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  1. Hilton has been out played by guys off the street . I am a big fan but Hilton is either injured still or done . He should not be a colt after this season .
  2. Matty Ice would be wonderful mid season add if the price isnt crazy high. Dak will be a free agent after this season . Need someone better at the helm I believe our roster could make a run with a good QB .
  3. Pagano would win 12 plus games a year with thia talent . Change my mind
  4. Ya no Ty is not the player he once was . Ty was elite a top 10 reciever is the league . Ty is still a good vet but he has not been the same since those leg injuries started to pile up .
  5. Highest rated interior player through 4 weeks . Getting mentioned as the front runner for DPOY award . That first was nothing for the engine that drives the colts defense . Looking to be a great trade for Indy Keep feasting big boy
  6. Rumor has it only 2 teams showed intrest at Hopkins knowing he wanted 25 plus million a year both with rookies QB s under center .
  7. That sounds like half of northen Indiana
  8. Reminds me of Griff Whalen far less physically talented than most receivers in the league but works his butt off and just makes plays .
  9. I would jump on a number 1 wide receiver or a rb similar to Mack if one became available at the right price . Ty looks like a shell of the player he once was can still make some plays but not a guy teams have to game plan for . I would also look at rbs need someone to fill the Mack role Taylor is fine but alot of wear on those tires . There is a number of carries where a backs numbers fall significantly Taylor was near that number in college odds say he will will have a short career in a lead role .
  10. The Bears D Line is excelent and Pagano called a great game . Has been gaping holes that were missed weeks before so I see no problem with the o line .
  11. Not sold yet I see alot to be encouraged by the last 2 weeks still early in a odd year alot can change .
  12. I agree mostly would add they were selling out on the run when Wilkins was in late in game lowering his ypc. Both are good backs very differnt but have been productive in their roles
  13. It sure looked like he though he was in zone but that recovery was excellent
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