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  1. I agree you can't pay Q big and get a quality LT and have enough money to keep us competitive else where. Slide out or ride out...unless Pryor has it in him...
  2. Years of solid hard work and great character>one cheap play against a team with a dirty secondary...O'Doyle rules...
  3. Last time we played the Ravens Elliot targeted Doyle's head... super cheap shot I'm sure there was some chatter..
  4. Don't forget Dayo is coming off IR soon. Muhammed and Lewis have looked good. I'm over Banogu, and Turay is allright situationally. I think we will be fine here and don't have a choice but to stay cheap here if we keep QN. We could use secondary help a true FS or CB. We probably won't resign TY. The way Fisher is playing I would say let Pryor have a series on the left.
  5. Well we should throw him out a little more in the Redzone atleast. Was I the only one seeing what the kid was doing...it wasn't everyday catches and he does it consistently and got a lot of outside the organization notice..we will end up releasing him to go light the league on fire somewhere else...
  6. Does Campbell do anything else besides drop balls that are contested...no Def no ST... I rather see Dulin than Campbell
  7. I look at players like Strachan and I'm baffled how he hasn't seen the field more. Has arguably the second best catch of the year, and mad two huge 1st down rec on 3rd down all against Seattle. And gets benched. While Campbell drops the ball everytime a guy breathes on him. Strachan fights like a dawg for the ball. I'd like to see Rochell get an increase in action...I like Stewart but the rest of the DTs blow... cut Stallworths, Banogus, and Williams, Woods counts... we could honestly cut Woods for another position. We need to randomly line Buckner up across the line just to disrupt player assignments for the opposing o line..Donald does it
  8. He just got there if they play him it's low snaps working his count up slowly...but I wouldn't be shocked if he has done well.
  9. We have weak coverage from safetys and LBers and it's killing us, Okereke has been awful I thought he was supposed to be good in coverage...it's seems like all our safetys love to stop the run and short pass and that's it...we have played 2 SS so to speak all year lol...hopefully we get the Old Willis soon. I wish we never let Chachere go he would be a key piece playing CB and S both at a avg to good level...
  10. Our D has been the same for years now and most teams know how to expose its weaknesses now...Matt has yet developed a counter...
  11. We should really consider kicking Buck around the line a bit like Darnold does...
  12. Not one word was brought up til he missed the PAT. Rumor is it flared up pregame... no diagnosis or results given. He is just gonna kick through mystery pain and hope for the best... Either it's an excuse or we are dumb for not resting him awhile...
  13. So did we get MRI results or a diagnosis for Blankenship, I guess he gets to keep kicking and missing before we Diagnosis his injury...wow
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