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  1. Fans wills always go ballistic . If that is the case who in this draft will be there with our pick is the bigger question . I dont see any instant surefire starters that will be around and the cost to move to the top of the draft will be enormous. Why I see Brisket starting with a qb being groomed a year or waiting for the next draft loaded with qb talent .
  2. I would put the odds in favor of Jacoby as the starter next year . With what will be a mid range pick and qbs jumping up draft boards very likely we will either draft a guy to sit a year or look at one of the studs in the following draft .
  3. Wonder who we call up the bag boy at krogers might be available.
  4. There anual throw the season away in dec
  5. Minus a few great plays our defense has been trash . Defense has been playing so this month hope they pull it together the 2nd half .
  6. There has to be something going on behind the scenes.
  7. Alot of blue in the bucs stadium today. Looks like our scripted plays are gone
  8. I for one am really enjoying this aggressive play style .
  9. What is it 2 or 3 ballards picks not on a nfl roster or practice squad
  10. Ebron looked set to sign a massive contract this off seaoson as it stands now how much has this season cost him in potential future earnings . Can you blame the guy for getting fixed up so he can prove his worth during FA workouts . This seems like a calculated business decision to me .
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