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  1. Worse than that. TWO missed xp (on one of them, the Ravens almost ran back for 2 points.) THREE missed fg (one was given a do-over.)
  2. Good news = we won't collapse like this for the next 120 16-point 4th quarter leads.
  3. Were they cheerleaders?
  4. "Baltimore - or - Indianapolis" Well, the odds-makers have Baltimore by 7.
  5. For me it's hard to distinguish between the Indy and Baltimore Colts. I don't even know when they moved, but I'm glad they did.
  6. You need to eliminate Player - comments that aren't current.
  7. You should go for fast food more often--they always remind you about fries there!
  8. Are you saying he is a sleeper? Or did you mean "sheep"?
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