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  1. Lucky Colts Fan

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    Margus Hunt is from Estonia.
  2. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    Uhhh... someone said AC was more valuable than some think and you responded with the "mediocre" post. Why call AC mediocre in a PUBLIC forum if you don't want anybody responding to you? AC is not mediocre, even if he never makes a Pro Bowl. And for what it's worth, Jeff Saturday didn't make a Pro Bowl until his 7th season. This is ACs 7th season. Maybe now that Joe Thomas is retired, AC might actually make a Pro Bowl this year.
  3. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    At least he hasn't told us that our kids have to wait for his autograph yet...
  4. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    Conklin is a RT. Now you're doing apples/oranges. What is your deal? Did ANYONE declare AC the BEST LT in football?!? No... So why do you have a problem with placing him somewhere between average and elite? He's not as good as Joe Thomas or Tyron Smith, but he definitely ain't trash... I'd have been happier with him on the field the last 2 weeks... what about you?
  5. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    In case you forgot, Joe Thomas, one of the best LTs EVER, has pretty much locked up the Pro-Bowl starting LT job every year of his career. Being the 4th best LT behind guys like Joe Thomas, Tyron Smith, and Tayler Lewan doesn't make you "mediocre". It means you're good, maybe great, but not elite.
  6. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    This seems like a hollow argument, because only 3 guys from each conference are Pro-Bowl LTs each year. Why do you think AC needs to be top-3-6 in the league? Yeah it would be nice, but if he's top 10, even top 15, that is still pretty darn good. And cheaper than having to pay a Pro-Bowl LT... I know you aren't expecting every Colts starter to be a Pro-Bowler, so why does it matter if AC has been selected to a Pro-Bowl as long as he's still one of the better LTs in the league?
  7. Lucky Colts Fan

    Darius Leonard

  8. Lucky Colts Fan

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    A maroon.
  9. Lucky Colts Fan

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Sir, you are wrong. Doyle did not have the 1st down. The ball never made it to the 1st down line (the 15-yd line). Watch the play again. Doyle catches the ball at the 20, takes two steps while turning his head upfield, then gets sandwiched by two defenders at the 16, one of whom pops the ball out. And it wasn't like Doyle had the ball stretched out with one hand when he got hit. He had the ball secured with both hands against his chest, but Fejedelem put his face right between the 8 and the 4 on Jacks' chest and the ball popped out. Doyle isn't the scapegoat. Fejedelem just made a perfect play and we all have to move on.
  10. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    But then we wouldn't be able to call them the Bun gals...
  11. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    I didn't need hindsight. As soon as I saw your Pokemon post, I could tell how this thread was going to go, so I placed a bet. AND I WON!!! You just have to be able to see the story as it unfolds.
  12. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    And yet we still almost won the game... so... what is your point? This is the NFL. Of course the two best players on their offense are going to put up some stats. But we held them each to <100 yds and only one TD, which is pretty impressive for a new defense starting multiple rookies. We aren't the '85 Bears on defense, but it's not like Mixon ran for 200 yds and 3 TDs or Green caught 15 balls for 200 yds and 3 TDs... What game were you watching? I saw Dalton under a lot of pressure in the pocket (thank you Margus Hunt), and he threw for <250 yds, so its not like he went off on our secondary... And if not for some missed tackles and stupid penalties, we would have bottled up their offense pretty well. The Colts had more offensive yards than Cincy... so Luck & Co. had their way with the Bengals too, right?
  13. Lucky Colts Fan

    Andrew Luck

    "Heavily outmatched" ??!?? We almost won the game... Until Fejedelem (who?) made that AMAZING play on Doyle (and let's give credit where credit is due), Luck & Co. were driving for what looked to be a game-winning TD. Luck looked good. The defense caused turnovers. I thought Reich actually managed the game pretty well. Unless you were expecting to blowout the Bengals 49-0, then yes, this was an impressive first game. We just didn't win. But we ALMOST did. How different the tune would be in this forum if we had scored on that last drive and won the game...
  14. Lucky Colts Fan

    Pat McAffee Story in IndyStar

  15. Lucky Colts Fan

    Joe's League 2018