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  1. Happy Birthday to former Colt and future HoFer Dwight Freeney! To honor his 40th birthday, NFL.com posted this video of Freeney's famous spin-move sacks throughout his career. NFL-Throwback-Dwight-Freeney-s-incredible-spin-sacks
  2. He is good at checkers. But that doesn't help in a chess tournament.
  3. I'm joking, but that is what Brissett needs the most help with. He has all the other skills. Hopefully Ballard, Reich, and Sirianni are doing everything possible to help improve that part of his game. This is the first full offseason with the expectation that Brissett will be QB1 week 1. And with a possible rookie-in-waiting to push Brissett even more, it's now or never Jacoby.
  4. Ballard and Reich in the film room this offseason trying to teach Brissett how to get better at reading defenses: Brissett:
  5. Lol. No, your point is just as irrelevant as any other hypothetical impact. Someone could just as easily say that if both teams were 100% healthy, INCLUDING Andrew Luck, the outcome might have been the same. Or that a 100% healthy Colts team INCLUDING Andrew Luck would have won the SB. It doesn't matter. What happened, happened.
  6. Your what-if scenario isn't any more relevant than another persons' what-if scenario. It's all irrelevant. Hypothetical impacts don't matter. Colts won the game. Period.
  7. Just sayin. You're calling someone elses' opinion irrelevant because they're playing a what-if scenario, when you're doing the same thing.
  8. Aren't you also playing a what-if scenario talking about the outcome of the game being different depending on hypothetical injuries that would have been relevant or mattered zero?
  9. This. I think if Luck had stayed, Ballard would be making a splash in FA this year the way KC and SF did this past season. But he'll probably use this next season to get the QB situation locked down, then go big in FA the following year. Keep building the core through the draft, find your QB, then hit FA hard. Hopefully he can do all that sooner rather than later. I don't wanna wait 50 years like KC had to!
  10. There are so many factors and unknowns that can happen before next season, it's impossible to know which teams are going to be good next year, much less two years from now. Perfect examples are the up-and-down last few seasons of the Colts, 49ers, Steelers, Browns, Bears, Chargers, Packers, etc. It seems like every year there are teams that go from worst-to-first in their division or vice-versa. You have no idea who is going to be "FAR easier" competition two years from now. This is laughably false.
  11. Fair enough. I'm just saying we're not that far off. Better QB play and better pass rush would put us in the mix. That's a far cry from what Doug and a lot of other people are saying.
  12. Slow to achieve? We just went 7-9 without our franchise QB. The 49ers went 4-12 without their franchise QB... It's entirely possible that if our DLine (Turay) stayed healthy, we might have won an extra game here or there and made the playoffs, then won the AFCCG with our QB only having to throw the ball 8 times thanks to a strong running game (#5) and defense. We already beat KC once this year (in KC), we could have done it again. I think you're using this thread to add to your ongoing narrative you've convinced yourself of about Ballards' 1st-round picks.
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