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  1. Vexed

    Reality check

    Great points all
  2. Vexed

    Trust Ballard

    I sure wish this thread could get back on topic.... started out pretty interesting.
  3. Vexed

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    I wish people would quit bashing Jimmy. All he’s done since taking over this team is win. All billionaires are eccentric, but Jim is an interesting eccentric at least. Gotta love a guy with a guitar collection like his.
  4. Vexed

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    If this game draws a big audience and turns out to be a spectacular show..... it could be.
  5. Vexed

    Pagano to Bears

    I remember how charged this state was when Chuck was diagnosed and the team was winning for him. The way the community rallied around him. Was a special time I will remember fondly. I sincerely wish Chuck the best and hope he does great..... except against the SHOE!
  6. Vexed

    Interesting stat

    But they won’t
  7. Vexed

    Interesting stat

    Who could forget that my friend... who indeed.
  8. Vexed

    Interesting stat

    Gotta love this one
  9. Vexed

    Interesting OL stat

    Does this mean we draft another O lineman high in the 19 draft? I think we should considering the injury bug we’ve had at that position. If CB’s high on one of these tackles I hope he pulls the trigger. AC ain’t getting any younger.
  10. Vexed

    Run Defense today

    Our defense is feeling the effects of Chris churning the roster from aging players to “good” players with aforementioned football IQ and locker room presence. With great coaching this can win games but when an offense with great players have a great game... that gap is higher than our good players having a great game. Our floor is a little lower than our ceiling is high at the moment imo. We have arguably one “Great” player on defense right now, we just need a couple more. I still love the effort of these guys.
  11. Vexed

    Al Woods to IR

    Same here dude. I love watching our new trench guys being dominant physically.... been waiting a long time for it.
  12. Vexed

    Trading Jacoby Brissett in 2019

    Unfortunately I agree... however WITH JB we might be able to sweeten the pot with a mid round pick rather than a day one pick. If CB sees A perfect fit with one of these guys.
  13. Vexed

    Trading Jacoby Brissett in 2019

    I would hate to lose JB. But if there was a chance on draft day to use him to trade up for one of the blue chip DL’s or CB’s.... I probably take it.
  14. Vexed

    Our ranking next year?

    We’re in the top 10 power rankings right now m8.
  15. Vexed

    More likely to happen

    I’d say that’s accurate. Chris did some major churning of the roster not to mention the draft. If all things are considered... youth, new and first time in position staff, and early injuries... I think they both get plenty of votes with Chris winning and Frank getting a nice honorable mention. Chicago’s staff did a great job too and deserves a tip of the hat.