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  1. Move back a few slots for extra pick(s)2nds or 3rds. Grab Rousseau late in the 1st. Get the best LT with 2nd pick. Grab a TE or LB with 3rd and 4th pick. This would be my strategy, unless there's a team out there with a young stud DE on a rookie contract wanting our 1st rounder?
  2. Plus I think Rousseau is better physically and is just cracking the lid on his potential.
  3. Gregory Rousseau, the man is a freak of nature. He reminds me of Issiah Simmons last year or of Metcalf. A freakish athlete with high ceiling and motor. He will be s guy turning heads and leaving people wondering why they choose any DE over him...
  4. Rousseau is gonna be the one of the bunch. Phillips has a long history of concussions, he should be a no go. Bring us Rousseau, we will regret not drafting him if given the chance.
  5. Clowney on the cheap would be a great deal. His run defense is so unappreciated. And after losing Walker, Autry, Houston. And Muhammad we need that.
  6. I hope the first pick can be Rousseau or Phillips from the U. One of those two lines up next to DeFo has potential for devastation. We always get stellar players from Miami, Reg and Edge...
  7. Pittman will blossom. That catch he almost made against Buffalo showed he's all in for the game.
  8. You can if the man dont play to that 8 digit contract...
  9. I agree, he got a damn good deal. I know he knows our system and is a good captain. I hope he can play to the level of this contract.
  10. Well Ballard got it done. Props relieved my worry.
  11. I just dont see it, we have way more holes on defense. Plus I like Wentz but I think it will take more time to get him back to form than it took Rivers. I think the offense has a higher ceiling, but the defense dropped to middle of the pack. Theres still signings and the draft to come.
  12. I might be a little critical on how quick we sign a guy. I just honestly feel it's the weakest position group on the team. And I know we need vets there because drafted corners take time to develop, more time than any position in the game. Thanks for the list. The Mack signing got to me a bit. I respect the guy and think hes great. I was shocked we added him to are already deep and cheap backfield.
  13. A good pass rush does help a secondary out. If Tell comes back strong and Roger's steps up we can be average in the secondary.
  14. I never said one player work him into a deal. And Hines is a legit starter or back up let's not kid ourselves.
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