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  1. B~Town

    Clayton Geathers may play vs Ravens

    Great news having both healthy before the season starts will be big for the defense .
  2. B~Town

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    What stood out to me was how he finishes plays he doesn't stop attacking until the whistle blows . Wasn't perfect has some things to work on but he showed the ability to take his man out of plays .
  3. B~Town

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Hard to really judge with 1 quarter of preseason playing very vanilla . Didn't see any plays that make you go what a bust but on the other hand didn't see any that separated him from the back ups .
  4. With the first team I want to see if the D is in sync adjusting and communicating well yet . They seem to be playing better in camp the last few days hoping it carries over to game day . Offense I want to see a run game more than anything hoping to see the new line open holes for our young backs . With the young players hoping to see a few pop show they have what it takes to be a starter in the league . Will also be paying a lot of attention to how the new helmet rule is called if it has a major impact on how the game is played or not .
  5. Wish he was better in pass pro but he is a nifty runner
  6. B~Town

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    I agree it would be a nice thing to do for Luck to fork the bills for some extra practice time but most young players jump at a chance to invest in there future . Getting in sync with Luck gets them paid
  7. B~Town

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    Overall a great value draft by madden standards
  8. Ever try there zombie dust
  9. B~Town

    Bring back Trent!

    He saw Johnny coming ran for the hills tripped and landed on IR
  10. B~Town

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Our new number 10 looked pretty good out there so Ill go with him .
  11. Sounds like we plan on running the ball no complaints here .
  12. They will take Chubb at 4 over Barkley they want QBs to fear them
  13. Don't forget how good Brissett looked in the Pats system with all the short timing passes could turn to gold with a few great pre season games .
  14. B~Town

    Marlon Mack

    Mack still has a lot to learn still lost yards a few to many times not hitting his hole and trying to bounce outside did get better at that as the season went on though .