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  1. There was PI on that pass to Pascal that would have been a 1st down.
  2. Garrett should be get 1yr. Pouncey 2 games. Rudolf a fine, obi 2 games.
  3. I think the Pats are good enough to take him aboard win and retire him to rub it in Irsays face. Imho. I still think we should cut him.
  4. I think this has Irsay all over it. Hes msking Ballard and Reich back up Vinny... I think hes scared Pats will steal the retirement thunder. I do believe the Pars would sign him to finish there. Carry two kickers.
  5. Hes not a scape goat but he has been a big piece to 3 losses. Two which were very much in his control. His poor play is demoralizing and negatively hurting the franchise. Severe the ties.
  6. There have been some games where Ive seen him pumped on the sideline. The dude has stayed out of trouble, had a great preseason, has shown nothing but being a good teamate. Im all for giving him a shot to play if Brissett is out and Hoyer sucks. Dude had talent and a high ceiling, he will make it somewhere.
  7. Im sure Irsay and Ballards biggest fear is they release him and some how he fixes this slump by some chance. Signs with Pats and wins superbowl and everyone saying they gave up on him. Unlikely to happen but if it did everyones heads would be spinning. I still say cutting him is the right move. Numbers dont lie, almost every free agent kicker available hits 95+ % on pats. We need those points.
  8. Option 4, Vinny showed signes of decline last year. Colts were right to stick out then, but with 11 missed PATs and 3 games lost from Kicker error it's time for a change. I pick this one why was there not an option for what makes since now.
  9. I agree i believe it was a strip not a pick i think ebron had it long enought for a td. But it was close.
  10. Theres no proof that they asked Vinny not to retire, for all we know the Colts said retire or we might cut and he said i got this. He might be refusing, I think they brought those kickers in to light a fire. The proble. Is not will power, father time is taking adams reflexes.
  11. We should be 7-1, and we all know hy we aren't. We have a liability that needs to be adressed.
  12. Wow didnt realize dude was right there.
  13. I trully believe if.he missed that he wpuld.have hung'em up. They talked him out of it in the chargers game. This one would have hurt more.
  14. As long as he hits the clutch game winners. And doesnt cost us a game im good with it.
  15. He lives to kick another game...
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