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  1. Quincy Wilson sure comes to mind saw first hand his level of immaturity on the side lines .
  2. It is going to be a massacre in the up coming weeks many teams trying to get under the expected 180 mil cap and make room for priority free agents.
  3. Heard we made a new offer on Wentz 2 second round pick with a conditional 3rd or 4th
  4. Would have liked Stafford but that is alot of draft capitol more that I would have liked Ballard to give up .
  5. Can teams agree to a trade before free agency and just not file papers or are teams blocked from talking due to the tampering rules .
  6. It has been reported everyone that interviewed for detriot was informed Stafford would traded.
  7. If the NFL insiders have any real info it appears the colts are getting ready to go after Stafford aggressively .
  8. If he does is it will cost 3 1st a 2nd and a 3rd plus a player or another pick from the rumor mill
  9. Kyle Pitts TE should go before our pick but if he falls I believe he is a dynamic playmaker who will get open against anyone .
  10. I would trade ederflus for Jj Wat strait up our dline would be nasty
  11. Like JB going deep or jet sweep playaction so much has been set up I agree we will see wrinkles that have been set up with plays we ran all ran .
  12. Find myself a Houston fan feels so wrong
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