out of the box selection here, but I think last year he simply dealt with injuries, and people forget he was the best center in the draft a few years ago, and playing next to Nelson will make him so much better.)
  14. BProland85

    Do you think the Colts would ever go all in?

    I'm hoping free agents are much more attracted to come to the Colts next offseason after a successful year from Andrew Luck. We need to bring in some key name players in my opinion to go along with the 2019 draft class, which should mostly be spent on defense. A few guys I really like are RB Tevin Coleman, RT Daryl Williams, and LB Kwon Alexander.
  15. BProland85

    Quenton Nelson owns Geno Atkins

    I'll believe it when I see it when Ballard spends big on a free agent. He's been very frugal so far.