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  1. We have a great defense, but must practice defending against the bomb more. JT or Eason needs to chunk a bunch deep and let our secondary defend it, because against AR we sucked at this.
  2. He's a rookie. Marlon Mack was supposed to be RB1 this year. JT has shown flashes, but also made some rookie mistakes. His confidence will grow with more experience and you will see his full potential then. Remember, Hines is much better this year than his rookie year.
  3. I wanted Claypool AND Pittman. Picking JT was something I did not expect, but happy we got him.
  4. Chase was picked up by the Vikings and was placed on their practice squad ... one millisecond later they cut him?
  5. I thought that it was agreed that all teams get to keep 80 players this year. If this is so, then we will only cut 10 players and they will all be eligible for the practice squad. If this is NOT true, no way in hell do we get rid of Eason. (Unless he kills somebody or robs a bank or something!)
  6. It will be the Washington Warriors. And the logo can stay the same or change to a spear like the Florida State college football team.
  7. Philip Rivers and Xavier Rhodes ...
  8. I wonder if you guys will change your mind after he wins a Super Bowl with OUR Colts this year ...
  9. Awesome show. Interesting AND entertaining. Highly recommended viewing for all Colt fans!
  10. Weird. They had Donnal as the starting RT for the whole game and Leonard hardly did anything. However, Mack, Doyle, Rivers and Pittman would have been happy if this SIM happened for real.
  11. I bet it was a smokescreen. We wanted Pittman and the LOGICAL choice for GB was to draft a WR in the first round. So we start a rumor that we had a trade partner at the end of the first round if the conditions were right (Isn't this what someone from the Colts admitted?) and everyone knew that we were studying Love. Heck we talked to him the night before the draft, right? (and we let that leak.) So GB doesn't want to miss out on Love and they jump up ahead of where they though we were going to go. Then Ballard tells us that he never had any intention of doing this and was eating popcorn as the
  12. We were very lucky to get Taylor. If there were not so many excellent WRs in this year's draft, he definitely would have been taken in the first round. I'm stoked to see what he can do in the shoe!
  13. He reminds me of Kenny Moore II (who is only 5'9, but 190 lbs).
  14. Don't worry. He will get both this next year with us!
  15. Don't forget that Farve sucked as a rookie with the Falcons and was traded to GB, where he was coached and then alowed to let his natural gifts take over.
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