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  1. Blocked out in Alabama too. I called in and was furious, but to no avail.
  2. Harcourt Fenton Mudd, that is!
  3. I have to admit that I was impressed with his highlight video. He's seems very instinctive and does not stop until the play is over. If he eventually takes over for Walker, he will need to call the plays for the defense and that is a lot to ask for a rookie, especially from such a small school. And I bet at the time he was picked, he would have "stumped the truck" with this highlight reel.
  4. I feel the same way. I watched some of Willis' game highlights and don't see anything really special. Yes, he has high character, but I would have preferred Abrams, Savage or Hooker. I really don't get moving up for him, but I suspect that out preferred picks got snatched a couple of times in this draft and many of these selections (except for Paris) were not out first choices. As far as SS goes, the UDFA we picked up from Miss State has a better highlight reel in my opinion.
  5. Colin was probably right about Murphy, but the Cards picked him right before us. So we had a choice to pick Rock or trade down and we made the pick. Chase would have been a good pick. I wanted Zack Allen, but both dropped to the third round. We could have had either, but picked Banogu instead.That's a head scratcher for me, but so was Leonard last year. Finally, I admit that Paris was a good pick, although I was guessing Butler. I suppose that Funchess already fills the the big WR role, so we didn't need another one. Paris has much more versatility, so I'm happy about that one. As far as Colin goes, I'm glad that he's a fan and am curious what he thinks about the three picks we made instead of the ones he predicted.
  6. He's a mauler. UAB averaged about 180 yards rushing per game.
  7. I heard we signed an OL from my school, UAB. His name is Rishard Cook We also got ... WR Penny Hart from GA St WR Ashton Dulin from Malone? TE Hale Hentges from Alabama DL Sterling Shippy from Alcorn St DT Jordan Thompson from Northwestern CB Shak Taylor from Kansas DB Jamal Peters from Miss St S Corey Turner frim Louisiana-Lafayette Any of these guys any good?
  8. Similar to Day #1, there were not many correct guesses on Day #3. So that means, the winner of this year's Dr. T's Colt's Draft Contest is ... CLEM-DOG !! For the rest of us ... there's always next year!
  9. I agree with NewColtsFan that I was also wrong about everything and that Ya-Sin and Campbell were great picks. I was really disappointed that we didn't get Burns, but now it seems that Ben has similar stats with a bigger body size. Of course I never heard of him. Still don't know about how Bobby fits in. I would not have predicted that we would need more linebackers. I'm kinda happy with the ones we have, but I guess we can always get better
  10. At the end of Day #2, 15 out of 26 contestants got at least one selection correct! But the present leader, guessing two correctly, with a total of 6 points is .... CLEM-DOG !! Can any of you others do better today? WE SHALL SEE !!
  11. Miami will be tanking for Tua next year. No way they pick up a decent rookie QB this year. I don't see them trading with us.
  12. Take it with a grain of salt. Lot's of lies buzzing around these days.
  13. Didn't they met with Abrams? The problem with this list is that the majority of them are Day 3 guys. Or UDFAs ...
  14. One of the benefits (for us this year) of having the draft spread out over three days, is that Ballard has all day today to field calls about potential trades and make plans for each contingency.
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