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  1. I've gotta go with the 70s Steelers. HoFers at every level of both offense and defense.
  2. Reread the OP again. This isn't a discussion of past accomplishments, or who the greatest QB ever is. It's about who can do the most with the least help from his coaches, defense, and supporting cast on offense. Brady has never had an average coach. Or an average defense, really.
  3. I would choose Manning. He was the ultimate Field General. He could read a defense better than anyone, call the right play, and get the ball where it needed to be when it needed to be there.
  4. You are the new GM of the Colts, but the ONLY thing you get to choose is your franchise QB, and it can be any QB in history in their prime. You are saddled with an average coaching staff, average defense, and average supporting cast on offense. Your QB has to carry your team. You want to win the SB this year. What QB in their prime would you choose?
  5. I disagree. IF Manning and Luck were using HGH, it was because significant injuries made them unable to play the game they love. They were just trying to get healthy enough to play again as quickly as possible. IF Brady was in any way involved in over-deflated footballs, then we're talking about an unfair on-field competitive advantage over another team in-game (albeit, probably a relatively slight advantage). Now you're messing with the integrity of the game. That, to me, is much more serious than using any means necessary to get healthy enough just to be on the field playing the game. You really believe that? The equipment guys went rogue and over-deflated the balls without Brady knowing it? With a guy like BB at the top, who is meticulous with his entire organization, you really think some equipment guys did anything without BBs knowledge or permission (or even instruction)? And that BB wouldn't have Brady in the loop about the benefits of under-inflated balls?
  6. You apply this for Brady skirting the rules, but not for Manning or Luck.
  7. top-10-defensive-rookies RANK 8 Khari Willis Team: Indianapolis Colts | Position: S While second-round cornerback Rock Ya-Sin has been stingy in man-to-man coverage, he's struggled in coordinator Matt Eberflus' frequent zone looks. Fourth-round safety Willis, on the other hand, has been a revelation as a stand-in for injured starters Malik Hooker and Clayton Geathers. The former Michigan State star caught NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger's eye in the Colts' upset victory over the Chiefs, logging playing time in the box, at free safety, along the defensive line, in the slot and even out wide. It shouldn't be long before the versatile rookie overtakes Geathers for the full-time job alongside Hooker.
  8. Occam's Razor would be that Brady is just another cheater in an organization full of cheaters. See? You're assuming Manning used HGH, and you're assuming Luck did too, but you're assuming Brady had nothing to do with over-deflated footballs. You're making assumptions all the way around. But you KNOW nothing.
  9. This? (see how I provided a link to the source?) https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/debate-over-peyton-manning-and-hgh-still-bubbles-years-after-al-jazeera-documentary/2018/06/07/1b86bcac-687f-11e8-9e38-24e693b38637_story.html That's basically an explanation of a bungled investigation by Al Jazeera, which I mentioned. I also mentioned that it seems you are giving the benefit of the doubt to Brady for Deflategate, while not doing so for Manning or Luck. And THAT was the main point of my post. You don't think Brady cheated, but you think Manning and Luck did. Very interesting.
  10. Would you mind providing the source for the Manning HGH story? What? It was a debunked Al-Jazeera story? Oh ok. Yet you believe it, while not believing Brady might have cheated because you "know a little more about physics than the average bear"... Seems kinda weird that you're willing to give Brady the benefit of the doubt for something he got suspended for, while not giving that same benefit of the doubt to Manning or Luck, who were never suspended for anything. Because you "see the world outside your head better than a lot of people" or some such nonsense...
  11. I think it's that ice-rink vacuum cleaner thing-a-ma-jig...
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