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  1. Marijuana is not tested for anymore
  2. What qbs in our range have that this year I sure dont see any.
  3. That would be a very Ballard pick day 3 Qb with alot of upside .
  4. I believe so we in all honesty were a few plays away from a playoff berth with a below average qb and a slew of injuries . Add a few pieces and a above average qb this team could be special . Add in a Luck type qb we would be in the mix for sb favorites imo .
  5. And he is still probably a better prospect than any qb in this draft class .
  6. If we are looking to tank for a qb next year sending ole man rivers out there might not be a bad idea .
  7. Would love a te that gives opponents defenses nightmares.
  8. I see alot more Bortles or a poor mans Winston than Mahomes. While all have amazing highlight reels all have the same issues with accuracy and reading defenses that show up on tape .
  9. With how Indy does things Love is not even on the BB . Ballard plays war games when it comes to the draft .
  10. There will be alot less teams looking for qb s come draft time good for us . With what looks like a pretty meh qb class historically I dont see 3 or 4 going top 10 like so many predict .
  11. Well with the media thinking we are in on love means there is a 99.9 percent chance he isn't our guy . Our staff is all about misdirection and not showing there hand .
  12. 30 mil a year for 30 ints this is a hard no .
  13. They loved Cutis Paintet cant take there talk of qbs with any seriousness.
  14. Take the a shot to the face like Nelson did on that play 99.99999 percent of the population would be on there rear.
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