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  1. If you think "we have a decent shot at a WC at 10-7", then we DEFINITELY (not MAYBE) have a shot at 11-6.
  2. Here are some other numbers: 3rd in 2020 1st in Sept. 2021 3.14159
  3. "everything is random." Where did you get this nonsense? Every injury is caused, so something can be done to avoid them.
  4. True, but only 10 pt. lead in 4th quarter.
  5. Worse than that. TWO missed xp (on one of them, the Ravens almost ran back for 2 points.) THREE missed fg (one was given a do-over.)
  6. Good news = we won't collapse like this for the next 120 16-point 4th quarter leads.
  7. Were they cheerleaders?
  8. "Baltimore - or - Indianapolis" Well, the odds-makers have Baltimore by 7.
  9. For me it's hard to distinguish between the Indy and Baltimore Colts. I don't even know when they moved, but I'm glad they did.
  10. You need to eliminate Player - comments that aren't current.
  11. You should go for fast food more often--they always remind you about fries there!
  12. Are you saying he is a sleeper? Or did you mean "sheep"?
  13. At the point when Wentz is not our best qb.
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