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  1. Lucky Colts Fan

    Colts have signed Rookie LB Darius Leonard

    It always is. Just don't quit your day-job to be a poker player, dude. You seem to have trouble remaining stone-faced until all the cards have fallen, friend.
  2. Lucky Colts Fan

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018- openings available

    I'd love to participate again. Thanks!
  3. Lucky Colts Fan

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Book and movie both worth reading/watching.
  4. Lucky Colts Fan

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Optimism, sir, no matter how unrealistic, is never misguided. Will the Browns win the Super Bowl this year? No. But should Browns fans still be optimistic that they can and WILL win the Super Bowl THIS YEAR? Yes. A thousand times, yes. Can the Colts win the Super Bowl this year? Sure. Should Colts fans be optimistic about 2018 since a less-experienced Luck got an arguably less talented 2012 team into the playoffs his rookie year? Yes. A Million Times, Yes.
  5. Lucky Colts Fan

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    We can play it on Sega at your house and on SNES at my house. Just like back in the 90s. That way, neither of us has to unplug the whole system and put it in our backpack with all the wires and controllers, then ride our bike with all that strapped to our back so that we can unpack it all and get it all set up at our friends' house, then figure out which channel it has to be on, 3, no 4, no 3, we're gonna have to unplug the cable... Ok, let's play!
  6. Lucky Colts Fan

    10 Days

  7. Lucky Colts Fan

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

  8. Lucky Colts Fan

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    OMG! Someone finally agrees with me! Madden 93 on SNES is still the best.
  9. Lucky Colts Fan

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    "1000% Lock! No Brainer! I Gar On Tee It!" And that someone was never heard from again...
  10. Lucky Colts Fan

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    Because I think we're going to be in shootouts on a regular basis, Luck will NEED to throw at least 33 TDs if we're going to win games this year. But I could be wrong. Brissett only threw 13 TDs last year, and if he had thrown a 4th-quarter TD in 7 of those games, he would still only have had 20 TDs while the Colts would have had 7 more wins... Think about that. If the Colts had been just slightly better in the 4th quarter of games last year, they could have been 11-5 and AFC South Champs with a QB only throwing 20 TDs. An effective run-game and tough defense could win us the division while Andrew only has to throw around 20 TDs.
  11. Lucky Colts Fan

    Pacman Jones Throwin Haymakers At The Airport

    That's some instant karma for the guy that started it right there. It's still kinda sad that Pacman is in the news again for the same old stuff though... How does this keep happening with him? What does Adam say to people that makes them attack him like this? It happened in Cincy recently. It happened in Vegas back in the day. It's like he can't help but antagonize people, and the situation always ends up escalating... C'mon Adam. Just smile, walk away, and go home and count your money, man!
  12. Lucky Colts Fan

    The Most Underest of Dogs

    The Colts are underdogs any way you slice it at this point. So what position group is the biggest group of underdogs in a very large group of underdogs?
  13. Lucky Colts Fan

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    I have a wocket in my pocket.
  14. Lucky Colts Fan

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    I don't know. I think RB is the most volatile of positional ratings for Madden. When a guy like Alvin Kamara (a 3rd round pick) or Kareem Hunt (another 3rd round pick) can become one of the best RBs in the league after his rookie season, while a guy like Trent Richardson (3rd overall pick) can become one of the biggest busts in NFL history after his rookie season... How do you accurately rate RBs? Let's be honest, Barkley could struggle in NY because of the system/injuries, while Nyheim Hines could lead rookies/the league in touches/yards/TDs. (Not likely, I'm just saying...)
  15. Lucky Colts Fan

    Anthony Castonzo

    When @Coffeedrinker saw this, they were like: