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  1. I believe Houston was on the feild more than Autry too. Never mind Autry was played a bit more.
  2. I like both Houston and Autry, but why so much more for Houston? The have similar stats and Autry can play DT and DE. He is also less injury prone. I personally think that is way too much for Houston. I agree with all your other offers.
  3. Yep dont rush a guy, make the team awesome and let the right guy fall to us. If the a potential prospect falls to us or we get who we want let him learn from Eason. We have some big names to sign and I trust Ballard to draft more to sign. Always good to have open cap space. These youngsters are gonna be battling for that paper.
  4. I feel same way as you, do we just let Eason run a season and save cap space. Draft guys for depth (QB if we get the Staffs choice to land right) , sign a few CBs, a good T/G and maybe a TE. If we go 500 take a QB next draft. This would let us build a stronger more complete team and have the cap ready for when the franchise QB choice is made.
  5. My first choice is Watson then Prescott, if we can get that lucky. If not names like Stafford, Mariota, and Garropalo come to mind.
  6. Anyone here believe Marcus Mariota could be salvageable?I bet we could get him cheap. He could make a good place holder until we have our guy here and ready.
  7. I'd rather draft a QB, resign Kelly, and let them all fight for the spot than bring back JB.
  8. Wow I just looked at Staffords stats, it hard to believe the Lions couldn't have finished with a better record. Stafford did better than I would have thought. 2017 wasnt so hot and '18 wasnt bad.
  9. That's close to Phil's pay. I dont think he would live up to that value. It's nice if he does and we can be competitive while finding our future QB. Maybe we are better off drafting a QB and using our picks and money to make a complete team to plug the right guy in when luck strikes.
  10. I probably worded it poorly, butI meant either go cheap if you cant get dak. Or pay for Dak if he does hit the market. I dont think other vets outside of watson or prescott are worth the money. Rather have guys on rookie contracts and a strong team.
  11. Maybe not, but he would be hard to pass. He stats are top notch in the league he would be a top 5 QB for sure in Indy.
  12. Wouldnt be upset with Stafford but I feel like he has a one and done playoff ceiling. Would have to have a great team around him.
  13. Prescott is worth 35 million not much more though.
  14. What's confusing lol. If Dak doesn't hit the market go cheap this year if dak does go for him. I'm really not about trading for wentz or Stafford. Better off drafting.
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