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  1. Maybe Sept 5th or 6th? I know that's kinda late, but we only have 2 preseason games to observe and figure out who's healthy, how teams use guys, etc. not to mention last-minute suspensions or changes to the schedule...
  2. I heard when he was born, he had already chewed through his own umbilical cord and then pancaked the doctor on his way out of the womb.
  3. @Narcosys I'm in. This season is going to be different with only 2 preseason games, so I have no idea what a good time for a draft would be.
  4. "I don't care" isn't part of a good debate, and it's not an opinion worthy of posting, in my opinion. I think it shows what kind of character Ballard has, which is important to me. I'd call it a love/hate relationship. When they're in the SB, not many (if any) people outside their fanbase are rooting for them to win it. But when a guy like Dungy was in the SB, there were A LOT of non-Colts fans rooting for him to win it. And I think that comes back to character. It's not important to some, but it's important to me.
  5. I mean... you ARE the one that unnecessarily brought BB into this discussion. So who's obsessed? And for the record: Deciding to chime in on a thread about how much you don't care about it (kinda like that other thread where you just had to let everyone know you thought these awards were "participation trophies")... is a major Richard move. You obviously care about stats because you make so many threads about stats, but probably wouldn't like it if I spammed all of your threads about stats with "I don't care about stats, I only care about Ws" posts... just sayin.
  6. Those guys are all former recipients of the award. Archie in 1983. And @EastStreet is right, Belichick has never received this award, and probably never will. But he's also going to have a huge asterisk next to his career achievements that the others don't. Exactly. I'd rather get the Ws and do it the right way, without cheating, which is something the Colts have prided themselves in for the last few decades. Ballard reminds me of Dungy in that respect. Bring in the right guys, do it the right way, get the Ws, and make the fans and community proud. That's not something Pats fans can say, unless they're proud to be cheaters.
  7. Also, can we talk about this 1-year contract is only worth "up to" 7.5 mil? Like... how little of that is guaranteed? And if he reaches ALL the incentives, he ONLY gets 7.5 mil? Maybe someone with more knowledge can elaborate, but didn't Rivers get 20 mil guaranteed, and Brady get 15 mil guaranteed? With incentives to make like 25 mil? Cam has gotta be feelin some kinda way right now... he's already going into this year with a bruised ego. I can't imagine it's going to get better when he's forced into the "Patriot Way"... talk about a ticking time bomb...
  8. Where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's multiple fires... there's a career arsonist.
  9. Unfortunately, I can see BB and Josh McDaniels making this work very well with Cams skill-set... and I hate it. But it all depends on Cam buying in and checking his ego at the door. And if Cams' history tells us anything, he won't be able to do that. So ultimately, I agree that this won't work. Either Cam gets injured early, or his ego takes over once he starts having a little success. Either way... gonna be an interesting season for the Pats and their haters!
  10. The 1.1 is more symbolic than anything. It's now the LARGEST single fine ever by the NFL. The former largest single fine ever was 1 mil. for guess what? Deflategate. That's right. The Pats now own the two largest fines in NFL history. Oh, and the 500K the NFL fined Belichick for Spygate in 2007 is the single largest fine ever for a head coach...
  11. Yeah, because that's worked so well for Texas and Florida recently, right?
  12. Is this like the old-school cereal-box toy-thing where you need a decoder to decipher the message? iAmPaTrIoTnOw WoOlOoLoOlOo
  13. Who ends the relationship first? Cam or BB?
  14. @w87r I was about to ask who made the Pro Bowl, then remembered it wasn't an actual franchise.
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