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  1. hambone35

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Be The Man
  2. hambone35

    Who’s our #2

    So any good predictions, on who we use our first 2nd round pick on? Really who fits, who might be there that could be a difference maker?
  3. Just curious is there any info on those from local schools, etc that worked out earlier in the week. Was there any big standouts, or expected standouts?
  4. hambone35

    Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Not sure if it’s too early, and things are tight lipped, but how did the McDaniels interview go anyone have any insite or updates?
  5. Ok so unless something drastic happens, it looks like we should be picking in the top 5 of the 2018 nfl draft. Not really followed much college ball, who could we draft as a big need that could be a game changer from day one? Positions etc...
  6. hambone35

    Malik hooker's first int

    Wilson is a beast, in my opinion he's a rookie and most of all the time he is draped on the receiver and nothing has come easy for the receivers he has covered. Really like this guy and Hairston
  7. hambone35

    What Coach?

    Don't know much about him but hope if he, we did get him that he would be a great coach. We need rid of Pagano
  8. hambone35

    What Coach?

    Ok realistically what coach could we go after, for 2018 and who makes the most since here in Indy? Obviously we need to let Pagano go, who do you think Ballard and Irsay would try to bring in?
  9. hambone35

    Week 2 who impressed

    Its week two complete, still a lot of the same names impressed. Quincy Wilson looked great young but looking good. Marlin Mack wow love it Jo jo natson still looking great Bostic looked good first game but will continue Simon need I say more yes there is others but I will leave it to others here.
  10. hambone35

    Players that impressed you

    I would agree with names already chose, but jojo natson may beat out Dorset looks real speedy, and returned real well