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  1. Well it was a Grigs move to sign Rhodes now. Reminds me of the Andre Johnson signing.
  2. WR, CB, and TE. We need a true #1 CB for Rock to compete with, and Rivers needs a tall redzone target with good hands.
  3. Better chance on Claypool being there. I honestly think Claypool is the better of the two, Higgins just is hyped up more for playing at Clemson.
  4. I hope Claypool is still on the board here...
  5. WR Geronimo Allison would be a good pick up...
  6. Lets trade the Texans JB and Rivers and our 6th rnd pick for Watson and Watt. I think Obrien will do it...
  7. Your just judging the reciever not the QB. Watch some video of Rivers, a very high percentage of his passes are thrown high or jump balls. He rarely throws ball chest level. Its his style of play.
  8. If you look at the receivers he has favored and had success with they all were big bodied possession wrs or TE like. He throws better high. Watch his tape, he rarely hits guys in stride. I think Phillip can do good here in Indy but he needs some big toys to be successful...
  9. From what I saw in preseason games he looked like a quality backup. I was mad when Tolzien was playing and Walker wasnt. I mean irate...
  10. Im talking more of high throws than deep throws. He seems like he throw a better go get it kind of pass than hitting guys in stride.
  11. He'll need to go into camp with a sense of urgency then. He's been here awhile needs to push himself to next level and slide into some playing time. I still feel like we need more help ag TE.
  12. We should shoot for Clowney or Logan Ryan either would help us out immensely on Defense after losing Sheard and Desir.
  13. Could we sign Logan Ryan to shore up our secondary?
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