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  1. I’ve been seeing that Pittman is an underrated route runner.
  2. I think Trey Lance could be a stud in the NFL if he's drafted to a quality team. I also really like Rashod Bateman, WR from Minnesota. 2 of my favorite prospects for this draft class so far.
  3. A quick passing game like New Orleans is certainly hard to stop, but with help added in Buckner to provide pressure from the inside, to go along with our outside pressure in Houston and Turay, hopefully we'll improve in that regard. I also think Blackmon will help in coverage all over the field.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/ContentGallery/2021-NFL-Mock-Draft-145681526/Amp/ How would you feel about getting an Uber talented QB like Lance next year? I’d personally love it unless they think Eason can be the future. If the later is the case, I’d love picking up a potential stud at WR to play on the outside long term next to Pittman in Rashod Bateman.
  5. Ballard is smart with the cap and will do everything in his power to keep his core players. That includes Leonard.
  6. With the addition of Blackmon, we have far bigger needs than safety come next offseason. We need depth at OT and DE, and most likely another starter at TE and CB. I dont wanna pay Adams as a top flight safety when we have a capable strong safety in Willis, and a talented cover safety in Blackmon for the future. If Blackmon shows struggle or lack of progress, then I may consider making a move to add a safety next to Willis for the future.
  7. Yeah we have another core group of young guys like Okereke, Turay, Walker, Rock, Moore, Braden Smith, Ryan Kelly, and Khari Willis, along with our talented rookies we just brought in. And Campbell could possibly show out this year also. Future it bright!
  8. With all do respect to Jack Doyle, he is our best TE and opposing defenses don't necessarily fear him. We could use a top athletic TE of the future. At CB, Rock is really the only corner I could see lasting long term on the outside for Indy. Moore I see best suited to stay at the nickel spot. That leaves the other outside corner spot. I am skeptical Rhodes is anything more than a stop gap at that spot for maybe a year or two. Could use a long term starter on the outside next to Rock for the future. At DE, Turay has shown very good potential, but he still has to stay healthy. Outside of him and Houston, I don't know what we really have at DE. Banogu has plenty of talent, but this year will show a lot for him and his development.
  9. I know this is very early, but I'm already looking at what the 2021 offseason could look like for Indy. As it stands now, I have TE, CB, OT, and DE as our biggest needs. (TE we don't have any long term top prospects on this roster, at CB Rhodes isn't certain to succeed, OT depth is certainly needed behind Costanzo and Smith, and DE depth is needed with Houston getting older and Banogu still developing.) Also depending on what we do with Hilton in regards to his contract, WR could potentially be a need as well. I feel like we will be good at QB with a very possible resurgence from Rivers, along with continued development from Eason. Any other needs you could see for this team come the 2021 offseason?
  10. OT is the bigger need for depth on Indy's OL. Now if a great interior OL prospect were to be available at a value spot for the Colts in the draft, I'd be for getting him.
  11. Love this. Big Q is special. As is Leonard on the defense. Legendary 2018 draft by Ballard and company.
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/philip-rivers-settled-indianapolis-calling-182958468.html
  13. How are Leonard and Buckner not on this list?
  14. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/5/28/21272785/three-young-colts-players-named-to-nfl-coms-2020-all-under-25-team No doubt Big Q was gonna be on this list, but it was nice to see both Braden Smith and Bobby Okereke on there as well. Leonard couldn't be on there since he will be 25 by the time the season starts, which disqualifies him from this list. Happy to see our young players getting recognition, and the future is bright with many young promising players on this team. Look for guys like Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman Jr to crack this list next year.
  15. Colts defense should be much improved this year. Especially when Buckner gets into his groove, and Blackmon comes back healthy. Blackmon will give Eberflus an extra chess piece in the secondary to move around. I also love our LB core and could see another big step taken by Okereke this year.
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