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  1. Well it was a good thread while it lasted
  2. Ole EJ looks like he enjoys knocking the chocolate outa folks
  3. B or D for sure. Zoltans I’ll take as well
  4. I’ve heard people tout the 2020 draft much better offensively than the 2019. I’ve also heard Chris say he likes the defensive depth and OL depth in this draft. If Inman comes back I wouldn’t be shocked if Chris went all in on those two fronts. CB’s board no doubt looks a hell of a lot different from mine.... thank God.
  5. I must be the minority.... I really like Colin.
  6. Here here! And I for one love watching it play out.
  7. Exactly. Grow your own all stars through the draft and raise your overall median talent through FA. That’s the key for long term success and Chris knows it. Colts fans don’t have to look very far to see what doesn’t work ...( last regime)
  8. I for one like Funchess. He’s a good kid and I think a change of scenery and scheme will do wonders for him. I trust our offensive coaches to pull more out of him than they did in Carolina.
  9. Love the film on this kid. Man does he play hard. I’d take him.
  10. I think when AB said in an interview recently that he doesn’t need football .... that pretty much doomed him with CB if he wasn’t on thin ice already
  11. I really like this kid. He’s got really good vision and patience which can’t be taught, and once he cleans up a few things like blocking and ball control, I think he shuts down some of the naysayers.
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