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  1. Considering the pick you would be trading for is almost a 4th anyhow, being that it is a very late 3rd, I don't see what's so outrageous about my two 4th round pick proposal idea. No chance I would ever consider trading away my next year's 2nd for a very late 3rd rounder. You would be stupid to do that.
  2. I disagree. If it were a very early 3rd round pick you're trading for, then yes that deal would make sense. No team is willing to give up next year's 2nd for a very late 3rd round pick. I think a 4th and next year's 4th is more realistic and even.
  3. I wouldn’t think the Colts would have to spend big on any of these available free agent tackles. Maybe 8 mil per year or so which I believe Villanueva just got and that’s definitely doable for our cap situation.
  4. At the same time though he had Rashad Weaver as #4 lol. No way was Weaver considered among the top 5 pass rushers in this draft.
  5. Completely agree. Ballard cannot wait and let these remaining LTs get scooped up by other NFL teams. They have to add a competent and consistent starter at LT and Tevi cannot be that option for the longterm in 2021. Maybe for a few games, but not the entire season.
  6. With who was available I probably would’ve went with Paye round 1, and then Terrance Marshall Jr round 2. Then I would’ve tried trading up a bit into the late 3rd to snag OT Spencer Brown.
  7. Hopefully we bring in Fisher or Villaneuva. Ballard still needs to identify a longterm LT for this team though to make this OL complete and elite once again.
  8. I think Kwity Paye has a decent shot to win DROY due to the position he plays and that rookie DEs that can get sacks are usually favored to win the award. Not to mention Buckner will demand a lot of attention so that should free Paye up some. For OROY I’ll go with Mac Jones. QBs usually win the award and Jones has the best shot at starting early after Lawrence of course. Plus I think Mac will have better coaching and a better offense around him over Lawrence year 1.
  9. Yeah Ballard may have botched the LT position for 2021 unless he knows something we don’t about the return of health quicker than expected for Eric Fisher. We cannot get Wentz killed by trotting Tevi out there at starting LT.
  10. It’s Kwity Paye no question. Dayo 2nd but only if he comes back fully healthy. The rest of our draft picks are meh guys to me.
  11. Yes but who will be protecting the franchise at LT?
  12. Have to sign an Eric Fisher or Alejandro Villanueva at this point. There are no LTs on this roster currently that are starting material. Ballard will regret it if he goes into the season with a Sam Tevi or another depth player starting for them at LT.
  13. I sure hope you're right. Outside of a healthy Eric Fisher, there aren't many good options to start at LT in 2021 for the Colts. Tevi and Davenport are not starters.
  14. If it’s just a minor character flaw that shouldn’t deter them though. We have a very strong locker room to where that wouldn’t be an issue.
  15. Wouldn’t Brevin Jordan from Miami have been the better pick at TE?
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