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  1. Surprised so few have opted out league wide . Knowing the lung and heart damage that comes with covid in many cases one major outbreak could change the course of the league.
  2. He thought about opting out did research made a informed decision . Why is this news again?
  3. Here is to hoping Hiltons hammy isnt going to be a problem all year
  4. Rivers looks to be in great shape I have been trying not to get excited about this season with all the uncertainty of it all but that is becoming very difficult. We will be a much differnt offense with a gun sliger at the helm.
  5. Is there a date players have to opt out by? Also is there contract on pause for a year or how does that work?
  6. Read a article awhile back suggesting teams might keep a extra qb in quarntine designation spot. Not even sure its a thing or a idea floated around at some point.
  7. Per sources will be the Washington football team for now.
  8. I really thought we would be in a much better place with the virus now . I cant see how a football season could be played at this point without a cure or vaccine.
  9. Heard he is battling to start outside with Rock and Rhodes . Gonna be a great competition in camp assuming there is one.
  10. I thought we would be playing week 1 with fans in stands . We spiraled out of control nothing in the future feels certain .
  11. He is a playmaker in the slot his impact on our defense is significant.
  12. So true nobody really knows . I am about 60 minutes south of Lucas Oil in a small town near Bloomington nobody has ever heard of .
  13. Same just opposite views Ive maintained there will be a season with most stadiums full of fans . Still feel the same and am more confident now looking at the progression of countries hit before us .
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