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  1. Didn't Holden fill in for Castonzo and do well? What's wrong with Holden?
  2. Even though BlueStallion picked both Dayo and Paye, the winner of this year's Colts Draft Contest is craigerb for holding on to his first day's lead. Congrats, and for the rest of us, better luck next year!
  3. Check this out and you may feel better.
  4. Nope. He is old for a rookie and has very short arms. I would be shocked if we picked him.
  5. Stone Forsythe Is the prototypical specimen for an LT in the NFL (tall with long arms and big hands), but for some reason he is being projected as a guard or RT at best. Is he too tall?
  6. Defjamz!! You should have joined the contest this year!
  7. Oh no Dan! You switched your pick of Paye in the first round in the Draft contest and could have been tied for the lead!! Dang!
  8. Chad is correct. A few of you gave extra picks or hypothetical picks outside of the six slots the Colts have in this draft and they will not count. It's fun to speculate about, but we have to follow the rules as I outlined them at the very beginning of this thread.
  9. After Day #1, the clear leader is craigerb who is batting 1000 (perfect six points) so far! Not only did craig predict that we would stay put at #21, but also nailed the pick of Kwity Paye. Amazing ...
  10. Round 1 - #21 A. Sam Cosmi OT Texas B. Jayson Oweh Edge Penn St C. Teven Jenkins OT OSU Round 2 - #54 A. Tommy Tremble TE ND B. Ronnie Perkins Edge OK C. Liam Eichenberg OT ND Round 4 - #127 A. Elerson Smith Edge N Iowa B. Hunter Long TE BC C. Charles Snowden LB/Edge Virginia Round 5 - #165 A. Robert Rochell CB Central Ark B. Simi Fehoko WR Stanford C. Austin Watkins WR UAB Round 6 - #206 A. JaCoby Stevens S LSU B. Tarron Jackson Edge Coastal Carolina C. Will Bradley-
  11. Paye has an amazing backstory, but if you notice, the kid has strabismus, the medical term for being cross-eyed. When developed acutely (usually by trauma), it almost always causes double vision (diplopia), but most adults have it as a chronic condition caused by having a dominant eye during childhood. The weak or "lazy" eye (amblyopia) can be treated as a child (usually best if before the age of 5) by patching the good eye to avoid strabismus later, but this often does not happen. As a result, many adults with chronic strabismus have the ability to avoid diplopia by having their brain develop
  12. I agree with you BlueShoe. Ojulari is a stud, but probably won't last until #21.
  13. I was uncharacteristically brave and did 4 trades and wound up with this haul: 26 Teven Jenkins OT Ok St (lost Cosmi by trading 21) 54 Ronnie Perkins Edge OK 110 Tommy Tremble TE ND 155 Charles Snowden LB Virginia 165 Ben St Juste CB Minny 172 Will Bradley-King DE Baylor 206 Jacoby Stevens S LSU 248 Tarron Jackson Edge Costal Carolina I would be THRILLED with this draft!!
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