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    I have been a long time member of the Colt's forum & a BIG Colt's fan-- but lost all my post counts when it was updated. I read it everyday but rarely post my comments. Love to read everyone's comments. Go Colts!! Big Arena Football fan, XFL, Spring league.

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  1. Well maybe in 4 yrs or so, the Colts can sign AJ Vinatieri after he is done at college and keep him for many years! Seriously--- Hot Rod obviously has an injury and most likely will not be 100% for the next game. Colts better bring in someone to do the job while he is getting well! I feel Rod is very sure of himself and knows his body and he's not right at the moment!
  2. Ravens QB is kind of wild and crazy, so we need to play even harder............but I say Ravens 28, Colts 17
  3. Mo Alie Cox needs more time on the field! Secret weapon!
  4. Thunderbolt...definately yes!! This cannot go on anymore. Can any of them give 100% on the field? Where do we start...the coach, the O-Line, etc... What's the first thing that needs to happen?? A QB that can be mobile?? This is getting old.
  5. Burn you once, burn you twice...cmon Frank no more stupid plays! You don't keep running in the middle of those gangster players on the Rams!!! Wake up!!
  6. What in the hell? Can't they give Wentz 3 secs to get the ball thrown?? This is going to be a long day.
  7. The team will beef it up won't they? They will want to look super good.
  8. Jim asked them to win the first game at home, someone wasn't listening! Play like you mean it boys!
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