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    I have been a long time member of the Colt's forum & a BIG Colt's fan-- but lost all my post counts when it was updated. I read it everyday but rarely post my comments. Love to read everyone's comments. Go Colts!!

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  1. Maybe Rivers is "worn out" from family life.......after all he has 20 kids doesn't he and a wife to tend to...
  2. Where did Moe-Allie Cox go? I've watched the whole game thinking he did a great job last week. Injured? Where are the tight ends and WR's? Hilton is washed up too. Rivers can't move or see. Geeez!
  3. I don't agree that he should be in the hall of fame but strange stuff happens now.
  4. Maybe Andrew will be in form in time for the Newer XFL with the Rock!
  5. Enjoyed the video! p.s. Lara Overton needs to quit playing with the black sharpie!
  6. Yea but did he (Vince) give it enough time to make any $$? IMO, no. Now 2 leagues shut down this year, XFL, AFL. :(
  7. This is crazy to me...they had a good product. What the hell?! This makes me sad.
  8. Some of the players are reported to have the Corona virus so good thing they did suspend for this year. I'm sad but hopefully everyone gets well.
  9. Looks like the XFL is done for this year because of the Corona Virus also. Darn!
  10. Yea Myles, it's a good void for football, but I also was a big arena football fan too. I would guess that maybe 8 players out of the league could get an interest from the NFL. I think there's some really good players in the XFL but my hubby says it's not the high level of the NFL. If I were looking for some players, I would definately check out some of these players.
  11. Jacoby was at the game yesterday and said he wouldn't fit in with the XFL since there are too many microphones around and he cusses too much! He was there to support PJ Walker..plus they are saying that PJ just may be the MVP of the league if he continues on doing what he does. I am having so much fun watching these games!!
  12. PJ Walker did get the XFL Star player of the week! I think his style of play works real well in the XFL, but no sure he would do as well with the NFL. I know he's shorter than 6' and I think a QB needs to be 6'2" or taller. I do see some other players with Indiana ties too, Reece Horn that went to Cathedral and U of I college.
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