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  1. Dr. T

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    It should have been his first NFL touchdown. He was wide open and jumped when he didn't need to. It's a mistake that happens to pee-wee players, not someone who is trying to break into an NFL lineup. That drop not only showed terrible technique, but more so a lack of confidence. If he lacked confidence before that play, now he is probably really spooked. For his sake, I hope he can get over it, more than we get over it.
  2. Dr. T

    What can we learn from the pats??

    The worst is a well-timed OL holding call to negate a big run play and instead make it first and twenty. Funny how that never seems to happen to them.
  3. Dr. T

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    We only scored six points because our receivers were being manhandled with PI which was not called and our OL was constantly having to deal with hands to the face which was not called.
  4. Dr. T

    Dee Ford

    Lining up offsides and costing your team a trip to the super bowl is surely not something desirable on his resume.
  5. It should not be done with a flag thrown by the HC (once per half for example), because once you use up your flag, an even more blatant mistake can happen later or the defense can play more aggressive because they know that the flag had already been thrown previously and their opponent can't throw another one, etc. It needs to be treated like a turnover and have them all reviewed by a central office. That also should include all potential personal fouls, such as roughing the passer/kicker, hands to the face, etc. as well as PI.
  6. Dr. T

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    I agree that the "dance" was directed at the ref who was ignoring holding by the chiefs O-line all day long. Autry was held and STILL got the sack, so yeah, it was stupid, but I can see where it came from.
  7. Hopefully they will have a whole year to get those stains out!
  8. Dr. T

    Who's going to the Titan's game?

    Yeah, I messed up. We arrived just as the Purdue game ended and got stuck in traffic. There were a lot of Notre Dame fans in the sports bar watching their game on Saturday. Let's hope that this Indy team does better than the two college ones.
  9. Dr. T

    Who's going to the Titan's game?

    That is Hilarious!! I thought someone would ask if she is the Mrs T who makes all those pirogies!
  10. Dr. T

    Who's going to the Titan's game?

    What about all of the Purdue fans that will be there on Saturday? How many will be staying another day to cheer on our Colts?
  11. I will be there with Mrs. T, although I would rather have a day game than a night game.What about all those people who had a flight going back to Indy on Sunday night? Does the NFL help you switch your tickets or pay your hotel for another night? (said sarcastically) Luckily we're driving up from Alabama and already planned to stay Sunday night. Go Colts!!
  12. Dr. T

    Dear NFL

    Oh and let's not forget when it was fourth down and 5 and they run into the kicker and all of a sudden it's still short by inches!
  13. Dr. T

    Dear NFL

    Let's not forget the helmet to helmet hit by them (on Hines I think) where the ref threw the flag and THEN PICKED IT UP with no explanation! The replay clearly showed it was a helmet to helmet hit and the announcers did not even question why the flag was picked up. And let's be clear, the defensive pass interference by Hairston was a push off by their tight end. It should have been offensive pass interference. Look at it again.
  14. Dr. T

    Touchdown Music

    Glad to hear that "Bang on the Drum" has been replaced. What do those lyrics have to do with football? "I don't want to work ... I want to bang on the drum all day!" "I don't want to play ... I want to bang on the drum all day!" You don't want to play? Like football? Huh?
  15. Dr. T

    NY Giants get Beal

    I bet we put a 3rd round bid also for Beal, but the giants knew this and picked him one spot ahead of us.