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  1. I like all these guys actually. Kevin probably tops my list but coach breaks it down like no other. It’s interesting getting different perspectives.
  2. I would just add to this by saying it helped Robert having Freeney on the other side INITIALLY. He proved to be HOF material even without Dwight.
  3. They look great on paper right now so I’ll say Paper Lions until after the Brown’s game. But having said that there has been some tendency’s the last two games that have really impressed.
  4. I think if you believe Chris drafted good athletes and good young men, and our coaching staff is above average, AND Buckner is the real deal coupled with Rivers beating back Father Time for a year or two..... I think we have more reason to be optimistic than not. I’m in that camp.
  5. The Taylor choice was a good one. I may have preferred OL here but if CB thinks the kid is elite you have to pull the trigger on it. I don’t get all the tripping on trading a 5th... with the talent level rising so steadily the last few years it’s going to be hard for a lot of the lower round picks to make this team anyway.
  6. You’re dead right about that. Hopefully they grab a really good OT that slides at 34 and a QB to develop in the mid rounds. If that’s the case our current QB and LT need to give us TWO more years of good play.
  7. Well said. Chris isn’t a hard guy to read as far as draft habits.... players for sure, but the way he handles his business is pretty consistent. He loves low risk and high character and he will roll that way over and over again. He’s won me over.
  8. Good post tdub. It actually made me go back and look post 2012 (which was pretty good) at Grigs’ body of work. It’s actually mind blowing the kind of production and impact that CB’s classes are getting over RG’s. Just mho.
  9. After his showing in the senior bowl... we may be LUCKY to get him at 13
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