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  1. Really love the picks of Kinlaw, Reagor, and Harrison Bryant. We should definitely look to draft an OT in the first 3 rounds in my opinion though. Someone who has LT capability. I don't think we need a DE that early in the draft either.
  2. Obviously every player has question marks. I'm referencing the totality of question marks. For example, Jordan Love as a QB has way more question marks than say Jerry Jeudy at WR. In other words, the majority of NFL analysts agree that Jeudy is much more of a sure thing to be a star in the NFL rather than Love. There is MUCH more risk with Love than there is with someone like Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, Derrick Brown, and Javon Kinlaw. Thats why when you look at top 50 overall prospect ratings done by professional analysts, all of them have those 4 prospects higher than Jordan Love. Because they present much more chance to hit rather than miss.
  3. As you can tell from who I selected in our mock draft together, I am totally against trading up for a QB that has question marks. If he's there at 34 then great get him! Or I'd be fine with even slightly trading up into the 20s from 34 to get him.
  4. Colts were picking at about 25 last year and traded back into the early 2nd from there. Simmons went 19 overall I believe so we would have had to trade up to get him. If Ballard truly loved him that much he would have moved up 7 spots to get him. And I'm just going off of what I've watched from him since I can easily watch Titans games. Yes he is super strong and stout. But when it comes to quickness and speed for a DT, he doesn't have what Kinlaw or Brown does. I saw a highlight of Brown out in coverage for a play and he made the tackle. I've never seen Simmons have that kind of speed for a big guy. I still believe Big Q will get the better of Simmons on most occasions in our yearly battles with the Titans.
  5. I would definitely take Derrick Brown over Jeffery Simmons. Might even go Kinlaw over him as well. I live in Nashville and while Simmons is surely a strong stout DT, he seems to lack some explosiveness. Both Brown and Kinlaw have a good amount of that. I've heard Kinlaw's first step is elite for a DT.
  6. I think it is certainly possibly he lasts to 34. I could see Eason getting drafted before Love.
  7. If Chris Jones actually makes it to free agency I'd be all for Ballard throwing out big money to him. He is one of those young game changers at the DT position, which is a huge need for Indy.
  8. This would be my dream draft of what I'd love happening for Indy in this 2020 draft... Trades - Ballard trades the 13th overall pick to Miami for their 18th overall, and 2nd round pick. (Miami is likely targeting a LT or QB here.) - Ballard trades the 44th overall pick to Buffalo, drops 10 spots, and picks up a late 3rd rounder in the process. Round 1 Pick 18 (MIA): CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma Round 2 Pick 2: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State Round 2 Pick 7 (MIA): Austin Jackson, OT, USC Round 2 Pick 22 (BUF): Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri Round 3 Pick 11: Antoine Winfield Jr., FS/SS, Minnesota Round 3 Pick 22 (BUF): Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic Round 4 Pick 16: Damien Lewis, OG, LSU Round 5 Pick 14: Lamical Perine, RB, Florida Round 6 Pick 14: Van Jefferson, WR, Florida Round 7 Pick 13: Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska With this draft Ballard gets help all over this roster. Getting a stud WR to pair with a very talented QB and LT prospect for the future would be huge with the first 3 picks. On top of that, getting an underrated DT who could possibly be a pro-bowler would go a long way to helping this DL. I also think Ballard signs a DT in FA. In round 3 Ballard gets help at safety with Winfield, who could play both FS and SS. This is a great foresight pick in case Hooker doesn't fully work out. Plus I don't believe we resign Geathers and having good depth at safety is very important in this defense. Harrison Bryant to me is the best TE in this draft, and he may be rising to the point where we'd have to use a 2nd on him, but for right now this is where his draft stock is valued. He compares to George Kittle according to NFL.com's combine breakdown on him. We could use a great TE, one we haven't had in some time. Rounds 4-7 Ballard gets a very underrated RG in Lewis who helped anchor that very good LSU OL. Perine is a physical runner we could use to share time with Mack and Hines, along with Wilkins. We currently lack a bigger back who can wear defenses down. Perine is that. Van Jefferson is a Senior Bowl standout who is a very good route running WR. Along with Lamb, Indy's WR core is revamped. Davis is a good depth DT late in the draft as well.
  9. Falcons select RB JK Dobbins to replace Devonta Freeman who is rumored on the way out.
  10. How about just until the Colts pick in round 3. Then we can stop.
  11. I could see a very talented OT being available at 34 should Ballard choose to select Castonzo's successor at LT. Someone like Josh Jones or Austin Jackson could be there.
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