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  1. All I hear is ticket prices falling thinking its a great time to buy take the wife kids and make some memories .
  2. Mo Alie Cox TD vs raiders We should 100 percent without a doubt be working on and have these type of plays drawn up to use our size on offense .
  3. The more I see these player and coach interviews the more I wonder how many players are taken off the board because they are not a locker room fit .
  4. Wondering the same thing is he still in the 240 range seems pretty small to play DE in out scheme unless there looking for a situational pass rusher .
  5. Anyone else get a feeling Ballard is driving prices up on FAs forcing teams to overspend so he can swoop in a scoop up players he has keyed in on in 2nd and 3rd wave
  6. The more I read the more I am glad Ballard is the GM not the forum members . The vast majority of these contracts so far are team and cap killers I for one am glad we didn't overspend on a group of rather dull FAs .
  7. I don't want a safety early on but if a safety is the best player on the board it is what it is I for one trust Ballards eye for talent .
  8. So it was at a spa and there are multiple tapes with Kraft as a regular .
  9. I just cant help but wonder how long it is before TMZ gets ahold of that video
  10. Brissett has a better QB ranking than Flacco is young and is not on a bloated contract . If anything this ups the market or Brissett .
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