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  1. You are correct jvan1973, and I missed it because you spelled Tanor's name wrong, but you still get 4 points. Unfortunately, your total was 4.5 so Archer still wins! Wow, that was closer than I thought and getting three picks right was amazing!
  2. Thank you friends, and yes I am fine. I just thought it was time to pass the baton after 25 years and maybe I'll finally win this contest some day! I am so happy that Chad is going to continue this and look forward to competing with the rest of you next year! Love you all!
  3. Archer ... with a total of 5 points for nailing perfectly the Jaylon Carlies pick at #151. Congrats!! The only other person to perfectly hit on a player for 5 points was Solid84 for picking Tanor Bortolini at #117, but he was deducted a point for predicting a trade back, which was wrong. Ohhh nooo!!! Other shout outs go to jvan1973 and PureLuck, who both got 2 players right, but in the wrong slots. I think it was Latu that threw us all off. We never thought we would get him and I think it affected all the picks after that resulting in our worse predictions collectively for the past 25 years of the contest! Oh well ... next year will be different because Chad72 has agreed to take over this contest (maybe for the next 25 years?) and I am going to retire! Thanks everyone for doing this every year with me. LOVE YOU ALL and GO COLTS!!
  4. No, just getting the round right will not get you the full points.
  5. So no one is predicting a trade up for Marvin Harrison Jr? 🤫🤪
  6. Thanks Ohio! Ok, I switch my Rd6 A pick to Isaac Guerendo RB Louisville
  7. I picked Arnold, but would be disappointed with either one at #15.
  8. Round 1 - #15 A. Brian Thomas Jr WR LSU B. Quinyon Mitchell CB Toledo C. Cooper DeJean CB Iowa Round 2 - #46 A. Marshawn Kneeland DE WMich B. Ricky Pearsall WR Fla C. Ruke Orhorhoro DT Clemson Round 3 - #82 A. Cam Hart CB ND B. Malachi Corley WR/RB WKentcky C. Maason Smith DT LSU Round 4 - #117 A. Mason McCormick OG/C SDakSt B. Khristian Boyd OG/C NIowa C. Theo Johnson TE PennSt Round 5 - # 151 A. Tip Reiman TE Illinois B. Eric Watts DE Conn C. Jalyx Hunt LB HouChristian Round 6 - # 191 A. Sebastian Castro LB/SS Iowa B. Miles Cole DE/DT TxTech C. Elijah Jones CB BC Round 7 - # 234 A. Ryan Watts S TX B. Jordan Magee LB Temple C. Frank Crum OT Wyoming I predict a trade down from #15.
  9. No, Ha! I think I got the numbering wrong, but still not sure to be honest. Is it 117, 151, 191 or 116, 150, 190? Anybody know for sure?
  10. Correction: These three rounds are one less. Sorry about that. Round 4 - #116 A, B, C Round 5 - #150 A, B, C Round 6 - #190 A, B, C
  11. Welcome once again to Dr. T’s annual, official, Colts Draft Contest for 2024! Believe it or not, this is the 25th year we are doing this since the first contest was the Edgerrin James draft of 1999! With only seven choices this year, we needed to be creative again. So, contestants will be asked to select an A, B, and C choice for ALL rounds. Correctly choosing choice A merits 5 points, while correctly choosing choice B or C instead will merit 4 and 3 points respectively. If one of your "A" selections is chosen, but in a different round than you predicted, you get 2 points, if one of your "B" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 1 point, and if one of your "C" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 0.5 points. In addition, we will have a bonus question again this year and give everyone the opportunity to predict if the Colts will trade their #15 pick! The choices will be: trade up, trade back, stay put or you can also abstain from guessing. Like last year, if you predict correctly, you earn one point, but if you are incorrect, you will be DEDUCTED one point. If you don’t want to risk it, you can also abstain (no harm, no foul). For those that do not answer this question, the default is that this is a vote to abstain. If AND ONLY IF there is no clear winner at the end of the 7 rounds of the draft, the contest will be extended for ALL participants in which everyone will also be awarded one point for each collegiate free agent you predicted would be drafted by the Colts but was instead signed by the Colts after the draft. Make your choices here by listing the round, choice A, B, or C for each round, with the name of the player, position and school AND your prediction on whether the Colts will trade the #15 pick this year. You may also write with each choice a little blurb explaining your rationale. Your 21 Colts selections and draft question this year are as follows: Round 1 - #15 A, B, C Round 2 - #46 A, B, C Round 3 - #82 A, B, C Round 4 - #117 A, B, C Round 5 - #151 A, B, C Round 6 - #191 A, B, C Round 7 - #234 A, B, C BONUS: Will the Colts trade the #15 pick this year? 1) Yes, they will trade up. 2) Yes, they will trade back. 3) No, they will stay put. 4) I don’t want to risk losing a point and will abstain. Please be a good sport and do not just copy other contestant's selections. You can easily do some research on your own, since plenty of free draft services are available on the web. You also can make changes to your selections, but this can only be done before the contest is closed on Thursday at 11:00 AM CST April 25, 2024, on the first day of the draft. Good luck and let the best GM win!
  12. Now that we re-signed Kenny Moore, he will lead the CB room and the Colts may not feel that we need another veteran in there. Otherwise, why not bring Gilmore back?
  13. I think that Ballard's biggest recent mistake (a few yers ago) was singing Matt freaking Ryan with his expensive contract instead of picking up Baker Mayfield who wanted to come here for much cheaper. But if the bonehead Ryan decision did not happen, we may still have Reich as coach and not have had the opportunity to draft Richardson. I guess my point is that whoever evaluated Ryan vs Baker at the time could not have been more wrong and Ballard as GM signed off on it.
  14. If 2024 is considered year one for Richardson and he continues to improve, Ballard will last another four years at least. But if Richardson is a flop, Ballard will then be a goner much sooner, IMHO.
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