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  1. That's an interesting point. But I don't think it's workable in reality. If you signed a contract with your employer and you were guaranteed the next 5 years salary "no matter what", how hard would you work for the next 5 years? I'm sure a lot of players would earn their contract "for the love of the game", but I think there would just be too many that would "take the money and run"... Think about the guaranteed money that was wasted on guys like Jamarcus Russell, Albert Haynesworth, Corey Simon, etc...
  2. So where is your optimism now that it's looking more likely that Luck will play week 1? Your MO is painfully obvious at this point: When there's any sort of bad news about Andrew Luck, you're all over this board repeatedly posting your opinion that he's weak/done. But as soon as the news turns more positive (like multiple sources saying he will probably start week 1) you disappear... Pathetic.
  3. Hmm, maybe this year will be our "Revenge Tour"... Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers, and Saints are all away games this year, then the Pats in Foxboro in the AFCCG... that would be one heck of a road-trip! We've suffered a painful playoff loss to every one of those teams, it's time for some payback on our way to Miami!!!
  4. A Colts winning streak cannot come soon enough... What's that saying? "Winning cures everything"
  5. What makes you think the Colts (and others like the Broncos and the University of Tennessee) haven't already offered him a job, but he turned it down to enjoy his retirement? Didn't he already turn down the Monday Night Football gig?
  6. Yeah but my dad can beat up your dad. I double-dog-dare you to say that to his face.
  7. 1. The regular season hasn't even started yet. There's a chance he'll actually play all 16 games, or at least a majority of them, and lead this team to the playoffs again, where a healthy Andrew Luck is the scariest thing another team can imagine. 2. You don't know Andrew Luck and have NO IDEA what is going through his head right now, nor how committed he is to being on the field for his team. 3. Your opinion has no basis in reality. It's complete conjecture. 4. With all due respect, take your ridiculous opinion and shove it. 5. Once the Colts start winning this year, enjoy the hole you crawl into when things are going well.
  8. Probably what's going to happen. Then don't. Congratulations. Do you want a gold star? Cookie? Participation trophy? We'll see in a few weeks. Until then, you can stop talking about it. K thanks!
  9. I didn't say your posts were negative. I was talking about the sheer volume of your posts. You post some good stuff, tweets, opinions, etc. But a LOT of your posts are just pointless info about what you're doing/thinking at the moment. Half of this thread alone is your posts, and most of them are unnecessary, making this thread twice as long as it should be. There's a lot to filter through to get to something substantial. Again, no offense intended, just some food for thought. Try to be more concise as a courtesy to your fellow members.
  10. Amen. I don't understand all the constant complaining from some Colts fans. It's like they just use this forum as a dumping-ground for their frustrations. It's a game. It's supposed to be a fun pastime. The fans that cheer on their Colts this year, even if it's Brissett under center, are the same fans that cheered on the Colts in 2017, 2011, and before 1998 during the "Lord help our Colts" years.
  11. My vote made it 27/27. I feel like if there was a third option that was just the emoji, it would have gotten the overriding majority of votes... It seems like there's just not enough evidence to make an educated guess either way, so this poll is basically "Who are the optimists and who are the pessimists?"
  12. I can't believe I just wasted my time reading 11 pages of this nonsense. The most substantial thing to come out of this thread is the discussion about a QBs' "plant leg"... (which I believe is the left leg for a right-handed thrower, just like a right-handed pitcher, or soccer player - it's the leg that's planted in the ground during the throwing/kicking motion) because that discussion showed that @NewColtsFan and @Irish YJ agree on something! On a side-note: I'm not trying to be bossy, but... @Chloe6124 - this is not a "stream-of-consciousness" forum, the number of your pointless posts is through the roof and is becoming exhausting. No offense, just some food for thought. Please be considerate of your fellow members because we really don't want to read every thought that pops into your head. @threeflight - in the same vein as my advice to Chloe, this forum is not a dumping-ground for all your negative thoughts. If you want to vent your frustrations, fine, but when all we hear from you is the pessimistic stuff when things aren't all rainbows and sunshine, it becomes exhausting and annoying. Please be considerate of your fellow members, if you just need to get stuff off your chest, tell it to your pillow before you go to sleep at night.
  13. Professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and chaos, approves of Antonio Brown and his antics.
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