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  1. B~Town


    I broke my foot and got a high ankle sprain in a softball tourney played 2 games after . Sometimes the pain comes later .
  2. B~Town


    Watch how his foot gets trapped under the defender I though he was not going to get back up . Was hopeful when he popped back up though .
  3. Watch a replay of his td his foot gets trapped between the turf and the defender looked really bad live . I was surprised when he got up .
  4. Houstons player that was injured on the td landed on his foot
  5. That they kicked after 00 should have been a L
  6. Feeling it this week Colts are going to show up in prime time and spank the Ravens .
  7. Robert Mathis no matter how bad the defense was I always felt he could make a play to give to give the offense the ball back .
  8. When did we sign Carson Palmer these announcers I tell ya
  9. Not really any metric or any educated eye test says our db have played some bad football .
  10. So sad that this is a true statement . They did bring a lot of db s for workouts .
  11. O line grades sure match the eye test Fisher Glow and Davenport got blown up all day .
  12. He has been our best corner by a wide margin
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