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  1. First of all I hope Indy at least tags Pittman soon and doesn’t just allow him to be a FA. That would be a big mistake. If he is franchised soon, do you think a tag and trade could be possible if Ballard doesn’t want to shell out 25 mil or so per season for him? And what do you feel the Colts could get back in return for a tag and trade of MPJ? If they could get back a 1st or two 2nds from a bad team I’d consider it with the WR draft class this year.
  2. What I learned is this team and in particular Richardson needs an elite TE. An elite move the chains weapon who’s very reliable for Richardson would be huge. We need Bowers. We also need a better pass defense that makes the QB hold onto the ball longer and allowing the DL to get to them. This should be a make or break year for Bradley as DC.
  3. This is a terrific draft for WRs. No thanks. Let’s keep our draft picks and keep building up this young team.
  4. I don’t believe so. This team already has young pass rushers who weren’t fully developed coming out of college in Paye and Dayo. Plus the production from Chop wasn’t very impressive in college. Indy needs a 3rd quality DT more than another DE.
  5. Would love Brian Thomas Jr in the early 2nd or a trade down into the late 1st to get him. Walker could be had in round 3.
  6. Coming from someone who lives in Nashville and catches all the Titans games we don’t want Bowen on our staff as DL coach. Titans defense was only good when Jim Schwartz was on staff.
  7. Do we have any update on the DL coach or any other coaches I’m missing that are vacant? Wish we could have got DL coach Terrell Williams from the Titans before he went to Detroit. On a side note the Titans seem to be making good coaching hires in Callahan and Denard Williams. Hope they botch the OL coach hire.
  8. What’s the status on Jefferson in Minnesota? I’ve heard he’s yet to be extended. Would love dealing our 1st for him.
  9. Completely agree. I would be happy with getting McCarthy round 2 as a backup to Richardson and if he gets injured again. And if Richardson shows he could stay healthy JJ would be a very good trade asset if he shows good promise.
  10. Glad to see them taking away from another AFC team instead of us. Now we need to snatch away Tee Martin to serve as some sort of passing game coordinator.
  11. If Jayden Daniels were there with the 15th pick I would maybe consider it. Daniels could run Steichen's offense similar to how Hurts did. Richardson needs to show he can stay healthy before we know he's the guy longterm.
  12. With the class of WRs in this draft, I hope we can possibly land an Odunze at 15 or trade down for extra high picks and get a WR like Brian Thomas Jr or Xavier Worthy. I’m not as high on this corner or edge rush class at the top.
  13. I would much rather take the sure thing in Bowers, who gives Indy a bonafide playmaking TE, over another safety prospect.
  14. Why would he leave for an OC position in Philly when he has that job here in Indy?
  15. As much as I’d LOVE Crosby on the DL for the Colts, I still feel adding a top playmaker in the passing game or top shutdown corner is more important as Indy has some pieces already at DE.
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