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  1. I think he can be replaced next offseason. Hopefully with an impact NT in the early part of the draft.
  2. Can someone enlighten me on the 2020 class for TEs. With Ebron struggling, I could see Ballard letting him walk, which would then create a hole we would need to fill at TE. Doyle is a good run blocking/gadget TE, but we will need that TE who is a matchup nightmare for LBers and DBs. One TE I really like is a local prospect, Brycen Hopkins from Purdue.
  3. We should be able to run the ball at will again this Sunday, and that'll help our defense stay off the field. In regards to our defense, getting Leonard and Hooker possibly back will be huge. I expect our strong performance against KC to hopefully continue with the added playmakers we'll be getting back. Not to mention we had success defensively against Watson and Hopkins in the playoff game from last year.
  4. I really like Curtis Weaver from Boise State. If he could be had late round 2 or so I'd be all for getting him to take the place of Sheard long term.
  5. I’m surprised Ryan Kelly isn’t high up on the list.
  6. Really hope Turay comes back with a vengeance next year and finds a way to stay healthy.
  7. Their corners are certainly more successful when playing man, since most of them are at their best when playing man compared to zone. Wilson, Ya-Sin, and Desir certainly are better at man than zone.
  8. Smith could be better at RG, but I would much rather address the DT position way before drafting a OT high in the draft next year. Costanzo still has another 3 good years left in him, and our OL is great right now, provided we get some depth players in the later rounds with promise. Unless a stud OT is available, gotta keep beefing up this defense.
  9. We need to see what Banogu and Tyquan Lewis can do for us at DE with the Turay injury. Hoping that our coaches are putting both players in positions to succeed. DT needs to be highly addressed next offseason though. Hunt should be replaced, and adding talent at DT who possess more strength and pocket collapsing ability will dramatically help our outside pass rushers and make this a potentially feared DL.
  10. This really does suck for him. I'm starting to fear that he is simply injury prone. Hoping he proves me wrong and comes back next year better than ever. He has so much ability as an outside rusher.
  11. As good as he could be he’s WAY too injury prone.
  12. If Love is there with the Skins 2nd rounder why not take him? He has an elite arm and could sit behind Brissett for a year to allow him to possibly take over the league in 2021. And Ballard has plenty of draft picks to work with so he can still address other needs.
  13. Yeah next years WR class is legit. Ballard even thinks so. I could see Chris adding another WR at some point in next years draft for sure.
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