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  1. What do you all think of Cole MCDonald from Hawai'i as a later round pick? I think he looks better than the FIU kid.
  2. He will be gone before our pick. Especially if Tua goes back for his senior year.
  3. If you are an ortho guy, I will defer to your obvious knowledge. However, as a brain guy, maybe the brace didn't affect JB physically, but perhaps having it on messed with his head.
  4. Yes, JB is hurt. He has a MCL strain and has a huge, bulky brace on his knee. He can't set to throw. He can't run as fast. Maybe he will need surgery after the season is over, or maybe not.
  5. They might, if CB and FR believe that JB is too injured to play. Ebron went on IR for much less.
  6. I'm not sure about that. Do you have stats to back up this statement? The flaw that I saw with JB when he first joined us was that he had no touch. Everything was a laser beam, thrown as hard as possible. The coaches have clearly worked with him in that regard and this problem has improved a lot. I think that his problem now is that he can't plant and move properly with that clunky brace on this knee.
  7. I would replace the word "bad" with the word "injured". When healthy, JB is not a bad QB.
  8. An uninjured JB is more than a good enough QB for us, but not with that Frankenstein brace on his knee. Ever since he's been injured, JB has been off with his timing and hesitant to the point that he doesn't want to throw a pick. Our WRs are banged up and it didn't help that we didn't really have true practices during the short week. We are what we are ... and I don't think it will be good enough this year. If we get in the playoffs by some miracle, we will have to play BALT and/or NE away from home, and we will get embarrassed.
  9. Lack of killer instinct by Reich was seen on the last drive and it was disappointing. Third and one and we run it up the gut and lose yardage. Why not try something out of the box like a quick slant or something? If we catch them all playing the run, we could have maybe got a TD rather than a field goal attempt. And even if we got the FG, we still left too much time on the clock. I wish Reich would have gone for the kill and quit using analytics and depending on Vinny so much.
  10. Prior to the game on another thread, I stated that there is always home cookin' by the refs, especially in Pittsburgh, and a few posters scoffed at me. Can I say "I told you so" now?
  11. We will be playing in Pittsburgh and there is always home cookin' in those games. Just look at that Miami successful fourth down that got reversed. What a bunch of hooey.
  12. He's still available and is the most logical choice to replace AV because he played with us during preseason and did petty well as I recall.
  13. Janikowski went bad at the end as well and he did the right thing. He retired.
  14. Yes. And the meme would be: "Why would you need Luck if you've got Love" or something like that!
  15. Lots of chargers OL holding that didn't get called.
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