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  1. I know a lot of people are calling for Rivers to be done, I say no to Brisset and say I would love to see Eason ,thoughts why or why not?
  2. When you got one of the best college RB on team run and Hines was all over the place
  3. Honestly just terrible everything really I mean rivers did get throw for a good deal of yards but mr noodle threw 2 ints, Reich should have not left running the ball seems time and game management was not good since he left the run game, I could go on and on
  4. Just wondering if there is any videos of Eason in training making throws etc...?
  5. We just may be pleasantly surprised, I like Eason a lot here are like ewww, but I have watched his tape and yes he needs cleaned up a bit some things corrected but he has a rocket and puts it on the money.
  6. Of course the cow girls take Gallimore
  7. Just curious about peoples ideas, on the best Wide receiver available that checks all the boxes that can get separation etc? I believe that we should take at the 34th pick.
  8. Here’s my mock simulation this would be a dream! Round 1 Ceedee lamb WR Rd 2 Jordan Love QB rd 2 Deandre swift RB rd 3 Jabari Zuniga edge
  9. Ok so unless something drastic happens, it looks like we should be picking in the top 5 of the 2018 nfl draft. Not really followed much college ball, who could we draft as a big need that could be a game changer from day one? Positions etc...
  10. Wilson is a beast, in my opinion he's a rookie and most of all the time he is draped on the receiver and nothing has come easy for the receivers he has covered. Really like this guy and Hairston
  11. Don't know much about him but hope if he, we did get him that he would be a great coach. We need rid of Pagano
  12. Ok realistically what coach could we go after, for 2018 and who makes the most since here in Indy? Obviously we need to let Pagano go, who do you think Ballard and Irsay would try to bring in?
  13. Its week two complete, still a lot of the same names impressed. Quincy Wilson looked great young but looking good. Marlin Mack wow love it Jo jo natson still looking great Bostic looked good first game but will continue Simon need I say more yes there is others but I will leave it to others here.
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