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    I have been a long time member of the Colt's forum & a BIG Colt's fan-- but lost all my post counts when it was updated. I read it everyday but rarely post my comments. Love to read everyone's comments. Go Colts!!

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  1. Nancy

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    But did you see her pictures she has posted?? I'm thinking..if he just walked by her in a tight space, he might not be able to not touch her! I'm talking biggy- booty bootier! Whoa! Let's hope he wasn't for real.
  2. Nancy

    New cheerleader unis...

    So how does the Colt's uni look compared to the others?? I still think it's not that great.
  3. WISH-tv was just posting the article from another's been all over the internet the past few days trying to pressure the bands to drop out. You missed the point. Will this help their cause?
  4. Personally, keep the sports and "politics" separate. These people have the $$ to head up some project to promote whatever they are passionate about, but why asking others to do what they are wanting? Like they are saying Maroon 5 should pull out of the Superbowl halftime show. Your thoughts!
  5. Nancy

    mo alie cox

    We need all the 6'5" tight ends we can put on the field that make a difference.
  6. This will be weird to some but when the game is on at home, I light a candle each time the Colts have the ball. I blow them out at halftime then start over in the 3rd quarter! Yep, it's my ritual plus my house smells good!
  7. Nancy

    New cheerleader unis...

    They had an idea but didn't do a good me they look like recital costumes or circus outfits. I love the horseshoe on the back but they aren't very sexy like the gals should wear! Sorry designer.
  8. Nancy

    Colts and actors who could play them I see this Miracle Ear commercial on tv and I keep telling my hubby that it's Frank Reich doing the commercial or he has a brother that is! Check it out!
  9. Nancy

    So... Uh...

    Luck is hot! Stache, muscles and flip phone!
  10. Nancy

    Vote For Your Favorite Colts Cheer Finalist!

    Why did it take me forever to find where to vote for the cheerleaders?? Please make it easier to find!
  11. I would be totally thrilled if the Colts got Mike Gesicki of Penn State !!!