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  1. After his showing in the senior bowl... we may be LUCKY to get him at 13
  2. I’m in total agreement with this statement. Be prepared to get nailed to the cross for sharing it.
  3. I’ll give you that we could use some fresh blood at WR.... and I would not object to CB double dipping in later rounds on them. But we should really get our future LT and the interior DL in the early rounds, but I’m just stubborn that way. There may even be some interesting prospects that go undrafted at WR it’s so deep. But I’ve been wrong before. Calling me reasonable is quite the compliment on this forum... so cheers for that JS.
  4. I gotta go with B. Just wish Pittman or Claypool was in B but Brown is a win win and I’m in the Love camp.
  5. The receiver pool in this draft is very deep. If the wideout was the last elite player I had rated as such on the board I may pull the trigger but if all things are equal I’m going trenches. That mindset can change from draft to draft but in 2020 IDL isn’t as deep as WR. And I’m not opposed to going OT if he’s borderline elite.
  6. I’m and old school trenches first guy Shasta. If I embraced it I would definitely need a shower afterwards.
  7. The problem is he won’t be there at 34 and I would hope Chris goes after Kinlaw or Brown at 13. Plus I want to see his previous drafts edge guys develop a little more ie Ben, Kemoko and yes Lewis as I would almost put him back on the edge as IMO he’s struggling a bit at IDL
  8. I agree and hope you’re right. I would hope he spends money in FA if for no other reason than signing Chris Jones. Then in the draft try and score Brown or Kinlaw and then double dip on that position a little later as well. Then.... we’re on our way, IMO.
  9. True but Hilton is getting older and banged up on the regular of late. As much as I hate to say it Chris May need to double dip on receivers this draft.
  10. The only FA QB I would even consider is Teddy B as I think he could be our long term answer IMO. That being said if we draft one we just may as well roll with JB, CK and the rook and see what shakes out. We’re not one player away anyhow so no need to be desperate and start swinging at pitches in the dirt.
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