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  1. Dr. T

    Dear NFL

    Oh and let's not forget when it was fourth down and 5 and they run into the kicker and all of a sudden it's still short by inches!
  2. Dr. T

    Dear NFL

    Let's not forget the helmet to helmet hit by them (on Hines I think) where the ref threw the flag and THEN PICKED IT UP with no explanation! The replay clearly showed it was a helmet to helmet hit and the announcers did not even question why the flag was picked up. And let's be clear, the defensive pass interference by Hairston was a push off by their tight end. It should have been offensive pass interference. Look at it again.
  3. Dr. T

    Touchdown Music

    Glad to hear that "Bang on the Drum" has been replaced. What do those lyrics have to do with football? "I don't want to work ... I want to bang on the drum all day!" "I don't want to play ... I want to bang on the drum all day!" You don't want to play? Like football? Huh?
  4. Dr. T

    NY Giants get Beal

    I bet we put a 3rd round bid also for Beal, but the giants knew this and picked him one spot ahead of us.
  5. Dr. T

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    I actually like this configuration a lot, although our season won't start this way. Certainly Leonard will get the first crack to start, but Adams at SAM (hits like a ton of bricks) and Zaire as the MIKE (leader of the defense for Syracuse for 3 straight years) would be awesome.
  6. Why does Hines only get a C+? He can play, KR, RB, slot WR and gunner. He's a swiss army knife who will play the Darren Sproles role in our offense. This kid may be the biggest offensive playmaker we got in this draft.
  7. Dr. T

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    Here is another video where the evaluator is asking, "Why is nobody talking about Matthew Adams?" It's pretty funny. All I can say is that when this kid hits you, you're going backwards. He also seems to have learned that stripping the ball is the cherry on top! Love this pick! He looks scary good!
  8. And with a total of 7 points, the winner of the Colts 2018 Draft Contest is .... THAT GUY ! Congrats! And to all of the losers (including me), better luck next year!
  9. Dr. T

    Day 2 Predictions

    36. WR: Sutton or Kirk 37. CB: Oliver or Jackson 49. DL: Hubbard or Hurst 67. LB: Leonard or Scales
  10. For the Tampa 2 zone, you don't need superstar corners. Look at our last super bowl winning team. They need to be fast and tall, but we don't need to spend another high pick for a shutdown corner. Those picks are needed for WR, OL, LB, DE and maybe a partner for Mack.
  11. Dr. T

    Joe Ostman

    He is also a favorite of mine. So much so, he is one of my picks in the draft contest (6th round, exactly)!
  12. Correct. We will know where this is going after the first pick.
  13. Dr. T

    Vander Esch and injuries

    He will not get past Pittsburgh.
  14. Put these picks (and a few back ups) in the draft contest Bro! Only three days to go!