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  1. It's weird, when I was watching his tape, his feet and his eyes reminded me of Brees, like he has a similar pocket presence where he keeps his feet moving and his eyes scanning for the open receiver. Then I read that he attended the same high school as Brees. I'm not saying this kid is going to have a career anything at all like Brees, but when Ballard talked about Sam having "it", I think part of "it" is his pocket presence. Because good feet and good eyes are a QBs next best friend behind their arm, but that's where they differ, Brees had a much better arm.
  2. I want people to really listen to Ballard when he talks about players. He brings up versatility all the time. And for good reason. Injuries are part of the game. Facing different schemes from week to week is part of the game. Playing in different locations/climates/conditions/atmospheres is part of the game. Shoot, just having to react to what the opposing coach is calling on each series is part of the game. We need a complete team that can compete in any circumstance they might face the upcoming week. There will be times when that's a hot-weather outdoor game in Jacksonvill
  3. I agree, although I’d say MATURE dissent is constructive. The immature rants we're seeing from Jared have no place in a constructive conversation.
  4. Effort? Whose effort are you questioning? I guarantee everyone in the Colts draft room works much longer hours than you or me. Questioning their effort is absolutely laughable.
  5. Oh, you are going to stay a fan and support this team?
  6. ^This^ is what happens when you let a 12-year-old play on the internet.
  7. Every year with you. Every freakin year. Free Agency. The Draft. You overreact because Ballard didn't do what you wanted, and post this ridiculous rhetoric in a moment of extreme emotion. "SCREW BALLARD." "I can't support this move, and I'm not sure I can support this team anymore." Ok, then DON'T. Quit clicking. Find something else to do with your free time, because apparently the Colts offseason is just TOO MUCH for you to handle in a mature fashion...
  8. Ok... Have you had to flee the country you lived in because militias were murdering your family and friends? Not once, but TWICE. All while trying to protect your children? Because if you have, that would be a pretty amazing story. One worthy of some “tinkly piano music”...
  9. https://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360-the-powerful-story-behind-kwity-paye-s-name I am going to be rooting for Kwity Paye as hard as I've ever rooted for any Colt in my life. And I hope his mom finds the peace, love, and happiness that she has EARNED. I am amazed at the journey that she has endured. I don't care if this man gets a single sack in his rookie season. As long as he gets 1% better each day, and helps us win games, I hope he stays a Colt for life.
  10. What LT was even available at 21 that wouldn't be the weak-link on the OLine this year? And is the difference between that guy and a day 2 solid LT REALLY that big? Cmon man...
  11. That's fair, and I think everyone would agree with that sentiment. It would be great to have a GREAT LT, but we might have to settle for GOOD for now. And that's fine, because our LG, C, and RT are GREAT. So as long as the LT and RG are good enough, the offense is going to be fine.
  12. I was honestly expecting a LT, but when you look at the two units (OL and DL), I think EDGE might have actually been a bigger need, because the OL is just a stronger group with Nelson, Kelly, and Smith. LT was going to be the weak spot on the OL this year regardless, so Reich is probably going to scheme to account for that. We got better tonight. It's all going to be OK.
  13. Nice thread @Four2itus I think it was an episode of With The Next Pick that Ballard basically explained how they make the "BPA vs need" decisions during the draft. Ballard talked about "groups" of players that they value similarly, and would be willing to draft at a certain draft spot, and if all the players from that group are gone, they're trying to trade down. BUT if there's still a number of players from the group all still available, then they take the position into account. So they may find themselves in a position on Thursday night where none of the
  14. What if I told you... This thread was all just a figment of your imagination? The fever-dream of a delusional so-called Colts fan trolling the masses for reactions...
  15. I'd usually agree, but between what's left in FA, and what's available in the draft... My answer is "Whoever is the highest LEFT Tackle on Ballards' board." I know you're not supposed to draft based on need... but it's THE single biggest need, and it hasn't been addressed through FA yet. And what's left in FA is questionable at best. As the roster stands right now, we should take advantage of this Tackle class to solidify our LT position for the next decade. I know the Tackle class is deep this year, but I don't like the logic of trading down to take whatever Tackle i
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