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  1. I agree about cancel culture to an extent, but the “big lips” as a racial trope regarding black people has been a thing for a LONG time. You would think someone who has worked so closely with black people for so long would be more sensitive to that sort of thing. Reminds me of the “nappy hair” comment that radio guy made years ago.
  2. Wasn’t Trent Richardson considered “elite” when coming out of Bama pre-draft?
  3. Look, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m saying you’re not any more right the 100th freakin time you say it than you were the first time you said it.
  4. No offense, but I could have said this about all of your over-reactionary posts today. And there were A LOT of them… You need to vent after a loss? Cool. But spending hours and HOURS bashing everything Colts… that’s all you’ve been doing since the game ended. At this point, you’re just saying the same thing over and over. I know you have better things to do. Go do them.
  5. Why would someone go to a game to quietly sit and just watch the game? They can do that from home. And be able to watch the all-22 footage for less money than the cost of attending a game. And not have to wait 30 min in line just to go to the bathroom or buy a snack. Thats like going to a concert and NOT cheering during your favorite song. Makes no sense to me.
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