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  1. Did you watch all his playoff games? He literally had a perfect game against the Broncos in the playoffs back in ‘03-‘04...
  2. Peyton would still be ahead of those two in my book. Rodgers may have the best arm of all time, and Brees may have the best stats, but Peyton played the QB position better than anyone, ever. In his prime, he could make every throw, so defenses had to respect his physical talent (which should be true of any NFL QB if you think about it), but it was his mental talent that makes him the GOAT. He had the mind of a brilliant innovative offensive coordinator inside the body of a prototypical NFL QB. He had complete command of HIS offense, able to instruct every single player on exactl
  3. Yeah as much as I'd like to see a Browns/Bills AFCCG (just to know that one of those teams will actually be in a SB, lol), I think Mahomes is going to make his usual WOW plays. Today. A week from today. And three weeks from today. If it's windy like last night in Buffalo, and Mahomes can't make accurate deep throws to Hill, then the Browns have a chance to keep it close. They could definitely win if Myles Garrett rips off Mahomes throwing arm and hits him over the head with it.
  4. Right I understand that. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "giving" those picks to another team. And like you said, what if this rule is actually hurting the chances Bienemy gets hired as a HC? Even if you're a bottom feeder in the NFC cleaning house and looking for a new HC, if you narrow it down to Bienemy and some white guy, or even another minority candidate, the fact that the best team in the league right now would be awarded two extra picks might tip the scale in favor of the other candidate instead of Bienemy... I get the sentiment of the rule, but it seems
  5. That's interesting. I wonder if that leads to strategic non-hires... like nobody in the NFC East would want to hire a minority coach from another NFC East team because it would be giving them two extra picks, and you don't want your division rivals to get those extra picks... I bet nobody in the AFC East would want to give the Pats those two extra picks. Doesn't it kinda decrease the chance a minority coach gets a HC job, since there's a competitive advantage for certain teams to NOT hire a certain candidate because it would give a certain team extra draft picks? And
  6. @lennymoore24 do you see what you've done? Not only have you created yet another thread discussing Brissett ad nauseum, but you inadvertently created a thread where we are now discussing Chad Kelly and Curtis Painter... At least it turned into quite the gif-party, though!
  7. I mean, if the point is to move up in the draft for that QB, I'd just use other draft picks to balance out the trade. I wouldn't trade away one of the best players on the team, and especially a player that would be a huge asset for the new QB.
  8. We already locked him up for like the next 5 years with that big contract. The way @Moosejawcolt worded his post, I assumed he was talking about guys whose rookie contract was almost up, and trading them before having to sign them to a big contract. But even if Moose was including Buckner, I wouldn't trade him either. Buckner and Leonard are necessary for our defense to work. Nelson and Smith are necessary to have a great OLine and make the offense work. These are foundational guys that we WANT on our team for the next 4 years. We don't trade any of them away. Also
  9. A couple of bad plays doesn't mean he was bad overall, just like a few great plays doesn't mean he was great overall. Overall he was good. Not great, not bad, just good. That was kind of the case for the entire team. There were bad moments and there were great moments. We were good, just not good enough.
  10. If you're talking about Nelson, Leonard, and Smith, no I would not trade any of them.
  11. Me too. And then I felt better when I was empty of poop. Great feeling. Go Colts.
  12. Glad 2020 is over. We made some noise. Good season for the Colts.
  13. Good season boys. 1% better every day means better days ahead.
  14. Biils, Bills, AND etc? Wow, my guy... that's a lot! AND the Chefs? Sure hope our goose isn't... cooked... by the chefs... So your point is that we need a QB like that? Am I right? There's only a handful of those guys in the league. And the Chiefs, Ravens, and Bills have 3 of the best young, mobile, accurate, big-armed QBs in the game right now. But there aren't very many of those guys to go around. Michael Vick was a once-in-a-lifetime player, and unfortunately, he isn't walking through the Colts front door any time soon.
  15. You didn't answer a single. one. of. my. questions.
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